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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
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  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “eulalia95,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
yEOWD(yEOWD)Dead Egg111
d2M4E(d2M4E)Dead Egg111
XoLCi(XoLCi)Dead Egg000
si4t9(si4t9)Dead Egg111
JWgMa(JWgMa)Dead Egg111
r3CqF(r3CqF)Dead Egg111
XjKrK(XjKrK)Dead Egg000
U1zcG(U1zcG)Dead Egg110
JpIKC(JpIKC)Dead Egg111
59VgTMoon 0Adult (m)3,3144815
LTsplSilver 0Adult (m)2,0614774
Z0QHazu1Adult (m)7414716
tfw9VAzulita 1Adult (f)3,9586590
1dD8cChatterley 2Adult (f)6,0174104
CnD86Charlotte 2Adult (f)11,6871,2521
L4Kq7Zatt 2Adult (m)9,4231,1714
IOVeplanta3Adult (f)2,47197314
OnQlmel4Adult (f)2,52029710
52X2flower5Adult (m)1,8528365
nahVtormenta6Adult (f)3,5952436
ZRFKtrueno6Adult (m)3,3652339
oZZnvandalas7Adult (f)3,7022536
geolcole8Adult (m)1,5904635
XAEcespecula9Adult (f)1,9705747
cuN0Aeria10Adult (f)3,1177205
H4j3QTeradona 10Adult (f)7,8781,2263
bGjQluke11Adult (m)1,7706827
0MIvwPurples11Adult (m)2,2486121
JLgCbLila 11Adult (f)3,5804502
0IlFair12Adult (m)3,0935228
Ix3pDFleet 12Adult (f)4,8957582
rgdnmeula13Adult (f)2,82946210
8d07surfi14Adult (m)2,93451316
f82rmorgana15Adult (f)2,6906056
Oq4dVMorada 15Adult (f)2,7695713
KtJsnegrera16Adult (f)4,84599218
6U774Black16Adult (f)3,5847542
QxCBbDarklord 16Adult (m)5,6009002
toNOblanco17Adult (m)4,86990916
0cAO0Blanca17Adult (f)2,0983614
3pLCeBranco 17Adult (m)2,9735230
XSNepicmento18Adult (f)4,50792414
4HdWprimavera19Adult (f)6,9058585
7poIAlex20Adult (m)7,7129114
daYcBMadam 20Adult (f)3,2514323
iZvJvampire 21Adult (m)7,5078886
LNosFKaname 21Adult (m)1,8366504
ncAsEDuo22Adult (m)2,2445431
ZJwSxSharlott 22Adult (f)2,3966135
CzkihPeer 22Adult (m)4,5313376
EKrAFVerano23Adult (m)3,5465062
UnvmpSummer23Adult (m)3,0635583
EHpB1herba24Adult (f)4,0046463
NUP0CHiedra24Adult (f)5,6558264
7KfmnPiedra25Adult (f)2,7904742
P2sGrPedra 25Adult (f)4,1266302
GSWWINoche26Adult (f)3,6896042
0JVy5Osuro 26Adult (m)3,6284867
hUD2hBella27Adult (f)2,6285221
4sv4oSea28Adult (f)2,6444841
SlJvLHiper29Adult (m)2,2275224
CRIcaHipo29Adult (m)2,2595023
O5vqkPeque 29Adult (f)5,4089366
2uKW2Luz30Adult (f)1,6113753
A02qJSol30Adult (m)2,6105615
IQj3DGema 30Adult (f)4,3566292
q4YCFhorse31Adult (m)1,6134534
nDky5Mare 31Adult (f)2,7512867
C1QTqswallow32Adult (m)1,61341733
i4vENNeotropico33Adult (m)3,8484612
D851aAngelica34Adult (f)4,6223095
bM7YMFlamenca35Adult (f)1,3044174
ib9lvRosita35Adult (f)1,8454155
zfdUJRoxy35Adult (f)4,9331,1944
ctPt2Pinky 35Adult (f)2,6947032
8LDNAMint 36Adult (m)3,1141,2614
2ZomUKirbi 36Adult (m)8,6021,2482
aQj3eOra 37Adult (f)1,3665873
hNYhNPlume38Adult (f)2,6265412
UmCdgLime 38Adult (m)4,9317232
EFHHOcantebela39Adult (f)2,0505823
IOVsMMusgo 40Adult (m)5,3141,0593
5wUQ6Seedling 40Adult (f)2,0365032
mYi01Blue41Adult (f)1,8345245
oXIj8Zafi 41Adult (f)3,0333284
b1A8VRed 41Adult (m)1,8004172
6US0AFire 41Adult (m)4,4846992
w7MkWIgnis 41Adult (m)3,7554531
FLHbMMyst 42Adult (m)2,6466245
Ibf88Misfit 43Adult (m)5,2884962
tu5wJPeque 43Adult (m)3,3394902
9zYl2Chibi 43Adult (f)1,8265757
W8kcILa Chispa 44Adult (f)2,9586714
gQnndWaterhorse 45Adult (m)3,0776786
0BEs3Agar45Adult (m)5,1071,1023
ofTZ4Marina 45Adult (f)3,1234271
hxQpHAguante46Adult (m)2,4912858
vQZCOCaminate46Adult (m)2,6518141
Mjm9GAqua 46Adult (f)2,9113092
I9htMPillow 47Adult (m)3,2054314
mraT1Fluffy 47Adult (f)5,1927793
tDqDsSpongy47Adult (m)5,8771,1482
QX1jDBeeeh 47Adult (m)6,10193314
3Wb0RMareep 47Adult (f)5,8981,1782
74la4Flare48Adult (m)2,0185813
6jVO6Pumpkin 49Adult (m)2,27357211
dhu69Moonlight 50Adult (f)2,63357810
ZaY3zMy Moon 50Adult (f)3,0673454
ZcPKjMurder 51Adult (f)2,64658110
mN7LFScavenger 51Adult (m)2,28958910
REStDcrows 51Adult (f)1,34949911
ODpsCGhost 52Adult (m)2,25855510
oGU2iWyvern 53Adult (m)4,9757624
1vaavMagic 54Adult (m)5,7278285
I5CGnMagi 54Adult (m)5,4511,0161
VnOdpCrone 54Adult (f)3,8852984
rEPG9Orange 54Adult (f)8,6601,0691
ivneaCrona 54Adult (f)7,6601,3241
le2biNaranjito 54Adult (m)7,3941,1786
GsX1iFlames 55Adult (f)5,5579854
TyLkIDraco 55Adult (m)3,0474293
jqI09Legado55Adult (m)6,0895760
MPPClCarmen 55Adult (f)2,4947092
A8xjCRed 55Adult (m)2,2366275
h7siVDragonoid 55Adult (m)2,5406680
ICq51Invierno 56Adult (m)1,3216082
YpEXYCocoa 57Adult (m)2,23565612
ho0h5Chocolate 57Adult (m)1,6015655
6DiuoChoco 57Adult (m)7,4131,3001
30tg6Rosebud 58Adult (f)1,5155796
28WVORose 58Adult (f)6,7861,2923
GNUlQTasty Candy 59Adult (m)2,72970712
8ocraRayas Blancas 60Adult (m)9,6151,1984
wsjZgBlanca Rayada 60Adult (f)3,2662319
XYi6CRayado Azul 60Adult (m)2,7534994
XWKFASolete 61Adult (m)2,2624914
KvSFOPumpkins 62Adult (f)5,0067482
ujWAMCrop 62Adult (m)3,3115461
oin1uZucchini 62Adult (m)1,8664732
tWjLiCalabaza 62Adult (f)4,7528003
I9J4vGreen Yeww 62Adult (m)6,7761,2001
7rsi2Calabazin 62Adult (m)9,3821,2362
2dM3mGolden Dog 63Adult (m)4,3136295
rvcvGScarlet Embers 64Adult (f)3,3355562
dSqBYIgnios 64Adult (m)3,6064445
0uZbcVolcano 64Adult (m)2,13959914
F1XGJPesquera 65Adult (f)2,3934792
Y0j3WTerrimar 65Adult (f)2,6084701
ZIAbXAmbush 66Adult (f)1,8376771
fsZoWFinned 67Adult (m)2,0076474
Zyx5dTidal 67Adult (m)2,5206296
lHQIDTafu 67Adult (m)2,4476049
p8iXSEdelgar 67Adult (f)6,7191,0593
yBzCBScamus 67Adult (m)8,9871,3674
h29iaSerial 68Adult (f)5,2691,0874
wjHuyLain 68Adult (f)2,3016583
VsCYxBleeding 69Adult (m)2,3316323
ADxrbBloody69Adult (f)5,5451,0383
pw30BMercury 69Adult (f)5,2255944
QDewWMuriel 69Adult (f)6,2911,1712
gAU0iTyrian 69Adult (m)3,3564072
uzN12Vernus 69Adult (f)7,9221,1934
qqfyTTea 70Adult (f)2,5176523
JvEe1Blackened 70Adult (m)7,0511,2353
vGKpQLove 70Adult (m)2,30354210
VlYpkPinky 70Adult (f)6,3676352
3z9AjValentino 70Adult (m)4,2527043
GkrK2Victoria 70Adult (f)2,45659918
taWuqBoyfriend 70Adult (m)7,4891,3180
lKY1xValeriano 70Adult (m)7,5471,1632
G1K5gSeagull 71Adult (m)1,9886883
tNNwZGavilana 71Adult (f)5,3871,2726
GRJCWGaviota 71Adult (m)3,9257013
0KHCEAlba 71Adult (f)5,3786002
Sp75NFuria Diurna 71Adult (f)3,3263831
N2rxECrag 72Adult (m)2,0826665
CBMSDMarga 72Adult (f)2,27854811
CMYJ6Reiga 73Adult (f)2,3345789
wp2zURegina 73Adult (f)2,2765568
OXsLsSpice 73Adult (f)5,7165463
8WA4LReyna 73Adult (f)4,0179102
bEDf8Conde 73Adult (m)11,4031,2523
CltEgDuque 73Adult (m)7,2211,3263
yC5huRey 73Adult (m)7,3771,3243
rwUFdFever74Adult (f)3,2925104
R5yfxPollution74Adult (m)1,4174993
aw0j2Mala Hierba 74Adult (f)5,0158421
jAt1uOrtiga 74Adult (f)3,5483701
RhGyhFlame 75Adult (m)5,3611,2763
keli4Scarlata 75Adult (f)7,0211,1652
Z8JpIFiro 75Adult (m)3,7575542
n4jXsIceberg 76Adult (f)5,3481,2398
SK6SuFreya 76Adult (f)3,9931,0341
rICkMAlice 76Adult (f)6,7501,1563
vVaaOCongelada 76Adult (f)4,5257111
gQCLQNoire77Adult (m)3,4793987
KIPQEYoru77Adult (m)4,3777204
RO51RSulphur78Adult (m)3,57169110
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