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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “dragonbreath87,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5Z8ll(5Z8ll)Adult (f)4,3279831
qCKIh(qCKIh)Adult (m)4,8529031
i3hb5(i3hb5)Adult (m)4,8349021
ogbIq(ogbIq)Adult (m)4,8159451
4i86s(4i86s)Adult (f)5,3349581
vDjPf(vDjPf)Adult (f)4,8559061
b3P6F(b3P6F)Adult (m)4,8128851
dzQFM(dzQFM)Adult (f)4,9129211
YZHxtVegatableEgg (F)
40cn3Scarlet Light FireAdult (m)2,8001,0641
3l2gxRed Red Scarlet RedAdult (f)2,1098417
a506KWarm Hot Pink RedAdult (m)2,8549053
OTXE1Crimson Scarlet Fire FlareAdult (m)3,10770310
JsWLDRed-WingzAdult (f)6,8996152
MDMESScarletXWingsAdult (f)4,9995941
dWVXTRed-Velvet WingsAdult (m)4,6256101
f8FVLDevil's Red WingAdult (m)4,6676021
lhoGhDevil's Red VelvetAdult (f)5,8536121
KKxHeBlood--WingsAdult (f)5,0996591
074uTRed-E FalmesAdult (m)7,0795111
a5XEDAxed RedAdult (f)5,6836791
TdNBMScarlet Pink NeckAdult (f)3,1577601
6Z2paAlmost a Red NeckAdult (m)3,1216931
HMel9Red Plated KnightAdult (f)8,1561,0292
MVLhpCrimson-KnightAdult (m)8,7418102
LFQyVThe Crimson-ChinAdult (f)8,1127111
cXle8FLARE--BlitzAdult (f)6,1237432
em0pGFlaming-RubyAdult (m)6,6026201
XlpfWDouble Blaze WingAdult (m)3,0334740
H9fdPFire Zap SnapAdult (m)3,0286741
lcpYfRoyal Regal RedAdult (m)2,8778201
qeI2XxX Ruby Blood XxAdult (f)5,6495981
6BmhfRomantic Red Chocolate SapAdult (m)2,4698732
XUKCdLove Red Chocolate BoxAdult (m)2,5206245
Plr4rHoly HolliesAdult (m)4,7898812
IepIWLeafed HollyAdult (f)3,3749091
8glb6Present LeafAdult (m)3,7526421
zL2PGTiny Red VolcanoAdult (m)2,8664882
BWZu8Red Yoshi DinosaurAdult3,08263212
gNg0FxX Rainbow Poison XxAdult (f)5,5805781
8RJMxRibbon-CandiesAdult (m)3,8906711
u4tLhWrapping CandiesAdult (m)4,5786751
Nrd2CVolcanite WingsAdult (m)3,0497262
JqD3cEmbersprite BreathAdult (f)3,6408634
SVhZ6Granite Crystal WingsAdult (m)2,4548642
dYCwEDice Red WingsAdult (f)2,9497432
unZiqUnziq RedAdult (f)4,2966693
wbo3qRed Gem Cut WingsAdult (f)4,1356465
cnEdRDevil's Wings and TailAdult (m)3,7996907
tGHzERuby Devil TailAdult (m)6,9695232
Nvq3OPolished DevilAdult (f)4,6366510
GXcWiRuby-CutAdult (f)5,1986461
kzUxLStone Cut WingsAdult (m)6,5556200
UdSZDRuby Spear TailAdult (m)6,5526211
4AMdKRed Stone TailAdult (m)6,6435591
9v33sDaylight SunAdult (m)3,7805035
n8EpuNaepuAdult (m)6,4196280
a5astAlblastAdult (f)7,0195441
wILhFSun-full OrbAdult (m)6,8925451
Z6D4cZedayaAdult (m)2,2706643
NfCPvFire Opal TusksAdult (m)2,5206842
OCtXPFalling Autumn Red SwipeAdult (m)2,5687095
bAK2mRuby Angel WIngAdult (m)4,1579922
REx2dMythical SunAdult (m)5,5225541
O3qOMWind from the SunAdult (f)5,8145181
tvue9Night-Fire LightAdult (f)6,4705321
wBY12Diamond SpikeAdult (f)5,5896361
zUVokZuvokAdult (m)5,9115441
kiUSUKiusu XAdult (m)5,8166582
37r3xGem BlastAdult (m)3,3868261
bpA5sDiamond PressureAdult (m)5,7506171
Aoy7FBlood Soaked GraveAdult (m)6,5455752
boNHhBonehAdult (m)4,1523865
vXrVcScrorched FireAdult (m)1,6407361
ZexfqScorched VolcanoAdult (m)4,1596962
cGveyScorched ForestAdult (m)3,0487961
Kpj0aScorched RainAdult (m)3,0498290
sJYdUScorched GrassAdult (m)2,1717880
Nk580Scorched PlainsAdult (m)2,0577490
cJOsxScorched WillowsAdult (m)2,2026033
l6cSRScorched EmberAdult (m)2,8496161
fwPDlRed Skied SpaceAdult (f)2,4486613
sAQo7Ruby Red Star-liteAdult (f)3,6326004
bIkroBikroAdult (f)6,5025892
oIiPGStar StainedAdult (f)5,1496531
LV3aYCrimson--NebulaAdult (f)5,5096051
O4vS5Starry StainAdult (f)6,0704932
MYvhFBlood SpaceAdult (f)5,5715261
AlYYzScrorched LeafAdult (f)1,6737481
oHgSnScorched PaperAdult (f)1,5956862
FsPAyScorced RuinsAdult (f)1,8495221
xEoUhScorched LavaAdult (f)2,9339632
Ha34MScorched WingsAdult (f)2,3647931
JB47jScorched FlameAdult (f)3,7157764
58gbtScorched CrimsonAdult (f)4,7757301
offhLScorched CoalAdult (f)2,1196711
j4VwJDeathly NightAdult (m)1,4716472
BMdCoGleaming Dark EleganceAdult (f)5,0001,27813
cfQkRMagma Flame WhipAdult (m)6,2836141
As17yxX Dark-Light XxAdult (m)5,4407010
IVoC7Molten-IvoryAdult (f)4,0899902
j9QvMIvory AmberAdult (f)5,7076181
Q4zgcGilded Scaled WingsAdult (m)4,5937811
FoVX1Golden Tarantula WingAdult (f)4,0026432
SKpSETartantalonAdult (f)5,5525981
55hafAutumn's Leaf FallAdult (m)2,9667133
OOZdjAutumn Fall StarAdult (m)3,1745483
D4nF2Dancing FallAdult (f)7,1225251
uRZPkWhip Lash TailAdult (f)4,2558842
PgixVMagic PixAdult (f)3,2578001
QvKp4Cheese Calzone with MeatAdult (m)2,9448011
iFE3IBlack Splashed BronzeAdult (m)4,1337883
xaeskXaeskAdult (f)7,4335591
0FX2qDeath MacabreAdult (f)6,2886250
eYSgARed Clay DirtAdult (f)3,0678001
MYAO7Tarnish-RustAdult (m)5,9595121
66hUyRusted-WingsAdult (f)6,2175102
ehTxfMagma PulseAdult (f)4,5836543
yKiymYkiymAdult (f)4,0589330
1HrBtIhirbitAdult (f)4,3049411
7yKPBToarching ManaAdult (f)6,6606632
YRDwuOrange Mana PulseAdult (f)7,0854871
zRIXoZrixoAdult (m)5,3604951
EfYlPSunny setAdult (f)2,9745588
BGv2WOrange Juice MagicAdult (f)4,8417151
s0yvHMagic Orange Oranges are OrangeAdult (f)4,5141,20618
P29F4Magic Orange Magi WingsAdult (f)4,0977438
JZSomJazzSomeAdult (m)2,5886423
3vmhASparkle SplashAdult (f)3,0455662
cueOMCueOMAdult (f)5,5717701
aNNaKAnnakAdult (m)6,1305531
sZOLqHoney-CrystalAdult (m)6,0717000
nKZRJHoney-DripAdult (m)6,2556231
BmtkDHoney GooAdult (m)5,1366420
oNtrjCrystallized-HoneyAdult (f)5,1106592
SBJTwGolden-Crowned KingAdult (f)5,9306385
eqWRpGolden Sun CrownAdult (m)5,7415431
FCFpISunset RefelctAdult (f)5,4225361
wjzP2Sunny Gleam GoldAdult (f)6,5916582
e34q7Sunkissed-GoldAdult (m)5,0836591
HiJUaHijuaAdult (f)5,9096090
ziNkEGolden NikeAdult (m)2,2596292
mr7iSMr SisAdult (m)2,5696405
W568JWyvern Goldie LockAdult (m)2,6897244
vqNWcGolden Wing ThornAdult (m)3,2336196
0hliBOhiliaAdult (m)5,2416553
2XFV1Golden Wing-ShineAdult (m)5,4926051
IpkwZGold Leaf WingAdult (m)5,9365321
MMv6gGolden--GleamAdult (f)6,6616011
juAKiJuakiAdult (f)7,1354922
o5G7tGolden PlatedAdult (f)7,9876072
KsdHSTinsel Copper WingAdult (f)8,8647793
2lqENMy Parents are Related ThuwedsAdult (f)4,2979616
IkIjLHoliday Rainbow ShineAdult (m)1,5807221
TjKkAGolden Glimmering WrappingAdult (m)1,5977372
nS47vGolden--ChristmasAdult (m)3,6159581
FWy6cPumpkin Tomato SoupAdult (f)2,2278532
KLrWtIm on Top of a PumkinAdult (f)2,3918311
BeG8QBegoqueAdult (f)3,5656361
NT5F6Gleaming Gold MajestyAdult (m)2,1208092
2TfMxYellow Autumn LeavesAdult (f)2,4989053
CiDKUCidikuAdult (f)2,7006273
5DTg5Holiday SpicyAdult (f)5,8785412
HrKxnHungry-PumpkinAdult (f)5,9635331
glJK9Pumkin SquashAdult (m)5,7255281
npJoZCornucopia TailAdult (m)5,9245192
8piXDGolden Glimmering PosionAdult (f)3,8006754
E9M4FBrimstone Golden WingsAdult (m)3,8266765
gEwGCArid AcidAdult (f)6,0715251
i6AQwBrimstone AcidAdult (m)6,6226762
ejmrCBlessed SwampAdult (f)6,5274971
M9CsCFreckle TailAdult (m)2,7337771
PyTD5Pyte MyteAdult (m)3,0769472
jYDqFBroccoli WingsAdult (m)5,3135372
vhpvBLight White FluffAdult (m)2,2099141
MeWXeMeWXeAdult (m)2,6778822
RzzGJRainbow Puff FluffAdult (m)2,2988082
hCj5wOrange Fluff PuffAdult (m)3,5746624
HjhljBlue Light FluffAdult (f)2,5508091
bJ2l6Buried in Pillow FurAdult (f)1,7146950
55vwZFluffy Duffy Pillow FireAdult (f)3,2958653
drBygDr BygAdult (f)2,6047183
xzUXaWinged HighnessAdult (m)2,5497341
oBIz0Flowing TanAdult (f)5,5776040
6J7JRDraping LightsAdult (f)4,4576672
YHAbcLeafed GarlandAdult (f)4,6076501
A384VGolden--MoonlightAdult (m)5,5385921
f773JShimmer Shining LightAdult (f)2,76696412
yVXkhGlowing GlimmerAdult (m)2,1519212
kmCmuKumcumuAdult (f)5,7015761
lWJ1IHeat Hot HazeAdult (f)2,5904511
JEp1sBlurry Blue VisionAdult (f)4,6281,1752
w53KkMirage Illusion WaveAdult (f)3,6728744
t2mNpShimmering-MirageAdult (m)5,5096020
0rbsnOrbsnAdult (m)5,4271,0090
VqneYVane YAdult (f)4,0619300
nQ7lLHot-SpringAdult (f)3,08464314
bC7HoShiny Gold MoonAdult (f)5,7901,0685
w1hNbMajesctic  ShineAdult (m)5,9739252
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