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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “fallen_leaf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
KFt55Aeon CB KeftickAdult (m)4,5246162
PIqxhAeon CB PicketAdult (m)5,7441,0431
rwlkGAeon CL-E2 GalkinAdult (f)6,2029731
iT98eAeon CL-E3-Pb TenaeAdult (f)5,0989421
XCZ4YAeon CL-E3-Pb CrazyAdult (f)5,0859351
uR334Aeon CL-M4 UranisAdult (f)4,2816452
ocAV5Aeon CL-E2 OcavsAdult (f)4,3466511
jmjX0Aeon CL-E2 JimjoxAdult (m)4,3046541
WOklyAeon CL-E2 WoklyAdult (m)5,5356292
qJjlwAeon CL-E2 JilwokAdult (m)5,3576261
AbwufAeon CL-E3 AbwulfAdult (f)5,3286321
VZWAiAeon CL-E4 ZawaiAdult (m)5,3656301
cfTEMAeon CL-E4 CiftemAdult (f)5,3866271
yCF7oAeon CB HyfotarAdult (f)7,0709651
1HFA4Aeon CL-E2 IhfaarAdult (f)6,0256823
KRM4JAeon CL-E2 Late CupidAdult (m)6,0556832
nPvO1Aeon CL-E2 Pizza PocketAdult (f)6,0706792
EPxvmAeon CL-E3 Silver BonesAdult (f)5,9886892
0JLfjAeon CL-E3 OfiljiAdult (f)5,9746811
UlLs9Aeon CL-E3 UilsAdult (m)5,9526832
ELrg7Aeon CL-E3 Lunar MessAdult (f)5,9726832
Qrl42Aeon CL-E4 Ghost StoryAdult (m)6,0436851
5L3eyAeon CL-E5 EsquilAdult (m)6,0646851
1nd1NAeon M8 NadnimAdult (m)4,4968312
k0aKQAeon CL-E2 Timely GiftAdult (f)4,5868331
DLWdHAeon CL-E2 Time CupidAdult (f)4,5868272
LYObxAeria CB LyobiAdult (m)3,5341,0073
n10YbAeria CB NoydAdult (f)3,8251,0043
vKsh5Aeria CB KovushAdult (f)3,6341,0172
Pte52Aeria CB TessenAdult (m)3,6301,0173
jVtrzAeria CB VitrizAdult (m)2,3337501
mmRnxAether CB Mama RoarAdult (f)3,2338391
Q5g91Aether CB QuestingAdult (f)3,2538500
v1SutAether CB Version OneAdult (f)3,3078460
HQxw4Aether CB KhalifaAdult (f)3,3448690
yhotAAether CB YhotaAdult (f)3,2048520
WsTlNAether CB WestinAdult (f)3,4719101
V2IVfAether CB VlaeslinAdult (f)3,4318630
2hGi3Aether CB GhiffaeAdult (f)3,4318761
8MiluAether CB MiluAdult (f)3,4138451
E2NokAether CB EsnokAdult (f)3,3718671
lqXILAether CB XilsixAdult (f)3,4678881
BtYCnAether CB TycynAdult (f)3,3358760
ZRlyaAether CB ZyrianAdult (m)3,7607781
qj9Z8Aether CB LibynaeAdult (f)4,1028701
1EFC5Aether CB LoenefAdult (m)4,1069301
N6RlAlbi CB DelwynAdult (m)1,9035954
Rt4WAlbi CB ClaraAdult (f)1,8256184
mObU7Albi CB MobiusAdult (f)3,2831,0221
N2X0NAlbi CL-E2-Pb Death NoteAdult (m)6,2701,2154
0MgOH0CODE1 - 0MgOHAdult (m)7,1151,7183
noF0K0CODE1 - noF0KAdult (f)6,3441,3193
vUDCp0CODE2 - Very Good MovieAdult (m)5,4781,2004
swhNs0-045 Zombie NakedAdult (f)2,0756983
oLKLrAlbi CL-E2 My Sweet FriendAdult (m)3,9941,1561
H56PMAlbi CL-E3 HanaisAdult (f)3,2867051
OGRMFAlbi CL-M7 OgrenifAdult (f)3,1158191
PjL1OAlbi CL-E2 PlijoAdult (f)3,0027891
Kh8c3Albi Z Leetle PinkieHatchling (f, F)2,4548271
8t0JgAlbi Z Leetle See-ThroughHatchling (F)1,6236261
lXF1CAlbi Z Leetle Peach'n'CreamHatchling (m, F)2,1648572
NZUy5Alce-B CB NyzusyaAdult (f)3,3869051
rEzR1Alce-B CB RerziAdult (f)3,3728872
K7vArAlce-B CB KyvaraAdult (m)3,1718731
dUaxeAlce-P CB DuaxeAdult (m)3,4718611
kgh43Alce-P CB KagharoAdult (m)3,4139131
mQnnJAlce-P CB QuinamAdult (f)3,7419411
gnjybAlce-P CB NajiibAdult (f)3,7209381
jHWIyAlmerald CB WillyAdult (m)4,9946530
Bq7m7Almerald CL-E2 BigamyAdult (f)4,4987394
ZE1Nkz'Almerald CB KetchupAdult (f)6,2525631
Ovw56Almerald CB OwieAdult (f)6,3345671
Mnodn0CODE1 - MnodnAdult (m)5,4171,0591
4vbvIAlmerald CB IvibiAdult (m)6,3026580
YF2JBAlmerald CB YfenjabAdult (m)7,0856651
pAPEQAlmerald CB PapeoAdult (m)4,1259293
qJCFiAmalthean CL-E2 JefciAdult (f)3,2528113
XfuT4Amalthean CL-E2 XutaffyAdult (f)3,6948292
gvH3LAmalthean CL-E2 GhovalianAdult (m)3,6858491
8DSsaAmalthean CL-E2 EithdeesaAdult (m)3,7358891
3rO5kAmalthean CL-E2 ArsoakAdult (m)3,6978431
C5jafAna CB JafarAdult (m)4,9831,1062
whuXOAna CB WhuxoAdult (m)4,5479752
EoSu5Ana CB EosubAdult (f)4,5819630
am57PAna CB AmpeerAdult (m)4,3979071
Ol6g0Anta CB OligoAdult (m)3,9427721
1iQomAnta CB QuiomAdult (m)3,9597761
9iYUHAnta CB YunAdult (f)3,9907571
aUhS6Anta CB AhussiAdult (f)3,4988482
qcbhKAnta CB KyusiAdult (f)5,5366310
mx00fAnta CB MoofixAdult (m)4,4329461
BEmVjAnta CB BemveliAdult (m)3,1368992
uGRlE(uGRlE)Adult (m)3,3528891
xp7dr(xp7dr)Adult (f)3,3578650
zavxu(zavxu)Adult (f)3,3048740
BEZYK(BEZYK)Adult (f)3,2058570
ol4g3(ol4g3)Adult (m)3,4508800
KLpgA(KLpgA)Adult (m)3,4079170
SjLvc(SjLvc)Adult (f)3,5218971
eHtUv(eHtUv)Adult (f)3,4279080
MWWN5(MWWN5)Adult (m)3,5069171
lw6kv(lw6kv)Adult (f)3,4408860
qtvrP(qtvrP)Adult (m)2,3276791
goRyy(goRyy)Adult (m)3,4168890
teSDy(teSDy)Adult (m)3,4258570
ut64U(ut64U)Adult (m)2,2386461
jSSMW(jSSMW)Adult (f)3,4829201
DDcIG(DDcIG)Adult (f)3,4728800
DBV51Aranoa CB DeveslyAdult (f)3,3107741
40Ot9Aranoa CB Four DotsAdult (f)3,3097661
YnHPyAranoa CB PhinlasAdult (m)3,2347571
AZEvYAranoa CB AzevyAdult (f)3,3357761
2cqcIAranoa CB SequelAdult (f)3,3487532
z7WqNz'Aranoa CB WingspanAdult (m)3,3237722
j0ff4Aranoa CB JoffaAdult (m)3,2977701
ppxPMAranoa CB PhismAdult (f)3,1597351
KthyNAranoa CB ThynkasAdult (m)3,2307513
7I0T7Aranoa CB TioraAdult (f)3,3027803
jXWALAranoa CB JixwallAdult (m)3,3597561
Qx4ZqAranoa CB QuazixAdult (m)3,3127641
5IXVtAranoa CB FaycikAdult (f)2,6346461
CAg2U(CAg2U)Adult (f)2,6638870
m5rf3(m5rf3)Adult (f)2,6158751
qzmWB(qzmWB)Adult (m)2,6538790
D6Czo(D6Czo)Adult (f)2,6028810
bM4sK(bM4sK)Adult (f)2,5308391
pYdQ8(pYdQ8)Adult (m)2,6468941
hqFZn(hqFZn)Adult (f)2,5608530
JH8QN(JH8QN)Adult (m)2,6378591
8TLW7(8TLW7)Adult (m)2,5988740
Z5SUs(Z5SUs)Adult (m)2,6809030
weUbn(weUbn)Adult (m)2,5338930
LMuoS(LMuoS)Adult (f)2,5618780
6hhNV(6hhNV)Adult (m)2,5638971
V5j1d(V5j1d)Adult (m)2,5738620
acyLl(acyLl)Adult (m)2,6468750
6c7Lg(6c7Lg)Adult (f)2,6549100
IFFnV(IFFnV)Adult (m)2,4688310
cOwVX(cOwVX)Adult (m)2,6928820
11VGRH18 CB VeeceearAdult (f)2,5948891
F4c1I(F4c1I)Adult (m)2,5948500
3ezMv(3ezMv)Adult (f)2,5798670
jWTQ8(jWTQ8)Adult (m)2,5828920
g88G6(g88G6)Adult (f)2,3728390
ucnH8(ucnH8)Adult (m)2,4868710
uLKkn(uLKkn)Adult (m)4,5108881
cP5gj(cP5gj)Adult (m)4,2021,1062
ZMd7p(ZMd7p)Adult (f)3,3099411
GEdGUAria CB GedjuAdult (f)3,1038530
Nb0AMAria CB BoamAdult (f)3,1738530
kct3LAria CB KetcyAdult (m)3,2308550
XZrPSAria CB TrespassAdult (f)4,3007472
CdGYaAria CB CodaAdult (m)4,0376930
beEaT0CODE1 - beEaTAdult (m)6,8236281
lh5Ex0CODE1 - lh5ExAdult (m)6,4586481
YR4SlV13 CB Hive YrasiAdult (f)4,1651,2222
t0OarV13 CB Hive TooarAdult (f)4,1351,2142
K7ajpV13 CL-E2 Hive SeagullAdult (f)2,7061,0442
acKlPV13 CL-E2 Hive NhioAdult (f)2,6361,0163
6qz59V13 CL-E2 Hive FlowerAdult (f)2,7831,0451
7s3jhV13 CL-E2 Hive SehjiAdult (f)1,6455993
eer9sV13 CL-E2 Hive EarsAdult (f)1,7686072
WAvEZV13 CL-E2 Hive WavesAdult (f)1,5625512
keYrLV13 CL-E2 Hive TsunamiAdult (f)1,9574991
LBI7EV13 CL-E2 Hive BiteAdult (f)1,8775101
3FOepV13 CL-E2 Hive MountainAdult (f)2,1615363
StOwNV13 CL-E2 Hive StormAdult (f)4,8691,3322
l9DDiV13 CL-E2 Hive CandyAdult (f)4,7731,3522
7ZAbGV13 CL-E2 Hive SpringAdult (f)4,3281,3785
aSrNyV13 CL-E2 Hive AsraniAdult (f)5,1701,2614
0fHVEV13 CL-E2 Hive MoonAdult (f)4,9651,2472
IaaIpV13 CL-E2 Hive BlusangAdult (f)4,9531,2412
dyyttV13 CL-E2 Hive LurkerAdult (f)4,2971,2815
i5EqgV13 CL-St2 Spicy HiveAdult (f)4,2381,3030
nT9XcV13 CL-E2 Hive AngelAdult (f)4,1701,3104
I7c78V13 CL-E2 Hive GoslandAdult (f)4,0901,2954
04Z8FV13 CL-St3 Hive RescueAdult (f)2,7519285
HLzf7V13 CL-E2 Tarnished HiveAdult (f)1,8346154
QcmmrV13 CL-E2 Hive MoonstoneAdult (f)1,8306074
Ow4nRV13 CL-E2 Hive FrostAdult (f)1,7415893
KZDYJV13 CL-E2 Hive Blue SeaAdult (f)4,2419312
HbTflV13 CL-E2 Hive GraveAdult (f)3,7809551
3FSfQV13 CL-St3 Hive TsunamiAdult (f)4,2219431
klSvUV13 CL-E3 Hive CmasAdult (f)4,4259493
WWaYBV13 CL-E2 Hive ShadowAdult (f)4,2399382
c7bVoV13 CL-E2 Hive BalloonAdult (f)4,2539492
dPsFLV13 CL-E3 Hive GildedAdult (f)3,9579411
SzzZWV13 CL-E2 Hive SizzleAdult (f)3,8078841
vMaexV13 CL-E2 Hive MaexAdult (f)4,0288921
KpHPBV13 CL-St4 ArsonAdult (f)5,3377252
YJSyfV13 CL-E3 TeaAdult (f)3,9677091
6qbTOV13 CL-St3 TorrayAdult (f)4,6317511
Y1AoaV13 CL-E2 Blusang HiveAdult (f)4,5507281
ZqjIN(ZqjIN)Adult (f)3,0588052
V7GViV13 Z Leetle Hive BodyHatchling (f, F)2,2578761
SVzhhV13 Z Leetle Hive MindHatchling (F)1,5545755
eM3IM(eM3IM)Adult (m)3,4607620
wB4L7(wB4L7)Adult (f)3,5157830
vr2BH(vr2BH)Adult (f)3,3737641
oyVPV(oyVPV)Adult (m)3,5467430
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