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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “draginluver,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3BuaATayana CBAdult (m)3,5334350
Do0kO(Do0kO)Adult (f)3,0504061
OQ53i(OQ53i)Adult (m)3,0074010
lZkjhIonaxa CBAdult (m)3,2654600
kYspIOretas CBAdult (f)6,8581,2837
36qwA(36qwA)Adult (m)6,9061,2094
GyZXx(GyZXx)Adult (m)3,3684561
j9Xz1(j9Xz1)Adult (m)2,8634670
YOZXd(YOZXd)Adult (f)11,7141,5813
prDYl(prDYl)Adult (m)3,1554430
3yCI4(3yCI4)Adult (f)4,8259610
Y6Sek(Y6Sek)Adult (f)2,9974910
yPzA1(yPzA1)Adult (f)3,6634940
eJQ5FEtsukia CBAdult (f)3,8725151
z7Ha1Zehaera CBAdult (m)3,5304450
bhCNlBershia CBAdult (f)3,6994330
qv2CuQuaina CBAdult (m)3,7034560
NvYExNevehra CBAdult (f)3,9124481
3RZmXRaiza CBAdult (m)3,6904372
Ll9IxLinerasi CBAdult (m)4,3774441
I1nsRNiersa CBAdult (f)3,8964450
vZrkSVizera CBAdult (m)3,4004461
Noh7ONohseva CBAdult (m)3,6404300
ZAs4YZasaya CBAdult (m)3,4774841
mOmP1Mompixa CBAdult (m)4,1495030
S0qp1(S0qp1)Adult (f)2,8874831
71rMc(71rMc)Adult (f)3,5304510
sY8Zn(sY8Zn)Adult (m)3,5414790
0CUds(0CUds)Adult (m)3,3794200
vmfYO(vmfYO)Adult (f)3,4204360
iquV0(iquV0)Adult (f)3,1164310
7KyJGerwood CBAdult (f)7706044
ouiM9Omeina CBAdult (f)3,4784992
eHEZiEhezai CBAdult (m)3,4154390
D4vAkDavakia 3GAdult (f)4,2864161
DuJ5HDushia CBAdult (m)3,2454460
nC1oj(nC1oj)Adult (m)3,9134391
CEKKh(CEKKh)Adult (f)3,4974240
NCbKs(NCbKs)Adult (m)3,7913820
MbPt1(MbPt1)Adult (m)2,5824790
t7GTT(t7GTT)Adult (m)2,8284810
0Qb3h(0Qb3h)Adult (m)3,9154570
10dzM(10dzM)Adult (f)2,9804180
DiAWU(DiAWU)Adult (m)3,5884950
SrAZzSerazi CBAdult (f)2,2887840
08AMOObamo CBAdult (f)5,1361,2082
ZuXzgZuxisa CBAdult (m)7,0801,1403
H0x1PHoxiapa CBAdult (m)7,0141,1493
WjJauWijaxa CBAdult (f)3,0504501
znxX6Zinaera CBAdult (m)7,4891,2214
FqRNzFirquena CBAdult (m)3,4824752
C1hwIConera CBAdult (f)3,7214550
miv8FMivaefa CBAdult (f)4,4494410
THACVThaciva CBAdult (m)3,7004621
YQIyrYefera CBAdult (f)3,6283660
9cAUENienara CBAdult (m)3,9173822
2BYLETabiasa CBAdult (m)6,0119391
XEBXMXebena CBAdult (m)3,4794291
7rv7NRivana CBAdult (m)3,6505121
H3LL5Hellsa CBAdult (m)4,2064061
67pIMSevixa CBAdult (f)3,4974371
Z5LawZeliaza CBAdult (m)3,5414610
iMFc4Imafis CBAdult (f)4,1854670
nAh53Nahsae CBAdult (f)3,8424872
UFoe0Ufoeza CBAdult (m)3,6634680
UxpdcUxiesa CBAdult (f)3,2364240
xtH9VXera CBAdult (m)3,8784780
W54szWefeisa CBAdult (m)3,0924690
6XYUtVesaxi CBAdult (m)3,6344240
wCdUnWecundasa CBAdult (f)3,4654480
B99iABeinaisa CBAdult (m)3,9014560
Ep9NJ(Ep9NJ)Adult (m)3,5255091
HIViA(HIViA)Adult (f)3,4194642
pV21T(pV21T)Adult (m)3,3764542
SBNo3(SBNo3)Adult (f)3,2834880
GXMiT(GXMiT)Adult (f)2,7115310
Q0D0n(Q0D0n)Adult (f)4,8351,2722
GeeW2(GeeW2)Adult (m)2,5955132
A3aEn(A3aEn)Adult (m)2,6744760
jDpHN(jDpHN)Adult (f)3,0774980
77FE0(77FE0)Adult (m)3,1274770
dhPht(dhPht)Adult (m)2,7704950
jCw7z(jCw7z)Adult (f)2,9514930
C3oAk(C3oAk)Adult (f)2,7174822
yiz7x(yiz7x)Adult (m)3,0764191
sVubl(sVubl)Adult (m)3,6444411
pVmES(pVmES)Adult (m)2,9694130
zAZxa(zAZxa)Adult (f)4,0644451
BSkFG(BSkFG)Adult (m)2,5944900
vjy7f(vjy7f)Adult (f)3,1624632
IV1yd(IV1yd)Adult (f)4,7801,2721
SYfjG(SYfjG)Adult (f)2,9474860
46Ug8(46Ug8)Adult (m)3,0004921
HWABc(HWABc)Adult (m)2,5064550
2mnJi(2mnJi)Adult (f)2,9504800
m2tjh(m2tjh)Adult (m)2,5864590
xn9J4(xn9J4)Adult (f)2,9544260
Nv9W8(Nv9W8)Adult (m)3,1784241
brcIN(brcIN)Adult (m)3,6064791
3SnPw(3SnPw)Adult (f)2,8174770
TYUT9Tabari CBAdult (f)4,7858693
AUIGfAugmera CBAdult (m)4,3209353
DBNvO(DBNvO)Adult (f)3,0374411
HHYXFHayfa CBAdult (m)3,8474441
BmMFc(BmMFc)Adult (f)11,9511,6312
cvAJt(cvAJt)Adult (m)3,8884541
mYRtUnpure Myrtesa Waldan  10GAdult (f)9396674
vOLjZVolana Waldan 9GAdult (m)7,7491,6364
IAGFMIndiago Waldan 10GAdult (m)3,3441,0531
iY2h4Novais CBAdult (f)2,1996143
C7l7rCremsons CBAdult (f)4,9061,0150
6FOAaStorenzas CBAdult (m)3,8671,2751
T5PUGTaninas CBAdult (m)4,6701,2800
plMeTPhaedras CBAdult (m)3,9911,2831
3SUoaThornaevas CBAdult (f)3,1931,0260
3iFtQIressas CBAdult (m)4,0111,3963
KvS4bKazeras CBAdult (m)3,2494272
M7UVzMortessas CBAdult (f)3,4165731
pksBSPandiras CBAdult (m)4,3444361
YSgeGYanettas CBAdult (m)4,1764181
xuJScXantheras CBAdult (m)3,5754410
NJ7WWNephalinas CBAdult (m)3,8794180
q98mfQuillanas CBAdult (f)3,6234970
bRMb7Briallens CBAdult (m)3,1994730
ZwdkLZellas CBAdult (f)3,4754080
w1yvt(w1yvt)Adult (m)4,1543891
hgwEuHadara CBAdult (m)1,9097741
irEtMIsoldai CBAdult (f)2,2727861
7DhoZSabelia CBAdult (f)4,7601,3350
yB3IqYaletha CBAdult (f)4,0366983
etONKEtonka CBAdult (f)6,8901,0372
2x6Y9Xanesa CBAdult (f)5,2191,0751
3DWoa(3DWoa)Adult (f)3,2964320
NjjWlNiasa CBAdult (f)9,4791,5502
crvG7Circae CBAdult (f)5,0351,5121
sFhCLSolaera CBAdult (m)4,1284560
hHVDlHeliana CBAdult (f)4,1323771
i2hpT(i2hpT)Adult (f)3,1434740
2zwXN(2zwXN)Adult (m)3,7105121
1F2m2(1F2m2)Adult (m)2,9634691
Gbbut(Gbbut)Adult (f)3,5315181
R8BKaRykosa CBAdult (m)1,5847161
TKiDsTrissa CBAdult (m)10,3411,6072
VHaJGValdus CBAdult (m)9,5491,6575
Vab1kVabika CBAdult (f)3,3461,0882
uVPovUvipa CBAdult (f)4,2681,2182
HAINiHaina CBAdult (f)5,3851,3121
nu9KxNunena CBAdult (f)7,3571,2344
MzhRBMezinta CBAdult (m)3,2434190
7bSthBesetha CBAdult (f)3,0313930
uYTo9Utoya CBAdult (f)2,9924101
6ds3VDevena CBAdult (f)4,0754370
0NhWuOnahewa CBAdult (f)3,3904610
0QrBbOquera CBAdult (f)3,6224962
gqCWdGerrinae CBAdult (m)3,2874380
WdUoe(WdUoe)Adult (m)3,9308941
xLQjQ(xLQjQ)Adult (m)4,0009173
vjoUZ(vjoUZ)Adult (f)3,5264790
ntMcg(ntMcg)Adult (m)3,4944220
8tm8C(8tm8C)Adult (m)3,5094411
KRvyY(KRvyY)Adult (f)3,8674340
EjiiK(EjiiK)Adult (f)2,8844400
J4vmX(J4vmX)Adult (f)3,7904651
onjWc(onjWc)Adult (f)3,5774311
huzXq(huzXq)Adult (f)3,3433810
52g19(52g19)Adult (f)3,5923890
injfX(injfX)Adult (m)3,3314451
XfkK1(XfkK1)Adult (f)3,1744751
v8RNP(v8RNP)Adult (f)3,2524581
UTBQO(UTBQO)Adult (m)3,0564071
KNh69(KNh69)Adult (m)3,1315080
97x5L(97x5L)Adult (f)3,1374051
EaTbF(EaTbF)Adult (m)3,2034540
Ex59W(Ex59W)Adult (f)2,6944692
6jUMB(6jUMB)Adult (m)2,4204851
w02ZmWyrenza 2GAdult (f)5,3459697
0YR6e(0YR6e)Adult (f)7,3681,1311
UuYKH(UuYKH)Adult (m)4,3095245
iHuOHIohana CBAdult (m)3,7521,0724
ffor2Farona CBAdult (m)2,1736066
MP7jqMepera CBAdult (f)10,2561,4627
5L5LOFifelo CBAdult (m)6,9571,7055
EBRjREbrera CBAdult (f)3,9624681
2YTFTTeyara CBAdult (f)3,0974380
6sDw9(6sDw9)Adult (f)3,8574610
e73JN(e73JN)Adult (m)3,3254071
k9iYk(k9iYk)Adult (m)5,0154010
7cohl(7cohl)Adult (m)3,2575140
gT9Q3(gT9Q3)Adult (f)2,8754510
6OqIe(6OqIe)Adult (m)3,5894891
oUzMH(oUzMH)Adult (f)2,7074710
ZAK1W(ZAK1W)Adult (m)3,7454301
1VLD2(1VLD2)Adult (m)3,6864740
w3xMe(w3xMe)Adult (m)3,0704260
oG2M7(oG2M7)Adult (f)3,2694460
AFtPY(AFtPY)Adult (f)2,9974170
co1Q7Goldera 17GAdult (m)3,2571,3143
eqE50Prospera 2GAdult (m)3,5101,0843
5Y2sBKiraesa 18GAdult (f)2,5405812
rlJDjRelena 16GAdult (f)4,4314376
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