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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “dragoon1234,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7GhUBanana split dragonerAdult (m)2,5741,30426
oeetEDerrick my bro dragoonAdult (m)1,8366951
qoSXdDreams personal cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,0684572
0tJJrPoncho and lefty cuffs dragoonAdult (m)2,3398881
SjndLDarth Brooks cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,8609062
S76RADelta force cuffs dragoonAdult (m)3,1801,0671
Wj472Interlinked necromancer dragoonAdult (f)3,1131,0251
1vqasDonkey Kong X2 cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,5779311
gAAFpMike and Ike cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,1169480
sdhlCAce deuce machina cuffs dragoonAdult (f)2,6499293
kMoV0Child of darkness cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,6949292
UDDITProgress 70 destruction dragoonAdult (f)3,6771,0011
ibbAKMixed chaos 10 cuffed dragoonAdult (f)3,6531,0211
9JNHVDark chaos destroyer dragoonAdult (f)2,3758260
ULOzzU Loze dragoonAdult (f)2,1378290
WJMp5Nightwish cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,6518670
23CsQuote the cuffs nevermoreAdult (f)3,04520310
GKeHBlinded by cuffs dragonerAdult (m)2,4697974
cijSCuffs McFugells dragonerAdult (m)2,5031,07017
PjSESphinx damascus dragonerAdult (m)2,0397653
3rG2rPale nasty gum cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,3508240
b2lGXHexagonal chaos cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,4158180
dqHsVLineage chaos as usual dragoonAdult (f)1,8796263
S3SoTBlinded by CB cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,6338161
GeauAir bubbles cuffed dragoonAdult (m)3,36322514
1AhaBOING the cuffs popped dragonerAdult (m)2,4118142
oOE1Carnival dragoner thuwedAdult (f)2,31598014
VOiFbubble gum cuffs dragoonAdult (f)2,3785115
57IQfloating cuffs dragoonAdult (f)2,42753810
VHSfHydrogen oxide cuffs dragoonAdult (m)2,8986526
sbRY9Popsicle of joy cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,4771,0645
DlF8NNitrous oxide cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,3649205
4nDUkFrozen airsicle cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,7339500
FitRthe dragoon of pure chaosAdult (m)3,2602206
FA67pure black darkness dragoonAdult (f)3,3562247
FY5Hmay the dragoon consume youAdult (f)5,0571,1898
GEN1cauldron enigma dragonerAdult (f)5,8758798
GE6YMoonlight madness dragonerAdult (f)2,4489146
qpVQNight is darkest dragonerAdult (f)1,5846927
Bs4FJust before dawn dragonerAdult (f)1,86362712
l6pZFFailed alt again cuffed dragoonAdult (f)3,2209070
S9u5iAnother failed alt dragoonAdult (m)1,8487890
fOciAFirst CB black cuffed dragoonAdult (m)3,0728781
2uj0ETAIN TUR-MUKAN dragoonAdult (f)3,15921226
V1SC8Dragoons Alt Sonic ScrewdriverAdult (f)2,3568561
qhq5KDelicious cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,2517871
WIn3OSips coffee cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,8748890
LqhfkYES perfect cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,4928770
b09w2Liquid heat cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,5408720
E1KRsNeed Coffee cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,7129081
bGcWHI like Green cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,5249202
YnJlIEternal Spire cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,0365272
vrP2vHAHAHAHA cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,4208221
XvQcDI want kids cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,4478332
dfe4MNeed to get laid cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,8169710
CfigXI am THE Alpha cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,8639221
JP4psGood defense cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,5968881
8AcA3Good offense cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,6698761
Ip0qVSomewhere between cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,5579221
ZiHp2(ZiHp2)Adult (f)2,8028660
MUjQCoincidence cuffs dragoonAdult (m)2,6181926
6gDDwater airbender dragoonAdult (m)2,3986916
jWiUhydroelectic dame dragonerAdult (f)2,9421,07326
odEhDA raging storm cuffs dragoonAdult (f)2,4138941
o29dHHydra blaster cuffs dragoonAdult (m)3,1551,0123
SZYClAncient hydrolics cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,3098573
WTs9DThis ones done cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,4058270
b6S6OToo many dragoons cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,2648090
VY8okVery unoriginal cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,7968162
BFdc4Ruined just ruined dragoonAdult (f)2,6338470
n0GGOVOLOT UTHAN dragoonAdult (f)6,1811,0388
uVYNfirst pact subordinate dragoonAdult (m)1,3296112
KuLaKBoring cuffs dragoonAdult (f)3,0651,0672
5g9rhSlim the random cuffed dragoonAdult (m)1,9076800
p5UmkA green heart cuffed dragoonAdult (f)3,6721,0742
4FTnaBirds of a cuff feather dragoonAdult (m)3,9291,4454
IPIbiBORING cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,5809211
5GN13Very totalled cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,6186051
an6MbShiny as mangoes cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,8938880
z6psEMMMM Fruit Loops cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,0796631
mXejGAnother one cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,8159200
NWUo8I need coffee cuffed dragoonAdult (f)3,0649211
q6QP7Burn baby burn cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,6268971
OsNmQPutrid burn techtonix dragoonAdult (f)3,0058670
90sWFeathery friendly dragoonAdult (m)3,4442309
2IXVdragoon of THE many colorsAdult (m)2,8551929
CvjMThe hidden leaf village dragoonAdult (m)2,2458018
ZWp8Cuff the magic dragonerAdult (f)2,5429149
V8XqCHerman the Gremlin cuffs dragoonAdult (f)2,1378453
ucMtQFlock to fall cuffs dragoonAdult (f)2,8951,0993
ai5bwThe elbow cuffed dragoonAdult (m)1,7895841
FyNVW(FyNVW)Adult (f)2,8708851
mJEb9(mJEb9)Adult (f)2,8379120
0A2hIHungry for salad cuffed dragoonAdult (m)1,6847221
ieuKOWhat a coincidence dragoonAdult (m)1,5787102
U550magnifico cava loalado dragonerAdult (f)4,3297738
dn287How purty cuffed dragoonAdult (f)1,6167072
lfgBfirst pack festivities dragoonAdult (f)1,6456732
prAsthe one that got away dragoonAdult (f)1,7267002
HTeF1Random name cuffed dragoonAdult (m)1,8317344
0HMqsFailed gold cuffed dragoonAdult (m)1,6697273
V8rUiCOOKIE cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,3197831
giu7aMMMMMMMM food cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,5348171
b2YpMSnow deer cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,1708261
1yeQRSo cold cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,2368220
mNitskyscraper dragoonAdult (m)4,8477243
JcEHsurfing the sun dragoonAdult (f)2,6038081
TOtcEHigh Tide cuffs dragoonAdult (f)2,1297360
7VTEBWave of relief cuffed dragoonAdult (f)3,1569741
JkhGSerpetine dragoonAdult (f)2,5011,11814
VsPbPoison Ivy dragoonAdult (m)2,2566562
CDZPIOnce cuffed Thu dorkfa dragoonAdult (f)4,7301,68910
fb4CkGoodness big cuffs dragoonAdult (f)2,4589842
HgSKQFailure is awesome cuffs dragoonAdult (f)2,4439361
HiMspOMG I HATE ALTS dragoonAdult (f)2,8248410
KGyPRCB vine be annoy dragoonAdult (f)1,6227400
koUk0Still not easy cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,5988902
OZbPblue floating dragoonAdult (m)3,7662527
R3ihblue blossom dragoonAdult (f)3,8502598
mJ8Hblue sparkling dragoonAdult (f)3,3802739
DlTpBlue Rose dragoonAdult (f)1,4776521
j1M4Leon dragoner dorkfaceAdult (m)3,3951,16321
IAdQBlue spectacle dragonerAdult (f)2,4978924
lQd0RThats all about cuffed dragoonAdult (f)1,3826330
va6EKraken the chaotic dragonerAdult (m)5,6829568
RtZMDeep sea terror dragonerAdult (f)2,3531,3388
A849KLeviathian water chaos dragoonAdult (f)2,4738861
MpXvJareth Sartoris dragoonAdult (m)3,0622057
RT26IDK what to cuff this dragoonAdult (f)4,6283094
OTUKSomewhat useful CP dragonerAdult (f)2,6601,1547
vph7Spot the Cerebrus dragoonAdult (f)2,2036837
968TSpike heart dragoonAdult (m)3,0822415
1WRxDRide the wave cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,6539005
SPQgHNo Yes No cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,9199882
Al7TVYes No Yes cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,2857941
G6aaZatchbell dragoonAdult (f)3,1002089
HmAVElectrical storm dragoonAdult (m)3,1542126
743WaSparky McCuffs dragoonAdult (m)2,5388210
av0uiSparky the cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,9869252
A76Dkitsunemarie dragoonAdult (f)3,1457185
DdTFfire of the phoenix dragoonAdult (f)2,1979032
3irYEmblem of Fire Emblem dragonerAdult (f)2,6941,36611
ceoe3Volvagia cuffed dragoonAdult (m)3,0681,0891
9ZP6sFire Emblem cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,3858100
nLVU4Let it burn cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,6238810
Edl2ZThuwed dusk dorkface dragoonAdult (m)2,7936033
XdqnFMechanics of chaos dragoonAdult (f)1,3826350
QAGEWHell on wheels cuffed dragoonAdult (f)1,6387570
5IXaflamingo dragoonAdult (f)3,0639545
d2bHDarth Scidious dragoonAdult (m)2,65161610
0RHVNPainful yet happy cuffs dragoonAdult (m)2,8891,0793
CSHPROne mean rude cuffed dragoonAdult (f)3,2639190
lks74AFLAC duck cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,3737982
h2jDNUglie chaos cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,8358912
jRsW4Pelicans r us cuffed dragoonAdult (f)1,6686321
NVDpAur Myss dragoonAdult (f)3,6982473
TYNuBESANY WENNEN dragoonAdult (f)3,01620211
lDoMXIce beam cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,8179021
aY5fJILKA ZAN ZENTIS dragoonAdult (f)2,0286726
KAqsAnikan Skywalker dragoonAdult (f)2,2416673
NYgkDarth Vader cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,3107042
vRPuSShining brightly cuffs dragoonAdult (f)2,4549499
2Dj0LThe Phoenix cuffs dragoonAdult (m)2,3278502
aDLfPSolarbeam ray cuffs dragoonAdult (f)2,0247060
ZSfIiThe face of light cuffs dragoonAdult (f)1,7936610
9foPTYesh I did it cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,9308421
YsJ5UTotsie roll cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,7871,0200
rZihWGolden wheaties cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,4149043
Igohshallow dragoonAdult (f)7,3781,1026
mmRTMagikarp dragoonAdult (m)4,4557907
V5H5The one that got away dragonerAdult (m)2,26582916
6XkYJThe game cuffs dragoonAdult (f)2,4656000
8D9RGHe ran away cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,8099161
vq8UCImmortal pain cuffed dragoonAdult (m)2,7798793
qcne7Ace-deuce cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,8269602
DDvoSerpentile dragoonAdult (f)4,4252956
VniCCount dooku dragoonAdult (m)2,8121945
cPV2Blink of an eye dragonerAdult (m)2,4118024
4PDDMithos the fallen dragonerAdult (m)2,2379088
VKEjOSpiraling eclipse cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,5211,01811
Wf0iuConfucious says cuff dragoonAdult (f)2,0848744
6ZRYfFor Susan and BrianAdult (m)2,5959070
qPybbMaster of disaster dragoonAdult (m)1,5867660
KhuKkid darkness dragoonHatchling (f, F)4,2302823
n2cZRC-1262 SCORCH dragoonAdult (f)3,0222054
E90XRC-1309 NINER dragoonAdult (f)3,5762555
jovcRC-1136 DARMAN dragoonAdult (m)3,1396247
cCbkRC-5108 CORR dragoonAdult (m)3,7307288
6pfCRC-3222 ATIN dragoonAdult (m)1,9318243
h1ZFRC-1138 BOSS dragoonAdult (f)1,6185862
fedGRC-1140 FIXER dragoonAdult (f)1,6365801
r2loRC-1207 SEV dragoonAdult (m)5,5328817
ij0NKajin Savaros dragoonAdult (m)2,3907131
H4pMJax Pavan dragoonAdult (f)2,3467222
I7OHthe final green dragonerAdult (m)2,7977314
ggHuSasuke Uchiha dragonerAdult (f)2,8591,28713
9OejGreen cuffs of DOOM dragonerAdult (f)1,9056276
to4DGreen necromancer dragoonAdult (m)1,8045135
rhU1WDeath Mountain dragoon thuwedAdult (m)2,2239307
0g5iDYojimbo the green cuffed dragoonAdult (f)2,8001,1686
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