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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “enigmus,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
R6i44(R6i44)Adult (m)3,2329604
hr2BG(hr2BG)Adult (m)10,3131,33613
e2Jid(e2Jid)Adult (m)9,3911,2569
7TQNr(7TQNr)Adult (f)9,1391,23912
I25GH(I25GH)Adult (m)8,7891,2158
WIptf(WIptf)Adult (f)3,9377136
nWhAH(nWhAH)Adult (f)8,1871,4038
7effp(7effp)Adult (f)8,1211,45510
8iSdr(8iSdr)Adult (m)8,3221,4697
m6Jbn(m6Jbn)Adult (f)7,7861,45911
IIQom(IIQom)Adult (f)7,7471,4627
bLfZA(bLfZA)Adult (m)7,6191,4218
LN5Ci(LN5Ci)Adult (m)9,4061,2833
vbdqn(vbdqn)Adult (m)9,9971,31510
9FHUq(9FHUq)Adult (f)9,6721,3535
BlmiX(BlmiX)Adult (f)7,0671,3368
XsX3K(XsX3K)Adult (m)6,5091,34112
jQm5mLe NouelAdult (m)4,5201,3522
rlbsTJour de NoelAdult (m)5,8321,2592
PhPcrReine de NoelAdult (f)7,0311,31314
enKRRVanillier BourbonAdult (m)5,8731,2284
ZPTjP(ZPTjP)Adult (m)6,2311,6253
MOERN(MOERN)Adult (f)6,3471,6583
GLHTg(GLHTg)Adult (m)6,3201,6364
tPPkn(tPPkn)Adult (m)3,3999583
ZeUqR(ZeUqR)Adult (m)5,3231,5533
RtD1a(RtD1a)Adult (m)3,1489062
8GNot(8GNot)Adult (f)6,5381,6343
Xgdu0(Xgdu0)Adult (m)3,1689243
PiegZ(PiegZ)Adult (m)6,5741,6074
dpfSO(dpfSO)Adult (f)3,2739772
gHU83(gHU83)Adult (m)7,9131,5032
nhdFf(nhdFf)Adult (m)7,8341,4542
1LWBr(1LWBr)Adult (m)5,7591,4634
LYfOc(LYfOc)Adult (m)5,7761,4683
AbL1B(AbL1B)Adult (m)4,6251,2924
SIIJN(SIIJN)Adult (f)5,6951,4752
VA3Qv(VA3Qv)Adult (m)5,7141,4902
5PEZi(5PEZi)Adult (m)6,8551,5095
OYMhH(OYMhH)Adult (m)7,6691,4845
R3J1Y(R3J1Y)Adult (m)5,0401,4002
ZD4fI(ZD4fI)Adult (f)5,9891,5772
BVRtq(BVRtq)Adult (m)7,3681,7754
5VRLd(5VRLd)Adult (f)5,9311,5545
6ISUa(6ISUa)Adult (m)6,6271,7783
QVZ0F(QVZ0F)Adult (f)6,9941,7692
Ni8on(Ni8on)Adult (f)5,8781,5965
0Hn2O(0Hn2O)Adult (m)8,6471,6175
BnWA(BnWA)Egg (F)
8PpDGardien de la NatureAdult (m)4,7061,28814
hb8qo0 BIENVENUE SUR LE 0oHatchling (F)1,53243610
6gbVo0 BALLET ROYAL DE LA NUIT 0oHatchling (m, F)6,35094211
72XVkLe Roi-SoleilAdult (m)6,0581,41711
b1m6La BallerineAdult (f)4,9091,2085
GjEuLe MinuitAdult (m)9,1101,70118
h7LtLa NuitAdult (f)7,1661,39012
c1elLe Chasseur de la NuitAdult (m)6,8651,57112
TmP1LLa Chasse de la NuitAdult (f)8,9831,4296
q4unGCavalier de la NuitAdult (m)9,4461,3655
UINnLFille Facile de la NuitAdult (f)7,6081,1867
69dXK(69dXK)Adult (m)6,8851,3306
Ln3dB(Ln3dB)Adult (f)7,8941,4575
NTAm5(NTAm5)Adult (m)6,1551,2363
IBq4H(IBq4H)Adult (f)8,2161,4216
Ui44i(Ui44i)Adult (m)3,9612657
U4sjN(U4sjN)Adult (f)7,2321,2925
cTOUr(cTOUr)Adult (m)6,5731,3165
gpTf4(gpTf4)Adult (f)7,4511,5204
Oun9p(Oun9p)Adult (m)9,0421,5704
4fDDY(4fDDY)Adult (f)9,2171,3525
5PP0L(5PP0L)Adult (m)9,5961,3334
L7jVL(L7jVL)Adult (f)10,1091,3276
XXZaMedor de la NuitAdult (m)5,1461,75614
54BdAngelique de la NuitAdult (f)7,7241,38716
8K2YkBlanc de la NuitAdult (m)6,2671,82812
tlbpkEtoile de la NuitAdult (f)6,6471,5836
HbNmOHibou de la NuitAdult (m)8,4451,7317
f4R71Chouette Harfang de la NuitAdult (f)9,2681,3822
4CGXTCerf de la NuitAdult (m)6,9191,5763
n9CfVTigree de la NuitAdult (f)8,9821,3014
5AlMe(5AlMe)Adult (m)8,7061,3743
0vpEZBradamante de la NuitAdult (f)6,4451,5774
anQkV(anQkV)Adult (m)8,4451,4033
PASsC(PASsC)Adult (m)7,2861,3274
YZCF8(YZCF8)Adult (f)6,1041,3392
HGJ9B(HGJ9B)Adult (m)2,9212803
Lee43(Lee43)Adult (f)2,9942833
AHR0q(AHR0q)Adult (m)2,8436312
FYshX(FYshX)Adult (f)2,8892652
1F6N6(1F6N6)Adult (m)6,4221,4146
qdlQ6(qdlQ6)Adult (f)6,7281,4092
rQq74(rQq74)Adult (m)6,8371,4271
IVXFJ(IVXFJ)Adult (f)6,5151,3780
ZMhcp(ZMhcp)Adult (m)3,6941,0551
9Cskk(9Cskk)Adult (f)2,2216991
HLPp9(HLPp9)Adult (m)2,2936801
BXd0F(BXd0F)Adult (f)2,2207151
ETROa(ETROa)Adult (m)5,8361,1797
4Sas7(4Sas7)Adult (f)10,7961,2994
Q94rAmphitryon de la NuitAdult (m)6,1941,25120
QZXAmAurore Royale de la NuitAdult (f)8,6661,3175
VWodLe Bandit NocturneAdult (m)3,6479318
BvUJDanseuse de la NuitAdult (f)7,2171,20212
87va1Horaire de la NuitAdult (m)7,0711,5036
PKHVKDanseuse NocturneAdult (f)2,9639081
qGIcAura NocturneAdult (f)4,6691,01011
SMRaBleu de la NuitAdult (m)7,7661,77314
6gP7rPeleus de la NuitAdult (m)7,4651,4042
q8YBThetis NocturneAdult (f)8,2581,58623
SprXQStyx de la NuitAdult (f)7,2091,4943
V3hWKParis de la NuitAdult (m)5,5971,3694
5eu8o0 NUIT D'HIVER 0oHatchling (F)1,1461134
evfHL' HiverAdult (m)8,5481,61823
HvFnPolaireAdult (f)6,2901,4045
K3aYMasque de GlacesAdult (m)8,4341,73210
n4lWFroide Nuit d'HiverAdult (f)6,0091,32811
DvhsgLe Bleu Nuit d'HiverAdult (m)6,7341,5188
Oq57eNeige Nuit d'HiverAdult (f)7,5741,3814
YtFQVAir Nuit d'HiverAdult (m)7,8671,4484
8Vkb8Glacee Nuit d'HiverAdult (f)4,3281,2823
5dCoV(5dCoV)Adult (m)11,1451,2585
0OWeB(0OWeB)Adult (f)6,3551,5862
4lDfO(4lDfO)Adult (m)6,1161,5433
RcM3r(RcM3r)Adult (f)8,9941,5414
vPtl5(vPtl5)Adult (m)6,1761,5762
lWK3P(lWK3P)Adult (f)9,2879395
QQE6R(QQE6R)Adult (m)11,7811,3654
cTFJC(cTFJC)Adult (f)11,2241,3745
JJMFGoliath de la Nuit d'HiverAdult (m)10,0991,66015
H4X5Titania de la Nuit d'HiverAdult (f)6,1391,0428
nCJ9Gargouille de la Nuit d'HiverAdult (m)12,9182,12419
fTUEBoudica de la Nuit d'HiverAdult (f)9,5291,59113
JM7oRPolaire Nuit d'HiverAdult (m)7,0331,3768
6EHBFrimas Nuit d'HiverAdult (m)7,5161,4657
9PFAHiberna NocturneAdult (f)8,2621,6919
mS3JGivre Nuit d'HiverAdult (m)5,2791,1706
fbgnYo0 L' ECRIN 0oHatchling (f, F)6,7181,4358
tnZIKBelle  EtoileAdult (f)6,6541,2387
vvifuAristaeus NomiusAdult (m)10,0011,4736
a7NRMGold ChakraAdult (f)7,8411,5656
lZnfIGold OakleaveAdult (f)3,9501,37220
60DXMGolden FallsAdult (f)11,1331,6707
0GqcWRose Doree des VentsAdult (f)9,5251,4186
QOJOPEros ArgenteAdult (m)8,9762,0526
oWnJAAdversaireAdult (m)8,0611,4118
rSS4ESupernova 1572Adult (f)10,6371,3147
rjbPREnigmus' Silver MedalAdult (f)8,9941,0474
gunSAInvincible LightAdult (m)6,0931,2473
ZMTWOSupernova 1604Adult (f)5,6481,2977
hAk90Chaotic PatAdult (f)10,4591,8094
MqaLvSilver AbyssAdult (m)4,2501,0848
13q0XBois de RoseAdult (f)9,7541,4284
UG5r6Venus de BronzeAdult (f)8,7162,16715
u3FNqLaurier de VictoireAdult (m)7,0638876
FDJAnCavaliere BronzeAdult (f)11,6661,5476
aP5dpFine CognacAdult (m)9,6081,6585
WL1LlLili MarleneAdult (f)8,9861,4855
3aEv2Bronze EveAdult (f)9,5421,5044
kdAgtBaerenfangAdult (f)10,0371,2315
UtXdYBronze Steppe SoilAdult (m)9,4451,3913
D7qmpWinged ManiacAdult (m)11,1861,6475
ILRbQJazzing HellAdult (f)12,7031,5565
SFenlApollon de BronzeAdult (m)7,7631,3294
aaS9Feru d'OrAdult (m)9,5691,0748
7j49Ceiling of DawnAdult (f)2,17083834
FPoQBlue of DawnAdult (m)8,6221,67022
33aZVelvet of DuskAdult (f)8,2111,67817
9TPoManto del SoleAdult (m)11,1501,59623
tjSfBallerina of DawnAdult (f)4,5911,05016
WKudStar of VictoryAdult (f)8,3801,54314
CC4ECAile d'OrAdult (f)2,9708965
VdOqBlack Sound of DreamAdult (m)5,0661,15113
tUHmToison d'OrAdult (f)7,1651,52022
oPvPdMouton NoirAdult (m)4,3791,2383
3N055La BelladoneAdult (f)6,1391,5987
Hiq9CLe AquilonAdult (m)6,3781,7456
YfIdCavaliere de NoelAdult (f)4,8431,1715
kF1moGrand NordAdult (m)6,6271,7247
oo6MlCavalier de NoelAdult (m)7,5511,3652
7EBuRNuit de NoelAdult (f)8,2051,5806
9Ed7dDanser de JoieAdult (m)5,7989126
ceIPZLe PhenixAdult (m)7,6281,2803
5iBggFlamme du NordAdult (f)7,1641,4155
U7M0JAquilon du NordAdult (m)8,0871,4755
X44JcLumiere VerteAdult (f)5,5381,0924
tUopAngel Element VexAdult (m)4,4889158
fM8WEnigmus' MidwinterAdult (f)7,5231,38014
KZLRNoel  BlancAdult (m)8,0661,77915
Lu2nEnigmus' Polar LightsAdult (f)8,1821,50011
hLX2Enigmus' TanngrisnirAdult (m)6,0671,36610
1BkOQueen of YulefireAdult (f)5,0491,4169
eihMEnigmus' TanngnjostrAdult (m)4,7591,1955
pEB0Tikindis CadeauAdult (f)10,4331,77911
GDIP6Fils de SatyreAdult (m)4,7721,1245
BCWRMidwinter AngelAdult (m)6,6461,1137
JvNoNorway SpruceAdult (f)7,8631,45811
jspLEpiceaAdult (m)10,4291,34815
IJ8gNoel PolaireAdult (f)11,2291,7919
HLflIFeu de NoelAdult (m)4,6861,0724
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