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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Gold Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2012 Halloween Event
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “elfverlong,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sAFY4Two 1Adult (m)4,4221,0624
03Nc3Two 2Adult (f)3,4681,1672
rKtEPPB Two 1Adult (f)5,3959202
sRSjDTwo 3Adult (f)2,3207476
9gZZlTwo 6Adult (m)1,8697502
Y07JcTwo 4Adult (m)3,5841,2113
9h9f3SUAdult (f)4,4287341
lpFhMAlbino 5Adult (f)4,2091,1321
OXL5KAlbino 6Adult (f)5,5451,0871
XSKnTAlbino 7Adult (f)2,6567163
jFidePB Albino 1Adult (m)3,19382110
si5UKAlbino 8Adult (m)1,9976328
JjGuoAlbino 9Adult (m)2,1327684
MUDuFAlbino 10Adult (f)2,1047846
k20AJAlbino 11Adult (f)1,7905014
zcWCxAlbino 12Adult (m)2,6997633
4QL42Albino 14Adult (f)1,9398061
cAK7dBalloon 2Adult (m)3,5908532
RME3ABalloon 3Adult (f)2,6545741
rRo28Balloon 4Adult (f)3,0219314
9Ll95Balloon 5Adult (f)3,3971,0152
rvR9QBalloon 6Adult (m)2,2988094
lRjtxBalloon 7Adult (f)1,6467254
DJMjBlack Gold 2-1Adult (m)8,2461,5366
KOmEsPB Black 3-1Adult (f)2,3988973
R4TJ0(R4TJ0)Adult (m)2,4548136
syIgLShadow 2Adult (m)1,8527482
3DeCfShadow 3Adult (m)2,5629396
m74xpSilver Black 4-1Adult (f)1,8517331
G9EuN(G9EuN)Adult (f)1,5366101
VqDt04EGAdult (f)1,8167462
fnaq4Shadow 4Adult (m)2,2226933
d6AGQ3EG 1Adult (f)2,7535451
F3qtp(F3qtp)Adult (f)1,9225724
YrJTRShadow 5Adult (m)1,5646052
GT4tHPB Black 1Adult (m)2,4116182
wC1sBShadow 7Adult (f)2,8849223
cx6rmShadow 8Adult (f)3,7791,0656
7rAmjShadow 9Adult (m)3,2589912
1f0H2Tea 3Adult (f)3,8051,2553
rxOucTea 4Adult (m)3,7901,2363
naOauTea 5Adult (f)2,4127833
Cu4PsTea 6Adult (f)1,5056150
YDmPcTea 7Adult (f)1,6616072
jKC2c(jKC2c)Adult (m)4,1521,2134
duYOmBlacktip 1Adult (m)2,2141,2131
DEUvlBlacktip 2Adult (f)2,1621,1751
n3cYlBlacktip 4Adult (m)1,6626141
jvV2TBlacktip 5Adult (m)1,8666273
99p7JBlacktip 6Adult (f)1,7676271
PVeboBlacktip 7Adult (f)2,5196256
9z3tBGold Bleeding 2Adult (f)2,5046307
8lXRcBleed 1Adult (f)1,9336051
ciRZBLurker Bleeding 3Adult (f)2,3186562
ijX7EGold Bleeding 2-1Adult (f)1,8336281
nTtdYBleed 2Adult (m)2,0045881
bI1JvBleed 3Adult (f)2,1576121
OV6BtBleed 5Adult (m)2,2846303
jNURRBleed 6Adult (m)2,7376466
jsu3RBleeding 8Adult (m)2,7376804
NQjvTBloodscale 1Adult (m)2,6781,0842
9c8LmBloodscale 2Adult (f)2,4841,0592
1m8Xm3EG 12Adult (f)3,0801,0222
1RYhbThuwed 5EGAdult (m)2,4076933
G0XSxBlusang Shadow 3Adult (m)1,7587772
XwfErPB BlusangAdult (f)4,9451,3915
cocL5Pink Blusang 2Adult (f)3,0458312
i4jXdNebula Bright 2Adult (f)2,8009181
kmt2cBright 2Adult (m)2,1105556
RQ6AVBright 3Adult (f)1,8967163
RpB7xBright 4Adult (f)1,9397422
kMQu5Bright 5Adult (m)3,1338245
kuELfBright 6Adult (f)3,0598063
GSXhCBright 7Adult (m)1,4376042
6Dnh2PB Brimstone 1Adult (f)6,2575671
Mfob3Brimstone 2Adult (f)4,8159101
NurIXBrimstone 13Adult (f)4,8239024
40pbrBrimstone 9Adult (f)3,4041,0733
F1A6EBrimstone 12Adult (m)3,5239362
EL5v5Brimstone 14Adult (m)4,0139782
HXsRJBrimstone 15Adult (f)4,6619191
TbRmEBrimstone 18Adult (f)4,5421,0093
IJ16IBrimstone 19Adult (f)3,5911,0255
CO53QBrimstone 20Adult (f)4,0328701
ZGYXUBrimstone 21Adult (f)5,0399795
RjNOmBrimstone 22Adult (f)5,0028675
SOdquBrimstone 23Adult (m)3,3849653
ZZChkBrimstone 24Adult (m)3,5788954
HP2nILurker Brimstone 2Adult (f)2,4209114
z36viLurker Brimstone 2-2Adult (f)3,3977816
4I3lqBrimstone 25Adult (f)4,2468891
ChMRFBrute 9Adult (m)1,5276260
TBPQNBrute 10Adult (m)1,6706081
vknXYTea Brute 3Adult (f)1,6536031
xBY3QHell Brute 2Adult (f)2,8518732
KpKp0Brute 8Adult (f)2,4596629
fLenCanopy 2Adult (m)11,9151,4905
onimHCanopy 4Adult (m)6,6251,5148
JoRnnCanopy 5Adult (f)5,3469930
uJVXoCanopy 6Adult (m)6,5211,6842
ApTZuMy First LadyAdult (f)2,4288903
hmmAGVine Ribbon IIAdult (f)5,4741,1743
R0OEmChristmas SilverAdult (m)4,9871,4272
LsqPeChristmas ShineAdult (m)4,2481,2501
ro17jWrapping LightAdult (m)2,7988062
LDWXvWrapping SparkleAdult (m)2,5837722
b1eNWave 1Adult (m)4,3447712
TLpqCWave 2Adult (f)2,7749541
uYWCoWave 3Adult (f)3,4137461
EKsIoWave 4Adult (m)2,5277483
K2CYoWave 5Adult (m)3,8738803
gloaLCopper 2Adult (m)2,8521,2361
kJbCVine 1Adult (m)4,7821,1484
79lEVine 3Adult (f)5,1741,0854
WJ7XPB Vine 17Adult (f)7,0949761
YkAaPB Vine 16Adult (f)6,7126650
GXGPPB Vine 15Adult (f)2,3794521
D1RL5PB Vine 14Adult (m)3,5245290
Haed1PB Vine 13Adult (m)4,5321,2963
BDGVJPB Vine 12Adult (f)6,4031,7005
WcBrRPB Vine 11Adult (f)4,6501,2832
CK4WuPB Vine 10Adult (f)6,1591,4491
cV8VTPB Vine 9Adult (m)4,8011,3051
KYRusPB Vine 7Adult (m)5,9371,0280
EMj5SPB Vine 8Adult (m)2,6819790
MX0HA8SU 1Adult (m)5,6279093
WGK0F5SU 2Adult (f)5,7119253
WCnkG3SU 1Adult (f)2,6095993
HnnUVPB Vine 3Adult (f)2,4627604
k1Q0DPB Vine 5Adult (f)2,4127952
bKGe14EG 3Adult (f)2,9357572
u5Y4O5EG 1Adult (f)2,2939052
8FOKtVine 5Adult (m)3,5331,1373
rwyLGVine 6Adult (m)1,6536932
hbLciVine 7Adult (f)1,9908411
rjGV4PB Vine 1Adult (f)2,9141,0352
ygOJ2Vine 8Adult (f)2,0818874
7eJ9sVine 9Adult (f)1,8187711
0MMdnVine 10Adult (m)1,9698112
wWPJwVine 11Adult (f)1,9168630
wL1e7Vine 12Adult (m)2,0297160
uc1SjVine 13Adult (m)1,5525863
HVIRGVine 14Adult (f)2,1365401
BSrY4PB Vine 2Adult (f)2,5566224
9DAPCYule B Vine 4Adult (f)1,8236581
IijHgYule B Vine 3Adult (m)1,7186412
U5PclVine Red 2Adult (m)2,6596592
CpP75PB Vine 6Adult (m)4,2681,0301
Hl2UDaydream 3Adult (f)7,3711,2253
435BPB Daydream 5-1Adult (m)7,1721,0333
sQsJDaydream 4Adult (f)6,7699783
PLnCX5GM 1Adult (m)3,7231,0155
DJ8WaDaydream 5Adult (f)3,1349343
DQe05Daydream Thunder 4Adult (m)1,9537801
DGXPeThunder Daydream 4Adult (f)1,8857661
9FcklDeep 3Adult (f)2,5949141
3VTv5Deep 1Adult (f)3,4297161
RCqoJDeep 2Adult (m)2,4577922
KfG1O4EG 8Adult (m)2,9448304
JTMD5Deep 4Adult (f)1,8667942
LDHqGDeep 5Adult (f)1,3266191
iMeOQDeep 6Adult (f)1,4396573
FAPgDorsal 2Adult (f)6,3479384
mhqDDorsal 3Adult (f)7,3351,1463
IsZfDorsal 4Adult (m)5,2781,0104
XqANPB Dorsal 1Adult (f)5,6881,1354
gc9vD3EG 5Adult (f)4,3441,30820
Eqe7VDorsal 5Adult (m)3,9511,0341
3NMLODorsal 6Adult (m)3,4209572
e5uuP5EG 2Adult (m)3,9771,0604
HGgAVDorsal 7Adult (f)2,1837904
paEBdDorsal 8Adult (f)3,7031,1436
n5xrlDorsal 9Adult (f)2,0105934
PiaD0Dorsal 10Adult (m)1,6736063
PncurDorsal 11Adult (m)2,5824709
6qwFIDuotone 1Adult (m)3,6771,0971
q2DBNDuotone 2Adult (m)2,9017474
BvzmYDuotone 3Adult (f)2,2627173
2BtgdDuotone 4Adult (m)2,4047023
pZV3IDuotone 5Adult (f)2,6067397
WdBJIElectric 2Adult (f)3,6696250
stR3bElectric 3Adult (f)4,2841,0292
O3tWRElectric 5Adult (m)2,0196784
JRV5hElectric 4Adult (m)3,2291,0404
a8MsNElectric 6Adult (f)2,3278115
JhrNfElectric Silver 2-1Adult (m)2,5177826
7EZcEmber 3Adult (m)2,5716426
AJNLEmber 4Adult (f)7,1561,0982
hAQ5cEmber 5Adult (f)4,3811,2813
1RIJFEmber 6Adult (m)6,6001,60823
JNPYDEmber 7Adult (f)6,2481,0320
R4k1REmber 8Adult (m)5,1301,1282
fMXnaIce Ember 2Adult (f)3,6771,0328
tK2JVEmber 9Adult (f)5,0726851
sMuioGold Ember 2Adult (f)2,1467372
cAQusEmber 10Adult (f)1,6066912
bduPaEmber 11Adult (m)1,9018143
VDIMDEmber 12Adult (m)2,0697041
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