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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “elsteris,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
oCQrSeawave de ElsAdult (m)7476017
6UlrNox de ElsAdult (m)7816408
ItJpSparky de ElsAdult (f)75265510
iNkjBrighty de ElsAdult (m)7806717
UMTkBianca de ElsAdult (f)71560411
gaF4Gaz de ElsAdult (m)8126586
ikdAIkeda de ElsAdult (f)7926309
2Xc6Blue Stead de ElsAdult (m)1,3501,00612
fd0B(fd0B)Adult (f)1,4161,06212
HM10(HM10)Adult (m)1,2749458
ZahO(ZahO)Adult (m)1,03376112
0dML(0dML)Adult (m)2,96175515
d8eK(d8eK)Adult (m)80567210
bQrhBrueqq de ElsAdult (m)89255816
m8o1Mioll de ElsAdult (m)87973911
s9jfAkimotoAdult (f)5464599
iqmZIqozz de ElsAdult (m)8497169
LZXP(LZXP)Adult (m)6625539
DlBt(DlBt)Adult (f)64654710
b0d1(b0d1)Adult (m)6245266
Iiq4Mari ElsAdult (f)7065927
71iA(71iA)Adult (f)9748257
qccT(qccT)Adult (f)1,0769147
nvmhNivamuh de ElsAdult (f)89276010
1ven(1ven)Adult (m)1,1659819
6s9J(6s9J)Adult (m)1,1719654
PYjN(PYjN)Adult (f)1,0568665
6l09(6l09)Adult (f)1,0628734
0Y7j(0Y7j)Adult (f)1,0428556
ckaf(ckaf)Adult (f)9858097
eANN(eANN)Adult (f)8447086
hZjo(hZjo)Adult (m)7966723
jdcU(jdcU)Adult (m)8106834
EHHO(EHHO)Adult (f)1,09162690
le4GBettina de ElsAdult (f)7826689
LSV7Kelarth Protector of the ForestAdult (m)1,35145816
vjRQ(vjRQ)Adult (m)79967014
MBnQTuelonth Lord of the BlackAdult (m)2,96736110
NSeK(NSeK)Adult (m)7796588
kSks(kSks)Adult (m)7926646
qN6T(qN6T)Adult (m)8417145
CXhvShuvirth Champion of the SkiesAdult (m)8707286
2FaD(2FaD)Adult (m)6955972
2hkH(2hkH)Adult (m)6785840
vHkF(vHkF)Adult (f)1,6017626
QcTB(QcTB)Adult (m)5314312
pVD5(pVD5)Adult (m)6014982
nIo2Nio de ElsAdult (f)5924913
DsFZ(DsFZ)Adult (f)6405054
Kb0B(Kb0B)Adult (m)5414178
Z7S7(Z7S7)Adult (m)2,16758813
9bWu(9bWu)Adult (m)1,9096115
jVa0(jVa0)Adult (f)2,11558211
RSEh(RSEh)Adult (m)1,4954466
UoJD(UoJD)Adult (m)1,9224635
aB3K(aB3K)Adult (m)1,5765474
4Iqi(4Iqi)Adult (f)2,0115369
alRY(alRY)Adult (m)2,8384905
PIBnLyrroth the EternalAdult (m)5,08642511
MRqa(MRqa)Adult (m)5214204
2QQP(2QQP)Adult (m)5024058
gXYi(gXYi)Adult (m)1,78661610
huCo(huCo)Adult (m)6,08740714
XjXD(XjXD)Adult (f)4,31328811
Uu55(Uu55)Adult (f)4,79732111
MqSH(MqSH)Adult (m)4,4133048
ppAG(ppAG)Adult (f)4,4112957
9IL0(9IL0)Adult (m)4,6963138
3M8H(3M8H)Adult (f)4,8983278
Hmcr(Hmcr)Adult (m)3,3372826
IChA(IChA)Adult (f)3,4722598
bsSa(bsSa)Adult (m)4,09627910
AhWnAhWin de ElsAdult (m)4,5993097
Muhl(Muhl)Adult (f)4,49430010
dvdD(dvdD)Adult (m)4,2632859
4G2L(4G2L)Adult (f)4,6243089
CnAG(CnAG)Adult (f)4,5753099
phHcPapageno de ElsAdult (m)5,3073545
EFvfPapagena de ElsAdult (f)4,4883035
65cH(65cH)Adult (f)4,1273506
d871(d871)Adult (f)3,9143288
ApSJ(ApSJ)Adult (f)3,6783046
V2ma(V2ma)Adult (m)3,9532918
ocha(ocha)Adult (f)3,6512666
RrTD(RrTD)Adult (f)3,6752745
WpNk(WpNk)Adult (m)4,1843056
9A2q(9A2q)Adult (f)4,3973185
iamF(iamF)Adult (f)3,9582974
SbWH(SbWH)Adult (f)4,0962756
6FP0(6FP0)Adult (m)4,2672858
tArM(tArM)Adult (m)4,0612756
ZdaY(ZdaY)Adult (m)4,6483117
goip(goip)Adult (m)4,40929511
VFB1(VFB1)Adult (f)3,8482567
VfGT(VfGT)Adult (f)3,8692606
tbu0(tbu0)Adult (m)4,0842727
uO6b(uO6b)Adult (f)3,9012627
jr5n(jr5n)Adult (m)3,8722677
aAMo(aAMo)Adult (f)4,82932510
qjbR(qjbR)Adult (f)4,3232945
lg9t(lg9t)Adult (f)4,7523206
AOQu(AOQu)Adult (f)3,8732708
u1iB(u1iB)Adult (m)4,9813339
ZLHo(ZLHo)Adult (f)4,7233168
gTha(gTha)Adult (m)3,5922526
HQCC(HQCC)Adult (m)5,0791,1405
kd5Z(kd5Z)Adult (f)4,4702984
Xlf7(Xlf7)Adult (m)4,3443305
tKVn(tKVn)Adult (m)3,8952594
m8YD(m8YD)Adult (m)4,39129910
qXbn(qXbn)Adult (f)3,9172665
ta7o(ta7o)Adult (m)4,3482912
ersS(ersS)Adult (m)3,8192572
lLNS(lLNS)Adult (m)3,9372624
vfNA(vfNA)Adult (m)4,2392853
4s6o(4s6o)Adult (m)4,59930811
COipMammi Red de ElsAdult (f)3,5922894
iHtP(iHtP)Adult (m)4,5763365
RL7h(RL7h)Adult (m)4,2313465
ENKP(ENKP)Adult (m)3,5022406
e5g7(e5g7)Adult (m)1,50653814
1pRd(1pRd)Adult (f)4,8693276
25QLPapa Rouge de ElsAdult (m)4,1392775
CGaj(CGaj)Adult (m)4,3462964
NLOQ(NLOQ)Adult (f)3,2942443
R82V(R82V)Adult (m)4,1202885
11N5(11N5)Adult (m)4,0762721
YeAS(YeAS)Adult (f)4,0352743
7IRh(7IRh)Adult (m)4,4102951
22LQ(22LQ)Adult (f)4,3312901
SVmK(SVmK)Adult (f)4,5733062
nKj9(nKj9)Adult (m)4,3682921
hu5b(hu5b)Adult (f)2,6736443
90eQ(90eQ)Adult (m)4,8523246
82JH(82JH)Adult (m)4,0562721
SdBQIngvarisAdult (m)4,2432942
Doca(Doca)Adult (m)4,0902743
h2ml(h2ml)Adult (f)4,2042801
LBXW(LBXW)Adult (f)4,2912886
IpmD(IpmD)Adult (f)3,9982712
fidk(fidk)Adult (f)4,7463183
WmK5(WmK5)Adult (f)4,4002943
iBaZ(iBaZ)Adult (f)4,5593064
4Ne9(4Ne9)Adult (m)5,2863534
dF8h(dF8h)Adult (f)3,7982552
kGEm(kGEm)Adult (f)4,0052683
sE6A(sE6A)Adult (m)3,4052272
HoLm(HoLm)Adult (m)4,3762932
dK6u(dK6u)Adult (f)4,2102832
odHb(odHb)Adult (f)4,4693141
k3EuGranda Doubla de ElsAdult (f)5,3553575
c4jQ(c4jQ)Adult (m)4,4923204
BgHP(BgHP)Adult (m)4,9043424
0X3g(0X3g)Adult (m)3,6212674
hfro(hfro)Adult (m)3,7573111
aNOE(aNOE)Adult (f)4,5293845
AbP8(AbP8)Adult (m)4,9493531
MhOo(MhOo)Adult (f)4,1183141
SUt9(SUt9)Adult (m)3,8842803
Q75I(Q75I)Adult (m)5,0113351
6viZ(6viZ)Adult (m)4,6593111
3XhP(3XhP)Adult (m)4,5563053
RZTZ(RZTZ)Adult (f)4,2102832
fpvS(fpvS)Adult (f)4,3683211
YuGW(YuGW)Adult (f)3,3713461
7Yp0(7Yp0)Adult (f)3,7272932
78mZ(78mZ)Adult (m)4,5473041
rWoP(rWoP)Adult (m)4,5033022
0K5V(0K5V)Adult (m)4,5333084
Wd4l(Wd4l)Adult (f)4,0972753
8T9h(8T9h)Adult (f)3,5902433
gCGg(gCGg)Adult (m)4,2932952
jN5D(jN5D)Adult (m)3,7282841
k7su(k7su)Adult (m)3,5462581
oXPo(oXPo)Adult (m)3,9412651
amKu(amKu)Adult (m)3,9622692
oX6f(oX6f)Adult (m)3,6832474
g9bf(g9bf)Adult (m)3,9732652
TKFH(TKFH)Adult (m)4,0052672
64tm(64tm)Adult (m)4,0572711
EXNE(EXNE)Adult (m)3,9752651
u0uF(u0uF)Adult (m)3,7042472
8Ei7(8Ei7)Adult (f)4,2522858
GPvGGreen Wings de ElsAdult (m)4,6173145
H8Tm(H8Tm)Adult (f)5,1313434
7b5O(7b5O)Adult (f)4,8883276
SRDTChristmas Cheer de ElsAdult (f)3,6263046
7iOA(7iOA)Adult (f)4,5024199
64WRChristmas Gift de ElsAdult (m)4,5693107
0Xgt(0Xgt)Adult (f)4,7353188
3NWs(3NWs)Adult (m)4,4532976
bit7(bit7)Adult (m)4,3552912
vOOpVoop of ElsAdult (m)3,8552608
B1oq(B1oq)Adult (f)4,8383275
5Ks7(5Ks7)Adult (m)3,6982595
09KM(09KM)Adult (f)5,1903476
f2tb(f2tb)Adult (m)3,9302626
NaRDWhiteNard de ElsAdult (f)4,3072937
GMhK(GMhK)Adult (f)4,1272774
kMFo(kMFo)Adult (m)4,1832804
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