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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “dragonlordess,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dCEFCI FirestarterAdult (m)3,5848112
Q9SrPV Desipis PyroAdult (f)4,3141,0795
xDvtaIV XenoWrongAdult (f)4,0936392
TPdTvA wild lil' beastieHatchling (f, F)3,0117521
RLuLk(RLuLk)Adult (m)2,9817940
CtJdq(CtJdq)Adult (f)3,8686643
nx6YCIIIe A little magic in your lifeAdult (m)3,8187252
jCnlpII BorrsdottirAdult (f)3,7567841
JBJto(JBJto)Adult (f)7,9801,4368
wo1ArII Earth SongAdult (f)7,9931,3594
CTszRII The Dance of Trees and TimeAdult (f)4,4691,0892
oJ83C(oJ83C)Adult (f)2,7427211
kdRDEI Mage WyrmAdult (m)4,1629741
znMagII Mr Freaky JrAdult (m)4,8609844
UccZ8II Echoes of the DawnAdult (m)3,4946932
qHZedVII Sea MagicAdult (f)4,3108304
ZDblDI Eager to HelpHatchling (m, F)2,7158792
r0DE9I Rodeo DancerHatchling (F)2,3826312
1waoI Frozen PurityHatchling (f, F)6,1643,22988
GOLhjXXIII GloamyAdult (m)4,5668853
3SrxiI Pure of HeartAdult (m)3,5225261
05xuTI Rest your weary headAdult (m)4,5189550
XrOOi(XrOOi)Adult (m)4,5288970
7xKJl(7xKJl)Adult (m)4,3539521
TGALmIV White DaydreamAdult (m)4,9797484
4uyG0(4uyG0)Adult (m)3,0841,0172
v82iA(v82iA)Adult (m)3,5109231
3GE7YI Hidden in the SnowAdult (m)2,8648711
Z6oBC(Z6oBC)Adult (m)2,5025930
NSGPVI Healing DreamAdult (m)3,8371,0723
KEB1qV Celestial White MarshmallowAdult (m)3,3497895
BXFSCIIIse Gilded SnowAdult (f)3,7536381
5XAMgI Boy BlueAdult (m)2,4498221
4pT9zIVs Oops in the BreedingAdult (m)3,5419140
TUlO8IV Beautiful ManAdult (m)1,5517191
Br7HDVIse Golden SnowAdult (f)1,6156691
FJIhOI Pretty Healer BabyAdult (f)2,6728870
FxSK3I MishakalAdult (f)1,9356344
nOsQ3I Healing StrengthAdult (f)2,8578223
OkQWF(OkQWF)Adult (m)3,4501,0662
6cicq(6cicq)Adult (m)2,2307432
NWKr9(NWKr9)Adult (m)2,9139512
2JQUR(2JQUR)Adult (f)2,1327320
1df69(1df69)Adult (m)4,2785741
7ruEm(7ruEm)Adult (f)4,2957483
6pF2(6pF2)Adult (m)4,9666449
aU70(aU70)Adult (f)4,0387374
72sr(72sr)Adult (m)3,10251827
380r(380r)Adult (m)4,52039112
fYC8(fYC8)Adult (m)3,2442428
Oi9a(Oi9a)Adult (f)1,14447810
cBe9(cBe9)Adult (m)1,52540410
PD0O(PD0O)Adult (f)2,07847614
wt1H(wt1H)Adult (f)3,3802303
Sg8xXIV Necv OltherforAdult (m)2,75130110
CsJJXIi Straight Line healerAdult (m)1,3909236
1sf8VIII A Healer DorkfaceAdult (m)1,5218453
3GDTVIIi ThriceAdult (m)1,4038026
OxawIVi Crystal HealerAdult (m)3,93681712
39H3V Sorell BabyAdult (m)2,52632325
irk5IXi Dr HouseAdult (m)2,2235658
ZYxQV Street Rat HealerAdult (f)7585599
WMt3VIi White MountainAdult (m)1,20996511
TuqMV A line of HealersAdult (m)1,25970519
IsdzII Takes after her momAdult (f)1,9161,19013
1dfcVII Healing TouchAdult (f)2,1761,2463
spsWVi Silver WhiteAdult (m)1,8391,07016
U3dOIV Pluto's LightAdult (f)1,55090431
sZloVIIi Cobalt EyesAdult (f)1,57591133
zcK4V Gentle BabyAdult (f)2,1481,51924
3LmMIII Royal GoldAdult (f)1,8681,11523
vUPvVIII CranathAdult (m)1,88468636
v7hvXVIIIi VersedAdult (m)1,35193412
CfvIX BlancusAdult (m)2,1711,42713
TBG9III Errant HealerAdult (f)1,9371,34116
iej5IX Long Line HealerAdult (m)2,2171,38634
9O95II Winter ShineAdult (f)3,5061,03916
V3mgV A Black Tie AffairAdult (m)2,2091,54619
aOXaVI CastimonaeAdult (m)2,2091,54717
DGdcVIII Flies in PeaceAdult (m)1,44970056
UWXDI Blue Eyed and GentleAdult (m)4,2181,2167
1ojPI PurityAdult (f)8,1613,928145
WYMEIIIi Winter SoulAdult (m)5,5783,134167
8HJzII Pure FlightAdult (f)5,7573,171202
jp5uI Gentle SpiritAdult (m)6,4643,359194
k7tKrI Speed PrincessHatchling (f, F)4,9059442
ASdUI Frozen SpeedHatchling (F)1,04719610
5J3plI Too fast for youAdult (f)2,0067992
tjGaXI Racing against manyAdult (m)2,39838310
m62KIII Cloud RacerAdult (f)1,3905092
FP47I SpeedyAdult (m)1,2799012
ETnRI Racing TailAdult (f)1,7283677
PHKV8(PHKV8)Hatchling (F)1,7465443
TkggI Baby LilyHatchling (f, F)1,95971815
tOPIXIIi Many lily pads laterAdult (f)5,1473593
0fnFIV Trogon McGonagallAdult (m)1,3764937
efH2I Not a frogAdult (m)1,8166812
b2qRI Lily DragonAdult (f)1,3915953
vkIT(vkIT)Hatchling (m, F)1,5906485
nevLs(nevLs)Adult (m)4,3911,0701
qauT(qauT)Adult (f)1,8553563
Qv1I(Qv1I)Adult (m)1,1924357
hHhs(hHhs)Adult (f)2,0225627
DBND(DBND)Adult (f)2,5503507
nKS7(nKS7)Adult (f)1,3723726
dtVG(dtVG)Adult (m)3,5382558
vs01(vs01)Adult (m)6,32281817
1MG4(1MG4)Adult (m)1,2865383
8AAS(8AAS)Adult (f)1,2415283
6201(6201)Adult (m)2,37385114
kQuxG(kQuxG)Adult (m)2,6697402
eLwzU(eLwzU)Adult (m)3,3377701
0KMeI Living Dead BoyHatchling (m, F)1,43279527
e4sVI Living Dead GirlHatchling (f, F)6,49668016
yloQQI VampiraAdult (f)6,7801,1162
TSngA(TSngA)Adult (m)5,6751,0794
HeMfq(HeMfq)Adult (f)4,9496910
loFWJ(loFWJ)Adult (m)5,7978310
opPCzDaughter of FreakyAdult (f)3,9699620
wEEjIIV Bloody TinselAdult (f)3,9696100
Ze5dkIII Epsilon Destiny AllegroAdult (m)4,2977032
7uQmeV Silver Screen KingAdult (m)3,4198711
YJHeXI Bite of RagnarokAdult (f)5,6041,0685
RPQiI Son of DraculAdult (m)5,5947394
qqskIX Nine Lives of VampCatAdult (f)4,39448617
pMQGI Deacon FrostAdult (m)2,95339513
echXI Count DraculaAdult (m)1,84996427
NmFuI Bride of DraculaAdult (f)1,4255373
5h5TIII Hungry like a VampireAdult (m)1,6146418
ePR4I VampiressAdult (f)6,2513,03575
2IDWW(2IDWW)Adult (f)2,7538480
62b4J(62b4J)Adult (f)2,6708091
bznaY(bznaY)Adult (m)3,9947503
FI9fW(FI9fW)Hatchling (f, F)3,4235220
WDaob(WDaob)Adult (f)3,1167763
xELFm(xELFm)Adult (f)3,3159382
X2EJS(X2EJS)Adult (f)3,9626110
w7X2k(w7X2k)Adult (m)2,8118782
A1nxR(A1nxR)Adult (m)4,3737792
jAfjb(jAfjb)Adult (f)2,7837332
C0Clg(C0Clg)Adult (f)3,3421,2430
qVPRrI Steal your heart awayAdult (f)3,2481,2412
3U7R7(3U7R7)Hatchling (m, F)4,4188600
jFNa9(jFNa9)Adult (m)2,6427531
VZnK5(VZnK5)Adult (m)4,0907834
J6MvL(J6MvL)Adult (m)3,0757804
PsOW1(PsOW1)Adult (m)3,1508114
hXAnKI Love RadianceAdult (m)4,8181,0251
AAXfN(AAXfN)Hatchling (f, F)2,1437582
9YYJQ(9YYJQ)Adult (f)3,3249171
weLN4(weLN4)Adult (f)3,2869121
L8TBm(L8TBm)Adult (f)4,3517862
6zSX4(6zSX4)Adult (f)4,0877572
VdtLv(VdtLv)Adult (f)5,0875021
nOtGO(nOtGO)Adult (f)4,1361,3000
6ljZ8(6ljZ8)Adult (f)4,6991,4281
acwK1II A Black Tie ValentineAdult (f)5,5961,1303
hFjM9I Giving LadyAdult (f)2,5138671
R7YTGII A frozen heartHatchling (m, F)2,2097832
zHuIe(zHuIe)Adult (m)3,6209801
6qF2k(6qF2k)Adult (m)3,4739861
86NDT(86NDT)Adult (m)3,2819072
VxDpX(VxDpX)Adult (m)2,9634911
S3nEIII MitraliaAdult (m)2,4728534
DZiOI Miniature RoseHatchling (F)3,2755993
a69AA(a69AA)Adult (f)3,2628951
NElkI Rose in BloomAdult (f)5,2118631
jEQKi Baby Boy SweetlingHatchling (m, F)1,2135684
vuh4I Sweet ManAdult (m)1,2595803
WBnnI Valentine CandyHatchling (f, F)1,3065976
ft6aP(ft6aP)Adult (f)2,9124883
0sxcZ(0sxcZ)Adult (f)3,7961,3912
Vnt7I Sweet ValentineAdult (f)2,4331,11916
tiong(tiong)Hatchling (F)3,1446391
BICcy(BICcy)Hatchling (f, F)3,7868802
zZ9GE(zZ9GE)Hatchling (m, F)3,4049051
hQHAbIVs KazmxiaAdult (m)6,1991,1171
xVXXM(xVXXM)Adult (f)3,3477273
DDdIP(DDdIP)Adult (f)4,6708393
PUzTa(PUzTa)Adult (f)5,0495921
0fYp0(0fYp0)Adult (f)5,5979220
vYSAoI Water TalkerAdult (m)5,7619041
7TrdL(7TrdL)Adult (f)5,4387791
EBqRG(EBqRG)Adult (m)4,6951,0012
CDslK(CDslK)Adult (m)4,4059050
URLAC(URLAC)Adult (m)4,4519091
IHe71(IHe71)Adult (m)4,6947380
gk14z(gk14z)Adult (m)4,7837260
i5R39(i5R39)Adult (f)4,4429580
iZQhP(iZQhP)Adult (m)4,1649360
wxzHw(wxzHw)Hatchling (m, F)5,2236921
MOkJW(MOkJW)Hatchling (F)2,6878122
DGCRk(DGCRk)Hatchling (f, F)1,9906721
L6N1o(L6N1o)Adult (f)2,5658890
6r9uPXVIIi Blue MurmurAdult (f)2,8148402
lKug1VI Heat seekerAdult (f)5,6971,0464
AXYBHA better flierHatchling (f, F)4,2299851
DIkvf(DIkvf)Hatchling (F)4,9021,0361
EN4AM(EN4AM)Adult (m)4,3169698
8Aab9(8Aab9)Adult (m)3,3751,2252
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