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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2011 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “dragontender101,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ctZKF(ctZKF)Adult (m)4,8153385
bE1Qi(bE1Qi)Adult (f)1,6831,32710
opbVW(opbVW)Adult (f)2,6305298
hNr5e(hNr5e)Adult (f)3,04555015
UdZ7JDarkest Night SlayerAdult (m)3,39645517
DkEpsLord CheeseAdult2,66744913
Q9n2RLord Cheese IIHatchling (F)1,1201576
JJr0dGanondorf's GeneralAdult (f)8864393
9uk6p(9uk6p)Adult (f)1,8386014
8Pqa8(8Pqa8)Adult (m)3,1773956
7m2rK(7m2rK)Adult (m)2,2927506
9de2s(9de2s)Adult (m)3,3433907
42E97(42E97)Adult (f)3,6224356
EHsHN(EHsHN)Adult (f)3,30737712
AlLbv(AlLbv)Adult (f)1,3168929
PqS42(PqS42)Adult (m)3,83348925
cqPJN(cqPJN)Adult (m)3,4304897
4DOYM(4DOYM)Adult (f)2,3393018
nImAZ(nImAZ)Adult (m)3,2184657
FalaG(FalaG)Adult (f)2,1422789
iWlfa(iWlfa)Adult (m)3,36444013
uH422(uH422)Adult (m)2,62558713
lQ4sQ(lQ4sQ)Egg (F)
9C4QS(9C4QS)Adult (f)3,45840710
3LHiV(3LHiV)Adult (m)3,39337212
9PQY1(9PQY1)Adult (m)3,2245682
fqsOs(fqsOs)Adult (f)2,6213047
eIRAfOda NobungaAdult3,33144512
aNY7P(aNY7P)Hatchling (F)1,7156666
KDTCu(KDTCu)Adult (m)2,34347513
ohlKe(ohlKe)Adult (f)3,4064448
am6tc(am6tc)Adult (f)7,79470615
E5H5c(E5H5c)Adult (m)5,58170616
sUsjA(sUsjA)Adult (m)6,85167910
WPTSF(WPTSF)Adult (m)6,27362613
Pi5P9(Pi5P9)Adult (m)3,3934576
XKD2Y(XKD2Y)Adult (f)2,0686159
fILKE(fILKE)Adult (m)3,6385314
Lrrr7(Lrrr7)Adult (m)3,0644384
RRY4T(RRY4T)Adult (m)2,0996892
jPLNZ(jPLNZ)Adult (f)2,82345711
Ta11E(Ta11E)Adult (m)3,79558033
xviid(xviid)Adult (m)3,4324544
oC7o4(oC7o4)Adult (f)3,13254511
QPrOg(QPrOg)Adult (f)2,99339115
Pdlp8(Pdlp8)Adult (m)6,4151,00911
dab7O(dab7O)Adult (f)3,50547511
Df3FH(Df3FH)Adult (m)3,24554212
7Pvgl(7Pvgl)Adult (m)2,74445510
LXASR(LXASR)Adult (m)1,29696520
F4S7f(F4S7f)Hatchling (F)1,2851775
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