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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “elementalone,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
RlSREO Double TroubleAdult (m)8,3131,2357
0KoevEO Eosinophil and BasophilAdult (f)5,2834572
q4CV3EO Beckman and CoulterAdult (f)5,9834154
PSi7mEO Lymph and PlateletAdult (f)3,2486763
VcSW6EO Technical SupportAdult (m)2,0297821
4iQDnEO Pure ViolenceAdult (m)3,0808582
ZL56YEO Step DownAdult (m)3,4645229
ONCqNEO Double Headed OrcaAdult (m)2,9019324
q2QRpEO Q SquaredAdult (f)2,7178924
u3l6jEO Reve de DeuxAdult (m)1,9417223
frvqcEO Two for OneAdult (f)3,0259312
tJhtD(tJhtD)Adult (f)4,7031,2444
MqEOI(MqEOI)Adult (f)5,1681,2776
oJPwqEO Scatho LindwurmAdult (m)2,6047092
8SgXw(8SgXw)Adult (f)4,2007923
0dJyB(0dJyB)Adult (f)3,1779990
ZYCmb(ZYCmb)Adult (f)4,0331,0163
FwgpN(FwgpN)Adult (f)1,9977821
k9eLFEO Lord Snickerdoodle of CommonsAdult (m)3,7114062
X7cdAEO William SnickerdoodleAdult (m)4,0823671
m78YrEO James SnickerdoodleAdult (m)4,0304501
aJEqiEO Charles SnickerdoodleAdult (m)4,2055771
rW8p5EO Tabatha SnickerdoodleAdult (f)5,3004791
JcOI2EO Florence SnickerdoodleAdult (f)5,4143881
jsh7GEO Carrie SnickerdoodleAdult (f)3,8554370
lUbsfEO Baron Snickerdoodle CommonsAdult (m)4,1479733
bS1bqEO Duke Snickerdoodle of CommonsAdult (m)3,5371,1055
kK1sEEO Elizabeth SnickerdoodleAdult (f)1,9307153
iIboXEO Snickerdoodle D1Adult (m)3,1537342
HhZobEO Tamerlane SnickerdoodleAdult (m)1,6986712
8FjiSEO Princess SnickerdoodleAdult (f)1,8077112
lVdUmEO 2nd Snickerdoodle D1Adult (m)2,9378175
Sp2XMEO Corona SnickerdoodleAdult (f)2,3376782
OVcIrEO Vespasian SnickerdoodleAdult (m)3,1138232
Lh2WEO 5E Full Circle of AirAdult (f)4,8064425
LaEEEO Elemental Air BalloonAdult (f)6,4654316
XN8MEO Elemental BlondAdult (m)3,84433012
GZ7paEO Consecutive  ElementalAdult (m)4,6554133
cWH02EO Elemental WhoAdult (f)4,6754071
ToZalEO Elemental TozalAdult (f)6,0084862
4BvMoEO Elemental TensAdult (f)5,9284901
9DmNREO Elemental ZinnAdult (m)5,0034121
b4pUZEO Mixed FluffAdult (f)6,6639883
UiSf5EO Elemental SyFyAdult (m)3,2419246
QAYATEO Elemental QuietAdult (m)4,3731,1713
s0CFLEO Elemental AirAdult (f)3,4054521
DKAsUEO Elemental DaksuAdult (f)4,0739263
sti3ZEO Elemental FoolAdult (m)3,1735641
JgA7BEO Dark Marrow AlphegeAdult (m)3,7591,0791
4LTN5EO Black Jelly AlphegeAdult (f)2,0056723
6GlDnEO Valerian AlphegeAdult (m)4,5621,3312
t1RLYEO Hasdrubal AlphegeAdult (f)3,6471,0032
8ciADEO Lothair AlphegeAdult (m)4,5451,0761
UIzVXEO Stanislaus AlphegeAdult (m)1,7886233
SF5FqEO Dominicana AlphegeAdult (f)3,5128541
bLYswEO CatahecassaAdult (f)6,0431,3995
OPYP2EO Sargana AlphegeAdult (f)3,3285903
jdfMDEO Ebony Night AlphegeAdult (f)5,4758385
nnfLY(nnfLY)Adult (m)4,50630210
WIol1(WIol1)Adult (m)2,7535302
OVtzV(OVtzV)Adult (m)3,2379041
dIfOm(dIfOm)Adult (f)3,8071,0893
FcaJ2(FcaJ2)Adult (f)4,6501,1740
dX4Uk(dX4Uk)Adult (m)1,8637421
qUv9NEO Earl GreyAdult (m)2,2119782
mPV9kEO ChamomileAdult (f)3,0799161
NPyHZEO PeppermintAdult (m)3,0119132
x1Qq8(x1Qq8)Adult (m)3,0395763
1ugzV(1ugzV)Adult (m)3,2191,0103
3ITbs(3ITbs)Adult (m)2,7619503
NKF8B(NKF8B)Adult (f)2,3861,2043
gAGhp(gAGhp)Adult (m)2,0571,0543
Dq7mo(Dq7mo)Adult (m)3,2365015
1eU4D(1eU4D)Adult (m)4,0113633
0jv04(0jv04)Adult (m)4,1837752
qrVdP(qrVdP)Adult (m)3,3449843
JMncZ(JMncZ)Adult (f)4,6951,1881
gvXr5(gvXr5)Adult (m)2,5639443
5gBePEO Obsessive CompulsiveAdult (f)2,8117173
nbsRa(nbsRa)Adult (m)2,3047215
JEVJe(JEVJe)Adult (m)2,9826381
X5Yyv(X5Yyv)Adult (m)3,2881,0521
02K4dEO Elemental ThanksgivingAdult (f)4,5303771
Fg9MWEO Elemental HeartAdult (m)2,6295322
Gi0Q1EO Elemental PodAdult (m)4,7661,2691
lm5oeEO Elemental ImsoeAdult (m)5,1317645
FVR64EO Elemental FeverAdult (m)2,7779051
LfYnNEO Elemental LyfAdult (m)2,7159041
0jjm2EO 5E UtopiaAdult (m)2,6328830
TgrdYEO Elemental TygerAdult (f)2,4608174
7V5lDEO Elemental SidAdult (f)2,4198453
RlUr6EO Element de ProxyAdult (f)2,6218250
zNAAmEO Pure BlusangAdult (m)4,1841,2124
v8VKkEO Dirty WaterAdult (f)4,4521,2223
7tive(7tive)Adult (m)3,4917393
dFUVEO Lady Beantown of CommonsAdult (f)6,3671,1596
l7HJ4EO Darren BeantownAdult (m)4,1664861
HV6fiEO Beantown D1Adult (f)4,6733392
0JpWnEO Laurent BeantownAdult (m)4,8713842
crQr6EO Francis BeantownAdult (m)4,8413861
r0op9EO Lenore BeantownAdult (f)3,9264410
eJQvjEO Lance BeantownAdult (m)4,2393960
KNW98EO Philippe BeantownAdult (m)6,0094892
eHJj8EO Serena BeantownAdult (f)4,5954371
STWOAEO Kelly SnickerdoodleAdult (f)4,5874144
MQ6jrEO Max SnickerdoodleAdult (m)3,1514550
6e3OZEO Jasper SnickerdoodleAdult (m)4,4204991
avjhvEO Leap SnickerdoodleAdult (m)2,2917885
EeOdEEO Ael'Tu D1Adult (m)2,8078031
TKFEEEO Elemental BrimstoneAdult (f)2,6599062
miA2VEO Elemental MiataAdult (f)3,5578342
KAmOtEO Elemental CamisoleAdult (f)2,5339341
DAH51EO Elemental DalekAdult (m)2,5139090
o3oOUEO Elemental TARDISAdult (f)2,3348801
CUQ0cEO Elemental GallifreyAdult (m)5,5654098
dVGWjEO Elemental RoseAdult (f)3,0668700
W1lb8EO Elemental BarbaraAdult (f)5,2267904
Me20OEO Elemental Me WhoAdult (f)3,0209381
ddgOWEO Elemental VickiAdult (f)3,0401,0081
Y56QeEO Elemental First DoctorAdult (m)3,7935966
DA0rSEO Elemental LizAdult (f)2,2619203
ASPlsEO Elemental Time LordAdult (m)2,7348462
sXNCQEO Elemental KasterborousAdult (m)3,2248864
2yhLo(2yhLo)Adult (m)3,2981,0361
MsWdEO Elemental AshAdult (m)7,4429392
bdIQREO Elemental Ai'LokiAdult (f)3,9844882
Pr9r2EO Elemental Tree SparkAdult (m)4,5604402
cpZ6MEO Elemental Ai'MitheAdult (m)3,9984201
ZoXWvEO Elemental TaurAdult (m)3,8714603
Y0UKjEO Elemental RaamaAdult (f)3,6844731
0hV3NEO Elemental MerkaAdult (f)3,3674812
KIB0iEO Elemental IralenAdult (f)3,2424040
SuTn0EO Elemental TelimboAdult (f)4,1994550
qOqmMEO Elemental AmaldaAdult (m)4,7484441
EdAdQEO Elemental Pure CanopyAdult (m)5,5504250
mCdnkEO 5E MC DinkAdult (m)2,5599153
6IPpmEO Elemental SipAdult (m)2,3468992
jLOUdEO Loud ElementAdult (f)2,6849360
fHbTUEO Elemental TreelineAdult (m)2,5168332
XVN4VEO Elemental NavAdult (m)2,3467671
3CpuQEO Elemental PuqAdult (f)2,7738553
GFnEhEO Elemental FehAdult (m)3,1929524
FbAbNEO Elemental FiretreeAdult (m)2,3148481
yxjOZ(yxjOZ)Adult (f)3,1091,0892
do62q(do62q)Adult (f)3,1451,0762
zdQ10(zdQ10)Adult (m)3,4214233
Ps2FB(Ps2FB)Adult (f)2,5495121
nkape(nkape)Adult (m)2,8703028
iC3FAEO My True Love's YuleAdult (m)2,3968581
MDM2sEO Viridian YuleAdult (m)2,3168512
SsxwG(SsxwG)Adult (m)1,7146050
LQJBEEO Lady ChristmasAdult (f)2,1777791
j4F2CEO Lady of A Healing HolidayAdult (f)3,4137783
K3a3TEO Christmas SashAdult (f)3,3885841
E6qNsEO Emerald and Ruby RibbonsAdult (f)2,6569361
51W76EO Winter Magic ElementAdult (m)3,8655331
AdBdpEO Magic of the Season ElementAdult (m)3,0135521
TCrZXEO Wrapping WingAdult (m)1,9637981
8Ij57EO I'm So PrettyAdult (m)2,0158171
wKDpK(wKDpK)Adult (f)1,9927930
CJNrc(CJNrc)Adult (f)2,0488231
9su5EO Elemental MithrimAdult (m)5,6485003
Z18ujEO Elemental A'maelaminAdult (f)3,9385101
nq07vEO Elemental Ai'AtarAdult (m)4,5174741
KQKllEO Elemental ArwenaminAdult (f)3,7784122
e0CdeEO Elemental AluAdult (f)4,7197812
G6s00EO Elemental FalmaAdult (m)4,4923951
Z94atEO Elemental SiiAdult (m)3,9393702
MpDr5EO Elemental AtaniAdult (m)5,9424611
trPKuEO Elemental BrilthorAdult (f)4,6795212
IrmfBEO Elemental NendaAdult (f)3,8344400
QKW43EO Elemental Deep WaveAdult (f)2,2977311
iVBLnEO Elemental Blue WaveAdult (f)1,9967541
vDig3EO Elemental DigoxinAdult (m)2,1347384
Nsk5mEO Elemental SkimmingAdult (m)1,9247182
DAHhaEO Elemental AmusementAdult (f)2,0186720
Zeq91EO Elemental PrincessAdult (f)2,5308222
RHNTIEO Elemental Fire WaterAdult (f)3,4566653
P2dLLEO Elemental PrinceAdult (m)3,7861,0582
XAverEO Elemental XavierAdult (f)2,5167251
5N2XqEO Elemental May FloodAdult (f)2,9978792
CHHCKEO Elemental ChickAdult (f)2,4907593
sLCZUEO Blue ElementAdult (f)2,5368491
Kt0eYEO Elemental PeakAdult (f)2,7198251
MWUMREO Elemental TroughAdult (f)2,6638530
codEhEO Elemental CodehAdult (m)3,6027824
QVuVREO Crystals in Water ElementAdult (m)3,8399363
7d1f0EO Splashing ElementAdult (m)3,5847753
fkBSjEO Cardiac ElementAdult (f)6,1721,2787
oYLv6EO Elemental CuprumAdult (m)1,9151,1033
juVTgEO 5E CypriumAdult (f)1,7369192
DKB72EO 5E HemocyaninAdult (f)2,5789724
qC8jEO Elemental RamaAdult (f)1,96149419
2qOqEO Elemental PoisonAdult (m)5,87790318
cppk0EO Elemental Pure VineAdult (m)3,23685052
mkVufEO Elemental VulcanAdult (f)2,7318761
WDnlfEO Elemental WeedAdult (f)2,8371,0536
FoFN9EO Graceful ElementAdult (m)2,6629032
wwevxEO Little Tiny ElementAdult (f)1,7377972
XwRMKEO Dark Green ElementAdult (m)3,2088734
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