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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “dragonchicki,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Z1PPC(Z1PPC)Dead Hatchling1,7931702
e3j1u(e3j1u)Dead Hatchling (f)2,4142060
T47xK(T47xK)Dead Hatchling (f)2,4102073
hi2MY(hi2MY)Dead Hatchling (f)2,6082152
AzTIU(AzTIU)Dead Egg000
8r1TCAeon Dragon 2G PBAdult (m)4,7968351
0F6iZIt's Vegas Baby Aeon SulorehdAdult (m)3,7503835
ldbNwPhanerozoic Aeon 6th SenseAdult (m)3,28342813
k4cNkKarnaki Aeon Wyvvie 6EGAdult (f)3,8894903
u6Qx3u6Qx3 3GAdult (f)4,6057399
nFklTnFklT 4EGAdult (f)4,9517428
ngO7JngO7J Aeon SulorehdAdult (f)3,58469610
QQwUEQQwUE SulorehdAdult (m)2,7525002
0HtcL0HtcL SulorehdAdult (f)3,5944542
FbaLNCuz I'm Freeeee Free BallinAdult (f)2,7235978
l3fOWl3fOW Aeon MessAdult (f)2,8523892
sli9Psli9P 2G PBAdult (f)4,8276596
zyrI5z'yrI5 PrecognitiousAdult (m)3,7884545
pHkZupHkZu SulorehdAdult (m)4,4306292
y04sKAeon Wyvern SulorehdAdult (f)3,0906944
d9A1E(d9A1E)Adult (m)3,6167463
fTlxLfTlxL 3G PBAdult (m)2,8554847
WJ3FfWJ3Ff 2G PBAdult (m)4,8138136
NowK3NowK3 2G PBAdult (f)2,7866006
BR4iSBR4iS 2G PAdult (f)5,4189804
5EISq(5EISq)Adult (f)2,7024063
Bf8er(Bf8er)Adult (f)3,0165062
YW1MF(YW1MF)Adult (m)2,5114353
r8PYW(r8PYW)Adult (m)4,1724223
IGeSaIGeSa 3G ArgentumAdult (m)2,7072501
OAa6uOAa6u 45thAdult (m)4,2531,0002
6xVtR(6xVtR)Adult (m)4,2254713
gnal5(gnal5)Adult (f)4,1673515
6RL0x(6RL0x)Adult (m)4,9507043
Glhdp(Glhdp)Adult (f)5,3897075
faNJN(faNJN)Adult (f)2,8404004
azB2OazB2O SulorehdAdult (f)4,3423815
VVP7Z(VVP7Z)Adult (m)3,2596224
ldEmK(ldEmK)Adult (m)4,1887954
xmLvU(xmLvU)Adult (m)5,3031,0223
boFzw(boFzw)Adult (f)3,8838272
VWWgOVWWgO MAdult (m)3,7107780
ToiPzToiPz FAdult (f)3,7608001
Z2vVlZ2vVlAdult (f)2,5466633
Jr5AoJr5AoAdult (m)3,9218121
ZfSnx(ZfSnx)Adult (m)3,0525405
A2vvo(A2vvo)Adult (f)4,0838373
BQqo2(BQqo2)Adult (f)2,5493661
5PYyI(5PYyI)Adult (f)2,7772623
MWXSQ(MWXSQ)Adult (f)5,1485911
FuUYp(FuUYp)Adult (m)2,7743702
m64Ss(m64Ss)Adult (m)2,3875150
oBc9J(oBc9J)Adult (m)3,0415550
JlmS1(JlmS1)Adult (f)2,5595280
kHCKx(kHCKx)Adult (f)3,0384571
MzmIT(MzmIT)Adult (f)2,9514432
EzRZD(EzRZD)Adult (m)3,7935552
zp7Cx(zp7Cx)Adult (f)4,1706241
Zpu7j(Zpu7j)Adult (f)4,2771,0104
SPhAV(SPhAV)Adult (f)3,3475801
MgQZG(MgQZG)Adult (f)3,9496002
5o0PE(5o0PE)Adult (f)2,8187582
bKJCS(bKJCS)Adult (m)7,2151,2202
FcAx6Still Got My Kix ThoAdult (f)4,3153904
hQsWh(hQsWh)Adult (m)3,1743902
HLp5U(HLp5U)Adult (f)5,3484911
xawzE(xawzE)Adult (f)5,0074864
wWGjv(wWGjv)Adult (m)5,7205183
ehz3Q(ehz3Q)Adult (f)7,5407212
LefIS(LefIS)Adult (f)5,6305003
RRvIRrrrviAdult (f)2,2211,0716
fTLLfuTballAdult (m)1,1165712
CRMICReaMIAdult (m)1,2455962
ZLmsR(ZLmsR)Adult (m)4,3759654
zs8Jj(zs8Jj)Adult (f)5,7549644
QY4ht(QY4ht)Adult (f)2,9775070
OobzL(OobzL)Adult (m)2,6354213
bQucw(bQucw)Adult (m)2,3684142
Dkml4Almerald  LadyAdult (f)3,2525212
kIYEl(kIYEl)Adult (m)3,6985731
P9dRc(P9dRc)Adult (f)5,2278491
pra0C(pra0C)Adult (m)6,3076831
qKMUB(qKMUB)Adult (m)4,1324502
glLvU(glLvU)Adult (f)4,5417664
Sd3iU(Sd3iU)Adult (m)2,4586492
zQqXrZ'illyweed MojjAdult (m)4,7106625
ufemW(ufemW)Adult (f)4,2378481
xQ0sv(xQ0sv)Adult (m)5,3111,0832
dhaka(dhaka)Adult (m)2,4925672
ebb8FxX     BB-8     XxAdult (m)4,4108516
oWC03(oWC03)Adult (f)2,4896516
xz64V(xz64V)Adult (f)3,0915703
fPdcZ(fPdcZ)Adult (m)4,1936352
uWFpe(uWFpe)Adult (f)4,4356612
oZs9D(oZs9D)Adult (m)3,7083172
91Ihj(91Ihj)Adult (f)5,2555764
2wZ75(2wZ75)Adult (f)5,5518583
oV9t5(oV9t5)Adult (m)2,2175125
kd10G(kd10G)Adult (f)1,5513512
m1C18(m1C18)Adult (f)4,2955691
A7Zmc(A7Zmc)Adult (f)2,5105264
HwTcHHwtchHatchling (f, F)2,9605704
GRbOwUduwuccaj SulorehdAdult (m)4,2437234
r5U1sSillagan SulorehdAdult (f)3,9597881
7w8KOSillag SulorehdAdult (m)3,4407261
TUL5cTulsa Goile SulorehdAdult (f)1,9584811
WqWrq(WqWrq)Adult (f)2,0216697
9q6JyGallo SulorehdAdult (m)3,1964466
oYAJuAnakin SulorehdAdult (m)4,1958651
fxPcMAnneg SulorehdAdult (m)3,7735282
80trZ(80trZ)Adult (f)2,6115041
nvco6(nvco6)Adult (m)7,1196463
vaRgKAnni SulorehdAdult (f)2,8606154
wFHFkSmileyWing HouxfleurAdult (f)6,6096822
WJkrZ(WJkrZ)Adult (m)3,4144473
ZOEfRZ'oe ZoAdult (f)2,1713433
ZE3ByZ'e3byAdult (m)4,1677973
ZyvM6Z'ana G WaterhorseAdult (f)4,9474954
Zu2t3(Zu2t3)Adult (m)2,8546182
oVkaX(oVkaX)Adult (f)6,8546402
2B4k1(2B4k1)Adult (f)4,8117860
3VLOX(3VLOX)Adult (f)3,8235990
GOTs7Game of Thrones AnagallisAdult (f)3,9763442
iEu2I(iEu2I)Adult (m)1,9364785
VzBiE(VzBiE)Adult (f)2,6973672
IQzHe(IQzHe)Hatchling (F)1,8702340
3YwLe(3YwLe)Hatchling (f, F)2,5935071
Gv9BA(Gv9BA)Hatchling (m, F)3,0285063
NO2ypAntarean NOS4A2 SulorehdAdult (m)4,32642410
8n1OaCalig TareanAdult (m)3,5357206
qT099AntareGeneAdult (f)4,2869581
vDtTbAntare MageAdult (m)4,2129812
Fz7JSAnt Girl SulorehdAdult (f)4,5861,0972
L7Ls4Ant Girl II SulorehdAdult (f)5,8251,0821
oYToC(oYToC)Adult (m)5,8559961
UWgBRAnt Boy II SulorehdAdult (m)2,7186752
21pgR(21pgR)Adult (f)2,6646942
zvSf0(zvSf0)Adult (m)4,5485584
ZwRbX(ZwRbX)Adult (m)4,4775423
zRvvS(zRvvS)Adult (f)4,11353610
fUyBK(fUyBK)Adult (f)3,8337271
SgXDq(SgXDq)Adult (f)3,8407253
L3utGDusty Sulorehd LadyAdult (f)4,1655613
xnxOK(xnxOK)Adult (m)4,5144490
IsYFk(IsYFk)Adult (m)4,3114321
SIdCl(SIdCl)Adult (f)3,5556260
638A1(638A1)Adult (m)3,6316340
yllJ5(yllJ5)Adult (m)3,3225260
tKUUj(tKUUj)Adult (f)3,6035230
Ojmy5O J AAdult (f)3,8075270
mMuws(mMuws)Adult (m)4,2764522
zspwP(zspwP)Adult (f)3,0256394
7TnZd(7TnZd)Adult (m)6,6501,17210
ksyoH(ksyoH)Hatchling (f, F)4,1679140
XNMDd(XNMDd)Hatchling (m, F)4,2569140
w5IeU(w5IeU)Hatchling (F)1,5471662
L97WO(L97WO)Adult (f)2,4927410
VIRhu(VIRhu)Adult (f)2,5907482
txgOVtxgOVAdult (f)2,4407444
1G1ZR(1G1ZR)Adult (m)2,3517113
TcqBi(TcqBi)Adult (m)1,7644492
We3rv(We3rv)Adult (f)3,1005363
eQNCYLil QuincyAdult (m)2,8265052
MAwEkMArowEkAdult (m)3,1895184
HhlkY(HhlkY)Adult (f)2,40773912
D1W2d(D1W2d)Adult (f)2,6954593
dVjN6(dVjN6)Adult (m)4,6738225
cvUMM(cvUMM)Adult (m)3,1766733
Spb9h(Spb9h)Adult (f)3,5236652
XT9QG(XT9QG)Adult (m)5,1328442
w8RWg(w8RWg)Adult (f)5,4118932
42uI0(42uI0)Adult (m)4,4398642
WGM23(WGM23)Adult (m)4,2436061
wagtg(wagtg)Adult (f)2,9304865
pKvui(pKvui)Adult (f)3,0574584
NeNpK(NeNpK)Adult (m)4,2058184
Yy1a0(Yy1a0)Adult (m)3,4773464
JOQbG(JOQbG)Adult (f)3,4302706
vuKNT(vuKNT)Adult (f)3,7554543
zRuNe(zRuNe)Adult (f)2,6615052
IURHB(IURHB)Adult (f)2,6755333
Y4exr(Y4exr)Adult (m)3,5804302
gbLAl(gbLAl)Adult (f)3,4074262
yFj75(yFj75)Adult (m)2,2683153
Ky0rS(Ky0rS)Adult (m)2,4243223
wReRp(wReRp)Adult (f)1,8782785
Zg52y(Zg52y)Adult (m)2,4863134
2vhiO(2vhiO)Adult (m)4,4553815
EPlyJ(EPlyJ)Adult (m)2,6222873
Wz6r5(Wz6r5)Adult (f)3,4923273
ftV7v(ftV7v)Adult (f)3,3484743
CxLOh(CxLOh)Adult (m)3,9513754
ZSKtBZSKtB Aranoa JungleAdult (m)3,7518453
charDChuck D Halloween 2018Adult (m)1,5915923
Emf1O(Emf1O)Adult (f)1,7935292
ZN4stZ'N4st Halloween 2018Adult (f)2,9897854
FiiQqFiiQq Halloween 2018Adult (f)3,0577136
ibruR(ibruR)Adult (f)2,8058842
LqIUx(LqIUx)Adult (m)2,3006142
GjvQRose Madder BachmanAdult (f)3,6961,0759
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