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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “eye-of-newt-17,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3SeEHHow have I not come up withAdult (m)2,34257214
hs3wda name scheme for these guys yetAdult (f)2,37756110
v9J8cScales of SerendibiteAdult (f)4,10694513
ApNX1Scales of CassiteriteAdult (m)4,14096015
BQGpPI have no naming ideasAdult (m)4,19992612
AYPgm(AYPgm)Adult (m)2,87855316
QEIyTQEIyt This is a LibraryAdult (f)2,39657725
20lHNNewt's First EggAdult (f)2,95172321
TzD6sSip of London FogAdult (f)3,02173021
BxbBX(BxbBX)Adult (f)2,22652320
E8S5vSip of Earl GreyAdult (m)4,10585526
33lVv(33lVv)Adult (f)2,6056414
BayuZSip of Masala ChaiAdult (f)3,94369118
C9r72(C9r72)Adult (m)3,56484930
bNOLNButterfly'TeaAdult (f)3,89550115
B3yhU(B3yhU)Adult (f)3,91674821
0au24Soul of WishesAdult (f)2,53948123
avLr8(avLr8)Adult (f)3,93183721
LZ5M3Everything Bagel TeaAdult (m)3,07449412
KbIHM(KbIHM)Adult (f)2,83045919
6rZNsChasing a HopeAdult (m)6,8931,21214
C5oJK(C5oJK)Adult (f)5,38578414
iaZqQ(iaZqQ)Adult (m)1,85452719
gnxFL(gnxFL)Adult (f)3,04850815
wrCkKSip of OolongAdult (m)2,28139725
CBVHx(CBVHx)Adult (m)2,50662316
7eTIx(7eTIx)Adult (m)2,76868412
NLGpkSip of Sweet TeaAdult (m)2,55942334
d55aoSip of Tulsi ChaiAdult (f)3,16252327
qDPNBScales of OnyxAdult (f)2,89748924
3zca8(3zca8)Adult (f)2,34454029
wAdIw(wAdIw)Adult (m)3,9197752
7Xh3rEmpress in PinkAdult (f)2,14152823
aFKxF(aFKxF)Adult (m)2,97250821
i6yOu(i6yOu)Adult (m)3,12653120
yVLHa(yVLHa)Adult (m)3,02651425
2zcwMSip of Cinnamon SpiceAdult (f)2,65850423
J4PRD(J4PRD)Adult (m)3,41350913
ygWCD(ygWCD)Adult (f)2,6105682
As0BW(As0BW)Adult (f)3,0216453
ugA0s(ugA0s)Adult (m)2,4134751
PwRdq(PwRdq)Adult (m)2,6514822
B9p5W(B9p5W)Adult (f)2,2505354
BO9ey(BO9ey)Adult (f)2,3195645
IFbqMSip of Russian GreyAdult (m)2,59670114
tkUMGScaIes of ObsidianAdult (f)2,87251218
oUKt4Sip of Ginger ChaiAdult (f)2,84652720
RISDQChasing a Hope's MateAdult (f)3,50544914
sozIisozliAdult (f)3,1345687
m3isn(m3isn)Adult (m)2,8947013
7747i(7747i)Adult (f)2,8846854
CUWai(CUWai)Adult (f)2,7706788
XjpV0(XjpV0)Adult (f)4,73490323
BAb8M(BAb8M)Adult (m)4,87394918
9fqdn(9fqdn)Adult (m)5,16389117
648qgSip of Boba TeaAdult (f)2,82363415
wgF2G(wgF2G)Adult (f)6,2021,12631
8FEXd(8FEXd)Adult (f)2,38365213
y72A2Duchess Tuaytu TargaryenAdult (f)2,66164226
v6E8U(v6E8U)Adult (m)2,89964025
1Y6TJKing of PurebloodsAdult (m)1,91555316
vFm75Queen of PurebloodsAdult (f)2,12760519
vlCubRaven IndigoAdult (f)4,04790625
dKfKL(dKfKL)Adult (f)2,1956133
DrZpiBlue Jay IndigoAdult (m)4,5379001
r2sRzEmperor in PinkAdult (m)2,2536304
eE7pD(eE7pD)Adult (m)2,8186877
uSOkDSip of Earl Grey RedAdult (m)2,4496518
qPiwaDuke Piwa TargaryenAdult (m)3,9158939
wz6UV(wz6UV)Adult (f)3,2867932
xy2ot(xy2ot)Adult (m)3,0007592
FccMB(FccMB)Adult (m)3,78690910
fbxCo(fbxCo)Adult (m)3,8698886
iNuOy(iNuOy)Adult (m)3,5458962
Tk7mK(Tk7mK)Adult (f)3,3548521
yDyyc(yDyyc)Adult (m)3,3908530
KAGP3(KAGP3)Adult (m)3,4618830
OuXye(OuXye)Adult (f)2,2165992
jBzck(jBzck)Adult (m)3,1577621
qNGk8(qNGk8)Adult (f)3,0287330
HKwxS(HKwxS)Adult (m)2,7804292
xDE3e(xDE3e)Adult (m)3,0554561
UJjiA(UJjiA)Adult (m)2,9304451
EIBzj(EIBzj)Adult (f)2,8674380
btvl4(btvl4)Adult (m)2,4713961
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