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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “dreamer510,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
KslIbAmong the Double HeadedAdult (m)2,21839253
rRm8MAmong the DoublesAdult (m)1,9813908
hSrJ6Among the HydrasAdult (m)6,3251,34310
gO5YbAmong the SpecialAdult (m)3,7931,0102
mJI1NAmong the TwosAdult (m)2,3758642
ffnkbAmong the 2sAdult (f)2,0887341
5U88E(5U88E)Adult (f)4,4491,1330
5kDxb(5kDxb)Adult (m)5,2629292
5xQLiAmong the NocturnalAdult (m)2,0126190
bRgy2Among the StrangeAdult (m)1,8117090
mla4LAmong the ArgueingAdult (m)3,1059242
sceAXAmong the SeparateAdult (f)2,3767921
ueqM6Among the DIfferentAdult (f)4,2919410
apZOJAmong the EonsAdult (m)5,4996717
HZJsbAmong the timesAdult (m)4,8007972
wtzbb(wtzbb)Adult (f)3,1006571
58gPTAmong the TeleportersAdult (m)3,0026600
kL5JKAmong the AliensAdult (m)4,4089442
ezUktAmong the WindyAdult (m)4,0189301
eg9YFAmong the GalesAdult (f)4,0599771
nKMMOAmong the GustsAdult (f)3,9589280
PkKa2Among the Gale-ForcesAdult (m)4,3178883
DKMBOAmong the Wind ControllersAdult (f)4,4439403
wFDXR(wFDXR)Adult (m)4,2449582
KO09JAmong the ColorlessAdult (f)2,4658051
evQurAmong the TranslucentAdult (f)2,4847651
0JpRq(0JpRq)Adult (f)3,9216611
HESvy(HESvy)Adult (m)4,8298762
Q4kby(Q4kby)Adult (f)6,1469272
wk7PrAmong the MoodyAdult (m)3,6108651
ovr0KAmong the EmotionsAdult (f)2,7047451
IwLcb(IwLcb)Adult (f)4,1727245
s4U8a(s4U8a)Adult (f)4,2449511
9KN96(9KN96)Adult (m)2,6444884
d2oMh(d2oMh)Adult (m)2,9107264
a74UPAmong the Easy GoingAdult (m)3,5737841
du3w5Among the BaskingAdult (f)3,0994263
3agrtAmong the SocialAdult (f)5,0649110
XEnqVAmong the ReflectiveAdult (m)2,5646400
wwyRa(wwyRa)Adult (m)5,5899423
C6DzlAmong the Coral ReefsAdult (f)3,9876741
ZathGAmong the ReefsAdult (f)3,1526983
zCOJZAmong the Shallow SeasAdult (f)4,3429323
Q7hBeAmong the CoralsAdult (m)5,0641,0372
8lt8wAmong the AnphibiousAdult (f)2,7776382
31BrI(31BrI)Adult (f)4,5321,0092
KV2UQ(KV2UQ)Adult (f)4,3909061
p8a8cAmong the LyricalAdult (f)4,6737932
wBzmqAmong the ElegantAdult (m)4,6009461
sehGMAmong the AshenAdult (f)5,5449661
1xF3RAmong the HidersAdult (f)3,0397241
wngIW(wngIW)Adult (f)3,3097611
LQrv5(LQrv5)Adult (m)3,5949002
qOtIw(qOtIw)Adult (m)3,6248521
lBloR(lBloR)Adult (m)4,6529764
MU2DYAmong the HugeAdult (m)2,8776860
PTyRx(PTyRx)Adult (f)4,0767091
k8qyP(k8qyP)Adult (m)3,3956572
KdjSMAmong the Lakes and OceansAdult (f)4,1388572
lPZMVAmong the SwimmingAdult (m)4,2238431
sEn6J(sEn6J)Adult (m)4,2159072
L8dHUAmong the WeightlessAdult (m)4,3479899
NpUs0Among the DeflatorsAdult (f)3,0447940
z9ZBnAmong the Gilded MasksAdult (f)5,5528881
JWQxmAmong the JovialAdult (m)6,3938240
riKzuAmong the Golden MaskedAdult (f)4,6129591
MrDPAmong The FierceAdult (f)2,0785487
2UuImAmong the WarriorsAdult (m)4,3031,0287
3QMPZAmong the FerociousAdult (m)1,62134110
l8mGlAmong the BlackAdult (f)4,7829762
PnbzLAmong the ForcefulAdult (f)3,7574402
KcnEsAmong the Bright EyesAdult (m)2,2617042
uLaZyAmong the Night HuntersAdult (m)3,1349270
vymYOAmong the Green EyedAdult (f)4,0966682
X08WaAmong the CapableAdult (f)4,1564955
1BNtJAmong the Night VisionAdult (f)3,9959782
Xij8S(Xij8S)Adult (f)4,4896942
TDRtwAmong the AltsAdult (m)3,0159172
eaGAGAmong the TeasAdult (m)2,6438802
uO5mu(uO5mu)Adult (m)3,9336845
7zYdS(7zYdS)Adult (m)3,2066743
aKPdKAmong the tipsAdult (f)2,3768081
2mrj1(2mrj1)Adult (f)4,1698023
ulsJmAmong the OilsAdult (m)4,0749631
ZbJJPAmong the TrufflesAdult (f)3,9879171
yNge8(yNge8)Adult (f)3,7046833
fmMPsAmong the JustAdult (f)2,5256781
4TExu(4TExu)Adult (f)3,9588084
RfLLM(RfLLM)Adult (f)4,2968892
NqwxC(NqwxC)Adult (m)3,1536923
N9hCtAmong the BleedingAdult (f)2,5748522
Q7JUe(Q7JUe)Adult (m)3,3767272
Rhm5w(Rhm5w)Adult (f)3,0007072
5rhB5Among the ObsessiveAdult (f)2,7428883
7sfcGAmong the EccentricAdult (m)1,9236601
5r5DnAmong the ParticularAdult (m)2,7268061
6IpR2Among the ShunnedAdult (f)3,0899162
NnYkKAmong the IntellectualAdult (m)3,1009280
XIpIWAmong the InvestigatorsAdult (m)2,5638070
OSxcxAmong the Sharp MindsAdult (m)2,3867630
dJXEEAmong the BandsAdult (f)2,8518551
QQVbpAmong the Blue BandsAdult (f)2,8787120
7xEm6Among the Solitary MalesAdult (m)4,1768631
SUo60(SUo60)Adult (f)3,5886783
bug8dAmong the StrongAdult (f)5,1471,0010
RjjKLAmong the Unique TailsAdult (f)4,9209631
5jsT2Among the FishAdult (m)4,8269282
tBn2nAmong the Fish LoversAdult (f)4,5019740
rTltAmong The PlayfulAdult (f)2,2687147
LRSDYAmong the CuriousAdult (m)2,5338660
pxFBL(pxFBL)Adult (f)4,6831,0432
A3cOOAmong the SnakesAdult (f)6,7081,54610
6GscdAmong the BoltsAdult (m)3,8116971
L5LTMAmong the KeenAdult (f)4,0206960
hFCph(hFCph)Adult (m)5,5219501
Jw6H9(Jw6H9)Adult (f)5,6181,0151
Tv99r(Tv99r)Adult (m)3,7019340
8X9gOAmong the PoisonousAdult (m)2,6108870
K9Dqi(K9Dqi)Adult (m)3,1586803
Vt81AAmong the SulfuricAdult (m)2,6649631
6VWd5Among the NoxiousAdult (f)2,6437920
eCh46Among the AcidicAdult (f)5,7609471
3JL1p(3JL1p)Adult (f)3,9998172
LKCGKAmong the BrutesAdult (f)2,0977821
MQTlFAmong the BrutishAdult (m)2,9569101
PPJBn(PPJBn)Adult (m)2,9536882
0TkHj(0TkHj)Adult (m)6,4361,2862
QHfk2Among the Golden WingsAdult (m)4,5577662
UpJ52Among the EarnestAdult (m)4,9677570
09o7OAmong the Oath KeepersAdult (m)4,1967051
5OoZwAmong the CandlesAdult (m)2,5314942
wmvfHAmong the CandelbrasAdult (m)3,1776532
tBvPIAmong the BrillianceAdult (m)2,8666782
tr4IjAmong the BrilliantAdult (f)2,8606721
liAiAmong the BeautifulAdult (f)5,3028955
2OjfLAmong The ForestsAdult (f)5,4616421
uQfdPAmong the CanopiesAdult (f)2,6737671
zrqKx(zrqKx)Adult (m)3,0956651
umbuA(umbuA)Adult (m)2,9592383
sOA6U(sOA6U)Adult (m)2,7372483
BuE4dAmong the PunyAdult (m)2,7708580
5rxpWAmong the CarmineAdult (f)2,8917071
DS3fX(DS3fX)Adult (m)4,0246872
Kty87Among the Magic DeadenersAdult (m)2,7948220
xAXRCAmong the NullifiersAdult (f)3,2337491
wgHFlAmong the CassareAdult (f)5,3391,1465
A2PTCAmong the NullAdult (f)4,3489782
lQp7uAmong the ImmaterialAdult (f)4,1768150
5vFn0Among the UncorporealAdult (m)4,5537611
Y1lbvAmong the CelestialAdult (m)5,1087861
xfRZZAmong the UntangibleAdult (m)3,4457072
eaH6p(eaH6p)Adult (m)5,9761,1888
mSaIK(mSaIK)Adult (m)3,0277285
nsjWsAmong the CheddarAdult1,03236718
LlS98Among the CheesesAdult6,2391,3798
uyx5gAmong the MunsterAdult3,3178131
G6ya1Among the ChickensAdult (f)4,3188784
57R91Among the HollyAdult (m)2,5117121
8FgJDAmong the Winter SpiritsAdult (m)3,6179152
6bK3mAmong the Candy CanesAdult (m)6,4991,65119
F5WNlAmong the Christmas CandiesAdult (m)6,3711,5879
uMjZeAmong the AngelsAdult (f)7,6731,64610
guqV5Among the JollyAdult (f)4,1481,2675
ynRlgAmong the HolidaysAdult (f)2,6349152
8BcYiAmong the SaintsAdult (f)6,2641,59012
D1NSKAmong the RibbonsAdult (f)5,4211,2444
aZmPbAmong the Spirits of WinterAdult (f)2,5999220
9jqrGAmong the ChristmasesAdult (m)5,4451,2507
EgBXZAmong the SnowyAdult (m)4,3001,3566
A535GAmong the WrapingsAdult (m)2,0858451
JtSM3Among the HolliesAdult (m)1,9838430
0HrjvAmong the HolidazeAdult (m)2,2977052
IK9AXAmong the StockingsAdult (m)3,7058901
2kXFB(2kXFB)Adult (m)2,7107950
5avYMAmong the SolsticesAdult (f)2,6869282
bfXss(bfXss)Adult (f)2,6838051
PpYqaAmong the Winter SolsticesAdult (f)2,5288811
8JIGc(8JIGc)Adult (f)3,6009121
ghPfaAmong the Holiday KissesAdult (f)2,6819721
6QOzOAmong the Mistletoe KissesAdult (f)2,4348821
IjtbAAmong the MistletoesAdult (f)2,0326100
ffaO4(ffaO4)Adult (m)3,6689041
pGQc5(pGQc5)Adult (f)2,6938112
3E4R8Among the AegisAdult (m)2,4747421
dptxV(dptxV)Adult (m)3,6769451
Y1zOg(Y1zOg)Adult (m)2,6867821
sDkbQAmong the Snow DragonsAdult (m)2,6167470
tuX7EAmong the SnowsAdult (m)2,7887140
lNBxo(lNBxo)Adult (m)3,6779611
2ckDP(2ckDP)Adult (m)2,6417962
BBXsh(BBXsh)Adult (f)5,0561,1111
ooZHt(ooZHt)Adult (f)5,0071,0911
OHbwE(OHbwE)Adult (f)4,6978923
C9ktM(C9ktM)Adult (m)4,1736621
anvn5Among the WavesAdult (m)2,6238361
JvlIEAmong the Coastal WyvernsAdult (m)2,7908462
SpjmYAmong the CoastsAdult (m)2,6657672
hzDPdAmong the Breaking WavesAdult (f)5,7541,3802
dl9YFAmong the WaverunnersAdult (f)3,1406301
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