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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “e-sheep,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YwPsuII Hatchery IIAdult (m)2,7216922
cEfWO(cEfWO)Adult (m)3,5159791
tgchv(tgchv)Adult (m)3,6029951
PjJai(PjJai)Adult (m)3,2037542
cGZR5(cGZR5)Adult (m)3,3057684
MEJvC(MEJvC)Adult (f)3,3407791
Yt081(Yt081)Adult (m)3,3577832
aMLQx(aMLQx)Adult (f)3,3177463
88E2e(88E2e)Adult (m)3,3017620
N9bY1(N9bY1)Adult (f)3,3017661
XnkEH(XnkEH)Adult (f)3,2767722
xXlXN(xXlXN)Adult (m)2,9167181
zwBHo(zwBHo)Adult (m)2,7976991
1WoBp(1WoBp)Adult (m)2,8456881
4Xr3H(4Xr3H)Adult (m)2,8777190
7WBJL(7WBJL)Adult (f)2,9176850
4pqzF(4pqzF)Adult (m)2,7677011
5Ppli(5Ppli)Adult (m)2,7927072
5zjfZ(5zjfZ)Adult (f)2,8567041
NkDnn(NkDnn)Egg (F)
SZqwke-sheepHatchling (f, F)2,3076031
aRdlaaRdlaHatchling (m, F)2,2677106
5dTNVII Freezer IIAdult (m)2,7348615
mxydXII Naming Room IIAdult (m)2,6808885
sixth(sixth)Adult (m)3,1397512
frQhOII Waiting Room IIAdult (f)2,0635201
dXSRYDexsry Upside-Down CBAdult (m)3,2248492
raTE7Rate CBAdult (f)3,1317071
FkL5sFikle CBAdult (f)3,2006720
CLfAAClifa CBAdult (m)2,9256170
oMOjTOmojt CBAdult (f)3,4037801
glaHMGlahm CBAdult (m)3,8668703
GK81oGeklo CBAdult (m)2,8425880
hLJgcHelag CBAdult (m)3,7147950
weO7dWeol CBAdult (m)3,0667600
jGAAiJegaai CBAdult (m)3,6158340
08JEMOJem CBAdult (f)4,0138021
Aak1yAakly CBAdult (f)3,8858430
3e77TLellt CBAdult (f)5,4807270
kE0qEKeque CBAdult (f)3,7267870
PQqZQPeqzo CBAdult (f)4,0567591
SpYZDSpyz CBAdult (m)3,2147160
N71IENitie CBAdult (m)3,7357870
1LMJ1Ilmi CBAdult (f)3,7557850
2iyUuIyuu CBAdult (m)4,7278993
d4SmmDesamm CBAdult (f)3,3528031
lW5EjIwei CBAdult (m)3,6237480
ISTOvIstov CBAdult (m)3,4338390
akd4JAkad CBAdult (m)2,8566761
Saw4sSawas CBAdult (f)3,6397560
zLAJ9Zlaj CBAdult (m)3,6807651
nSqsjNesqi CBAdult (m)3,6827550
sfPAJSifa CBAdult (m)4,2206870
hXzspHexzap CBAdult (m)3,2937010
JmImcJimim CBAdult (f)3,5828251
b9tWhBetaw CBAdult (m)4,1866560
HYT07Hytol CBAdult (m)4,3626760
XfutPXefut CBAdult (m)2,6546641
uslZdUsled CBAdult (f)3,6679011
t7qq9Tiqqo CBAdult (m)2,8566902
vU66zVuz CBAdult (f)2,5716570
lTeDNIten CBAdult (m)3,3896751
nuvhLNuvehl CBAdult (f)3,4326712
eQeFWEqef CBAdult (m)3,1356320
8UhkPBuhk CBAdult (m)2,7955741
7ktrlKetral CBAdult (m)3,3716481
7iSsBTisse CBAdult (f)3,3576621
Qpm6yQemby CBAdult (m)3,2837892
9sIzNSelz CBAdult (m)3,2208622
PnJwwPenaw CBAdult (m)3,1807640
b8iSdBisd CBAdult (m)3,2127821
zh4RaZhera CBAdult (f)3,1467571
5amA7Sam A CBAdult (f)3,1237921
lzq4uLazqu CBAdult (m)3,2168031
BMwgGBemag CBAdult (f)3,1437861
K1cQ3Kicel CBAdult (f)3,2278560
0IhlOOlhio CBAdult (f)3,1818311
3rdrTErdrat CBAdult (f)3,1998520
H0GILHogil CBAdult (f)3,1198100
tC4j7Tecaj CBAdult (f)3,1258252
MPjPbMepjep CBAdult (m)3,1188120
7U1cZUica CBAdult (f)3,0476090
9PCHZPeceh CBAdult (m)3,1827900
Qm7ppQemap CBAdult (m)3,8868520
rp7mDRepam CBAdult (m)3,8998990
eXchPExach CBAdult (m)3,8998760
2izfpIfzep CBAdult (m)3,4568411
3utepLutep CBAdult (f)3,0397611
Z44IsZai CBAdult (m)3,1927640
OmwEWOmwew CBAdult (f)3,9839010
N2ashNash CBAdult (m)3,0475925
rVKDdRevak CBAdult (m)3,7408550
NFHW9Nefaw CBAdult (m)3,0686014
IFZFTIfzef CBAdult (m)3,7338450
95rJ8Reja CBAdult (m)3,0257560
5dcltDelcit CBAdult (f)3,4838191
H4zRTHazret CBAdult (f)3,4067950
uXXsxUxxsu CBAdult (m)3,1287810
qhmSOQemso CBAdult (m)3,1117870
u316sUsis CBAdult (m)3,4548550
vhGU6Vehgu CBAdult (f)3,4808600
jGnX6Genja CBAdult (m)3,3768242
AI9oaAloa CBAdult (m)3,5218860
6yOqDLyoqi CBAdult (m)3,5458780
3TZyOEtzyo CBAdult (f)3,4818380
wEz7JWezi CBAdult (f)2,7286241
8e8N0Beono CBAdult (f)2,7866742
RtVTZRetav CBAdult (m)2,6896771
xGckNGeckan CBAdult (m)2,7916770
D7fqxDefax CBAdult (m)2,8966860
SHaJxShaj CBAdult (f)2,8886681
ZgxfLZegal CBAdult (m)3,9819060
7PlaTPlat CBAdult (f)3,9528820
Bp9JzBepaj CBAdult (f)4,1969220
Zd0ltZedolt CBAdult (f)3,9858560
fF4nNFann CBAdult (f)3,9668770
UVY9kUvyk CBAdult (m)3,8478700
lt49ILatai CBAdult (f)3,3707800
GSiS7Gisli CBAdult (f)3,4398101
xr0MpXeromp CBAdult (f)3,4137980
FlrFuFlerfu CBAdult (f)3,9378350
EyEbQEyebo CBAdult (m)3,4427900
M7tunMitun CBAdult (m)3,4888140
XGoDEGode CBAdult (f)2,7565862
DnBzUDenbu CBAdult (f)3,9889011
PmLOSPemlos CBAdult (m)3,0026250
5YafmYafm CBAdult (m)2,9105830
2WvCbWevca CBAdult (m)2,9365960
jA9xLJaxyl CBAdult (f)3,7958641
BtilYBitly CBAdult (m)2,7606942
KOzgNKozgin CBAdult (m)3,9998700
1v3KOVeko CBAdult (f)3,8108811
DvUuhDevuuh CBAdult (m)2,7457221
FkzpRFezar CBAdult (m)4,4296880
ZigYOZigyo CBAdult (m)2,7727021
TEi16Teilo CBAdult (f)5,2397041
hHeb8Hebat CBAdult (m)2,8186950
FuLJpFulp CBAdult (m)4,2406780
XyySYXyys CBAdult (f)3,1896155
rGSjZRegaz CBAdult (f)2,7547101
xZKt0Xekto CBAdult (f)2,8566943
7IPOxLipox CBAdult (f)3,6748810
cWlz7Welax CBAdult (f)3,6878691
vCU6iVegui CBAdult (f)3,7038620
b5sm9Besam CBAdult (m)3,6868340
HGjTCHegaj CBAdult (f)3,7908261
8VUPTOvupt CBAdult (f)3,8468680
4xRA7Xerai CBAdult (f)3,7448331
vP58HVepah CBAdult (m)3,6318150
OXaQCOxaquo CBAdult (f)4,2436611
nEYjBNeyja CBAdult (m)3,1496304
3ZJF7Zjef CBAdult (m)3,0556144
IMsWnImswen CBAdult (m)3,6739020
hgE2cHegec CBAdult (m)3,9838910
JiB79Jibel CBAdult (f)3,2026436
6ug4qLuga CBAdult (f)3,0956584
vi1mfVilm CBAdult (f)3,1026435
jsranIsran CBAdult (m)3,0716620
icft5Iceft CBAdult (f)3,6728741
TUr0KTurok CBAdult (m)3,2047061
1oblGOble CBAdult (f)3,3317300
O11j1Ollji CBAdult (f)3,3836491
v7YhjII Graveyard IIAdult (m)3,0501,0601
NA17nLeja DAdult (f)3,79362114
oCOJtOco DAdult (m)2,5447111
D3s9rThio DAdult (m)3,5255849
jf38aJefa DHatchling (f, F)2,3097790
3F7qwEfew DHatchling (f, F)2,2569624
lcA6XLac DHatchling (m, F)2,0745375
4GTmnGetam DHatchling (F)1,3614381
T1f76II Dragon Chambers IIAdult (f)4,3229524
I0GUwJoguHatchling (F)1,6516101
k7inOKino CBAdult (f)4,7831,1968
hu2USGuardian of SheepAdult (m)5,8811,2853
ayzGkAyzek CBAdult (f)
1L3bmMystic of the PlushieAdult (f)8,5291,0434
qls0WMystic of the PlushiesAdult (f)8,4541,1202
cq4jBMystic of the second PlushieAdult (f)6,4861,2247
Via8yMystic of the third PlushieAdult (f)7,2161,17310
hPSs6Mystic of the fourth PlushieAdult (f)5,0561,3434
DgHpBMysytic of the fifth PlushieAdult (f)7,9079205
Ka26zII Unbreedables IIAdult (f)2,9236855
dbgxADebxa CBAdult5,7265880
kNnjcKanji CBAdult3,5469372
P2ZMfPezzi CBHatchling (F)1,3618288
gNsjgGenasHatchling (F)8271433
k0MXFKom CBAdult (f)5,7311,2669
IWVG7Thymon CBAdult2,89662810
ur0dnUrodn CBHatchling (F)5,0951,0173
3sxsdEssex CBHatchling (F)1,2474942
Xl16MXim CBAdult2,6618693
j16JgJag CBAdult4,4798812
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