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    You pick up the scroll labeled “fairyoracle75,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
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    t5Zq(t5Zq)Adult (f)2,036639120
    sbFS(sbFS)Adult (m)2,40370987
    xaXg(xaXg)Adult (f)1,43360658
    rPic(rPic)Adult (f)2,383745105
    f1tl(f1tl)Adult (m)1,523551106
    2Kt5(2Kt5)Adult (f)1,333493129
    z2pz(z2pz)Adult (f)2,910837119
    Fi7z(Fi7z)Adult (m)1,39547677
    wrZ7(wrZ7)Adult (f)1,04838362
    frKW(frKW)Adult (f)1,743314111
    14rw(14rw)Adult (m)1,465554121
    AhrM(AhrM)Adult (m)1,32746797
    MWzu(MWzu)Adult (f)2,199505103
    PIi7(PIi7)Adult (f)1,37447180
    55d7(55d7)Adult (f)1,32446998
    QuE5(QuE5)Adult (m)1,18225278
    P14d(P14d)Adult (f)2,08966673
    Hd8Z(Hd8Z)Adult (f)2,47861096
    Tuyk(Tuyk)Adult (m)2,853835133
    DR8v(DR8v)Adult (m)1,162469107
    SWOk(SWOk)Adult (m)1,33754584
    d4HP(d4HP)Adult (m)2,38060387
    6Bpk(6Bpk)Adult (m)1,04623984
    LaRU(LaRU)Adult (m)2,805812113
    snoZ(snoZ)Adult (f)1,261492107
    Twop(Twop)Adult (f)2,783814122
    S8XF(S8XF)Adult (f)1,34946979
    gpYJ(gpYJ)Adult (f)1,13550869
    6L3S(6L3S)Adult (f)1,16225979
    zUrK(zUrK)Adult (f)2,376744110
    yTLr(yTLr)Adult (m)1,54563090
    qWvB(qWvB)Adult (f)1,407476109
    6eMI(6eMI)Adult (f)1,84460582
    5TRH(5TRH)Adult (m)1,48629791
    Ncvn(Ncvn)Adult (m)2,22750762
    PEMc(PEMc)Adult (f)2,21650564
    WN3w(WN3w)Adult (f)2,379749108
    hT9p(hT9p)Adult (m)2,37859987
    e2AM(e2AM)Adult (m)1,295503131
    y8hQ(y8hQ)Adult (m)2,04346677
    f2XV(f2XV)Adult (f)1,29947399
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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