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You pick up the scroll labeled “eggplant868,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
zbUMb(zbUMb)Egg (F)
TpzjcLazy AubergineAdult (m)3,1147674
SkfVKPiupiu kunAdult (f)3,1771,0696
fngW7EPS' Epic SunshineAdult (f)2,2878563
9JziBEPS' Silence LakeAdult (f)2,6349253
hZHh5EPS' Little EuropaeaAdult (m)2,6945514
u7uPTEPS' Mundane Myst MasterAdult (m)2,3035233
7TwzkEPS' Brontosaurus The LightningAdult (m)2,0285482
D7iH8EPS' Bloodshot LebenAdult (m)2,2396011
Ogg3REPS' Sleepy AubergineAdult (m)2,2505961
WLMDzEPS' Xiao BilibiliAdult (m)2,2776051
z4FptEPS' Tea PolyphenolsAdult (m)2,3205901
b53kMEPS' Zise De JilaoAdult (m)2,4185901
IEoD3EPS' ChushouguaiyoAdult (m)2,1655621
zBEqBEPS' Marvelous Myst MasterAdult (m)2,0834824
KCeerKing of CeersAdult (m)2,1585753
MYX1BEPS' Claw HeadAdult (f)2,1046144
QfZtQEPS' NightmareAdult (m)2,0786175
w6qGmEPS' The WandererAdult (m)1,9356583
w6ZVqEPS' Magma EmberAdult (f)2,2687977
cTwYyEPS' Orange SageAdult (f)2,1077162
Xf02bPiupiu channAdult (m)1,8016562
DrLQSEPS' Love MagicAdult (f)1,5186802
7R3fLEPS' Sky HighAdult (f)1,7137004
qUUJrEPS' Xiao FenAdult (f)1,4216753
LhbRhEPS' Xiao MeiguiAdult (f)1,5426902
ZB6cwEPS' Antler The 2ndAdult (m)1,5176542
VBWruEPS' Mild FlowerAdult (m)1,4896984
moCE5EPS' Red BackAdult (f)1,5757021
nnrpcEPS' The Burning VengeanceAdult (m)1,3416620
v62OJEPS' Luv LetterAdult (m)1,4996740
tts7dEPS' Golden KoiiAdult (m)1,5086611
H9yrzEPS' SkybridgeAdult (m)1,6554968
xTEMTEPS' DemeterAdult (f)2,3955823
7AyeF7 Say Aye For The NameAdult (m)1,8046401
famHFFarm Lots HFAdult (m)1,5626910
azAnAEPS' Starry  WormAdult (m)1,5206412
gcaCuEPS' DiandianAdult (m)1,4336540
HcrtSEPS' Volcanic AshAdult (f)1,8645523
U5piNEPS' Bright WitchAdult (f)1,5946701
Db3MkEPS' Oriental GuyAdult (m)1,6096352
LACMUEPS' Epic SunsetAdult (m)2,7576521
rmuNcEPS' Oriental GirlAdult (f)1,9385702
0OURwEPS' The BachelorAdult (m)3,6637853
5P6FoEPS' The ScorpionAdult (f)3,2108541
yoHCkYo No WifeAdult (m)3,6957750
7RBNPEPS' Poison StingerAdult (f)2,7669351
JpnfxEPS' ZebraAdult (m)1,6375882
9jnbAEPS' Gray Dragon CAdult (m)2,2305942
8ZpOzEPS' BackswimmerAdult (m)2,1496341
uJYRXEPS' Dark PeacockAdult (m)1,6956033
kK9u9Kuku 9u9Adult (m)1,6366231
FKyFTEPS' Lunar SocietyAdult (m)2,3926302
Uqa7bI Can't Continue The LineageAdult (f)2,00550410
ZcM1CEPS' Orange JuiceAdult (m)4,4538244
9LrjZEPS' Epic SunriseAdult (m)2,3697200
61pRmEPS' Mixed-bloodAdult (f)3,7598893
82FVpOh I Get VampirAdult (m)3,2899974
FktobEPS' Tongue OutAdult (f)3,6639722
6EDjZEPS' Cordyceps SinensisAdult (m)2,2215502
tC7Aj(tC7Aj)Adult (m)6,0327003
93r85(93r85)Adult (m)3,6049145
KSxtIEPS' HarpAdult (f)3,1559123
VWJ4OPink ChannAdult (f)2,3535764
Snka6Pink KunAdult (m)2,4095342
XqVCY(XqVCY)Adult (f)2,4875492
GCTgq(GCTgq)Adult (m)5,6216104
GiIUzEPS' Black TailAdult (m)4,9277316
rmEnkEPS' Cross TailAdult (f)4,2598375
YomVFYomverfAdult (f)4,0198047
60vh0EPS' Winter  PotatoAdult (f)3,7971,0125
iJgD0EPS' Purple ButterflyAdult (f)4,5338523
PiP2jEPS' Little BlackAdult (m)4,6817895
EVacgEnjoy Watching ACGAdult (m)4,5417807
ggGX2GG Good GameAdult (f)4,1278757
VgizLEPS' Crimson NebulaAdult (f)3,6789028
kAnO2EPS' Tyrant LavaAdult (f)4,0088448
auaDQ(auaDQ)Adult (f)4,7271,0568
aOhWJEPS' Piccolo DaimaoAdult (f)4,6477727
4WOdmEPS' Way To MagikarpAdult (m)4,2697175
5wVvwLots Of  VAdult (m)4,3797805
oda1rEPS' Naughty ArthurAdult (m)4,5797393
8Vf1SEPS' Frozen Free FallAdult (f)4,4247732
pZX7FEPS' Electron CloudAdult (m)4,6857383
phxdREPS' Heta HorseAdult (f)5,3236852
JPHGMEPS' Miss JPHGMAdult (f)5,3016924
2jim6EPS' Another Green WormAdult (m)4,6507386
Y4UQiEPS' DinnerAdult (f)2,3243313
BkbEjEPS' BrandAdult (f)2,7287913
wUd1a(wUd1a)Adult (f)2,5275532
D6GEVEPS' Water With MagiAdult (m)2,1905302
gdjAI(gdjAI)Adult (f)5,3835933
GmzpT(GmzpT)Adult (f)4,7086112
T1Otb(T1Otb)Adult (m)4,0778784
WJWxz(WJWxz)Adult (f)3,9588933
mPlT2(mPlT2)Adult (f)4,3718133
gJ0zl(gJ0zl)Adult (f)4,4037294
9ATOG(9ATOG)Adult (m)5,6867292
EjKYq(EjKYq)Adult (m)4,6817084
8kJWSSpringtyAdult (m)4,9009044
yvxXG(yvxXG)Adult (m)5,3066902
AJlAOA JIAOAdult (f)7,4479205
IyCkS(IyCkS)Adult (f)6,2396645
6lgmR(6lgmR)Adult (m)6,3366723
3Xtr0THX TreeAdult (f)6,2776841
h7MnZ(h7MnZ)Adult (m)5,7956742
IZ4zs(IZ4zs)Adult (m)6,3817572
PC20uPC20uAdult (f)6,2127542
gZfUw(gZfUw)Adult (m)6,0727852
95EVN(95EVN)Adult (m)3,9048081
1Y9DI(1Y9DI)Adult (m)4,3737203
lDGZN(lDGZN)Adult (f)3,7257552
D33wx(D33wx)Adult (f)4,5457090
dSwEz(dSwEz)Adult (m)3,0968341
P8wuM(P8wuM)Adult (f)3,1658271
cd4Xq(cd4Xq)Adult (f)6,4669230
9Ylic(9Ylic)Adult (m)3,3338000
IBuX4(IBuX4)Adult (f)4,6607311
AKJ20(AKJ20)Adult (f)3,6977591
6IjY1(6IjY1)Adult (m)3,9817110
i34SR(i34SR)Adult (f)3,4779241
K5fUI(K5fUI)Adult (f)3,9928411
Bxjk3(Bxjk3)Adult (m)4,8067422
drAqh(drAqh)Adult (m)3,7427601
FEfqw(FEfqw)Adult (f)4,3597840
gfkGa(gfkGa)Adult (f)3,5478251
yCmhK(yCmhK)Adult (f)3,8307570
sxmmC(sxmmC)Adult (m)4,9036940
kK01rCheese Recessed CakeAdult3,9257090
aVWYT(aVWYT)Adult (m)4,4427550
2qo5UEPS' Spring TomatoAdult (f)4,7087020
oDVwU(oDVwU)Adult (f)5,0917441
Q8FZ7(Q8FZ7)Adult (f)5,0857200
P4fdv(P4fdv)Adult (m)5,2676872
fI6n6(fI6n6)Adult (m)5,7366942
ZqWUJ(ZqWUJ)Adult (f)5,3916790
mwr2x(mwr2x)Adult (m)4,4768192
8HFVO(8HFVO)Adult (f)4,5417821
TT6OA(TT6OA)Adult (m)5,0616971
ulCtb(ulCtb)Adult (m)4,6057370
tEeI5(tEeI5)Adult (m)4,9107012
bbcZlBBC ZiLiaoAdult (m)4,3587724
bv4Wb(bv4Wb)Adult (f)4,4808780
VZPrZ(VZPrZ)Adult (m)4,6138970
oQwlD(oQwlD)Adult (m)5,9426833
SOjKt(SOjKt)Adult (m)5,8736820
ojnZq(ojnZq)Adult (m)4,1177271
2gXOi(2gXOi)Adult (m)4,7296502
Mt4gf(Mt4gf)Adult (f)4,8756540
xLsReETJXAdult (f)4,3056812
1BjZH(1BjZH)Adult (f)5,8587020
jy4Ri(jy4Ri)Adult (f)4,7407661
DKPjP(DKPjP)Adult (m)5,3138982
FKjRW(FKjRW)Adult (m)2,8279450
lObewI ObviousAdult (f)4,0398533
kGiI9(kGiI9)Adult (f)2,9449761
g0Guk(g0Guk)Adult (m)4,2137620
EyaJB(EyaJB)Adult (f)2,4231,1001
XcDY4(XcDY4)Adult (f)3,0699472
hebMO(hebMO)Adult (m)4,5896970
zegSs(zegSs)Adult (f)4,4117422
l96jE(l96jE)Adult (m)4,1897871
QtUI9(QtUI9)Adult (f)4,0087231
Xx69E(Xx69E)Adult (m)4,2547310
zgGHM(zgGHM)Adult (f)1,9614614
TDUZR(TDUZR)Adult (f)2,9149510
kaW9s(kaW9s)Adult (f)3,1859221
1nwuh(1nwuh)Adult (f)4,5567032
W0erv(W0erv)Adult (f)3,0369650
xCqRt(xCqRt)Adult (m)4,1937620
9HIGB(9HIGB)Adult (f)2,7858920
DdZjC(DdZjC)Adult (m)3,5798310
ugxd1(ugxd1)Adult (f)3,8098070
25c3m(25c3m)Adult (m)3,8768310
ZvT9w(ZvT9w)Adult (f)4,2977890
Mj1gl(Mj1gl)Adult (m)4,9617030
cmkaP(cmkaP)Adult (m)5,3326730
cxvaY(cxvaY)Adult (m)5,1886510
B2x7i(B2x7i)Adult (m)4,7606541
IOanW(IOanW)Adult (f)5,0277460
J9JDd(J9JDd)Adult (f)5,4287781
1xLq1Loki's BrotherAdult (m)3,0615542
o0IlKoooo I LikeAdult (m)6,8165681
9HMWq5F GululuAdult (m)6,4488924
0ZJ8D(0ZJ8D)Adult (f)3,3038031
uW1hb5F Under WallAdult (f)5,5576951
PXsWT(PXsWT)Adult (m)4,3139490
DZzLzZzzz DZAdult (m)4,1068322
E9o3m(E9o3m)Adult (m)5,0158523
3NmRD3nm RDAdult (m)5,1957891
WoMgF(WoMgF)Adult (f)3,9049192
YyLBv(YyLBv)Adult (f)3,9458890
MPFLH(MPFLH)Adult (m)1,3396722
wHyD5(wHyD5)Adult (f)1,3846831
zo3th(zo3th)Adult (m)1,3176471
KkOXX(KkOXX)Adult (m)1,6056661
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