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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “eli393,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cmUYD(cmUYD)Adult (f)1,3524089
A9n1P(A9n1P)Adult (f)1,3894106
IPch5(IPch5)Adult (m)1,4104208
4cdO9(4cdO9)Adult (f)1,8734808
8ldWg(8ldWg)Adult (m)9,7946531
aYUka(aYUka)Adult (m)5,1783860
lLCXa(lLCXa)Adult (f)4,9613890
jYrGf(jYrGf)Adult (f)2,6205782
B0K97(B0K97)Adult (m)2,3995381
ptrct(ptrct)Adult (m)2,3495231
krRbm(krRbm)Adult (f)2,4465391
GGd1n(GGd1n)Adult (f)3,1376782
ySb1M(ySb1M)Adult (f)2,6225701
Ia7IS(Ia7IS)Adult (f)9,4066281
SU1F3Lord of Burning CoalAdult (m)1,8837335
8gt7WLord of Blazing CoalAdult (m)4,1503611
jRgTLady of Ingenous CoalAdult (f)1,6096443
UY7HHMagma Princess of CoalAdult (f)5,2853580
PKkmXPrince of Bleak NightfallAdult (m)5,5691,1006
A6FoGloomy NightfallAdult (m)2,49257312
smRB3Princess of Dusky NightfallAdult (f)5,2079233
TvK2Murky NightfallAdult (f)1,7744857
hp5O8Lord of Dark ShadowsAdult (m)4,3905021
fL3tnLord of Frightening ShadowsAdult (m)4,2145101
CbmnLLord of Creepy ShadowsAdult (m)3,2264952
pKkn4Lady of Scary ShadowsAdult (f)3,5654931
g0ruVLady of Heartracing ShadowsAdult (f)5,1359643
j3BgOLady of Unsettling ShadowsAdult (f)4,8049804
VmtuLord of Nocturnal SwampsAdult (m)1,3633762
mv9bpLady of Dark SwampsAdult (f)5,7027017
hYnCPrincess of Nightly SwampsAdult (f)3,0675746
XgUjTLord of Scary DarknessAdult (m)2,35267014
D9NF1Prince of Unsettling DarknessAdult (m)3,0936705
V4G0FPrince of Alarming DarknessAdult (m)4,4521,2395
9XFFgPure Darkness' FrightAdult (m)4,7139116
0DOFFrightening DarknessAdult (m)1,71648811
1XjsLady of Utterly DarknessAdult (f)1,76637665
KTGUkPrincess of Heartracing DarknessAdult (f)1,7366779
JDVF1Lady of Black PanthersAdult (f)5,2358723
TUuGLord of Cloudy TwilightAdult (m)2,6064559
vh4nLady of Cloudy EveningsAdult (f)1,67242077
IRJZ8Lady of Cloudy DuskAdult (f)5,5587575
3r2eLord of Adamant RocksAdult (m)1,90745412
9Q3V5Lord of Strong RocksAdult (m)5,0033901
n9muLady of Adamantine RocksAdult (f)1,5507181
2X2NLord of Thin WebsAdult (m)2,4736718
YaMReLord of Fragile WebsAdult (m)4,6193381
o8M0Lady of Weak WebsAdult (f)2,50872612
NQXBcPrince of Warm BrightnessAdult (m)3,5633861
BLgboPrince of Blue LightAdult (m)4,6814251
8jmfhPrincess of Hot BrightnessAdult (f)3,6373901
DMaJWUltraviolet GlareAdult (f)4,9083580
WKTrSparkling DiamondsAdult (m)88668911
3fOkXPrince of Twinkling DiamondsAdult (m)4,5878126
lW0ZGPrincess of Shining DiamondsAdult (f)4,4794384
sFtqFPrincess of Shimmering DiamondsAdult (f)4,3363524
SgqeGlistening DiamondsAdult (f)3,11354211
kikSLord of Lonely TearsAdult (m)2,41052563
Ke4j8Lord of Good ProtectionAdult (m)6,0381,0531
XYSZLady of Lonesome TearsAdult (f)2,2385268
aE6DLord of Frisky FrolicAdult (m)1,3824032
QT8fLady of Rollicking FrolicAdult (f)2,1976932
KTHWLord of Birdlike FlightAdult (m)1,6196543
6lodBLord of Easeful FlightAdult (m)4,8273280
22QFLady of Avian FlightAdult (f)1,5736964
UOGpZLord of Soundless NightsAdult (m)1,9435112
6WVG1Lord of Voiceless NightAdult (m)4,85246612
JCnpBLady of Silent NightsAdult (f)2,0685273
54LgLord of Glistening StarsAdult (m)2,5281,2526
RBsrOLord of Sparkling StarsAdult (m)4,52975412
No2PMLord of Twinkling StarsAdult (m)6,6418944
UntnbLord of Glaring StarsAdult (m)3,9016114
Voof7Lord of Special StarsAdult (m)3,8416132
AfvrFLord of Scintillating StarsAdult (m)4,1745351
arNOLady of Glimmering StarsAdult (f)1,5665917
ZVHLgLady of Flickering StarsAdult (f)8,0681,48511
DoBBeLady of Blinking StarsAdult (f)3,7509393
ehjq7Princess of Blazing StarsAdult (f)3,20678110
Vtu3MLord of Reflected StarsAdult (m)3,2079603
3pMAPLord of Reflected SparkleAdult (m)3,2219733
OXvJLRose's Prince of RoyalityAdult (m)3,5729462
98JMORose's Prince of StarsAdult (m)3,7359390
3eqoGLady of Reflected GlintAdult (f)4,3991,2593
fgaFELady of Reflected ScintillationAdult (f)3,2911,1611
3viZaRose's StarAdult (f)3,8714041
iUIuMLord of Lunar DarkeningAdult (m)2,4586153
5FaDnLord of Lunar NightsAdult (m)5,3204861
FmovKLady of Lunar EclipseAdult (f)2,0663711
emSONLady of Lunar LightAdult (f)4,2423181
JFEfuLady of Full MoonAdult (f)6,0571,0452
9uD2gIce Princess of MoonAdult (f)4,8308503
Me7vLady of Icy RoutesAdult (f)2,6761,0932
IYr9VLady of Icy WaysAdult (f)6,1111,5874
71AKLord of Active StatuesAdult (m)2,7075197
tcgiLady of Acting StatuesAdult (f)2,15564710
M45sLord of Serpentine DevilfishAdult (m)2,60976013
g6tjdLord of Snakelike DevilfishAdult (m)2,7128412
OhHNLady of Snaky DevilfishAdult (f)2,1025328
MI6aLord of Splashing SpumeAdult (m)2,0901,0104
OMvGLady of Sprinkling SpumeAdult (f)1,4676413
9sXC2Spiral Thunder's ShadowAdult (m)5,2649234
abPMKLady of Loud ThunderAdult (f)1,9037017
lFOBpShadow Princess of ThunderAdult (f)7,1399535
NM3AElectrical TempestAdult (m)3,7844259
SeB7Lord of Severe ElectrocutionAdult (m)2,0245997
hUTGLady of Intense ElectrocutionAdult (f)2,1526368
aBRXLittle Prince of ElectrocutionHatchling (m, F)2,3958732
l9u53Lord of Strong SmellAdult (m)4,7203151
m6qLXPrince of Disgusting SmellAdult (m)5,1563470
nvpq3Lady of Ugly SmellAdult (f)5,1564071
c0EYYSuns Princess of ReekAdult (f)4,0417153
cp2QlLord of Dual PersonalityAdult (m)6,4906332
e6JLHLord of Multiple PersonalityAdult (m)6,5076412
0hQpULady of Split PersonalityAdult (f)2,12878414
acjrYPrince of Blue PanthersAdult (m)3,5581,1865
nIjTRagged SkyAdult (m)2,3765288
dPTcjPrincess of Russian Blue CatsAdult (f)4,5944943
4qcnFrazzled SkyAdult (f)1,7014136
HUNFsLord of Incredible WavesAdult (m)6,3989932
kHXT6Lord of Monstrous WavesAdult (m)4,3963364
RDiOgPrince of Big WavesAdult (m)2,8653714
L8FFsLady of Amazing WavesAdult (f)4,9433302
WhHeiLady of Gigantic WavesAdult (f)3,4439633
kgflbPrincess of Immense WavesAdult (f)2,5546754
K2VRpPrincess of Shoreless WavesAdult (f)3,8064024
O8gK4Princess of Titanic WavesAdult (f)5,1313431
LGPZaLord of Fishy CoastAdult (m)3,2205736
l3V8SPrince of Sandy CoastAdult (m)4,9433330
tU3RDLady of Noisy CoastAdult (f)5,1613455
GSQJPrince of Flexible FinsAdult (m)1,33343515
XlsqAgile FinAdult (f)1,8633512
q8tnLord of Dripping WaterAdult (m)1,6994709
aFZKLady of Oozing WaterAdult (f)1,57541415
7nDFnLord of Frozen IciclesAdult (m)2,14465811
RVl6SIcy ShadowsAdult (m)6,0989128
R35ZLord of Fidgety TeardropsAdult (m)2,0385737
SXZ7Lady of Disquietingly TeardropsAdult (f)2,1064865
qQ0ULittle Princess of TeardropsHatchling (f, F)2,3088081
sscDLord of Turbulent HurricanesAdult (m)1,8124069
U6V70Halfhearted BreezeAdult (m)4,7633760
b6kALady of Turbulent CyclonesAdult (f)1,45739211
37GsBLady of Strong WindsAdult (f)6,1331,0342
eIe9MLord of Salty BreezesAdult (m)2,0026682
9lsRjLady of Saline BreezesAdult (f)2,2166713
eVA37Lady of Sea BreezeAdult (f)2,4067461
UnBPLord of Volatilising MistAdult (m)2,2144958
VVL6Lady of Volatilising FogAdult (f)89569013
4rXILord of Icecold SnowflakesAdult (m)2,0658923
i7e3YLady of Frozen SnowflakesAdult (f)4,3081,3575
CjG4LIce Princess of WinterAdult (f)5,2919103
O00KFreezing SnowflakeAdult (f)1,5705207
TY0VoSilvery ShadesAdult (m)4,40478114
uLKjSSilvery DreamsAdult (f)5,2111,0769
nKVUqSilvery TreasureAdult (f)3,9854644
aroW1Lord of Fading ShadowsAdult (m)3,77096213
O00fmSnow Prince of ShadowsAdult (m)6,2215772
eOWD5Lady of Evanescending ShadowsAdult (f)2,3256735
94BH7Stinking Princess of ShadowsAdult (f)6,3085822
F6Qp8Stinky Princess of ShadowsAdult (f)5,8575572
Alt3Lord of Fulgent SnowAdult (m)1,7763697
O2TNfLord of Lustrous SnowAdult (m)3,1078537
g4itJLord of Luminous SnowAdult (m)4,6164472
wcH5Lady of Brilliant SnowAdult (f)1,70137261
qpbA3Lady of Sparkling SnowAdult (f)6,3191,3007
QTPm8Lady of Glittering SnowAdult (f)4,2717005
WGMYdLady of Beautiful SnowAdult (f)3,7084974
aNkEIChocolate FeatherAdult (m)4,6673803
h7C7lThank you grammydragonAdult (f)5,0805244
qmX5CLord of Immortal BeautyAdult (m)7,2174821
rYbAcLord of Deathless BeautyAdult (m)7,2034811
2PAKTLord of Endless BeautyAdult (m)4,8273236
OfE0ELady of Neverending BeautyAdult (f)6,4964341
rRD5Ragged CloudAdult (m)4,24288512
ZXiH7Lady of Snow LeopardsAdult (f)1,7467217
GqEESAngel's DecorationAdult (f)1,5733012
UYfsFrazzled CloudAdult (f)2,7456127
VAPvLLady of Folded PaperAdult4,8729148
KefCLord of Transparent SpiritsAdult (m)1,9134158
cHlTLady of Diaphanous SpiritsAdult (f)5,5011,12311
F76HLord of Fluffy PillowsAdult (m)1,4996352
8X0ucLord of Cuddly PillowsAdult (m)5,1947036
D0bDLady of Fleecy PillowsAdult (f)1,5906693
U7kb4Princess of Cute PillowtalkAdult (f)4,0404063
tDEOfLord of Penetrant SmellAdult2,1516789
hlOBKLady of Cheesy SmellAdult2,7525372
lH8yLord of Tiny HeightAdult (m)1,35066711
7hHsLady of Little HeightAdult (f)3,68683411
AFhsLord of Tutelar EarthAdult (m)3,24474510
OdrjLady of Protective EarthAdult (f)2,2551,07113
ooRbLady of Golden CherubimAdult (f)1,5125606
TqX5Lady of Golden SeraphimAdult (f)1,3385335
rjnTLord of Light SparkleAdult (m)2,2519846
PQrrLady of Bright SparkleAdult (f)2,9331,0836
gfFsLord of Magic FascinationAdult (m)1,8096996
Tp84NLord of Magic GlamourAdult (m)5,5587773
kMnP2Lord of Magic CaptivationAdult (m)5,2937334
fMh0WMagma Prince of MagicAdult (m)5,0403360
6TTPLady of Magic CharmAdult (f)86065210
vCF6qLady of Magic EnchantmentAdult (f)4,5889316
Nh7CcLady of Magic SpellsAdult (f)3,8131,0417
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