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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “fangtail528,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
IsMSDNakua of the RareAdult (m)3,6648792
epT2XNakta of The Faded ShadowsAdult (f)5,6071,3494
9uQRQ(9uQRQ)Adult (f)3,6628032
G9eUs(G9eUs)Adult (f)3,7369103
T0GsaMarnaki the LaughingAdult (m)2,7305225
ix2F0Manu the GreenmanAdult (f)8,1641,2235
uCC0gSerukun of the DarkAdult (f)6,4451,0885
dlcZAHaku of the Summer StormsAdult (m)8,3891,2081
zvFebHanchu On the Mid-ShadowsAdult (f)9,0111,3692
LJeGc(LJeGc)Adult (f)4,7191,0472
kFoq7(kFoq7)Adult (f)7,1571,2541
HtnTG(HtnTG)Adult (f)4,7851,0280
1QSq6Hankeru On the Mid-ShadowsAdult (f)2,3643493
rs7R8Shippo of the Fox-ClanAdult (m)3,1943432
gqXxUHokanu of the Dark MoonAdult (f)2,9253542
khopSMakunla on a Midnight StrollAdult (f)3,4023302
rWuKuInuyasha of the Wolf-ClanAdult (m)3,3643452
uMixCHakunatch of the Fading LightAdult (m)3,1135722
sdjmBEkanu the BetaAdult (f)4,0347791
WHCfCKono the HunterAdult (f)5,3077471
fOT6nFitan the StalkerAdult (f)9,0151,3492
WP5kSHorukun of the Jade ClanAdult (m)6,0771,0665
1XwCGHosonor Of the Whiplash ClanAdult (f)4,8127855
Gs6gBSotore Of the Ivory ClanAdult (f)5,5478633
Z0Rs5Chanty of the Maskuna ClanAdult (f)7,3881,2657
af2MZChibru of the Moon ClanAdult (m)7,5371,2698
o5ve9Posu of the Fox ClanAdult (m)5,5891,1163
p2xxHKekin of the WoodLandsAdult (f)5,5751,0652
x6BJvDanonl On The Mid-ShadowAdult (f)5,3231,0704
defMAMakoru Of the Wolf-ClanAdult (m)6,8051,3300
6rtUQSerun On The Mid-ShadowAdult (f)6,1641,4500
0ccbPNasoru of the WoodlandsAdult (f)6,9069353
Qi2EjLelis On The Mid-ShadowAdult (f)7,3311,25913
AUsLRChen On The Mid-ShadowAdult (f)6,9331,3642
Fo8c1(Fo8c1)Adult (m)7,9041,0742
Pug8XPugon of the Pug ClanAdult (m)5,8491,4032
vLCqeNeraku of the DemonsAdult (f)6,0781,2713
3CIHXCup of the Lovely TeaAdult (f)10,0241,5593
02B2gMeri of the Lovely TeaAdult (f)8,4381,2192
MAkKaHerkun the WittyAdult (m)8,2971,1911
lP2hMCherry Of the Lovely TeaAdult (f)8,1901,1515
M50j7Marnau Of the ShoreAdult (f)6,6211,2285
Su5uLTriply of the ShoreAdult (f)8,3691,1992
BlkvWShekakun of the ShoreAdult (f)7,9201,2143
5JTO0(5JTO0)Adult (m)4,0038562
cFlE4Leruna the MoonAdult (m)8,0101,3396
NG25EBloodla of the ManaAdult (f)7,9331,1922
AqaHj(AqaHj)Adult (m)5,8021,0680
GCeVMHeyku the StrongAdult (m)3,7709323
gXW0mNanu the GreenmanAdult (f)8,2601,2112
ypVhr(ypVhr)Adult (f)7,4191,1803
gnhYO(gnhYO)Adult (f)4,6737982
XClhfCazuni of the Death ClanAdult (m)5,3071,4552
OPWGDBanzuri of the Death ClanAdult (f)5,4471,5273
uTI1QKeyne of the Forest's SkyAdult (m)6,9171,0933
lEdm0Saus of the Dancing SkyAdult (f)7,5891,1950
Tu4dqKyki of the SaddenAdult (f)7,5141,2380
H3C4U(H3C4U)Adult (m)5,8241,1604
vCmgS(vCmgS)Adult (f)4,9219271
YHfowJakun the ProtectiveAdult (f)7,9551,1552
2KZszSekuna of Summer StormsAdult (m)8,3391,1544
2AUNS(2AUNS)Adult (f)6,9501,2397
CEtWQSekunak the SpellquietAdult (m)2,7605348
MynmFNayshu of the CavernAdult (m)6,1151,4312
JFKfqCavern Lan of the Deep-ShadowAdult (m)6,4901,2430
p2E1R(p2E1R)Adult (m)4,6499912
8Jrfx(8Jrfx)Adult (m)5,5549450
RRDx4(RRDx4)Adult (f)4,7831,0721
vXwDOMasunu of the FlareAdult (f)6,5181,3733
3cWKt(3cWKt)Adult (f)6,0111,0933
3a2CU(3a2CU)Adult (m)7,0591,2342
p2kMV(p2kMV)Adult (f)3,2197011
hNuH4(hNuH4)Adult (m)5,4821,0462
Qqlet(Qqlet)Adult (m)5,4791,0561
zT24RNekatu of the DeepAdult (m)6,3981,1993
wfJVF(wfJVF)Adult (m)6,4611,1540
M5MRH(M5MRH)Adult (m)4,8109351
xaYlD(xaYlD)Adult (f)4,6931,0571
pf9jWChikanru the RainbowAdult (m)8,3581,4325
JjcPq(JjcPq)Adult (m)5,9191,1000
1RBsGThunder of the Summer StomsAdult (m)8,5461,2018
AKCPj(AKCPj)Adult (f)5,4031,0151
5TOFc(5TOFc)Adult (m)7,1491,2404
SzRhq(SzRhq)Adult (m)5,1721,0325
Ac8IeGrace the BurningAdult (f)7,4551,2584
zHB1JShebu of The Eternal FlameAdult (m)7,4691,2775
ShbSUSporonto of The GildedAdult (f)7,4071,2642
pcuhe(pcuhe)Adult (m)6,9831,2004
JHoyz(JHoyz)Adult (f)4,8169542
MzuQD(MzuQD)Adult (m)3,4497940
PwIIS(PwIIS)Adult (m)3,3737570
qEj9j(qEj9j)Adult (f)5,6969873
ZlKqz(ZlKqz)Adult (f)4,7921,0782
HARQH(HARQH)Adult (f)3,6467882
SD6ouLightning the DarkAdult (m)9,5331,5133
0PyBqHakun the WittyAdult (m)9,1361,1982
zqWQ3Bosuro of the WickedAdult (f)7,4581,2275
dDzBpBuckon of the Blue FlamesAdult (m)5,6481,0907
ddXWwBkanku Of the DarkAdult (m)5,5531,0787
2bfPRTakreu Of the EnragedAdult (f)7,5201,1664
vY3c2(vY3c2)Adult (m)4,3319272
RwlgY(RwlgY)Adult (f)5,1061,0022
fWmCL(fWmCL)Adult (f)7,1601,1770
ppwGO(ppwGO)Adult (f)7,1511,2453
rqo7u(rqo7u)Adult (m)5,7741,1091
sNTZu(sNTZu)Adult (f)6,4791,1514
oM8WR(oM8WR)Adult (m)4,8151,0864
rEYFR(rEYFR)Adult (m)4,8991,1264
NBKbd(NBKbd)Adult (m)4,4151,1283
uUtgt(uUtgt)Adult (m)4,6989510
yxOoC(yxOoC)Adult (m)4,9399572
FUyrZ(FUyrZ)Adult (m)5,5821,0321
TivY9(TivY9)Adult (f)3,3407170
8pEin(8pEin)Adult (f)3,2197450
1i6zo(1i6zo)Adult (m)3,1897361
qb7C0(qb7C0)Adult (m)3,2067931
vLkTP(vLkTP)Adult (f)3,2747540
0Fnbr(0Fnbr)Adult (f)3,3067771
9Hk0e(9Hk0e)Adult (f)4,9079130
Pa2HV(Pa2HV)Adult (m)4,9029140
QOWrL(QOWrL)Adult (m)4,8719000
er9iB(er9iB)Adult (m)4,8478870
aHbSa(aHbSa)Adult (m)4,8409121
QPjOl(QPjOl)Adult (f)4,6771,0191
9IuZf(9IuZf)Adult (m)7,1231,2384
NOmmO(NOmmO)Adult (m)6,5711,1624
luxRY(luxRY)Adult (m)4,8378793
gOqSBFerun of the Black SadnessAdult (f)7,5051,2551
OboiJLenak the IcyAdult (m)7,3611,2724
tsWtf(tsWtf)Adult (f)5,8761,1040
CaUj4Nee the GreenmanAdult (f)9,2761,2104
T52NQ(T52NQ)Adult (f)5,3561,0371
gydbN(gydbN)Adult (m)7,4541,1775
mZqwWLarka of the CharredAdult (f)6,7571,2370
xm2ou(xm2ou)Adult (f)5,7481,1742
FYOl4Graku of the ChangeAdult (m)5,8761,2724
BMckU(BMckU)Adult (f)4,4238702
jvWyv(jvWyv)Adult (f)7,1611,2383
h2PUf(h2PUf)Adult (f)6,5061,1562
5axPjHarvey the ConsumerAdult (f)7,9851,1683
00rc8(00rc8)Adult (f)4,6061,2002
QNHFySunburst of the FlameAdult (m)7,6461,3024
6LJTYKekou of the flameAdult (m)8,1071,4452
qICZl(qICZl)Adult (m)7,6411,2705
pAFqw(pAFqw)Adult (m)4,8781,1111
vdWVY(vdWVY)Adult (m)5,7661,0800
0l1kg(0l1kg)Adult (f)4,7471,0090
ShHXGHolly of The MistletoeAdult (m)6,8811,1473
zQCumGolden Strings Of the PuppeteersAdult (f)7,5581,2192
gc4NVTin Of Golden Sun RaysAdult (f)6,4811,4122
zKT0bThe Red Stringed Of PuppetsAdult (m)7,7291,2362
2T4SHGreen Strings Of Golden PuppetsAdult (m)6,8291,1463
lLsOqStriped Strings Of Green PuppetsAdult (m)7,2211,1471
Tbb0MBlue Puppeteer Of The StringingAdult (m)5,7801,4561
e4FpdThe Golden Puppet StringerAdult (m)5,8251,4520
5exxRTeshun the snippyAdult (f)9,5271,1932
IWZhsSally the DragonHorseAdult (f)7,4101,2703
EOd4HRuckus the HowlerAdult (f)7,5401,4292
1lOB4(1lOB4)Adult (m)5,7091,0681
IDNbQ(IDNbQ)Adult (m)5,5999462
0CHTw(0CHTw)Adult (m)5,0111,0281
83BM9(83BM9)Adult (f)3,1396910
3utsJ(3utsJ)Adult (m)5,4661,0631
EU4oY(EU4oY)Adult (f)4,6461,0141
6gtL8(6gtL8)Adult (m)5,0631,0143
I8MqeFinch the CleanAdult (f)8,1161,2582
77FgkTrikle of the RareAdult (m)8,7431,1888
oGl5F(oGl5F)Adult (m)7,4201,1918
ZK0Rc(ZK0Rc)Adult (m)5,4091,0341
cz2n8Moonstone of teh NightAdult (f)7,3201,2551
mLvDkLunran of the Harvest MoonAdult (m)6,8601,1233
uSrKIFlicky the CharmanderAdult (f)7,2511,4498
QFb6uMaki the PowerfulAdult (m)2,4366204
bs6EyHekun of the ManaAdult (f)7,6891,1595
jTJIlMono of the Green Magic ClanAdult (m)7,2041,0963
jfFLsLittle Minty on the PlaygroundAdult (m)8,1791,1872
dmm4bBososti of Mint LeavesAdult (f)7,3521,2363
QpUIFMasun of the LeafAdult (f)6,9641,22210
PNIW4(PNIW4)Adult (f)7,2181,2482
Ohhcv(Ohhcv)Adult (f)5,9331,0532
4bPao(4bPao)Adult (m)5,7429811
dyXa1Nightfall of the StarsAdult (f)9,7861,5275
Bins9(Bins9)Adult (m)7,0161,2465
QiOBSLuka of the Swirling NebulaAdult (f)7,4221,2642
ihzjHNoctun of the Night WatchAdult (m)1,83752711
j59JX(j59JX)Adult (m)7,9041,0723
QFEfgSunny the Sand DragonAdult (f)2,6935296
HT9hETenunak the FluffyAdult (f)2,8255445
pDQEh(pDQEh)Adult (m)6,0681,0735
dGmutHake the NimbleAdult (m)6,7881,2202
4SiPcHelu the DancerAdult (f)6,6461,2072
MOpfLNakun the NimbleAdult (m)8,1231,2062
iayGt(iayGt)Adult (m)8,0701,1023
roa5MRoan of the Halloween ClanAdult (m)5,9561,4443
xJVlrOmni of the Pumpkin ClanAdult (f)6,7921,3512
a8qJz(a8qJz)Adult (f)7,1341,1785
Zqg7n(Zqg7n)Adult (m)7,4391,3082
oabcm(oabcm)Adult (f)5,6589711
XhdrD(XhdrD)Adult (m)4,5701,1810
epZSqLehecun of the FearlessAdult (m)6,7491,2162
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