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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “fan139,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1ztNM(1ztNM)Adult (f)6,4415411
2ZL2N(2ZL2N)Adult (m)6,3565410
6I2E(6I2E)Egg (F)
7uetn(7uetn)Adult (m)4,7526372
BC7nO(BC7nO)Adult (f)5,6128161
DJ8xA(DJ8xA)Adult (m)5,7835982
FHsdY(FHsdY)Adult (f)6,2265460
Fjfln(Fjfln)Adult (f)5,6947990
GrKKm(GrKKm)Adult (f)9,2997690
KKdSL(KKdSL)Adult (f)6,0015963
KM1pP(KM1pP)Adult (m)5,3698392
KabwB(KabwB)Adult (f)5,7455861
RPP5u(RPP5u)Adult (f)5,6765962
RzXa1(RzXa1)Adult (f)5,9068510
Ta9OP(Ta9OP)Adult (m)6,0705961
TgkgE(TgkgE)Adult (f)7,4138381
UtibY(UtibY)Adult (m)12,8391,1963
W7yDN(W7yDN)Adult (m)5,6668201
WKAor(WKAor)Adult (f)5,6774065
fKNiu(fKNiu)Adult (f)6,0208502
pevnp(pevnp)Adult (m)7,2918452
uO8t6(uO8t6)Adult (f)6,1358441
yyxSn(yyxSn)Adult (f)5,7488151
ze4M1(ze4M1)Adult (m)7,1928541
pSEZx0   - Welcome to my Scroll -  0Hatchling (F)2,9013567
cMA5B0  - I am Known as - 0Hatchling (m, F)2,8623384
MxQyj0 - Fan138 - On Fourm - 0Adult (f)2,59454427
K0BrCAegis IAdult (m)3,3737111
zUO9uAegis IIAdult (m)3,4297180
g3W7Albino-Dragon IAdult (m)1,20447510
WfstAlbino-Dragon IIAdult (m)9956273
ill3Albino-Dragon IIIAdult (f)1,1867262
7pnlAlbino-Dragon IVAdult (m)1,2176410
ukhLAlt Black Dragon IAdult (f)4,2392,066113
fErvAlt Black Dragon IIAdult (f)2,7701,74519
LV1SAlt Black Dragon IIIAdult (f)4,8642,26165
mTSjAlt Black Dragon IVAdult (m)5,1561,29238
ZE5uAlt Black Dragon VAdult (m)5,3463,181128
8E1RAlt Green Vine IAdult (f)5,2551,35649
XhouAlt Green Vine IIAdult (m)5,3311,39842
KHMAkAlt Vine 2G PB IAdult (f)5,7391,0945
BRz7fAlt Vine 2G PB IIAdult (f)6,4508166
bhMWwAnagallis 2G PB IAdult (f)6,6657451
NRy72Anagallis 2G PB IIAdult (m)6,3357941
py61FAnagallis 2G PB IIIAdult (f)6,1016631
toCjQAnagallis 2G PB IVAdult (m)6,0436952
bOHSGAnagallis 2G PB IXAdult (m)6,2501,0491
eioWxAnagallis 2G PB VAdult (f)7,4907143
gEBL1Anagallis 2G PB VIAdult (m)6,0736942
14zDqAnagallis 2G PB VIIAdult (m)5,5291,1623
K25krAnagallis 2G PB VIIIAdult (f)6,2601,0593
pgkCfAnagallis 2G PB XAdult (m)6,2241,0652
Y5uMMAnagallis 3G PB IAdult (m)6,6456412
isQs5Anagallis 3G PB IIAdult (f)6,9969633
1G6SFAnagallis IAdult (f)4,0637421
iq4sJAnagallis IIAdult (m)4,3027461
QL3N1Anagallis IIIAdult (f)6,5457681
SqnR8Anagallis IVAdult (m)6,2366911
KyTr0Anagallis IXAdult (f)5,3688301
ElTPPAnagallis VAdult (m)6,2026941
zlFFNAnagallis VIAdult (f)6,1596941
xCDHdAnagallis VIIAdult (m)5,8807082
gUTURAnagallis VIIIAdult (f)3,8817451
CLldxAnagallis XAdult (m)6,6247581
oFZFUAnagallis XIAdult (f)6,6077611
Iy96DAnagallis XIIAdult (m)5,7847062
o3uhYAnagallis XIIIAdult (f)7,1067291
WLcDdAnagallis XIVAdult (m)7,0277331
Pb9AqAnagallis XIXAdult (f)6,6387081
h80AFAnagallis XVIAdult (f)6,0329413
rx5a1Anagallis XVIIAdult (f)6,0209545
uP8EyAnagallis XVIIIAdult (f)5,9949473
3ocXyAnagallis XXAdult (m)6,6047131
HRfJjAnagallis XXIAdult (f)6,6106972
Exs0zAnagallis XXIIAdult (m)6,2777202
1jORkAnagallis XXIIIAdult (f)6,5777071
Q4nwhAnagallis XXIVAdult (m)6,2687142
YvG9MAnagallis XXVAdult (f)6,4457243
GkxxRAnagallis XXVIAdult (m)6,3037193
CeFOoAnagallis XXVIIAdult (f)6,3256812
b56QiAnagallis XXXAdult (m)6,6347131
3GohZAnagallis XXXIAdult (m)6,4427681
tEVbtAnagallis XXXIIAdult (m)7,0086614
kJ0LNAnagallis XXXIIIAdult (m)5,1168550
K9BSeAntarean IAdult (f)4,6177612
zwfQ9Antarean IIAdult (m)5,3866080
NE0glAntarean IIIAdult (m)4,6147672
pcnmkAntarean IVAdult (m)5,5336632
FYrN3Antarean IXAdult (m)6,9458682
2jFZVAntarean VAdult (f)5,4346202
3vXULAntarean VIAdult (m)5,7506462
jlrJLAntarean VIIAdult (m)6,9748591
V1rWbAntarean VIIIAdult (m)7,0588721
CgVNxAntarean XAdult (m)6,8038891
p0LLCAntarean XIAdult (m)5,9806520
1HBV7Antarean XIIAdult (f)5,5626822
70YkDAntarean XIIIAdult (m)5,7326770
cpJzTAntarean XIVAdult (f)5,7656830
ZWcNBah Humbug IAdult (m)2,2601,57625
TzEkBah Humbug IIAdult (m)2,2261,54928
DYbSgBah Humbug IIIAdult (m)3,9947060
yUinUBah Humbug IVAdult (m)2,9047021
08nYBalloon Dragon IAdult (m)7236281
1rCjBalloon Dragon IIAdult (m)8016962
pBTdBalloon Dragon IVAdult (m)9685793
LgivHBalloon Dragon IXAdult (m)4,4847872
F8NpBalloon Dragon VAdult (m)9485732
CTtWPBalloon Dragon VIAdult (m)4,2378855
b9qWhBalloon Dragon VIIAdult (m)5,12295826
7gTBFBalloon Dragon VIIIAdult (f)6,3311,1513
ZnjtBite Me IAdult (m)1,6831,07188
dbjWBite Me IIAdult (m)3,5631,75362
VjarBite Me IIIAdult (f)2,1401,13095
wqWsBite Me IVAdult (f)3,5461,73242
P55KsBite Me IXAdult (f)5,0348111
n7MGBite Me VAdult (f)3,5551,74145
uxLs6Bite Me VIAdult (m)4,7479075
wrijPBite Me VIIIAdult (m)5,2257970
UPt6vBite Me XIAdult (m)5,3747743
MYNEBlack Beast Frozen IHatchling (m, F)17,4343,25272
hLIfBlack Beast Frozen IIHatchling (m, F)2,49091129
eHoKBlack Beast Frozen IIIHatchling (f, F)2,1921,42914
2E81Black Beast Frozen IVHatchling (m, F)87859827
v0MLBlack Beast Frozen VHatchling (m, F)6963688
GctdBlack Beast IAdult (m)4,3711,59760
bfYofBlack Beast IIAdult (m)4,5231,0034
q64WkBlack Beast IIIAdult (f)4,5771,0382
1DZdBlack Beast IVAdult (f)4,6801,75969
OxR07Black Beast VAdult (f)5,2186333
nXD9Black Beast VIAdult (m)5,1692,09355
q4nSBlack Beast VIIAdult (m)5,1692,08858
dk1FyBlack Beast VIIIAdult (f)5,5377562
tZL8Black Beast XIIAdult (f)2,2591,01953
fkB5zBlack Beast XLAdult (f)6,4641,2122
WpnVYBlack Beast XLIIAdult (f)5,1281,0173
HRpJXBlack Beast XLIIIAdult (f)4,8828293
XQpiLBlack Beast XLIVAdult (m)6,2287934
FhhO2Black Beast XLVAdult (m)7,1618873
wY332Black Beast XLVIAdult (m)4,1569741
gIRQpBlack Beast XLVIIAdult (m)6,6389212
appXLBlack Beast XLVIIIAdult (m)4,8368231
7ydNBlack Beast XVAdult (f)2,5061,45917
zWB5Black Beast XXIAdult (f)3,3481,84473
nE2IBlack Beast XXIIAdult (f)1,8531,32414
ZycIBlack Beast XXIIIAdult (m)2,8711,52512
MvTkBlack Beast XXIVAdult (m)2,2761,4227
Do6vBlack Beast XXIXAdult (f)1,8991,28717
o9xyBlack Beast XXVAdult (f)3,7901,97749
DsgkBlack Beast XXVIAdult (f)1,7151,14717
DtElBlack Beast XXVIIAdult (m)2,1051,05617
V14aBlack Beast XXVIIIAdult (f)1,48371316
6Ed7Black Beast XXXAdult (f)3,7799649
DjS5Black Beast XXXIAdult (f)5,21282523
xAwBBlack Beast XXXIIAdult (m)2,7261,2925
2okkBlack Beast XXXIIIAdult (m)6,69067111
L0Z5Black Beast XXXIVAdult (m)5,99756311
fL8yjBlack Beast XXXIXAdult (m)6,3201,2162
HKeEBlack Beast XXXVAdult (f)6,8016668
rl0CBlack Beast XXXVIAdult (f)6,81867413
h7r2Black Beast XXXVIIAdult (m)2,6938775
II8qtBlack Tea - IAdult (f)5,9261,2394
KkAbeBlack Tea - IIAdult (m)4,9437681
skEZcBlack Tea - IIIAdult (f)4,8627771
xzW3zBlack Tea - IVAdult (f)5,8708351
9YwUyBlack Tea - VAdult (f)5,5567811
cZBg2Black Tipped Teimarr IAdult (m)6,4858491
Ves6vBlack Tipped Teimarr IIAdult (f)4,4927901
2H3VVBlacktip - IAdult (m)4,0997321
ZEV6oBlacktip - IIAdult (f)5,1157161
8LkADBlacktip - IIIAdult (f)4,5487940
6bDC8Blacktip - IVAdult (f)4,5507920
FTANaBlacktip - VAdult (m)4,5097950
0ndV5Bleeding Moon - IAdult (m)2,8574071
B3YaRBleeding Moon - IIAdult (f)5,2081,2292
BKN9SBlue Banded IAdult (m)5,9636800
38INvBlue-Banded IAdult (m)5,0938002
L1QIOBlusang - 4G Silver x BlusangAdult (f)5,3448851
QJQvKBlusang - IAdult (f)4,8519134
Ud34lBlusang - IIAdult (m)4,4061,1531
umQjnBlusang - IIIAdult (m)3,4559628
rBYDaBlusang - IVAdult (f)4,7939028
JI2o1Blusang - IXAdult (f)6,3147905
nbR5zBlusang - VAdult (f)4,3359403
ZJGfuBlusang - VIAdult (f)3,9618646
LrAzJBlusang - VIIAdult (m)6,0321,1153
6GkAfBlusang - VIIIAdult (f)6,3857812
t7E1dBlusang - XAdult (f)6,1658294
uWALrBlusang - XIAdult (m)5,1941,1073
DMLEhBright Breasted IAdult (m)4,7148881
0PFOgBright Breasted IIAdult (f)4,7768750
h4gqGBright Breasted IIIAdult (f)5,6458761
N3MLABright Breasted ThuwedAdult (m)4,3839385
F4RnBright Pink Frozen IHatchling (f, F)1,79473732
IsFkBright Pink Frozen IIHatchling (f, F)1,14851934
UUBCBright Pink Frozen IIIHatchling (f, F)1,09151630
RzpXBright Pink Frozen IVHatchling (f, F)9,4621,15012
0oFRBright Pink Frozen VHatchling (f, F)1,2449088
2kdUBright Pink IAdult (f)3,4681,24468
FiCJBright Pink IIAdult (f)2,4691,18679
5N0zBright Pink IIIAdult (f)1,3679774
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