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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “dragonegg24,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
uiqEF(uiqEF)Adult (f)2,3722854
ddD3(ddD3)Adult (m)6,0271,4264
1JurCrimson Whirlwind of CapuletAdult (f)3,5581,0245
aiuFmThe Iris of CapuletAdult (f)2,0587650
JL66C(JL66C)Adult (m)2,3598400
P1SiE(P1SiE)Adult (f)4,9391,2031
a9M9d(a9M9d)Adult (f)4,0324420
zJKvk(zJKvk)Adult (m)1,7486422
btjOJ(btjOJ)Adult (f)5,6471,3096
25rJl(25rJl)Adult (f)4,9891,2032
kgKQW(kgKQW)Adult (f)2,2588630
i7v3aDragon GalaxiasAdult (f)2,9911,3293
TNayA(TNayA)Adult (m)6,3536326
p3f0E(p3f0E)Adult (m)3,2221,0998
fnCcR(fnCcR)Adult (m)3,4828582
AKVd9(AKVd9)Adult (m)2,0358841
1bPJ7(1bPJ7)Adult (m)2,0558971
J1v3A(J1v3A)Adult (m)4,6463870
51oE2(51oE2)Adult (m)4,1714370
R7XMRyuuji         24Adult (m)4,0841,1046
SThiQ(SThiQ)Adult (m)5,3201,50510
TFg9vGardain of Magic         24Adult (f)3,4784875
vrEaProtecter of the AmberAdult (f)2,8844433
mKCWDeath's Kiss  24Adult (f)2,1295648
b7DKA Taste of DeathAdult (f)2,76841810
evWv5(evWv5)Adult (f)5,9166982
KUWeb(KUWeb)Adult (f)2,4801,0990
LWuiPlace Where The Leaves FallHatchling (F)1,51616316
c69RZippy    24Hatchling (F)1,5441782
BgIYSpeedster IIHatchling (m, F)1,0793986
v0RJS(v0RJS)Adult (f)3,5881,1914
qLpLAutumn24Adult (m)2,50062723
HpOaz(HpOaz)Adult (f)2,2418625
8Q6BX(8Q6BX)Adult (m)2,2651,1823
dQB1ALord Lava IAdult (f)2,0807767
nplWO(nplWO)Adult (f)2,8831,14212
8LfV7(8LfV7)Adult (f)3,5591,2212
pj8Oz(pj8Oz)Adult (f)5,1361,0741
skWjGolden Lily         24Adult (f)9295845
hD5DSnowy Thunder-StripeAdult (f)1,3766348
neTUFull Moon's LightAdult (m)1,0125108
alOkGGold Shimmering in the SunlightAdult (m)3,8931,0186
Zi43r(Zi43r)Adult (m)2,4098892
ihekR(ihekR)Adult (m)2,4651,0931
Y0uJj(Y0uJj)Adult (f)6,1851,16410
GDeZg(GDeZg)Adult (m)10,2756858
c6HCZ(c6HCZ)Adult (f)2,8601,0653
gNTX8(gNTX8)Adult (m)2,3547722
ag50Holly growing in winter's snowAdult (f)1,52335198
ZvqjL(ZvqjL)Adult (f)2,4779951
ONSeY24 Karat Shimmering GoldAdult (f)1,8417873
YWgNh(YWgNh)Adult (f)2,2628971
RLQd3Flufffy the Pillow DragonAdult (m)5,2901,2864
DZk8mLord Bruce Of CommonsAdult (m)4,1417858
k7idFluffy Goes RAWR        24Adult (f)2,7128113
fpA7l(fpA7l)Adult (f)5,5351,4204
pVRjLady Charlotte of CommonsAdult (f)6,6121,5035
9fwhV(9fwhV)Adult (m)2,3728842
ohrIBueatiful Song of the SkyAdult (f)3,6688095
rvYqBright Summer Day    24Hatchling (F)1,1383114
QcKXX(QcKXX)Adult (f)2,0387763
wl9RM(wl9RM)Adult (m)1,8931,1023
E37b8(E37b8)Adult (f)3,4269291
po0EO(po0EO)Adult (m)2,1847752
G1UfMidnight24Hatchling (F)5632067
0VsUBlack Moon 24Adult (m)1,8734642
YOqtMoonWhispererAdult (m)9684205
QPHlThe Dark Warrior IIHatchling (F)6753456
HUBein  the  Dead  of  NightHatchling (m, F)2,04751415
VXrYThe Dark Warrior IHatchling (F)62232923
rWnkVictoria's PrideHatchling (m, F)4,2115218
a4RZMidnight's  FlyerHatchling (F)6122564
PoKSSomewhere in the DarkHatchling (m, F)2,75293616
2ipFEbony Wings Of NightHatchling (F)8942144
HdNTThe Small SqueakHatchling (m, F)1,4395506
MIISEbony FlareHatchling (m, F)2,22723416
8Vf9A Speeding BulletAdult (m)1,08755913
a18ZNight of the Ebony FliersHatchling (m, F)80633613
h9MUM(h9MUM)Adult (m)4,1737172
mNU1Z(mNU1Z)Adult (m)2,5279192
EWcIv(EWcIv)Adult (m)2,0958901
SbJSAsh24Adult (f)8564742
Hd5gKeeper Of The Golden PromisesAdult (f)3,1272287
e5eUBrighEyesHatchling (F)4971353
CQvFpride of darkness 24Hatchling (F)6372772
UfnqThe Little Winged FlyerHatchling (f, F)1,9135745
kvQJEbony Fangs Of The MoonHatchling (F)2,3671673
u3rPTiny EbonyHatchling (f, F)1,2514995
hjBHWhen There is No MoonHatchling (F)1,4471105
cnorDarkness of DeathAdult (f)2,6338193
GQjsAVictoria's Pride IIAdult (f)2,5859132
qYrgD(qYrgD)Adult (f)2,0377903
mSNQNDark KissAdult (f)2,9731,1184
JkXq3(JkXq3)Adult (f)1,7928082
xpV9j(xpV9j)Adult (f)5,7927034
4R8W4(4R8W4)Adult (f)2,0368177
BXYRn(BXYRn)Adult (f)3,8824841
kVXgI(kVXgI)Adult (f)4,4031,1453
t7h3c(t7h3c)Adult (m)2,3423196
YkrkRI dont know what to name thisAdult (f)3,8525191
to5ZThe Little SkygazerHatchling (f, F)1,1253426
RWfeChild of the Jungle 24Hatchling (f, F)1,4263727
NROlYuki Dora    24Adult (f)4,4436785
2t96gJuicy Fruit  of the ForestAdult (f)2,4321,1503
PQPUGardinia24Adult (f)1,66172117
JPcOVine24Adult (f)2,4598026
LCQlPIOSON IVYAdult (m)5,6654289
bjYaThe Garden Of RosesHatchling (m, F)61641436
88oYThe Garden Of VinesHatchling (F)1,62615317
G9BGThe Hidden GardenHatchling (F)4592768
reW7Anistasia IIIHatchling (F)3962455
ZgNvThe Tiny Vine Of HonestyAdult (m)2,4281,0215
gF2SThe Realm of Imagination 24Hatchling (m, F)1,2564896
vLPaThe  Itsy Bitsy SpiderHatchling (F)7962684
FAksTiny TanglesHatchling (F)1,15318613
3lZiKila Flower PatchAdult (f)1,7825229
5ierS(5ierS)Adult (m)7,1921,6881
1Hc6ThunderQuakerAdult (f)2,67692032
vJrPThunderQuiverHatchling (F)4712523
XA33ThunderShiverHatchling (f, F)7,4579395
u6CbX(u6CbX)Adult (m)2,4199922
lH5PSummer Of The Fallen LeavesAdult (m)2,4656934
J87DWycca IAdult (f)2,26378025
rUJ8(rUJ8)Hatchling (F)86926114
4IqtForbidden Fruit of the ForestAdult (f)6,0781,19213
TvLm9(TvLm9)Adult (f)2,4468872
PMFN(PMFN)Adult (m)2,4947582
GbCZEmpress   24Hatchling (F)7433355
hcsFThe Little Winged EmpressHatchling (f, F)1,8863638
Vqj3Empress Of LoveAdult (f)6,97746915
6Q2VThe Itsy Bitsy Dragon PrinceHatchling (m, F)1,8911,06911
9I5iWint 'O GreenHatchling (m, F)1,0075435
RoVkrWint O' Green IIAdult (f)4,2379513
B4NL4PepperMint Ch0colate C0okieAdult (f)1,7977514
kZYCNChristmas Ribbon IAdult (f)2,5131,0550
XXX2J(XXX2J)Adult (f)2,5301,0231
wLs4l(wLs4l)Adult (m)2,0257170
7WNOTide24Adult (m)1,0194338
N4eMThe Tiny WalkerHatchling (F)2,03216010
iK5FDancer Of The Golden LiliesAdult (f)9,4881,5383
2t1iQWalker of the LillyPadsAdult (f)1,6556891
N2EAH(N2EAH)Adult (f)5,8676867
5PA2Sea's PearlAdult (m)2,3647391
9YdTSky24Hatchling (F)75426912
gs5dt(gs5dt)Adult (f)1,9636972
8JJeI(8JJeI)Adult (f)3,2059495
ppdbb(ppdbb)Adult (m)4,7363651
vb8KPosidan's FoalHatchling (F)40726515
pQcPPosiadon's  SteedAdult (m)4,70638027
SLjZPosiadon's ColtHatchling (F)4482174
PZYsx(PZYsx)Adult (f)2,9019922
K3lnDaydreamer of the painted clouldHatchling (F)1,6181277
HeEhKeeper of Beautiful DreamsAdult (f)1,6816604
nDQ2v(nDQ2v)Adult (f)3,0811,5812
GXvYI(GXvYI)Adult (f)2,9641,0509
LrMt8(LrMt8)Adult (f)4,4254410
Lq7aWarrior of Love 24Adult (f)2,2391,20020
nIgln(nIgln)Adult (f)2,1998452
mgudWhere The Snow Has FallenHatchling (f, F)1,6352678
FBGJFallen Snow 24Adult (f)5,9481,5086
6WNPZ(6WNPZ)Adult (f)1,7216980
77rQR(77rQR)Adult (m)2,5349104
hjIpk(hjIpk)Adult (m)2,8681,0091
KFF4s(KFF4s)Adult (f)2,9671,1267
204hrSilver GalaxiasAdult (m)2,9201,16710
M5LQv(M5LQv)Adult (f)5,02551417
ZGl32Moon-MoonAdult (f)4,9363870
Fkokk(Fkokk)Adult (f)5,2353710
wOx9s(wOx9s)Adult (m)1,1224004
mXEgRoar Of The Mighty SeaAdult (m)1,64690733
Msp6Roar Of The Foam Tipped SeaHatchling (F)6603535
70q1u(70q1u)Adult (m)1,9997760
KWRRU(KWRRU)Adult (m)4,6928463
E7mDm(E7mDm)Adult (m)5,2831,3729
mA2lX(mA2lX)Adult (m)4,8991,2181
InlTA(InlTA)Adult (f)2,0146183
eDUhColors Of The Sunset RippleHatchling (m, F)1,55034717
CPDRRoar Of The Rythmic SeaAdult (m)1,2845559
t0Y7Knight  OwlHatchling (m, F)1,3194572
QjskSHidden GalexyAdult (f)2,0937703
gSfZq(gSfZq)Adult (f)3,4089843
NlZfe(NlZfe)Adult (m)3,1219841
MUPWq(MUPWq)Adult (f)6,0136294
p5FpSaphira24Adult (f)5,3423995
6aYk(6aYk)Adult (f)3,6649674
e1jeLondon's EliteAdult (f)1,0104939
6oNb7(6oNb7)Adult (f)1,5823894
62RnThe Little ThundershockHatchling (F)4861727
cBRuVampire's Knight           24Adult (f)2,2937403
tF17The Rose of MontagueAdult (f)3,5689932
vrN2m(vrN2m)Adult (f)4,4974430
Dbm1One Star Alone in the SkyAdult (m)4,2099486
W6o06Moon Of the DragonAdult (m)3,7358653
Pk1Ml(Pk1Ml)Adult (f)2,4578943
eFrpS(eFrpS)Adult (f)3,0238561
ou9a1(ou9a1)Adult (f)2,4859072
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