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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “draugven,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
hsws(hsws)Adult (f)7,3331,33968
6Mpk(6Mpk)Adult (m)7,4971,33969
CEVp(CEVp)Adult (m)6,8292,06253
6vVW(6vVW)Adult (f)7,4581,33580
Q9Rn(Q9Rn)Adult (m)7,4281,34270
roMs(roMs)Adult (m)5,7331,02459
xRfl(xRfl)Adult (f)6,3501,14460
2mUK(2mUK)Adult (f)6,3181,05864
DRmq(DRmq)Adult (m)6,2911,06362
E8TM(E8TM)Adult (f)6,2921,06661
RaW2(RaW2)Adult (f)3,93697149
7D6w(7D6w)Adult (f)3,80296144
8mNr(8mNr)Adult (m)3,79596346
s59h(s59h)Adult (m)3,31689236
FTMC(FTMC)Adult (m)3,26487931
R1Y2(R1Y2)Adult (m)4,42397145
AUVR(AUVR)Adult (f)8,9321,87865
wc82(wc82)Adult (m)4,3131,02743
zrGt(zrGt)Adult (f)4,59194939
bK2n(bK2n)Adult (m)3,67287046
WzcP(WzcP)Adult (f)3,45681838
xMRS(xMRS)Adult (f)2,80273329
u81z(u81z)Adult (m)2,50770335
4mCk(4mCk)Adult (m)3,14165545
IFJA(IFJA)Adult (f)3,87171541
SazN(SazN)Adult (f)3,89172139
BOsZ(BOsZ)Adult (f)1,98743233
vmKc(vmKc)Adult (f)2,57360931
MuiU(MuiU)Adult (m)2,16952728
zocl(zocl)Adult (f)2,04452030
7usf(7usf)Adult (f)2,17756427
zJ0d(zJ0d)Adult (m)2,24852927
F9bM(F9bM)Adult (m)2,01454732
L2P4(L2P4)Adult (m)2,08056629
mBoB(mBoB)Adult (m)2,69461730
kjVK(kjVK)Adult (m)2,32458126
8VNO(8VNO)Adult (m)1,68850622
PSMh(PSMh)Adult (f)1,49743819
dTCb(dTCb)Adult (f)1,50343817
2bKl(2bKl)Adult (m)1,62143818
pOXV(pOXV)Adult (m)1,50342621
nycJ(nycJ)Adult (f)1,69441519
Gcph(Gcph)Adult (f)1,71341820
p44O(p44O)Adult (f)1,79143122
NZ1Z(NZ1Z)Adult (f)1,47239117
GFkm(GFkm)Adult (f)1,52739418
f6iJ(f6iJ)Adult (f)1,43337630
If6E(If6E)Adult (m)1,87440617
FOh0(FOh0)Adult (f)1,57242217
9paz(9paz)Adult (f)1,86145119
3JLy(3JLy)Adult (m)1,50941117
WqKD(WqKD)Adult (f)1,47638423
89UP(89UP)Adult (m)1,13632118
QePz(QePz)Adult (m)1,09631318
Izmk(Izmk)Adult (f)1,08733620
NlSw(NlSw)Adult (f)1,01235716
MuIt(MuIt)Adult (m)1,64833519
GUBf(GUBf)Adult (m)1,77234320
QnWX(QnWX)Adult (m)8,65565628
1O46(1O46)Adult (m)1,12231718
xHRh(xHRh)Adult (f)99031317
hIrm(hIrm)Adult (f)2,82431017
1U8V(1U8V)Adult (m)2,35331118
I1hg(I1hg)Adult (f)2,32823218
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