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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
  • 2012 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “euro22,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
anR6S(anR6S)Adult (f)2,9347761
k3jnj(k3jnj)Adult (f)9,2161,8215
Zh4cR(Zh4cR)Adult (f)5,8821,8436
pLd0u(pLd0u)Adult (m)4,4211,1793
BHlfu(BHlfu)Adult (m)4,5717411
epfNF(epfNF)Adult (f)4,0517511
FirK7(FirK7)Adult (m)5,6331,1872
bF7Zh(bF7Zh)Adult (m)7,3698793
IAFLpKokusaiAdult (f)4,3051,1454
rcfSq(rcfSq)Adult (m)5,9151,2613
NHi0vMistress MaledonAdult (m)2,6248613
4H2QZ(4H2QZ)Adult (m)5,1423631
7ZeVq(7ZeVq)Adult (f)2,8877292
OpMFV(OpMFV)Adult (m)4,2601,1003
gBGvW(gBGvW)Adult (f)6,4864533
ZcinX(ZcinX)Adult (m)3,7541,3735
6iRk(6iRk)Adult (m)3,5114705
QUi9(QUi9)Adult (m)7,4705266
OIxgj(OIxgj)Adult (m)4,8691,4748
VIOK7(VIOK7)Adult (f)2,8317612
ZCSTt(ZCSTt)Adult (f)6,0091,2510
BY0MX(BY0MX)Adult (f)1,6935562
avjkh(avjkh)Adult (f)5,3263560
Fpaa(Fpaa)Adult (m)1,81532412
kiSm(kiSm)Adult (f)1,1874523
FZZQ(FZZQ)Adult (m)1,12875289
bj78(bj78)Adult (f)4,04731711
7rBqO(7rBqO)Adult (f)5,5281,2915
h1mfW(h1mfW)Adult (f)4,1541,0763
7Tl8e(7Tl8e)Adult (f)4,3298722
TMV8f(TMV8f)Adult (f)4,2908610
S1AoP(S1AoP)Adult (f)5,4601,6718
ZcP8(ZcP8)Adult (m)3,4563465
abQBJ(abQBJ)Adult (f)5,9521,2600
HvtI7(HvtI7)Adult (m)5,4381,2724
afH9x(afH9x)Adult (f)3,6371,1734
SRoQv(SRoQv)Adult (m)2,8317442
rmuvP(rmuvP)Adult (f)9,1931,8825
kNgRg(kNgRg)Adult (f)2,8487601
rs9FB(rs9FB)Adult (f)4,8117958
1W6UK(1W6UK)Adult (f)5,8131,8056
B7hkv(B7hkv)Adult (m)4,0021,0191
bhDCf(bhDCf)Adult (m)4,2748581
KYqzl(KYqzl)Adult (f)4,2661,5725
8MKoY(8MKoY)Adult (m)8,4091,7524
HCUMH(HCUMH)Adult (f)5,1937912
kK53i(kK53i)Adult (f)5,0783501
eMtsZ(eMtsZ)Adult (m)2,3617830
7MZ75(7MZ75)Adult (f)5,7951,0985
KAi2q(KAi2q)Adult (m)4,4161,1932
ZRHHS(ZRHHS)Adult (m)8,8141,7917
ZbTGR(ZbTGR)Adult (m)5,6791,2981
K2l6B(K2l6B)Adult (f)5,5931,0786
G91Li(G91Li)Adult (f)2,5138423
CLYDW(CLYDW)Adult (m)4,4111,1684
SNfkW(SNfkW)Adult (m)4,3837452
7ldkC(7ldkC)Adult (f)3,5151,2543
GK9A7(GK9A7)Adult (f)4,7718074
k9XhZ(k9XhZ)Adult (f)7,5052,3074
03RkU(03RkU)Adult (m)5,8731,2241
vbdf(vbdf)Adult (f)9075397
88YtM(88YtM)Adult (f)4,1293510
4ZX4u(4ZX4u)Adult (f)3,7271,3634
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