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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “dragongrrrl,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
OBQSEWelcome to dragongrrl's ScrollAdult (f)2,1216402
aRyYmAnd The Chronicles of VerdantHatchling (F)2,0843782
u8SumHome Of Over 2000 0-Click AdultsAdult (f)4,4313750
Iy88EPlease Enjoy Looking At All MyHatchling (F)1,6901340
PUVTSAdults and Frozen HatchlingsHatchling (F)1,8884270
a1CL1But Please Don't Click MyHatchling (F)2,6681920
oQs7BGrowing Eggs Or HatchlingsHatchling (F)2,3351830
Q2odtAlthough You May Think It SoHatchling (F)2,9665240
oEe9zWe Do Not Need Clicks To GrowHatchling (m, F)2,7405360
gEwLGPlease respect my 0-click babiesHatchling (F)8032090
UebFDAnd Thank You For Not ClickingHatchling (m, F)3,8453210
8eB5rSinomoAdult (m)
N7j2lLeaping GaiaAdult (f)5,3361,15712
2P96bDelallaAdult (f)
3VXQLittle YggdrasilEgg (F)
DlL1wAl ErgyAdult (m)
ndAeIBalanced GaiaAdult (f)8,1201,14313
YFfVISyn ErgyAdult (f)
qQLpMentha VerdantAdult (m)4,9211,22137
0lSuMentha VerdanaAdult (f)4,9581,21228
4Wv9X(4Wv9X)Hatchling (f)3,6204186
0eW8T(0eW8T)Hatchling (f)3,6484083
fpbwXHug BugHatchling (F)1,9351420
REFRcSmall ReferenceHatchling (F)2,2352451
04lUq(04lUq)Adult (m)3,4714235
zWJQD(zWJQD)Adult (m)3,7784572
249zU(249zU)Adult (f)2,3625900
lDT3p(lDT3p)Adult (f)2,4155980
gkWNjAstrolabiniaAdult (f)2,3465941
gROs6(gROs6)Adult (f)2,5496291
kYCfY(kYCfY)Adult (f)2,3535861
6oFSy(6oFSy)Adult (f)2,3986042
CQDfI(CQDfI)Adult (m)2,5766361
wNmg2(wNmg2)Adult (f)2,4365951
PGVzbPeg VizbaHatchling (f, F)3,2634771
qgSEgQuogsegiaHatchling (f, F)3,4285602
K1mEMKimemHatchling (m, F)3,2694750
ttlQaObittle QHatchling (m, F)3,4485441
j3OkgHokey JokeyHatchling (F)2,5703011
Aa0LH(Aa0LH)Hatchling (F)2,7553081
lWYsc(lWYsc)Adult (f)4,2885451
fdg1b(fdg1b)Adult (f)3,0414462
RZSp3(RZSp3)Adult (f)2,6275284
7cxM9(7cxM9)Adult (f)3,2184431
Qy19k(Qy19k)Adult (f)4,3823922
pJc2z(pJc2z)Adult (m)3,9033472
2sFhV(2sFhV)Adult (m)4,4154800
GSaPp(GSaPp)Adult (m)3,5024651
gbnzc(gbnzc)Adult (f)3,2124331
GdNBq(GdNBq)Adult (f)4,3514343
3bczR(3bczR)Adult (f)4,2084302
6FxBz(6FxBz)Adult (m)4,3484173
fny0L(fny0L)Adult (f)4,3204332
PdL4cThe Sea Of PossibilitesAdult (m)3,7494800
ZqY41Z'MunkieHatchling (F)5,9596181
bfHzTBefhazitHatchling (F)3,7993035
Ll17A(Ll17A)Adult (f)3,9965132
1Isjk(1Isjk)Adult (f)3,0873831
RGjUJ(RGjUJ)Adult (m)4,3025831
TnEvlTinEvilAdult (f)4,3625341
uZXhsMala and TippieAdult (f)3,8523871
A7m9P(A7m9P)Adult (f)4,9284321
Jf8za(Jf8za)Adult (m)4,1034083
2NtYu(2NtYu)Adult (m)3,9163970
krTST(krTST)Adult (f)3,4354880
OwC3H(OwC3H)Adult (m)3,9375450
N3dfJ(N3dfJ)Adult (f)3,8935320
AyLny(AyLny)Adult (f)3,9015290
3fQA2(3fQA2)Adult (m)4,0745380
OfV6H(OfV6H)Adult (m)3,9485470
UP5Mz(UP5Mz)Adult (m)3,9374043
tHtAQ(tHtAQ)Adult (m)4,1644151
3poLzLeo PolzoAdult (m)3,6674144
ExOiX(ExOiX)Adult (f)3,9864511
5A8yWWavering MimeAdult (m)3,4073971
gbnhH(gbnhH)Adult (f)4,2194562
0JT9J(0JT9J)Adult (f)4,2654582
gTAu8Mimi TauAdult (f)3,4733712
EHBq0(EHBq0)Adult (f)4,5534525
oq1UK(oq1UK)Adult (f)3,9394162
9HqtyNindukiAdult (f)3,4363661
cwUG3WugnetaAdult (f)3,3783792
D4pAeTheoretic LokiAdult (m)3,9994463
kePNnKepininaAdult (f)3,7144082
4VJ1kFolilaoAdult (f)3,4043881
ABND6AbandinaAdult (f)3,8304251
PUmQ2Puma LumoAdult (m)4,2124450
9Kv4XGhansierraAdult (f)3,7973970
xXWL5(xXWL5)Adult (f)3,5724354
3DxJIThredisaAdult (f)3,3704182
U5kwq(U5kwq)Adult (f)3,3234071
bOhEh(bOhEh)Adult (m)3,6844590
TnMZGWe Hatch Fastest With 0 ClicksAdult (m)3,8504740
NTga4(NTga4)Adult (f)3,3824011
7ky9P(7ky9P)Adult (f)4,0425191
rmRKW(rmRKW)Adult (m)3,8184830
0fk7j(0fk7j)Adult (m)4,1924831
NbcNF(NbcNF)Adult (f)4,1284920
zvt0tZ'TotAdult (m)3,7054610
UDYqe(UDYqe)Adult (f)3,6324821
2dp0PTwoPopAdult (m)3,5254640
J0pZM(J0pZM)Adult (f)3,8584670
aNIRi(aNIRi)Adult (m)5,3035834
HWmDH(HWmDH)Adult (f)6,8476684
AIUpM(AIUpM)Adult (f)3,5034673
7FnzF(7FnzF)Adult (m)3,7824731
UwQKW(UwQKW)Adult (f)3,0334311
Dvmqd(Dvmqd)Adult (m)3,8894961
LCNqN(LCNqN)Adult (f)9592652
u4Ml5(u4Ml5)Adult (m)3,3164551
MILaX(MILaX)Adult (f)4,1023493
UEvgS(UEvgS)Adult (f)4,0563462
WI9Dx(WI9Dx)Adult (m)4,9124213
Rbo34(Rbo34)Adult (m)3,9483322
fbwVR(fbwVR)Adult (m)4,6433734
zc1v5(zc1v5)Adult (f)6,2735013
57eIH(57eIH)Adult (m)4,9774152
zVTz2(zVTz2)Adult (m)4,0303525
68fP7Clickers Made Me SickAdult (f)9,3138237
9nqwe(9nqwe)Adult (m)3,3765504
7OKSC(7OKSC)Adult (m)3,3464632
8HEh4Orson BeanAdult (m)3,7264773
yOIt8Lotta LotaAdult (f)2,7934460
zfbMX(zfbMX)Adult (f)3,7054773
J0eC4Joey SeefourAdult (m)3,7524961
71JalShame On Those Who ClickAdult (m)3,4274763
T9Fog(T9Fog)Adult (f)3,6565060
gkHxh(gkHxh)Adult (m)3,6325091
9P74V(9P74V)Adult (f)4,1634931
uYlEN(uYlEN)Adult (f)3,8265501
NWmFu(NWmFu)Adult (m)3,9414753
I4a3S(I4a3S)Adult (m)4,0194942
Jiu1C(Jiu1C)Adult (m)3,4604411
baXai(baXai)Adult (m)3,0734402
zRyJRZ'Ory and JuniorAdult (m)3,3974591
y78Rp(y78Rp)Adult (f)3,8494991
gb7HX(gb7HX)Adult (m)3,6314732
0TngL(0TngL)Adult (f)3,1194262
ixRh3(ixRh3)Adult (f)3,8274802
l39JT(l39JT)Adult (f)3,7844900
nV62V(nV62V)Adult (f)3,6804800
BW5lD(BW5lD)Adult (f)3,8634810
3xFId(3xFId)Adult (m)3,2174022
Or2Q5(Or2Q5)Adult (f)3,8194772
6vQqY(6vQqY)Adult (f)3,7524970
RtBpS(RtBpS)Adult (m)3,4294382
RHd7e(RHd7e)Adult (f)3,6164461
CaQJi(CaQJi)Adult (m)3,1814023
eMleb(eMleb)Adult (m)3,1284141
6v9Uo(6v9Uo)Adult (m)3,8064362
0pMrO(0pMrO)Adult (f)3,9154704
BcS8JBlank Blank ClickersAdult (m)3,5094334
53GJxShame On The Thoughtless ClicksAdult (m)3,4594483
NIYaZShame On Those Who Click MeAdult (f)3,6265127
oNV0pLuna CrownAdult (f)4,1885084
kTOa4KrakatoarcanaAdult (f)3,6034623
9miAyView Without Clicking PLEASEAdult (f)4,0845055
oLWLo(oLWLo)Adult (m)3,6674663
59KNj(59KNj)Adult (f)2,7366042
4IYww(4IYww)Adult (m)2,5795742
AjwLm(AjwLm)Adult (m)3,1205641
0gWbT(0gWbT)Adult (m)2,5635122
ZS8xY(ZS8xY)Adult (m)3,1734600
ChKAG(ChKAG)Adult (f)3,2704952
Pc7ep(Pc7ep)Adult (f)3,4645302
E7a7V(E7a7V)Adult (f)3,2714492
CBVyF(CBVyF)Adult (f)2,7935583
KXjnD(KXjnD)Adult (m)3,8916042
ZVlC3Z'VictorianaAdult (f)2,5635533
SxWf2(SxWf2)Adult (f)2,7835731
Rv5wsKhusarrAdult (m)3,8823674
Rqe51CelermintAdult (m)4,3373756
RBOJ0RibojoAdult (m)4,7943913
Cf0Ts(Cf0Ts)Adult (m)4,8704133
yN2yU(yN2yU)Adult (m)3,4253983
CFpAx(CFpAx)Adult (f)3,0424750
LKHcI(LKHcI)Adult (f)3,2575330
3pBqb(3pBqb)Adult (f)3,1614983
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