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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “emilyfawn,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
d8r8(d8r8)Adult (m)2,62532116
GNMK(GNMK)Adult (f)3,70430613
0QOa(0QOa)Adult (m)7,5821,47028
bq0SB(bq0SB)Adult (f)2,7804391
n9RU(n9RU)Adult (f)2,91225317
GMKL(GMKL)Adult (m)3,14239514
4eR4(4eR4)Adult (f)2,56541714
uoBl(uoBl)Adult (f)7,5821,44121
STfaE(STfaE)Adult (m)7,3581,0432
froZ(froZ)Adult (m)1,2084046
IhoV(IhoV)Adult (f)5,14234613
iK6Y(iK6Y)Adult (f)2,67627817
1rp6(1rp6)Adult (m)4,70841410
KCJC(KCJC)Adult (m)4,6844118
on0r(on0r)Adult (f)2,23628519
5a4U(5a4U)Adult (f)2,13626123
ZC6Y(ZC6Y)Adult (m)3,9943195
P7qJX(P7qJX)Adult (f)3,7684951
klEO(klEO)Adult (f)4,59641111
GZSX(GZSX)Adult (f)2,61531511
DTmpk(DTmpk)Adult (f)3,3104592
5QpUB(5QpUB)Adult (f)3,2564452
n5rT(n5rT)Adult (f)3,00525623
r3Lp(r3Lp)Adult (f)3,07741513
bfpZ(bfpZ)Adult (f)1,6175102
d0cKa(d0cKa)Adult (f)3,0408065
oPOAc(oPOAc)Adult (f)3,4268465
VI7Fz(VI7Fz)Adult (m)3,4868475
OrZvL(OrZvL)Adult (m)3,1168034
E7Zt(E7Zt)Adult (f)3,88936316
WQCY(WQCY)Adult (m)3,16532614
DqdB(DqdB)Adult (f)2,9993794
5jS1S(5jS1S)Adult (f)3,2864501
ZK01(ZK01)Adult (f)5,35635916
8y5gC(8y5gC)Adult (f)7,0831,0522
Y4nX(Y4nX)Adult (m)3,08426316
jEOd(jEOd)Adult (f)2,94031813
MYnX(MYnX)Adult (m)3,57925312
U7Jk(U7Jk)Adult (m)2,09832816
L5oE(L5oE)Adult (m)2,85524020
8m9q(8m9q)Adult (m)2,70128311
gPd5(gPd5)Adult (f)4,20937512
hBmhI(hBmhI)Adult (m)2,7993901
P3YN(P3YN)Adult (f)3,54229711
K3B4(K3B4)Adult (f)3,87439521
8n1a(8n1a)Adult (f)4,0393116
O75KL(O75KL)Adult (m)3,1244262
v8bw0(v8bw0)Adult (f)3,8864802
XaQO(XaQO)Adult (m)3,63634320
O2O0a(O2O0a)Adult (m)3,3534411
ffUt(ffUt)Adult (f)2,96032810
Jj4I(Jj4I)Adult (f)1,3664466
DWEUp(DWEUp)Adult (f)7,5931,0793
CXZf(CXZf)Adult (m)2,96736113
tDBu(tDBu)Adult (f)3,1114137
JgUL(JgUL)Adult (m)3,3322999
ZVpQ(ZVpQ)Adult (m)3,0822845
nR88(nR88)Adult (f)1,2244215
VnxRG(VnxRG)Adult (m)7,5561,0806
cTU52(cTU52)Adult (f)3,5444583
vl5L(vl5L)Adult (f)3,34129515
rb8i(rb8i)Adult (f)3,5443467
ZPuC(ZPuC)Adult (m)3,6602997
LpY7(LpY7)Adult (m)7,5461,44521
NUtp(NUtp)Adult (m)5,10534317
RTa5(RTa5)Adult (m)2,77431911
2SqO(2SqO)Adult (m)7,4611,49035
aJvnU(aJvnU)Adult (m)7,4121,0812
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