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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “dsnet06,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
kksM7(kksM7)Adult (f)5,5829525
a5f3I(a5f3I)Adult (f)6,0191,26510
RuUvc(RuUvc)Adult (f)8,0869615
yQnNp(yQnNp)Adult (m)3,6088452
zPkrk(zPkrk)Adult (m)2,1634725
SvHCI(SvHCI)Adult (f)2,3744904
u26cQ(u26cQ)Adult (m)2,2745552
jx1ly(jx1ly)Adult (m)4,1344153
DEw3F(DEw3F)Adult (m)4,1074313
lkN7L(lkN7L)Adult (f)2,5856003
vs1Fb(vs1Fb)Adult (f)2,6816083
VLyqE(VLyqE)Adult (m)4,75893013
hxM53(hxM53)Adult (m)3,7246622
GBZhP(GBZhP)Adult (f)3,7166700
gsPW5(gsPW5)Adult (m)3,5033203
Nxhw5(Nxhw5)Adult (m)4,0823542
aPmWU(aPmWU)Adult (f)3,8913390
aBfGG(aBfGG)Adult (m)7,6921,2602
CcSAj(CcSAj)Adult (f)10,6277211
0QBjK(0QBjK)Adult (m)6,5477062
FTOLP(FTOLP)Adult (m)2,6926951
XwNpe(XwNpe)Adult (m)2,8565851
EFL4t(EFL4t)Adult (m)2,5355400
Bscvq(Bscvq)Adult (f)3,3495801
PEFk1(PEFk1)Adult (f)3,6316482
4OiUx(4OiUx)Adult (f)3,4836031
Qt7z7(Qt7z7)Adult (f)3,8706300
ioz8q(ioz8q)Adult (f)3,9786913
xocUH(xocUH)Adult (m)3,8956291
1jh5i(1jh5i)Adult (f)4,1986022
h7fjq(h7fjq)Adult (m)3,5166112
Esi4B(Esi4B)Adult (f)5,7701,0433
4xTty(4xTty)Adult (f)3,8755722
fP1j9(fP1j9)Adult (f)5,6287994
z8yka(z8yka)Adult (m)4,2696351
2RXjP(2RXjP)Adult (m)6,9397496
3tfHT(3tfHT)Adult (f)2,2115246
M6sOG(M6sOG)Adult (f)2,9164717
502Ob(502Ob)Adult (f)2,9964874
72T1A(72T1A)Adult (f)3,0714703
gjt3P(gjt3P)Adult (m)3,0975044
zcKIB(zcKIB)Adult (f)2,9844922
tNOEx(tNOEx)Adult (f)3,0954643
HfrIr(HfrIr)Adult (m)3,2455322
IEhT2(IEhT2)Adult (f)2,5295773
Y3bTx(Y3bTx)Adult (f)2,2815291
M0frD(M0frD)Adult (f)2,2675493
8IghH(8IghH)Adult (m)2,4675831
hjSoN(hjSoN)Adult (f)2,2155204
qP7OG(qP7OG)Adult (f)2,4435402
RGveu(RGveu)Adult (f)2,6025712
WlhDi(WlhDi)Adult (m)3,3568621
VyLLd(VyLLd)Adult (m)3,2908520
LQtuF(LQtuF)Adult (f)3,3538192
mpm7E(mpm7E)Adult (m)3,5498460
vyJJp(vyJJp)Adult (f)3,3898330
Lo1Rq(Lo1Rq)Adult (f)3,4788560
kSOKC(kSOKC)Adult (m)3,2848481
FnYJ8(FnYJ8)Adult (f)2,9375891
LPfq5(LPfq5)Adult (f)2,9805680
gnmtS(gnmtS)Adult (m)2,9896690
CsN6b(CsN6b)Adult (m)3,0266751
aH3oC(aH3oC)Adult (m)3,0136790
OKASe(OKASe)Adult (m)3,0476791
t3TFP(t3TFP)Adult (f)2,9756711
wCXFW(wCXFW)Adult (f)3,9158942
EnLNu(EnLNu)Adult (m)3,5808742
wIaXB(wIaXB)Adult (m)3,6688791
DCL9E(DCL9E)Adult (m)3,9039272
JBh92(JBh92)Adult (m)3,6418741
4e7GC(4e7GC)Adult (f)3,8938991
J4OET(J4OET)Adult (f)2,7984452
CVGIA(CVGIA)Adult (f)3,5454822
Xtfnw(Xtfnw)Adult (m)1,1923646
rGyXx(rGyXx)Adult (f)2,3415907
C1jU2(C1jU2)Adult (m)3,0346260
ToWXH(ToWXH)Adult (f)3,2688411
vjin6(vjin6)Adult (f)3,3168365
RcelfGifts FROM my Secret SantaHatchling (F)2,3191562
RXTQJ(RXTQJ)Adult (f)5,7178793
52wig(52wig)Adult (f)2,8775482
GK4jh(GK4jh)Adult (f)2,0105991
EGVbo(EGVbo)Adult (m)3,87875220
eybR7(eybR7)Adult (m)2,4496621
vgYSw(vgYSw)Adult (f)2,2016002
hcQ0w(hcQ0w)Adult (f)2,2526051
1V9Bi(1V9Bi)Adult (f)2,5386563
oPmdF(oPmdF)Adult (m)4,11385618
XHIGc(XHIGc)Adult (m)4,0496534
jpOEE(jpOEE)Adult (f)6,3011,2539
xpvna(xpvna)Adult (m)3,6557465
5u4CGUARDIAN OF THE MATELESSAdult (f)1,6637392
ACCGZ3eg impossible lineageAdult (m)2,2696393
ywcIRYewcir of Gentle Wubbo RoseAdult (m)3,8081,2873
fSAQO3rd EG Special Mate NeededAdult (f)2,95274110
4Wk3PWekep Thuwed 3rd EGAdult (m)3,2049109
lnutS4th EG Beautiful LineageAdult (m)3,2691,0065
TNLix4th EG Beautiful Lineage SiblingAdult (m)3,2039754
IDBEGI'd Beg For A Shimmerscale MateAdult (f)3,0777566
TQP8wToqpaw the 5th EGAdult (m)2,0447563
knVbwHoliday's ShadowAdult (m)4,8338654
yQRsI(yQRsI)Adult (m)3,1778601
JafYp(JafYp)Adult (f)3,1518541
wP1kt(wP1kt)Adult (m)2,5035411
Px4Rv(Px4Rv)Adult (m)2,9415911
DTsJl(DTsJl)Adult (f)3,0055890
JzeH5(JzeH5)Adult (f)3,0845840
LQqck(LQqck)Adult (f)6,2068334
7qE5n(7qE5n)Adult (f)2,9035913
hboGw(hboGw)Adult (m)2,3716997
o6FQS(o6FQS)Adult (m)3,5509232
APMaa(APMaa)Adult (m)3,4108881
uzAXL(uzAXL)Adult (m)2,8238523
ITjMH(ITjMH)Adult (f)3,1308410
Gzxca(Gzxca)Adult (f)3,0057883
4zqmj(4zqmj)Adult (f)2,9708071
ZRqijZyrikiAdult (f)3,5339093
UT1d0Geno of the ForestAdult (m)4,8028563
diDUu(diDUu)Adult (m)3,3128851
Lgmy7(Lgmy7)Adult (m)2,3695803
rNELBRenelb - 2g Silver x BlusangAdult (f)2,9325723
ur6FZ(ur6FZ)Adult (m)3,5727262
DUXXEDuxxeAdult (f)3,4716720
Lv9b3Levine of the Royal GoldAdult (f)4,0007633
eyfIh(eyfIh)Adult (m)4,8878774
hU1v2Huivee 2g Desipis x RedAdult (f)2,9766112
anZP5AnzeeAdult (f)3,1216024
0jQ9zJuiyekiAdult (f)3,9117221
GYqsGyquis DelaCuevaAdult (m)1,7678114
TNCmxTincimix DelaCuevaAdult (m)2,5598282
y01QjYolqu DelaCuevaAdult (m)3,4679693
7CPTdCeptid DelaCuevaAdult (f)4,2569188
96nuFlora and FaunAdult (f)2,4081,45645
FoGVFog V de la CuevaAdult (m)1,9976728
04WmUWimu AnagallisAdult (f)2,7426182
WTfiCWTfiC CBAdult (f)4,5441,0573
NHQMLady KuumailmapallonAdult (f)3,23862023
DH299(DH299)Adult (m)4,8008404
9Tv0KTivok de la CuevaAdult (f)4,9497845
0ALJ8Oaliate de la CuevaAdult (m)3,5341,0223
Q2kybKypee de la CuevaAdult (m)4,5608504
JLl3sJulius Black IAdult (m)2,9997832
GS1X2(GS1X2)Adult (f)4,1255180
HYbVSHeybivs CBAdult (m)2,2168644
Wp5hzWp5hz CBAdult (f)2,4486533
VvKjgI Didn't Know I Had A CB BlusangAdult (m)2,9828242
JSouEva QuetzalliAdult (f)1,8029734
sE7aqSelaq QuetzalliAdult (m)2,8411,1241
3YQh83YQh8 CBAdult (f)3,1456322
Qtc82Quitik the CBAdult (m)3,7011,1335
0vUNOvuni CBAdult (f)1,4645843
DNVoDinovo CBAdult (m)1,4375824
bdRPBodurp CBAdult (m)1,3525214
zXV3qZevik CBAdult (m)2,9887227
REuDZReudz CBAdult (m)3,07172512
W4XVXWavix CBAdult (m)3,0968397
lEavaLeava CassareAdult (f)4,2181,0265
X9OkTiseba DenholmAdult (m)1,48049564
AZgWAna the Snow AngelAdult (f)2,51833611
bBIiDerkea the Snow AngelAdult (f)2,66238516
noWi(noWi)Adult (f)1,6564671
EL5L(EL5L)Adult (f)1,6094921
HAMK7The Mayans Were WrongAdult (m)2,81063512
N4orFChristmahanakwanzadonAdult (m)2,88163411
IiEp2(IiEp2)Adult (f)1,8517771
50shq(50shq)Adult (f)1,9647551
dx8xzdx8xz CBAdult (f)2,4468845
11s2H11s2H CBAdult (f)2,3368751
oaovVoa CBAdult (m)1,8309683
6dIsSid CBAdult (m)1,5017551
ilkLIkle CBAdult (m)2,1545766
oYRk2Oyrika CBAdult (f)4,7629475
tdqq7Qusveni CBAdult (f)3,2481,0672
iKb9m(iKb9m)Adult (f)4,0177033
y1yjr(y1yjr)Adult (f)4,6669866
EcR8Jasmine de la DracaeAdult (f)2,0175447
QUmUWisteria de la DracaeAdult (f)2,3397275
L3ScCypress de la DracaeAdult (m)3,32039514
0pGjCardinal de la DracaeAdult (m)2,19539826
dOJdAristol de la DracaeAdult (m)2,6906326
oEWH3oEWH3 CBAdult (m)3,6651,0012
1PE7P1PE7P CBAdult (f)2,9217425
f3MYGf3MYG CBAdult (f)3,9498606
NaW4kNawak CBAdult (m)3,4978243
Q1q1oQiqi de la DracaeAdult (f)4,14898610
9YJ4The First Dream GiverAdult (m)1,2678965
5JlBForever in a DaydreamAdult (m)4,24478712
hoRPvOrvee CBAdult (m)3,4451,1375
0f0v(0f0v)Adult (f)1,8158413
1CKi(1CKi)Adult (m)1,9446844
AUsFAussie de la CuevaAdult (m)1,0657624
pN3Z(pN3Z)Adult (m)1,3174963
gbvm(gbvm)Adult (m)1,8714603
8XOu(8XOu)Adult (f)1,9244624
cJUE(cJUE)Adult (f)1,4845145
ZHhmr(ZHhmr)Adult (f)3,8718696
eIh8(eIh8)Adult (f)9064832
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