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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “elsa-breeze,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
k8s0Pdouble headed opalAdult (f)3,5231,0413
SZBwOdouble headed joshuaAdult (m)2,9708921
PZbP6Zelia and zenovAdult (f)4,2241,0204
hXXWjthe CB valentine bornAdult (m)3,2781,0781
7rt8xmy missing fragmentAdult (f)2,3055981
42n4opuffball IAdult (m)2,7245211
S68oNdark fox of deathAdult (m)5,2221,3594
wfpPHtip of the oceanAdult (m)2,9485100
CA5nnbloodmoon coralAdult (m)2,4384982
iLquKinnocent and abandonedAdult (f)3,4761,0142
SDtMLteeny tiny silverAdult (m)3,6197394
IxEJmEJect bluesAdult (f)3,7487403
MOtyHMOtar silverAdult (m)6,5911,1602
nWQczthat new silver dragonHatchling (m, F)4,8421,4691
6GIWGelsa's first inbred blunaAdult (f)4,4231,0323
B62Jsbluna from rioAdult (f)4,4261,1731
pOZc1PO bluieAdult (m)6,4781,1513
mc6j5whale song-melodyAdult (f)2,4116644
23Lielieu of water liliesAdult (m)3,6088392
CQfSbblusang bluesAdult (f)3,2428542
IlJzd(IlJzd)Adult (m)1,4754050
AQuYlblusang of blusangAdult (m)2,5836894
qSxjDQuorra the blueAdult (m)2,1526583
60wG2flight of the glowing lightAdult (m)3,4137723
Fmb8q(Fmb8q)Adult (f)2,3914491
vL3znzhong guoAdult (m)1,7275602
F7HyYmighty mighty mierraAdult (f)2,8207262
WHBdJshy foxAdult (f)3,0441,0111
lzYHdeasily distracted little guyAdult (f)3,5778554
QkzEwmy frozen hatchyHatchling (f, F)4,8521,4391
hWZv8cassandras doom warningAdult (f)3,1598396
cdIl4what is that draggyHatchling (m, F)2,5459091
tmMJysmile at the cameraAdult6,3451,2642
ymRgXthe first drop of snow landsAdult (f)4,3101,1849
ZtnDEthe second drop has fallenAdult (m)4,5571,2532
56soUthe third drop dropped softlyAdult (f)4,5771,2584
rUBwowrapping the presents quicklyAdult (f)4,5011,2314
hKL9isnow flakes fall one by oneAdult (m)3,5651,3282
aDafHdaffodils sunshineAdult (m)3,6011,3473
zEcoIthe stars shine bright on meAdult (m)3,7131,3244
K6atDpouncing tigerAdult (m)3,6411,3012
aWqMfThe SiLveR DoE PatronusAdult (f)3,7211,3473
tPLtO2014 holly dragon PLOAdult (f)3,6471,2032
mCbkQ2014 holly dragon--carra quandAdult (f)1,8156071
YKzGSTide pool waveAdult (f)2,3446944
lnKtWoasis waverunnerAdult (f)1,7135050
wORSIwORSIAdult (m)4,4681,0276
dv6Y8the tough guyAdult (m)3,4538780
mOLqdthe long lost lastAdult (f)1,8705050
itM4Bnon alt non alt vineAdult (m)5,8511,4653
6c4Y2greenvinegreenvineAdult (m)3,5258210
41gKugreen god OoOAdult (m)2,0836139
aWaZSazrael of demonsAdult (f)3,4107112
IioPZcloud with a pink hueAdult (m)2,2675082
27rshAbby BoylenAdult (f)3,3141,0360
oxq7ifluffy pink daydreamsAdult (f)3,9191,2783
1Tcbicloud of fluffAdult (f)2,6168181
rk9zeclouds clouds cloudsAdult (f)3,4731,0671
dANNfdaNNiels mateHatchling (f, F)2,3566303
cyNWqdeep sea dive 17Adult (f)3,3999160
eQqUNdeep sea dive 18Adult (m)3,1149911
0bEFU(0bEFU)Adult (m)3,1937411
u7LXLvictorious thoughtAdult (f)2,1686542
B8vhfalt dorsal B8Adult (f)4,5811,2066
Ow6cYOw i am bleedingAdult (m)3,6008202
3icEWhydra litheAdult (m)4,6131,0882
8KGi1bouncing electronsAdult (f)2,3506335
U9Minthe opposite of forstbiteAdult (m)4,3581,31111
Ztnpmflames of hell and emberAdult (m)3,3059732
A0H4dembera diamondAdult (f)5,7221,2413
yiYjiYi Ji emberAdult (m)4,5139585
1lWzAgemed black knightAdult (f)2,8739983
yKzRtChArLiE XCXHatchling (f, F)6,2721,0972
OxilScrowned wingsAdult (m)1,6804710
aX05Slucas of frostAdult (m)3,8579893
AJOhyfrozen solid frost starAdult (m)5,4051,3921
ij1m3the opposite of emberAdult (m)3,8851,2960
Motolflying glitering breezeAdult (f)1,9006131
cybdxcyber wingspanAdult (f)2,1976201
DBI4GDBS glaucusAdult (f)2,1886322
9AAtjspreaded wingsAdult (f)2,2606201
65qw0little blue flight skyHatchling (f, F)3,5928346
XHZt2aurora terrace of sunAdult (f)4,0081,0994
vW2T7daylight gloriesAdult (m)3,1209322
tWRcSmy dark little eveningAdult (f)3,3271,0421
ncGqSgold and beyondAdult (f)4,6781,2734
C9EM7splashisplashAdult (m)3,2238275
suV6Xdarth ventressAdult (f)2,2608002
EQyJ3fogged furrowAdult (m)4,6511,3112
3kMQ1terrence of earthAdult (m)3,6689162
xEvSGsoaring neonAdult (f)2,6354502
3iut9gliding neonAdult (m)2,3778071
zIAVtthe elder guardianAdult (f)2,2425014
3bGJNguardian of the scroll XIVAdult (m)2,4265251
bYgIGguardian of the scroll XVAdult (f)2,7697610
F5f2Eguardian of the scroll IAdult (m)2,3016752
HSTwtguardian of the scroll IIAdult (m)2,4427764
2g18Xguardian of the scroll IIIAdult (m)2,3057823
XjBfaguardian of the scroll IVAdult (f)3,1407572
Ohllcguardian of the scroll VIAdult (m)2,7438553
H6HDYguardian of the scroll VIIAdult (f)2,6807903
5FTisguardian of the scroll VIIIAdult (f)6,5171,1352
xz0wsguardian of the scroll IXAdult (f)4,9451,2764
PtQiAguardian of the scroll XAdult (f)2,5688782
fylKuguardian of the scroll XIAdult (f)6,8255653
DTGTxguardian of the scroll XIIAdult (m)2,6938990
rzXGKsouthview shieldHatchling (F)6642261
dSXO6golden horus wifeAdult (f)4,8561,2682
LPvJZgolden horus flightAdult (m)5,3441,5165
rIDx9abandoned gold mineAdult (f)4,1241,1772
v4R9ebonded glitterAdult (f)2,9978275
9BRAKbonded starAdult (m)3,2248576
4XIKFthe gold grandeAdult (m)5,2131,1635
8e4xiCBCBCBCBCB goldAdult (m)5,1551,2619
BJKF1pumpkin hot soupAdult (f)3,7851,3224
d6awkd hawkAdult (m)3,7391,2811
Xe3Fhshadow walking in the darkAdult (f)3,9161,3644
BTo8Ji hide in the shadowsAdult (f)3,8171,3222
5UQ4vbat skies caveAdult (f)3,8931,3515
rUeIBgravely lookAdult (f)3,8391,3427
L9zkuspotted raptorAdult (m)2,0917472
XWtfrburning tantrumsAdult (m)1,5174642
X2eOCflames from plutoAdult (f)2,3438022
XQDOBthe kindled flames of hadesHatchling (m, F)3,8647593
241sh241 street on fireAdult (f)4,7429286
oRSQWoracle horseAdult (m)4,6478831
yO9M7the horse from another starAdult (f)3,8301,4741
o7JNMsong chirpAdult (m)1,8225221
02gWbicyeon jasmineAdult (m)3,6101,0966
KBVf3crystal glass TwizelAdult (f)3,31988416
tJzJB(tJzJB)Adult (m)3,1497320
ScsNpflowing tidesAdult (f)2,9334812
JDhA5vivien of waterAdult (f)2,0696462
Pxbwxreversing tidesAdult (f)4,9818873
pSqwIsplash pearlAdult (m)2,8247275
gJFwltofu takeoutAdult (f)5,2111,1792
dIfEPthe beauty of the purple starsAdult (m)4,5711,0556
x7wIBdestruction from the skyAdult (m)5,2291,1835
yOfOdglittering sparklersAdult (m)6,2241,2069
p1rV0creativity of manyAdult (f)3,6611,0802
DovQXchanging opinionsAdult (f)4,8661,1442
Zv0rwcreation of the pink lightAdult (f)4,2419326
weXKkweekend creation MorchaintAdult (m)3,7961,1014
XCXOJto create or not to createAdult (m)5,1941,1672
sMj64mojo 64Adult (m)4,8098308
ui98uin a lieu of flowers i arriveAdult (f)3,7678444
ovAR8pure scalesAdult (m)2,8116825
pqvGjluminous raysAdult (f)3,0837380
vsrFJAlyta autaroAdult (m)4,3831,1493
TtkZLRachel of magisAdult (f)1,99278140
bWpVZtenia of magisAdult (f)2,0228451
TxOiPwizard-sanAdult (f)2,1226002
mmagRmmagrAdult (f)3,1028161
GT6BwwitchcanAdult (m)2,2555364
OPz3Omagical truth lightAdult (m)2,7588854
LmBEvmagi magi magi magic magiAdult (f)5,6761,0612
eYhZ0magical moments sprksAdult (m)3,1839361
tMJcFmagical moments in the sunAdult (f)5,9221,0795
7bdb9magical moments in the darkAdult (f)6,2301,0606
dvoYeHerr BaileyAdult (m)3,7067252
YoTQEMag terentiaAdult (m)1,9486359
1D6K1Magma powAdult (f)3,0919432
Vk9iNburn devil burnAdult (m)2,3467005
0DlFUrejuvinating mintAdult (m)1,4874573
lbV0Smint on mountainAdult (m)1,6534700
VbPxxdoves gentle wingAdult (f)2,6856303
2yjHhsunned moonstoneAdult (m)1,6925550
Hgvm7BLUE RUBBER DUCKYHatchling (F)1,4464540
I38K3galaxy black starAdult (m)2,0725754
x01wAstarburner aruaAdult (f)4,0771,0512
WlVVNaura of the painted galaxyAdult (m)3,0099484
qZq6Bsky high galaxyAdult (m)5,6411,4971
3EmoSbeautiful even genAdult (f)2,9339264
dYVAIdYVAIAdult (m)2,6378512
GsIaoGsIaoAdult (f)4,5041,1050
G4yT3i wish i had seen it earlierAdult (m)3,3501,0127
YQ09pGUard oF tHE gaLaXyAdult (f)2,9998368
jbs4Djbs in 4DAdult (m)2,3796583
utcPIstarlight traumaAdult (f)3,0697911
5kSOX5 thousand socksAdult (f)2,8967192
9DEfc9 Dots of colourAdult (m)1,9715593
5ZXzpchanging nebulasAdult (m)1,5846102
D2zzagalaxy white starAdult (f)2,4776346
Lmu4bAliya of the painted galaxyAdult (f)2,5088323
aDZmhZyro of the painted galaxyAdult (m)4,2471,1456
PonFvgreen kaboomAdult (m)2,9208912
0xazeglitter fly glitterAdult (f)3,5031,0613
UfzB7starfrosterAdult (f)3,5079685
oCM7Cthe jewel of the hidden galaxyAdult (f)5,8161,2264
cKUleusing nebulas to space outAdult (m)5,0371,0995
3f5eZmerry go round of the galaxyAdult (m)3,9941,2423
ptci5merry go round of lifeAdult (m)4,6931,3183
5oE0Xthe one who drank the starsAdult (f)3,4041,2811
hvNtdwings of timely coloursAdult (f)3,0179211
c5yQ4beautiful starry christmasAdult (f)3,1419191
bIZJZi did not see him comingAdult (m)3,1019541
Wvtk1black and white with coloursAdult (f)3,7811,0582
PIP6Ygreen twilight aurasAdult (m)4,0161,0881
H6ApGstar shine of CBAdult (m)3,6119187
x9VZFthe darkness within the universeAdult (f)2,2756121
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