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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “emerald52582,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Y8bv(Y8bv)Adult (m)1,4706914
fiJB(fiJB)Adult (m)1,9603368
SUE5(SUE5)Adult (m)2,1873557
niYb(niYb)Adult (m)2,1633557
TgiP(TgiP)Adult (m)2,2113637
WRVQ(WRVQ)Adult (m)1,6554057
n8P7(n8P7)Adult (f)2,1883136
5L3N(5L3N)Adult (f)1,92438118
OaN3(OaN3)Adult (f)2,7852657
nK7k(nK7k)Adult (f)2,7302607
JeFr(JeFr)Adult (m)2,6182652
ucfJ(ucfJ)Adult (m)2,6952712
89Ll(89Ll)Adult (m)2,6642681
I7z3(I7z3)Adult (f)2,5972592
KwkG(KwkG)Adult (f)2,5392582
LAqu(LAqu)Adult (f)2,4982573
DeRM(DeRM)Adult (f)4,8977805
A3UM(A3UM)Adult (m)4,4933782
0kRT(0kRT)Adult (m)4,5233782
aO42(aO42)Adult (f)5,62658365
Z4ZE(Z4ZE)Adult (m)4,3993309
5wIk(5wIk)Adult (f)4,3863306
iz1H(iz1H)Adult (m)1,61036211
3YHd(3YHd)Adult (f)6,6741,02056
KEUV(KEUV)Adult (f)5,89292438
kLOj(kLOj)Adult (f)2,5854495
12Kt(12Kt)Adult (m)6,02845917
eU7Z(eU7Z)Adult (m)2,0703687
69aD(69aD)Adult (f)4,95535012
aA3s(aA3s)Adult (m)7,23789085
OnD1(OnD1)Adult (f)6,48254933
9HVy(9HVy)Adult (m)6,8731,78071
HPci(HPci)Adult (f)4,35676960
eByd(eByd)Adult (m)6,19581044
kffC(kffC)Adult (f)5,85781846
hWTF(hWTF)Adult (f)7,33564763
vIqr(vIqr)Adult (m)4,12677529
ojK7(ojK7)Adult (m)6,06781969
2nvS(2nvS)Adult (f)7,61992537
D95H(D95H)Adult (f)5,06744215
1bBL(1bBL)Adult (m)7,4961,13962
ymqt(ymqt)Adult (f)4,2743298
1LaG(1LaG)Adult (f)4,6544286
zsW1(zsW1)Adult (m)4,82039510
bFdZ(bFdZ)Adult (f)2,8882572
9LiT(9LiT)Adult (m)4,4262973
bCo4(bCo4)Adult (f)4,86576943
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