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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “dustpuppy,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pzHGKTatiradotter of DustyAdult (f)6,2681,4203
nD6pcJitterfly of DustyAdult (f)4,6359365
T8CGbDusty's Still LifeAdult (f)6,3151,3802
d2e2dDusty's Head FirstAdult (f)7,9601,3384
fr6EFDusty's Wasted Years IIIAdult (m)4,4231,1191
doatFDusty's Rock Stonebuck IVAdult (f)3,10190415
p0X3EHundred Percent Poxee DustcloudAdult (m)4,8531,0742
COMb9Comb Sil-Isiowen DustscaleAdult (m)5,3301,1264
ftoTsPilgrim DustcloudAdult (m)7,9351,7974
02OqDJittering Moira of Dusty IIIAdult (m)7,5881,5154
4EpJeEs Wird Schlimmer of Dusty IIIAdult (m)8,1191,4043
4oRXsDusty's DetritusAdult (m)6,3221,3672
b4p9GDusty's Seeker Of Gold IIAdult (m)6,3471,0152
4TCtPDusty's Ground And Pound IIAdult (m)5,5781,4255
R4zZYRazzy DustscaleAdult (f)3,6076903
4ZPWjDusty's The March Of RevengeAdult (m)8,7311,6612
ga2rYGary of Dusty IIIAdult (m)6,2961,6234
jUMvZFire Burns Forever of Dusty IIIAdult (f)4,8791,4720
IfMl6Raise The Hammer of Dusty IVAdult (f)4,2751,3913
pm6TYSquare Nothing Thuwed DustcloudAdult (m)8,2671,6573
88qTJAmen's Lament To Ra DustcloudAdult (m)5,1851,4434
GQ3ZvDusty's EnslavedAdult (f)8,7691,6471
PNLWPDusty's Judgement Day IIAdult (m)4,2951,1722
2lE2KDusty's Fields Of Desolation IIIAdult (m)8,1801,4015
t0aulFor The Ages of Dusty IIIAdult (f)7,6611,4396
nUS79Rolling Stone Of Moira of DustyAdult (m)5,7561,2474
pAuEqDusty's Egonomic IIAdult (m)5,3491,4712
N3risDusty's Neris IIAdult (f)4,8871,1221
O7kUIDie Ratten of DustyAdult (f)9,1051,5052
JVOSODusty's Under Tva RunorAdult (m)5,2151,3081
h0kPFDusty's Under Bergets RotAdult (f)5,4861,3564
ja5X0Yes of DustyAdult (f)5,5211,3235
W6WQOWorld Of Promises of Dusty IIIAdult (f)6,3721,4111
UZmF9Where Eagles Dare of DustyAdult (m)4,7351,2463
I1F9XHeaven Can Wait of DustyAdult (f)5,6841,3852
7p33RThe Quiet Place of DustyAdult (f)6,7451,4903
CNFl3Dusty's To Tame A LandAdult (f)6,2231,3611
ORHo5Everything Counts of DustyAdult (m)5,4881,4323
0rlfPDusty's SvartbergAdult (m)6,4911,6446
PYGJ3Dusty's Drop The HammerAdult (f)5,4081,4002
ankI3Sonic Reducer DuststormAdult (f)7,4371,2925
oJXoSDie Geisterstille DustcloudAdult (f)7,5881,4622
7fe5gDusty's Abschied IIAdult (m)6,7811,4836
RAc4eDusty's FootraceAdult (m)6,6071,5340
cq3WcFool On The Hill of Dusty IIIAdult (m)6,5621,1973
9AStlDusty's QuintJeSuiMisAuRetourAdult (m)5,5771,2255
69KKiHead First of DustyAdult (m)8,7911,4223
2jfoPDusty's KainAdult (m)8,5851,5223
NAw7uDusty's Freaky Nawtu IIIAdult (m)6,7531,1423
61mOSNever Ever of DustyAdult (f)5,1831,3941
G995IDusty's The First Deadly Sin IIIAdult (m)8,2531,3742
sNmB1Dusty's Das Duell IIAdult (m)6,5521,5484
g823qKalte Spuren of DustyAdult (f)5,6021,3322
LNQBvHere To Eternity of Dusty IIIAdult (m)4,4781,2823
BPQ0Oro PuppyHatchling (F)3,5277584
RMYkFrozen Fire PuppyHatchling (f, F)1,98563114
XcktsOut Of The Silent Planet PuppyHatchling (m, F)6,3241,2782
kXzenDusty's Geode Of Radiance IIIAdult (m)4,9831,3494
L0riDIsle Of Avalon DustcloudAdult (f)5,7611,3843
sJctYDusty's March First IIAdult (m)5,0021,30526
cZNN2Dusty's Green Geode IIAdult (m)5,3881,2734
k1JjgDusty's Fantastic Future IIAdult (f)5,0261,26622
qPPLhBurning Ambition DustflightAdult (m)5,4461,4393
Sii8Per Aspera Ad Astra DustcloudAdult (m)5,1541,13436
3mMOJDusty's Stein Der Weisen IIAdult (f)4,7751,2153
wA2KVDusty's Sonic Geode IIAdult (f)6,9061,01312
Xcw5WDusty's Invisible People IIAdult (f)6,9061,00414
QT7eOKeach In The Creel van Dusty IIIAdult (m)6,7361,4474
2GzZKBack To The Future of Dusty IIIAdult (m)4,6441,1345
gqfPWDialogue With Stars of Dusty VAdult (f)8,0891,9887
XhJPbLAKE DRAGONJOY PuppyHatchling (F)3,0727502
9NacJNac Mac Feegle PuppyHatchling (f, F)3,5046445
IgkWBRhapsodykin PuppyHatchling (f, F)5,2319041
phIjDDusty's Turis FratyrAdult (m)6,3061,2106
gYdaADusty's Shingo MurataAdult (f)6,4131,2133
nSxZeDusty's The RiffAdult (m)8,2451,0972
0ZWHeDusty's OzoneAdult (m)3,9129401
vxr9MDusty's FreewingAdult (m)8,8931,4185
LQ78JDusty's SeemannsgrabAdult (f)4,1121,56018
71ZT2Dusty's Heavy Metal PirateAdult (m)5,8151,48526
rcwVmDusty's RockwingAdult (m)7,7458916
578wCDusty's Winter WavesAdult (m)4,51293010
7MOO8Dusty's Radiant Blusang IIAdult (f)5,3541,41831
cfLigDusty's Radiant Song IIAdult (m)5,3681,42123
Ia3bcDusty's Angelic Radiance IIIAdult (m)4,6001,38423
kvS13Dusty's Silver Hero IIIAdult (m)7,3711,2503
RoLHyDusty's Song Of Silver IVAdult (m)6,8821,4146
UpdPiDusty's Silversong IIIAdult (f)5,3331,43726
ovYTnDusty's Pavane IIAdult (m)5,6671,3196
FWfWlDusty's Symbols IIAdult (f)6,2971,3516
FtBp3Dusty's Last Breath IIAdult (m)6,2661,2978
KdHUaDusty's Teufelslied IIIAdult (m)5,6721,3276
lN9stFlower Of Scotland of DustyAdult (f)6,3241,2664
pEiAgHeavy Metal Pirates of DustyAdult (m)6,5701,0997
dh7uZGhost Dance of Dusty IIIAdult (f)6,0711,3552
hg4TADusty's Life Is Now IIIAdult (f)6,6751,2204
Zo600Z'Khramsgift DustscaleAdult (f)4,8931,2165
QGQDqDusty's The Q IIAdult (m)6,7289745
1JQLRLovely Kingcrowne Dust IVAdult (m)8,0091,23219
H6ZMeDusty's GoldeAdult (f)5,4691,31719
KZI0oDusty's Sun KingAdult (m)5,7421,30618
ORaIaDusty's OraiaAdult (f)6,6581,28712
4HUFtDusty's Honey KingAdult (m)6,5911,25810
tXBsyDusty's King VolcanoAdult (m)5,8811,24117
ANxTVDusty's AntonAdult (m)7,6901,07216
jMLDYDusty's MelodyAdult (f)6,8601,0933
zFw2lDusty's Z'CrownAdult (m)5,8741,11211
8JnPuOraia King of DustyAdult (m)6,7601,27318
goQ8FDusty's Honey Joy IIAdult (m)6,4541,2236
AcyJ4Dusty's Prince Of Avalon IIAdult (m)5,7781,16614
5RvUPDusty's Volcano Butterfly IIAdult (m)5,8181,08219
VUswgDusty's Crown On Winter IIAdult (f)6,3707213
1cUGMDusty's Shiny Storm IIAdult (f)5,7791,11313
5jRLpDusty's Hibiscus Volcano IIIAdult (m)9,3171,1301
ljiMxDusty's Minx IIAdult (f)5,5171,0373
9s1k1Dusty's Queen Shiny IIIAdult (f)7,5471,12423
bjWbuGoldi PuppyHatchling (F)2,7736045
pZ7QpDusty's Lovely Monarchs IVAdult (f)5,9381,2795
T4DoyDusty's Lovely Monarch IVAdult (f)6,7801,29119
kyTMtDusty's Lady Forest ButterflyAdult (f)5,6931,24621
9DqV1Dusty's Monarch Of The ForestAdult (m)5,7041,23725
z99KfDusty's Z'Jungle JewelAdult (f)5,8101,20019
02t2ODusty's Monarch Of The DesertAdult (m)5,9281,23920
pqb1cDusty's Oasis ButterflyAdult (f)7,1991,12027
ICKDwDusty's Desert WolfAdult (m)6,8711,11920
JerArDusty's JerarAdult (f)5,7311,16019
7c1KtDusty's Canis AnthusAdult (m)6,2821,2288
W3bH2Dusty's Canis LupusAdult (m)5,4051,06414
HJPYxDusty's HibiscusAdult (f)6,3465511
RaVhGDusty's RavendarkAdult (m)6,5615420
eIA0gDusty's InaraAdult (f)6,3321,02611
xcSpDDusty's SpiroAdult (m)6,4821,2086
Pj9RVDusty's Dreamer Of The Forest IIAdult (m)6,3031,17213
b8MYWDusty's Grave Butterfly IIAdult (f)6,5141,1498
BUhHEDusty's Prince Lovetalk IIAdult (m)6,5231,19223
izUSQDusty's Honey Hibiscus IIAdult (f)5,6741,11918
FFeztDusty's Fez IIAdult (m)6,6671,26826
0ctiuDusty's Octiu IIAdult (f)8,4631,4425
UL9U8Dusty's Moon Wolf IIAdult (m)8,3991,4682
37YEJDusty's Honey Volcano IIIAdult (f)5,9851,17725
W8vhZDusty's Monarch Of The Dust IIAdult (m)6,6761,2232
el0ZQDusty's Jungle Eyes IIAdult (f)7,1731,2991
48JaXDusty's Ajax IIIAdult (m)7,3641,24521
utYFtDusty's Jungle Flower IIIAdult (f)6,8371,4616
tSSQkDusty's Doctor Moon IIIAdult (m)7,0171,1731
qFfjHDusty's Haunting Beauty IVAdult (m)6,9441,2754
bRbxiDusty's Sage RobinaAdult (f)7,4821,27716
S4kxuDusty's Sage SakuAdult (m)7,7231,29219
0RfvcDusty's Sage OrfeoAdult (m)4,2039192
wNQizDusty's Sage Winiz IIAdult (m)6,8791,19112
sedEWDoctor Sedew of DustyAdult (m)9,2591,2362
JwWjlDusty's Doctor WiljaAdult (f)5,8201,28011
M0o3gDusty's Doctor MoogAdult (m)5,9181,3169
lmEy1Dusty's Doctor ElmeyAdult (m)3,8574452
1iiqgFrog PuppyHatchling (F)3,5396962
2JPQKDusty's Artificer Mumyson IIAdult (m)5,10594914
f5hO1Dusty's Artificer ShonaAdult (f)6,6581,26315
EUOJuDusty's Artificer EuronAdult (m)6,8841,31013
8n0ReDusty's Artificer NoraAdult (f)5,5081,2114
m9uMYDusty's Artificer MumyAdult (m)5,4041,1794
lumTxDusty's Artificer UmaAdult (f)5,0831,2122
57uG2Dusty's Artificer UweAdult (m)5,4581,2072
0YkQcDusty's Artificer OyokAdult (m)5,8301,1614
oq2gsFantasmo PuppyHatchling (F)4,18678913
fMyUeDusty's Mycroft IIAdult (m)8,6481,07122
zB9FtDusty's Z'Brightglass IIAdult (f)7,7421,09815
ZEhsbDusty's Z'Evenbright IIAdult (m)8,1071,0239
b54ZdDusty's Demon Queen IIAdult (f)7,9951,0258
ltYngDust Glider van DustyAdult (m)7,3431,13615
68kDBDesert Glider van DustyAdult (f)7,2481,17915
UQNmEDusty's Oona PixieAdult (f)7,7711,21410
ps4Y6Dusty's Psycho PixieAdult (f)7,6991,2018
i8fj8Dusty's Tiffy DesertAdult (f)7,8421,17014
r9OhfDusty's Rowland DesertAdult (m)7,7051,18015
wfLQYDusty's Dusty SpinelAdult (m)8,2991,12920
p2xjGDusty's Volcano PixieAdult (f)6,9021,0504
yuGtbDusty's Desert PixieAdult (f)6,8761,12710
HepCADusty's Hepca DesertAdult (f)7,3851,10010
iJeopDusty's Jeoff SpinelAdult (m)6,8601,1064
rEVmTDusty's Sandro SpinelAdult (m)6,8811,1022
Ij2wdDusty's Magma SpinelAdult (f)6,8001,1013
2dSHyDusty's Lava SpinelAdult (f)6,8611,0952
vL2jZLevelup of DustyAdult (m)9,62490917
lOoipDusty's Looip IIAdult (f)6,9399952
ZvRusDusty's Z'Rus IIAdult (f)6,8289922
pOijcDusty's Poika IIAdult (m)6,9771,1574
TyK92Dusty's Tyttoe IIAdult (f)7,2181,1096
lPeEfDusty's Peef IIAdult (f)3,5187575
aKlMvDusty's Red Wolf IIAdult (m)8,3841,13921
MxsUmDusty's Wolf Story IIIAdult (m)7,4051,2693
HvMDRHugo PuppyHatchling (m, F)4,9828905
t3rieTerry PuppyHatchling (m, F)5,7309635
y640yPsycho Dawn PuppyHatchling (F)1,6303861
vA9nLDusty's ValerieAdult (f)6,0561,1182
0HamfDusty's HansAdult (m)6,0061,1661
smMCdDusty's ScribeAdult (f)6,5081,0201
YYpvKDusty's YlvikkaAdult (f)6,1391,1622
tCgbiDusty's CogabiAdult (f)6,1251,1662
tjNSEDusty's TintennaseAdult (f)6,0721,1373
ooB3JDusty's OberynAdult (m)6,5361,0498
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