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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “dragoness17,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MarthHero-King MarthAdult (m)22,2301,791230
rzJhB(rzJhB)Adult (f)2,1343505
xooEV(xooEV)Adult (f)4,5961,0792
ZnYQV(ZnYQV)Adult (m)2,5863453
6ZGze(6ZGze)Adult (m)2,1594124
VPI6G(VPI6G)Adult (f)2,5303574
6TzhW(6TzhW)Adult (f)3,1563204
lQFNi(lQFNi)Adult (f)3,7053755
3oxOg(3oxOg)Adult (f)2,4495804
1a30j(1a30j)Adult (f)3,0708225
TNEKO(TNEKO)Adult (f)2,1105322
YDYeO(YDYeO)Adult (m)1,9054942
gYQA7(gYQA7)Adult (f)2,3335433
OoTmP(OoTmP)Adult (m)1,9165054
rTZF6(rTZF6)Adult (f)7,2571,4234
OKgtE(OKgtE)Adult (m)3,5793803
iTkVO(iTkVO)Adult (m)4,2574401
X5RXz(X5RXz)Adult (f)4,7287962
XyVCH(XyVCH)Adult (f)5,0571,2823
HxG1u(HxG1u)Adult (f)5,3711,3274
Ij45R(Ij45R)Hatchling (F)3,7207904
Ypeos(Ypeos)Hatchling (F)1,2212103
6wdwd(6wdwd)Hatchling (f, F)3,4379026
GFylC(GFylC)Hatchling (m, F)8,8338123
zc3qp(zc3qp)Hatchling (F)3,2008724
e8kt6(e8kt6)Adult (m)7,5301,6034
REfBh(REfBh)Adult (m)1,6594804
OyrOc(OyrOc)Adult (f)2,1653595
qsAAb(qsAAb)Hatchling (F)2,6314017
HZIKX(HZIKX)Adult (f)2,6766491
ayeXb(ayeXb)Adult (m)2,6796532
KTA0M(KTA0M)Adult (f)2,6876872
UazEM(UazEM)Adult (m)2,6516701
NCQqN(NCQqN)Adult (f)2,5325575
hdCjK(hdCjK)Hatchling (F)1,2571694
nknUq(nknUq)Adult (m)2,4695224
YEjNv(YEjNv)Adult (m)2,5965662
co61B(co61B)Adult (m)2,4104422
FFhht(FFhht)Adult (f)2,6534251
WaLpe(WaLpe)Adult (f)2,5034822
CHwY5(CHwY5)Adult (f)2,4404722
NN1EK(NN1EK)Adult (f)4,4354461
zxE0Y(zxE0Y)Adult (f)3,5577302
7Y8uW(7Y8uW)Adult (m)3,1077261
rWtNQ(rWtNQ)Adult (m)3,5517303
CN6qB(CN6qB)Adult (f)3,5897373
5CHl8(5CHl8)Adult (m)5,6571,0514
UX3fk(UX3fk)Adult (f)3,3977763
WDv79(WDv79)Adult (f)3,2567783
9nLQi(9nLQi)Adult (m)3,3027991
VQGe3(VQGe3)Adult (m)3,9207621
AfuQ9(AfuQ9)Adult (f)3,6757411
NuV2g(NuV2g)Adult (f)3,9247603
r47TK(r47TK)Adult (f)4,0077653
M4t01(M4t01)Adult (f)6,1981,1603
GTMXu(GTMXu)Adult (f)3,5258282
9bKUP(9bKUP)Adult (m)3,4245092
9pZZX(9pZZX)Adult (m)3,8778281
z1gUT(z1gUT)Adult (f)3,8298520
MBk0ICaeda of AlteaAdult (f)4,5661,1302
iALNMWrangling The Pale HorseAdult (m)4,5801,12435
HUh5UAll Of MyAdult (m)3,5051,06133
1d54pDreams SacrificedAdult (f)3,6931,04332
cxZecArriving SomewhereAdult (m)3,4788803
TJQ5zBut Not HereAdult (f)3,7288583
U5SdNAll My Designs SimplifiedAdult (m)4,6699814
gIMFIAnd All Of My Plans CompromisedAdult (f)4,3499623
KcUQsDeathly StillAdult (m)3,41171624
DKLu4Renegade DragonAdult (f)3,3618203
1waItI'll Be Running Up That HillAdult (m)6,1661,0155
3jSzNYour Ticket's InvalidAdult (f)5,7879834
8Q5hIInbound And OutboundAdult (f)4,8578383
OCb5FBlazing The TrailAdult (m)6,0651,0165
3E3JaShadows In The HeadlightsAdult (m)4,4768554
on2ESInseparable NatureAdult (f)2,3136725
eDCtbGo Full Steam AheadAdult (f)5,8821,3385
B0ogyLife's Silver LiningAdult (m)3,1388647
scbuEMandelbrot FractalAdult (m)5,7878436
sFgCBLife EphemeralAdult (m)5,9188586
q4LYvDestination TartarusAdult (f)5,8438706
p2JiwGraveyard TrainAdult (f)5,1978574
D2LKbOde To The ForgottenAdult (f)4,7381,1698
ppQGnLife's Unravelled TapestryAdult (m)4,7859844
OdytvCrescendos And NadirsAdult (m)4,8459773
RAqu2Last TerminusAdult (m)4,5629423
UdKiODeath ImmortalAdult (f)4,3709374
51gaQLibrary Of Life StoriesAdult (f)4,6801,0083
bghA7Constants and ChaosAdult (f)
UtmuaClosure ContinuationAdult (m)
EenmqA Dance Of FateAdult (m)
Ka9E4A World's EpitaphAdult (f)
92e1TEuclidean ElementsAdult (f)7,6741,01513
VnCwHCytoskeletalAdult (m)7,1717325
gPI2UInto The Land Of The DeadAdult (m)2,5973596
tykyfThe Nature Of GriefAdult (m)2,7575283
MpjXgThe Nature Of RageAdult (f)4,0399762
ZnkUMA Really Dark SideAdult (f)4,0657811
aJuMb(aJuMb)Adult (m)3,2488192
Gdv0LTwin OpalescenceAdult (f)8,1681,0532
BGak2Brightest GravestonesAdult (f)5,9019982
5Qm9ITwice As Many OpalsAdult (m)7,9991,0821
HNgr1Barbarous TribunalAdult (m)3,8427877
fIEyzWaterway TollAdult (m)9,9291,3108
SX6PBI'll Be Running Up That RoadAdult (f)4,0338114
iFfY4Tomb WardenAdult (f)2,8748221
KIcTlShiver In The DarkAdult (m)2,9228561
ytQM7The Forever And BeautifulAdult (f)3,4499662
ezGYDComfort Of LossAdult (m)3,0411,1316
F1AKVInto QuietusAdult (m)10,7441,7642
FBhvmBuried LegaciesAdult (m)2,8697653
iuYmGBeauty of an AutopsyAdult (f)4,7288522
yleH4I Am I KnowAdult (m)3,4469382
cZk3wQuiet NihilismAdult (m)3,2899994
WGZbBOutrun The ClockAdult (f)3,4278351
2jsFFOdyssey To AnnihilationAdult (m)2,4946494
Tck5fWe All Die The SameAdult (f)3,2808333
1syC2Fate TalksAdult (m)2,3677833
rhdMJDead Blood Runs ColdAdult (f)2,8287413
lEBrpEyes On The AbyssAdult (m)4,4473591
ne12zFull ConfessionsAdult (m)4,0458412
iwL1QThe Paradise Deep UndergroundAdult (m)6,1321,2023
6mVw7Blind SideAdult (m)1,9115461
zqsqXDying MemoriesAdult (m)8,1351,2796
NkjsRLife's A GameAdult (m)5,2691,0124
0pFoKFormula Of FearAdult (m)4,0287472
U4vnDPast HauntsAdult (f)4,1413341
xjEsfSix Foot UnderAdult (m)3,2588102
iak1uWayward LivesAdult (m)3,0611,1055
WGxgKLights Of A Ghost TrainAdult (f)4,5869602
OC2GWTrack Split AheadAdult (f)5,2661,0125
cO3RISnaking LightsAdult (m)1,4745152
5jxIZFrom Dawn Until DeathAdult (f)3,0468362
IKbuXLast Train To The Other SideAdult (m)2,7216002
zJb7kLife's DeadlineAdult (m)3,2718181
9wOzHCryptic SpiritAdult (f)2,5118052
WkVF2Only EmpathyAdult (f)3,0058112
2RV5dA Life ForfeitAdult (m)2,8981,1414
xMrZ7Gentle Is The NightAdult (m)4,1193461
y3S4uThat Hand On Your ShoulderAdult (f)3,5918411
j20h9Death's Tender EdgeAdult (f)3,37871510
PWgi1WinstreakAdult (m)1,7434950
aMv8qReading Your ThoughtsAdult (f)2,5765470
AO6IWCryptoCrashAdult (m)2,8585801
wKWMIA Rain Of BloodAdult (f)4,7079455
2reAsKings Of SpeedAdult (m)1,6517803
LoZNmA Driving PulseAdult (m)3,0796300
k6azRHe Who Docks WingsAdult (m)2,4207872
shpBuDiametric SymmetryAdult (f)4,4801,0113
sCzrgTrain Set And MatchAdult (f)3,6974623
Ahlj5Burn Like An AnimalAdult (f)2,8801,1055
wuHpCDebere Deum AnimalumAdult (m)2,8496320
R2e5E(R2e5E)Adult (m)4,9579814
rJdzz(rJdzz)Adult (f)4,7469601
MwE6h(MwE6h)Adult (m)3,7968341
4qDFD(4qDFD)Adult (m)4,0058332
sNomM(sNomM)Adult (m)5,9067095
NjgOn(NjgOn)Adult (m)8,6201,1849
9kFFl(9kFFl)Adult (f)4,7728136
SS1uqHopscotch ThuwedAdult (m)4,2207809
9Dv8qFeatherdust ThuwedAdult (m)4,27376019
DzNXw(DzNXw)Adult (f)4,4571,09016
v2Nqh(v2Nqh)Adult (f)3,8311,15531
C83aiRad Guitar SoloAdult (f)6,2399880
VwOT3(VwOT3)Adult (f)8,5751,3011
C5Efb(C5Efb)Adult (m)6,3721,0411
9CiBw(9CiBw)Adult (f)6,3449614
bBNwc(bBNwc)Adult (m)4,5334746
Q2sla(Q2sla)Adult (m)9,8621,3074
PgXHC(PgXHC)Adult (f)5,1829586
snOMx(snOMx)Adult (f)3,3308137
NqKUL(NqKUL)Adult (f)2,9444917
2Qvik(2Qvik)Adult (f)4,0869352
uZUfN(uZUfN)Adult (f)5,0291,0682
m3zVt(m3zVt)Adult (m)5,7319106
E2XFN(E2XFN)Adult (m)3,27272410
PmCNQ(PmCNQ)Adult (m)10,4311,3434
l4QW5(l4QW5)Adult (f)4,0347671
FNBcK(FNBcK)Adult (m)4,6489194
hESjU(hESjU)Adult (f)3,8488245
LanYf(LanYf)Adult (m)3,9315866
V2OXN(V2OXN)Adult (m)7,0221,25324
X93P2(X93P2)Adult (m)4,7029571
wGjPS(wGjPS)Adult (m)3,2844704
SsS11(SsS11)Adult (f)8,3459371
rOaeO(rOaeO)Adult (m)10,3761,2094
rNuTx(rNuTx)Adult (m)7,9799261
RrUKe(RrUKe)Adult (m)5,7408400
2Lfeh(2Lfeh)Adult (f)8,4651,1055
CbRBw(CbRBw)Adult (f)7,8111,0032
LMF1X(LMF1X)Adult (m)7,8418242
9FOZE(9FOZE)Adult (m)8,5679742
E0niZ(E0niZ)Adult (m)3,8838443
7A31z(7A31z)Adult (f)4,1788773
X832k(X832k)Adult (m)4,6029371
gVBVk(gVBVk)Adult (m)4,5758671
HLBKo(HLBKo)Adult (f)4,6038931
Gn8dO(Gn8dO)Adult (f)4,7609283
i0M9I(i0M9I)Adult (m)5,4068986
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