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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “fabiodens,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gIqm(gIqm)Adult (m)1,4515208
T1iQ(T1iQ)Adult (f)2,19155312
YBUi(YBUi)Adult (f)1,8697287
KtDF(KtDF)Adult (f)2,1804418
bvkT(bvkT)Adult (f)1,6813661
fRM7(fRM7)Adult (m)4,9831,4248
pEd8(pEd8)Adult (f)2,1015848
AgKZ(AgKZ)Adult (m)2,4143292
CSg2(CSg2)Adult (f)1,2544366
OmM8(OmM8)Adult (m)1,9775886
MRhn(MRhn)Adult (f)1,71159316
5oia(5oia)Adult (f)1,62559515
JL92(JL92)Adult (m)1,9607335
gXlp(gXlp)Adult (m)3,7731,27415
Ic6L(Ic6L)Adult (m)2,0074266
JLOr(JLOr)Adult (f)2,3294324
IeHJ(IeHJ)Adult (m)1,9825169
KHIq(KHIq)Adult (f)1,0133927
hn7Y(hn7Y)Adult (m)2,3053963
rARH(rARH)Adult (m)1,2844666
LijX(LijX)Adult (f)2,43952824
Y0Qe(Y0Qe)Adult (m)1,96149714
uccP(uccP)Adult (m)1,9585058
tMnf(tMnf)Adult (m)2,64049912
cfd1(cfd1)Adult (f)2,5973943
2CY4(2CY4)Adult (f)1,9047167
KldM(KldM)Adult (m)2,3974638
R4PE(R4PE)Adult (f)1,6034958
72sGL(72sGL)Adult (m)1,3454998
WqFXe(WqFXe)Adult (f)1,3435046
vROnD(vROnD)Adult (m)1,4405137
639a(639a)Adult (m)1,9144095
ducr(ducr)Adult (m)1,8107056
gP1f(gP1f)Adult (f)3,6771,25412
pP07(pP07)Adult (f)3,6426673
uPaG(uPaG)Adult (m)1,49652714
IdGr(IdGr)Adult (m)1,33746610
r58S(r58S)Adult (f)1,9745544
5evG(5evG)Adult (m)1,8437346
ICgm(ICgm)Adult (m)6,0981,74112
T6rA(T6rA)Adult (m)1,7764134
oXUg(oXUg)Adult (m)2,14649911
TdfF(TdfF)Adult (m)3,3349994
IHdb(IHdb)Adult (f)2,01251614
cVts(cVts)Adult (f)3,0081,07414
9QLA(9QLA)Adult (f)3,5401,31613
qfLK(qfLK)Adult (m)6,0171,6898
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