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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “esSaNeM,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
LI6Iw(LI6Iw)Hatchling (m)3,7608422
82MJT(82MJT)Hatchling (f)4,1978703
7OZWg(7OZWg)Hatchling (m)3,9288811
zATeC(zATeC)Hatchling (m)4,2108831
6bh6I(6bh6I)Hatchling (f)3,7138351
dMoUXTough Times BFAdult (m)4,5613122
y8KHpWhymsical Times BFAdult (f)5,0183353
aWTIiTime And Time Again PB2Adult (m)4,5253503
k7YYHThru Eternity And Back Again PB2Adult (f)4,5933191
28I3dLet's Do The Time Warp Again PB5Adult (m)4,2413691
z1WlM(z1WlM)Adult (m)3,7588772
BL0XR(BL0XR)Adult (f)3,9618492
b1V50(b1V50)Adult (m)4,8491,0443
7bq0a(7bq0a)Adult (f)3,3108311
FHZHk(FHZHk)Adult (f)4,1357035
YR4ANExtremely White Boy BAAdult (m)4,6243351
mCAj9Extremely White Girl BAAdult (f)5,4603702
VIHSx(VIHSx)Adult (m)4,6871,0122
vX7tH(vX7tH)Adult (m)4,5368951
I8KuA(I8KuA)Adult (f)3,3777791
7fY4a(7fY4a)Adult (f)3,4168393
3igfHEmerald Moods BAAdult (m)4,9353452
D5DDBEmerald Broods BFAdult (m)4,8773381
ADVGHEmerald Storms BAAdult (f)4,7003141
I0PW7Emerald Happiness BFAdult (f)4,1354771
PnLm6Emerald  Smaragd PB2Adult (m)3,2452981
MyhjcLil' Lucky Jewel BAHatchling (f, F)4,4544121
ncClFSunshines Funtime BDAdult (m)4,1764271
DMfdLRed Robin PB3Adult (f)4,2573021
gX5UGSend Robin On Over PB4Adult (m)4,2233031
ELEHoSunshine Funtime BDAdult (m)4,6413311
6KC6qSun Fed Soul BDAdult (m)4,8545972
Ll4xdBright Lord BDAdult (m)5,4566081
V0WsmOtherWorldly Girl BDAdult (f)5,3446141
bE5ddBright Lady BDAdult (f)5,5586072
w1QhISun Bright Boy BDAdult (m)4,7884592
TTOHuSunshine Girl BDAdult (f)4,7204601
fSj9eBright Miss Sunshine PB2Adult (f)4,1044261
Q8TSG(Q8TSG)Adult (f)3,5158471
8oMXj(8oMXj)Adult (m)3,6148790
5AVcJ(5AVcJ)Adult (m)4,1728634
85xZW(85xZW)Adult (f)3,5338432
oAYdXNew Retro Pink BJAdult (m)4,5163021
cngmrRetro Hot Pink Freaky BJAdult (f)4,6583131
R3qS7Love 2gether4ever13 3GenElectricAdult (f)5,2465232
k3v9KHive Lover 13 3Gen DreamAdult (f)6,7784661
zLAQb(zLAQb)Adult (m)3,2737822
YAl6x(YAl6x)Adult (f)2,8747241
dtqGf(dtqGf)Adult (f)4,1148482
1U4lO(1U4lO)Adult (m)3,9808053
5Flxv(5Flxv)Adult (f)4,0339503
xT2CMAzure Sea In Dreams BFAdult (f)5,3853692
7arocAzure Mountain Oblivion BFAdult (m)4,7843553
tlGmKAzure Sky In Mind BFAdult (m)3,5612563
T2hbQAzure Oceans Deep  BFAdult (f)4,0604321
FInnrAzure Galaxies To Discover BFAdult (f)5,6023741
fj1JAAzure Stars To Gaze BFAdult (m)5,3253611
wP4fSAzure Thoughts and Dreams BFAdult (f)6,8455521
EZegIAzure Emotions BFAdult (m)6,8545521
4QZzVBlue Wings BFAdult (f)3,9223541
UdZgqAzure Forever BFHatchling (f, F)4,2863730
tbk36Of A Single Mind BFAdult (m)5,9355441
uDGYwWe Act As One BFAdult (f)4,3983862
jxfbHRead My Mind BFAdult (f)4,5224711
RbrRKShare My Thoughts BAAdult (m)4,9613721
GGjPRLilly TadpoleHatchling (f, F)4,8764591
L5DfSLater Gator BCAdult (f)4,9803781
jHpsxFrog Legs BCAdult (m)4,9893482
XZCznWe Breach For Prey BCAdult (m)3,6933671
1AHqqBalloon Animal BCAdult (m)5,5333821
noP98Floats Thru Life BAAdult (f)5,0013871
FTy3aLight As A Feather BJAdult (m)4,9585381
1AkjeStiff As A Board BFAdult (f)5,3643661
E9MWRFriendly Purple Pretty BCAdult (f)3,7423370
cdnRAPrince BCAdult (m)4,2933821
0n4RaGood Fortune BCAdult (m)5,1256273
LDpN6Fortune Smiles BCAdult (f)3,3113101
pROuHFortune Shines BCAdult (m)5,0865022
4Rk8YPrincess BCAdult (f)4,5034231
0nv9vVelvetNight Dreamz PB2Adult (f)5,1911,0955
IsGeXPure Black BCAdult (m)4,1183741
QIwcxNight Velvet BCAdult (f)3,5814031
bE9rjNights Of Black Wonder PB2Adult (m)5,4555532
hAPEJBack In Black BAAdult (f)4,2273141
fzDb5Fade To Black BDAdult (m)6,0604971
jNpVXBlack Velvet BVAdult (f)5,2524861
z48TwVelvet Nights BAAdult (m)3,8554701
0UVbKBlack Velvet 4ever PB4Adult (f)3,4674152
mB1l0Black Velvet Dreamer BCAdult (m)3,4363551
k95TLBlack Velvet Mask BAAdult (f)4,7923301
TPhjPNight Of Alternate RealityAdult (f)6,8935843
QqprFMarrow Hallows PB3Adult (m)5,2813642
CGfCmMystic Marrow PB4Adult (m)4,3667712
e7dfkMarrow's Myth PB3Adult (f)4,1917632
IivYxMarrow Treasure PB4Adult (f)3,0605022
FWBw1Marrow's Dreamer CBAdult (f)3,5296641
YtQ8zMarrow's Wish CBAdult (m)3,6766671
4jAPSSmells Exotic BDAdult (m)4,3293401
SP4QoButterflies BDAdult (f)3,9083421
Nm8qDExotic Tea PB3Adult (m)4,5583273
WAdMhSmells Good PB2Adult (f)5,0203421
XCX2NPink Fat Cat BDHatchling (f, F)4,1653291
rCvVA(rCvVA)Adult (m)3,7878921
Tla3jHonking For Love BCAdult (m)5,5175321
MagFeCall Me Love BCAdult (f)5,4525281
78lFY(78lFY)Adult (f)6,3017502
0vDqs(0vDqs)Adult (m)4,2258263
2DpXA(2DpXA)Adult (f)4,6479933
mCRCnNocturn Ally BAAdult (f)5,6275811
Jsu2INocturn Al BAAdult (m)4,1272931
XS6l1Striped Friendly Pretty BAAdult (f)4,1153794
RgR1OEarned My Stripes BAAdult (m)4,9204062
YogJJRead My Stripes BAAdult (m)4,1823762
Hfh0eFriendly Stripes BAAdult (f)4,7444841
pDInNCure For Da' Blues BCAdult (f)4,0863641
IGbhoBluSang The Blues BCAdult (m)4,0024862
JMNKgLivin'Da Blu's BCAdult (m)4,8474271
R3hBuLightning Strikette BFAdult (f)4,4533572
EPK5sLightning Strike BAAdult (m)4,6593672
sZcBqStriking BAAdult (m)4,5303931
TQyuPStunning BAAdult (f)3,6963801
0wNHIThunderStruck BFAdult (m)4,5297192
alquGLittle More Electric BAHatchling (m, F)3,8953862
s4BuE(s4BuE)Adult (f)3,6268511
Pv8Yi(Pv8Yi)Adult (m)3,3567621
SGiywCall Me Robin PB3Adult (m)4,1193621
Em2QARobin Is My Name BJAdult (f)3,8584802
yePyRRiver Robin PB6Adult (f)3,8453732
BReV1Robin Cake PB6Adult (m)3,8113752
ps4GDIt's A Gas In The Desert BDAdult (m)7,5275161
JppUBSkunk Dragon BVAdult (f)7,9165314
wvTIUPrincess Brimstone PB2Adult (f)5,9356341
pRYplPrince Brimstone BDAdult (m)5,9024141
EIHq9Brute Boy BAAdult (m)4,8268712
lAebgDance Near Me PB2Adult (f)3,9532942
560wZBrute Girl BAAdult (f)3,8153662
S2M8sWalkingAcross YourGrave BDAdult (m)4,8754141
wPXuWAGood DayToDie BVAdult (m)4,7254331
TCFXUPretty Little Grave PB2Adult (f)4,7023261
d7vI6Liberace BCAdult (m)3,2075111
iVQGMCandlesFlame BJAdult (f)3,7013501
eHx6nPromised True BCAdult (f)4,9743392
Xut18Honors Promise BCAdult (m)4,4142971
U4E98Living On Top BJAdult (m)4,3435671
XZuZDNever Looking Down BJAdult (f)4,4895691
jLcjZNightfyre Dances HB1Adult (f)3,9833281
VUNYtShooting Star HB1Adult (m)3,0773022
Q6uSqNightSkys Shine HB1Adult (m)4,2963902
JnzExShining Girl HB1Adult (f)3,5342542
moDNrBurning Bright HB2Adult (m)4,1683813
TTSc8Where's My Life Mate BJAdult (f)3,6824081
EPUZ8I'm Right Here BJAdult (m)4,6963971
V5OnnMr Muggle BFAdult (m)3,7654411
i5aZBMrs Muggle BDAdult (f)3,0443741
bUvDlSinging In Shadows PB4Adult (m)5,3526972
JaEs8Just Lurking PB4Adult (f)3,4704112
5dGy1Shadow Lurking PB2Adult (m)2,5797702
B9isOLurker Singer PB2Adult (f)3,1515060
EwtVFLurking Lord CBAdult (m)3,3684641
zhE2ILurker Lady CBAdult (f)4,6203561
tdZCaHeaven In His Eyes 1BVAdult (m)5,0913532
oKjg9Star Crossed Dreaming 2BJAdult (f)4,9943381
fOvlEHeaven In Her Heart 1BDAdult (f)4,5763921
Iem31To The Stars And Beyond 2BCAdult (m)4,3264001
Xf4zaCelestial Song 3BVAdult (f)4,9943401
nS3oeCelestial Silences 3BDAdult (m)5,5423811
wLN2yThru Space and Time 4BVAdult (m)2,8143292
FubSNOne Heavenly Night 1PB2Adult (m)4,5854072
2xIp2Baby Ima Star 2PB2Adult (f)4,2472951
g2ehJCelestial Moment 3PB2Adult (m)3,4153193
UZ5oRThru Time And Space 4BDAdult (f)3,6353382
Oy8naDoctor Who Again 4PB2Adult (f)4,1834871
T2Wo8Won Starry Night 1 2PB3Adult (m)6,2087611
v6npLOne Moment Doctor 3 4PB3Adult (f)6,0777402
ujhvePlaying In Constellations 5BCAdult (f)4,6693301
5VjPRDreaming New Constellations 5BVAdult (m)5,0275091
r072kDreamPlay In Constellations 5PB2Adult (m)4,6823561
mZmjnNight Sky Shining 6BVAdult (m)4,6884681
Xh2k8Night Skies Stars 6BAAdult (f)6,7225163
b07rGStarLord 7BCAdult (m)4,3383701
kjE1wRoaming Star 11PB2Adult (f)4,1553991
j23jxGamora's Star 7BFAdult (f)3,9993801
5M6KUCelestial Winter 8BAAdult (f)5,6365161
KZHTcCelestial Spring 9PB2Adult (f)5,2885221
2WvVMCelestial Fall 9PB2Adult (m)5,6555231
JCqwyCelestial Summer 8BVAdult (m)5,2985141
8n3fMDark Star 10BVAdult (m)4,7823501
khjVVShining Star 10BAAdult (f)5,1295221
JT09sCelestial Karma 12BCAdult (m)4,7363901
AZVdqShoot For the Stars 12BAAdult (f)4,5634671
Qz6YEFrozen Star PB2Hatchling (m, F)4,9104131
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