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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Halloween Event
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “emmilely,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZxH5nRaven's Shadowlight - CBAdult (f)3,3598531
ViMJqRaven's Night Terrors - CBAdult (m)3,4138670
fOHqS(fOHqS)Adult (m)3,3165980
3ZgHG(3ZgHG)Adult (f)4,1947741
FmybwRaven's Fiery Rage - CBAdult (f)3,9237641
JxaGCRaven's Cave Lurker - CBAdult (f)3,9677561
vtMArRaven's Crystal Glare - CBAdult (m)3,9747850
f521H(f521H)Adult (m)4,2007511
iwTP6(iwTP6)Adult (f)5,6999360
zueKRaven's Origami - CBAdult (f)1,36485648
XphARaven's Sketch - CBAdult (f)3,6951,151125
HBgKRaven's Skill - CBAdult (m)1,01467831
MuYwRaven's Caricature - CBAdult2,2891,27834
KHSS(KHSS)Adult (f)2,5696145
UVvb(UVvb)Adult (f)90054644
52Bh(52Bh)Adult (m)3,38055114
evId(evId)Adult (m)87953745
Bj8URaven's Glory - CBAdult (f)4,1931,195143
ePaKRaven's Heart - CBAdult (f)3,7971,209138
qZS7Raven's JusticeAdult (m)2,351920129
DH1SRaven's Flight - CBAdult (m)1,7901,018136
VyLjtRaven's Sulphur - CBAdult (f)3,95380116
kz9GPRaven's Behemoth - CBAdult (f)3,94584622
hHrhvRaven's BruteAdult (m)3,18872425
Hk1D0Raven's LairAdult (m)3,49668524
Om9ORaven's Dune - CBAdult (f)1,22643910
jJ3nRaven's Sand Storm - CBAdult (f)60041128
cADWRaven's OasisAdult (m)1,43445114
Y6l7Raven's SandstoneAdult (m)2,5099168
3nEjRaven's Cottonball - CBAdult (f)7,1005935
6ksKRaven's Rest - CBAdult (f)7,0668222
g5mkRaven's Daydream - CBAdult (m)4,4234721
JbbJRaven's Naptime - CBAdult (m)7,6795662
C1mY(C1mY)Adult (f)2,1795301
TXv9(TXv9)Adult (f)2,0294983
pCsR(pCsR)Adult (m)74450036
Bmh9(Bmh9)Adult (m)6694077
Cug5(Cug5)Adult (f)6,0881,1822
XFdk(XFdk)Adult (f)7,1831,1925
L7ss(L7ss)Adult (m)6,1971,0975
DtvX(DtvX)Adult (m)5,9291,2705
AYCL8Raven's CometAdult (f)3,03768324
bKxzURaven's DartAdult (f)2,71763420
W3junRaven's SkimmerAdult (m)3,09264730
T1gBERaven's TopazAdult (m)3,34869728
KTQN(KTQN)Adult (f)7,1841,74899
sLx3(sLx3)Adult (f)4,5401,306100
Xdhw(Xdhw)Adult (m)2,3631,28052
eeDK(eeDK)Adult (m)1,603830100
npPNpRaven's MasqueradeAdult (f)2,65058127
4UbH2Raven's Buried Treasure - CBAdult (f)3,47080929
7YnErRaven's Embellishment - CBAdult (m)4,60891211
RKIq(RKIq)Adult (f)1,6384541
p1k9(p1k9)Adult (f)1,5444330
1Uqb(1Uqb)Adult (m)1,5444321
94eZ(94eZ)Adult (m)1,6144522
v4uqHRaven's Dancing Flame - CBAdult (f)3,8747332
G1Je6Raven's Golden Warrior - CBAdult (m)2,59269224
SqsDiRaven's Gilded GloryAdult (m)2,75457819
rX9bRaven's Summer Harvest - CBAdult (f)5,9931,1622
DmhJRaven's Bounty - CBAdult (f)6,3571,2672
9LY1zRaven's Fields of Gold - CBAdult (m)3,30457517
JKUtjRaven's Creativity - CBAdult (m)2,18557116
OtUVQRaven's ReflectionAdult (m)2,15056220
5OvsLRaven's Velvet - CBAdult (f)4,04691723
eCtNyRaven's Satin - CBAdult (f)4,03287517
njbUdRaven's Lace - CBAdult (m)3,91489218
1G7XMRaven's Chiffon - CBAdult (m)3,96290025
kfSFhRaven's KittenAdult (f)2,24259225
cqqPSRaven's Beauty - CBAdult (f)2,35658520
iM1tsRaven's DazzleAdult (m)2,62961319
3rMlwRaven's LandingAdult (m)2,97457624
eYcARaven's IridescentAdult (m)6,0691,1595
jTFZRaven's ShimmerAdult (m)5,0575950
qp8aARaven's GemAdult (f)4,11385839
EYBOGRaven's OpalAdult (f)3,76981341
SZvzrRaven's ComfortAdult (m)2,26955126
BF8BGRaven's Orchid - CBAdult (f)4,11563129
SBFQQRaven's RuneAdult (f)2,99569724
n12T(n12T)Adult (f)1,4275235
L0jk(L0jk)Adult (f)1,3775036
xDq86Raven's Wisp - CBAdult (f)2,98575925
lx6Pp(lx6Pp)Adult (f)3,38963631
Y76QTRaven's Nightlight - CBAdult (m)4,03453920
t6W1fRaven's Magelight - CBAdult (m)2,39853216
1axvtRaven's MistletoeAdult (m)3,29586311
U6CIiRaven's GarlandAdult (f)3,09572410
HvuqeRaven's River Stone - CBAdult (f)4,8118466
GNOBARaven's MoonshineAdult (f)2,52856526
sw5LcRaven's SilkAdult (m)2,59161319
fN7yIRaven's WinterAdult (m)2,72561123
hNcQSRaven's Alpine FuryAdult (m)3,4547675
boQJXRaven's Glacial IceAdult (m)3,4237477
2SiTtRaven's LarkAdult (f)3,07475424
QAXjHRaven's Sunkist - CBAdult (m)4,16360621
T2F5(T2F5)Adult (f)1,5896063
GJMg(GJMg)Adult (f)1,8636881
h7Xd(h7Xd)Adult (m)1,8156235
mgs7(mgs7)Adult (m)1,4965653
AnZA(AnZA)Adult (f)1,8934622
PGQx(PGQx)Adult (f)1,4369256
YX68(YX68)Adult (m)9126577
63rP(63rP)Adult (m)1,2738511
Xdd3BRaven's Jungle Vine - CBAdult (m)3,58481434
GuuE(GuuE)Adult (f)1,6075356
UPHd(UPHd)Adult (f)5,7609259
mNQi(mNQi)Adult (m)1,4255512
rWfm(rWfm)Adult (m)4,7928876
yhYAzRaven's RibbonsAdult (f)2,31860817
f609JRaven's JadeAdult (f)3,10269926
EshpPRaven's SnapdragonAdult (f)4,56159524
3ZGfCRaven's Verbana - CBAdult (m)3,40172622
dUOucRaven's Envy - CBAdult (m)4,27577515
FD08(FD08)Adult (f)1,5454230
F0pi(F0pi)Adult (f)1,1106791
tKq2(tKq2)Adult (m)1,1123906
ff84(ff84)Adult (m)2,0514682
WAh3BRaven's Oasis - CBAdult (f)2,60460019
1A6KbRaven's ParadiseAdult (f)3,73471727
cWmb(cWmb)Adult (f)1,3594856
ds68(ds68)Adult (f)1,5625024
pIH5(pIH5)Adult (m)1,4314693
mbtX(mbtX)Adult (m)1,6604573
C7Y6(C7Y6)Adult (f)7123988
Kph5(Kph5)Adult (f)1,9119707
Kcqa(Kcqa)Adult (m)7,7222,084150
d51X(d51X)Adult (m)7,2151,750107
DwBVuRaven's PatchworkAdult (m)3,24983514
0fYzXRaven's FestivitiesAdult (m)3,34987313
i615(i615)Adult (f)5964694
bjqV(bjqV)Adult (f)1,5389744
zvlA(zvlA)Adult (m)5854900
6S4L(6S4L)Adult (m)5834870
v6sgRaven's Charm - CBAdult (m)1,49644212
vaViRaven's Locket - CBAdult (m)1,5404578
CtL4(CtL4)Adult (f)1,0086634
xF8N(xF8N)Adult (f)3,5001,30933
FlYz(FlYz)Adult (m)1,3918694
KDmp(KDmp)Adult (m)1,0407286
48v7Raven's Bouquet - CBAdult (f)6,6068231
EOtARaven's Rose - CBAdult (f)6,6088152
6oWmeRaven's Love BugAdult (f)4,47195038
jZTPoRaven's Heart CandyAdult (f)4,33195936
1OLV(1OLV)Adult (f)7075205
tSSr(tSSr)Adult (f)1,4118964
3HlA(3HlA)Adult (f)1,8274773
6iy6(6iy6)Adult (f)5985001
4FG5(4FG5)Adult (m)1,3989301
DBgA(DBgA)Adult (m)1,6301,0384
PUsnRaven's Solar - CBAdult (f)5,8169269
F50H(F50H)Adult (f)1,2194944
2WLU(2WLU)Adult (m)3,4914673
d0fM(d0fM)Adult (m)3,3948923
6VlO(6VlO)Adult (f)1,826937116
jFoz(jFoz)Adult (f)2,2871,02350
hLSU(hLSU)Adult (m)4,6909086
ZHQt(ZHQt)Adult (m)5,8621,01811
nzhaORaven's Sea ShellAdult (f)2,67958824
5zr3tRaven's Sea Dancer - CBAdult (m)3,35282333
qTRhaRaven's Coral Cove - CBAdult (m)3,84276213
N1pt(N1pt)Adult (f)1,6374649
ck6F(ck6F)Adult (f)1,5019974
ONf2(ONf2)Adult (m)2,0871,0595
aH8U(aH8U)Adult (m)1,3248973
sMo7(sMo7)Adult (f)1,40091526
nPBA(nPBA)Adult (f)96769816
Ku8D(Ku8D)Adult (m)1,41191422
525i(525i)Adult (m)1,3039585
7Qcl(7Qcl)Adult (f)2,124874111
DhJC(DhJC)Adult (f)2,2041,155108
vTzN(vTzN)Adult (m)2,4041,019151
ufz2(ufz2)Adult (m)2,4811,27748
n73Y(n73Y)Adult (f)2,2846605
KgEB(KgEB)Adult (f)2,2276576
9PGt(9PGt)Adult (m)3,3828703
iC2Y(iC2Y)Adult (m)5,6401,2366
oNPQRaven's Ice - CBAdult (f)2,25946015
MODaRaven's Abyss - CBAdult (f)1,6934323
qe77Raven's AvalancheAdult (m)1,3784144
KuMERaven's Glacier - CBAdult (m)1,3753573
hq5XRaven's Mercury - CBAdult (f)8,6078581
koSh(koSh)Adult (f)4,0934651
Ds3F(Ds3F)Adult (m)5,4589582
oTkf(oTkf)Adult (m)3,9025914
hFWV(hFWV)Adult (f)2,0775634
41hQ(41hQ)Adult (f)2,0044924
Vh8E(Vh8E)Adult (m)2,2825275
9sSY(9sSY)Adult (m)2,1325113
DFu4(DFu4)Adult (f)99461448
9Ivl(9Ivl)Adult (f)4,3081,15968
X1Jg(X1Jg)Adult (m)4,4481,303101
WPfv(WPfv)Adult (m)1,60896188
IHDQvRaven's Sky ShockAdult (f)2,65062623
9ZopmRaven's Night LightAdult (m)3,30756216
ZRhauRaven's GhostlightAdult (m)3,01056723
DlBQ(DlBQ)Adult (f)7,1111,5578
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