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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “draginluver,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
wyv94(wyv94)Adult (f)6,9821,2111
Bf2Zf(Bf2Zf)Adult (f)4,2693800
drvZH(drvZH)Adult (f)3,2094620
20h7U(20h7U)Adult (m)2,6434800
DYQMJustin Perry CBAdult (m)4,2088821
XQf7VXanria CBAdult (f)6,5991,5471
g3V7KGeena CBAdult (m)9,4861,6513
AOs16Alissia CBAdult (f)5,9931,3422
govnZGovana CBAdult (f)4,0053821
9xJLMNayana CBAdult (m)3,4484220
Isj8n(Isj8n)Adult (f)4,8806231
y4wQh(y4wQh)Adult (f)3,4664870
b7pRh(b7pRh)Adult (m)3,3244640
no9VZ(no9VZ)Adult (m)3,3324790
EqijR(EqijR)Adult (m)3,3654211
Jd9Ai(Jd9Ai)Adult (f)3,0164140
Y8t5Yaejara CBAdult (m)6365454
JCzrJabria CBAdult (f)1,53831619
S625gSiaxa 8GAdult (m)9,1211,6294
U8NjbUratha CBAdult (m)3,0571,1190
J2cHcJasai 3GAdult (m)3,0331,0571
yfkc7Yafira 4GAdult (m)7,2601,6114
eHKljYelinda 10GAdult (f)2,4795223
giCOOJicara 3GAdult (f)6,0731,2293
6xeNuSebalia 7GAdult (f)2,4314760
H8TWvHataera Draemara CBAdult (m)4,5721,3223
N6QRINixaesa CBAdult (m)7,2541,1930
ay8TyAyata CBAdult (f)9,1781,2991
bM2d5Brysa CBAdult (f)3,7494212
QNzvfQueran CBAdult (f)4,1964692
9quQlNarella CBAdult (m)3,8964370
5GfmQFyna CBAdult (f)3,9284602
n0ak9Nanara Draegar 2GAdult (f)2,9764511
QdsmtQuellan CBAdult (f)3,3504560
QHzmAQuerime CBAdult (m)3,1154321
Je9gv(Je9gv)Adult (m)7,2251,3303
WhZyB(WhZyB)Adult (f)4,4097431
rLNuI(rLNuI)Adult (f)4,3267430
IhDBw(IhDBw)Adult (f)4,0524540
wG2KD(wG2KD)Adult (f)3,2634750
vZppB(vZppB)Adult (f)3,2804311
mbqiC(mbqiC)Adult (f)3,2763900
pjE4Prudanza CBAdult (f)3,0254714
ZIGOEZigana CBAdult (f)9,3011,6254
Nzmv4(Nzmv4)Adult (f)6,2681,1050
0V3rG(0V3rG)Adult (m)3,6014790
LZF3K(LZF3K)Adult (f)2,9515090
qX9wA(qX9wA)Adult (m)2,9584402
7Amts(7Amts)Adult (m)3,1354490
SOL8g(SOL8g)Adult (m)3,7263991
9YQBo(9YQBo)Adult (f)3,3804750
INzEu(INzEu)Adult (f)3,9544270
GRsISGrisalis Starborn 3GAdult (m)2,7843630
CvWNUCovana 2GAdult (m)3,4214162
d962jDixena 4GAdult (f)4,1475132
q70C9Qadira CBAdult (m)2,4645280
VelRpVenalsa CBAdult (m)3,8343960
QRbVyQuerba CBAdult (f)3,2184020
Ug6fPUzzera CBAdult (f)2,7735662
5Ey1bFronya CBAdult (f)4,3341,0101
StE7WStevanya CBAdult (f)4,1454412
cpFkaCadixa CBAdult (m)3,5434290
HmK9eHimena CBAdult (m)4,1884820
AXJ5KAxajasa CBAdult (f)4,0164460
Lv2mD(Lv2mD)Adult (f)3,2014820
5IlOV(5IlOV)Adult (m)2,9074701
wMiws(wMiws)Adult (m)4,9534110
0ubgo(0ubgo)Adult (m)3,9844892
D1FDI(D1FDI)Adult (f)3,2974830
26OmViolmena CBAdult (f)1,1327164
QiFefQuiana CBAdult (m)7,8561,5501
rXt55(rXt55)Adult (f)6,7011,1211
LfrpY(LfrpY)Adult (f)2,9474450
Xg3wV(Xg3wV)Adult (f)3,5484461
Y6Y4w(Y6Y4w)Adult (f)2,7444340
A1UKAReminas CBAdult (m)3,5931,0497
11kChOlwenas CBAdult (m)4,2559582
zt6HWZycarias CBAdult (f)2,9277481
2gM99Taebixes CBAdult (f)5,7171,4603
gzt97Gaetenas CBAdult (m)6,8111,4664
48R2aFelicitas CBAdult (m)6,1791,0711
ANOQSAnoxas CBAdult (m)4,6641,1383
Fmm4eFemmas CBAdult (m)7,0931,1980
2IQEOTrinas CBAdult (f)4,8215501
TF3KRTeotistas CBAdult (f)4,4844721
w2SBaWindaes CBAdult (m)6,1344880
5HsM2Hortenzias CBAdult (f)4,6135021
kgAvOKitras CBAdult (m)4,7204990
iFjrY(iFjrY)Adult (m)4,9865532
AzwbP(AzwbP)Adult (m)4,3946402
XpNsV(XpNsV)Adult (f)4,2139410
1Bil0(1Bil0)Adult (m)4,6555310
6HrZh(6HrZh)Adult (m)4,5025290
tA9n6Taenai 2GAdult (m)2,4994412
JBdhb(JBdhb)Adult (m)5,6979222
GqaPW(GqaPW)Adult (m)4,0244610
UbQiUbexi CBAdult (f)1,7014254
aK0KLitnasa Waldan 9GAdult (m)9,9431,90510
PLPaDPlaepi CBAdult (f)2,4428270
unM4YUmaesa CBAdult (m)3,8354511
q5ctWQiraxa CBAdult (m)3,4424380
gcUDLGraeta CBAdult (m)3,1604341
HoLvF(HoLvF)Adult (m)3,7974780
G3TEZ(G3TEZ)Adult (f)3,3874480
fMfmW(fMfmW)Adult (f)2,8304670
CpylN(CpylN)Adult (f)2,7624651
DYZUDayema CBAdult (m)4,3021,2366
SLAQSlacarro 17GAdult (f)2,6737285
UQ6WNUquesara 9GAdult (f)7,3711,3571
aIda9Aldanina CBAdult (f)6,9011,5003
OvsNpOversa 9GAdult (f)6,0201,8401
aiXHOAiksa CBAdult (m)2,5764941
QsbPSQuetara 15GAdult (m)3,0228153
D1XMHDonexa CBAdult (m)2,9525280
TpxnSTopexa CBAdult (f)3,1855260
RAXFaRaxena CBAdult (f)4,0424002
m6TYZMixesa CBAdult (m)3,6904840
wLPaKWinera CBAdult (f)3,3334420
zX0WkZixeria CBAdult (m)3,1834311
ewkdIEwaris CBAdult (m)3,8323911
0Yi7H(0Yi7H)Adult (f)4,0054480
BVmvK(BVmvK)Adult (m)3,7704340
vYNFc(vYNFc)Adult (m)3,2865261
G7a1Q(G7a1Q)Adult (f)2,9304891
BIUvO(BIUvO)Adult (f)4,6011,1072
CrIfO(CrIfO)Adult (f)4,5711,0851
Aqn5S(Aqn5S)Adult (m)3,1224021
i5zhP(i5zhP)Adult (f)3,3954490
9zbDY(9zbDY)Adult (f)3,1254690
ue5j7(ue5j7)Adult (m)3,3975193
Kxpuz(Kxpuz)Adult (m)2,5854850
tPRBCTenira CBAdult (f)2,2467531
23i4dTrenai CBAdult (m)2,2897900
h6l8yHixesa CBAdult (m)4,4391,3047
ccjR3Ceraina CBAdult (f)4,8751,3372
35dUUTerasae CBAdult (f)7,2571,0764
u2Bm9Utaera CBAdult (m)4,8071,0051
gN3NDGenavis 6GAdult (m)4,4467791
m7xgYMayabel CBAdult (f)4,7487502
bkcjhKiliuma CBAdult (f)3,7853712
96JAJ(96JAJ)Adult (f)3,2225201
Ut4ID(Ut4ID)Adult (m)3,3054070
mGTxR(mGTxR)Adult (f)3,7194450
lSNHB(lSNHB)Adult (m)3,6814451
2XNtn(2XNtn)Adult (f)3,5314420
smyRTSmyrta CBAdult (m)3,0594331
mm8c2Mimasae CBAdult (f)3,5703770
XEzwjXeniata CBAdult (m)4,2013401
yJH2yYajera CBAdult (m)4,5774542
ipGoLImpiala CBAdult (f)6,2371,4471
MU2pbMutana CBAdult (m)6,3601,5041
69iSlSixenena CBAdult (f)5,8291,0721
z5vVZZefiaza CBAdult (f)2,9604370
E5jAl(E5jAl)Adult (m)7,4481,0883
y36nn(y36nn)Adult (m)3,6264912
6BL8W(6BL8W)Adult (m)3,2764600
Beoba(Beoba)Adult (f)3,5874770
5Aqat(5Aqat)Adult (f)3,8454311
SmOYI(SmOYI)Adult (m)3,5994450
SOFuH(SOFuH)Adult (m)3,5814010
Y52XI(Y52XI)Adult (f)3,4894730
YYMBM(YYMBM)Adult (m)3,2054431
C0pYx(C0pYx)Adult (f)2,5045021
nUcIzNuclearas CBAdult (f)6,0495041
pnBpPPinaebra CBAdult (m)4,8805893
vBJQH(vBJQH)Adult (m)3,9139022
I9LUr(I9LUr)Adult (f)7,5395360
EaXrc(EaXrc)Adult (m)7,1635350
MlT1r(MlT1r)Adult (f)5,2596463
ilrnbIlnira CBAdult (m)5,2966090
84KmDEitriana CBAdult (f)4,8015353
t87diTatiena 2GAdult (m)5,6915111
Poq2P(Poq2P)Adult (m)4,9935772
3793c(3793c)Adult (m)5,4795982
C6VgR(C6VgR)Adult (m)5,0745260
MyASt(MyASt)Adult (f)6,1156111
TaJGTajesa 12GAdult (m)8,7361,6886
aXttCranesa UnpureAdult (m)8,6071,5086
FIDPDFidiara 3GAdult (f)7,0221,3432
CoT9GCoteina CBAdult (f)5,0771,3712
AVxgwAvexa CBAdult (f)8,1821,2290
AWfATAwetara CBAdult (m)3,5418070
uKNjzUkenara CBAdult (m)4,6654341
cGrrzCorrena CBAdult (m)4,0284570
v9NYhVeinai CBAdult (f)3,5784020
Ph3y7Pheyan CBAdult (f)3,1484240
1R20hOneroh CBAdult (m)3,6574380
zDqsYZedaro CBAdult (m)3,6414570
EiKxKEikixes CBAdult (f)4,0194281
OfNSs(OfNSs)Adult (m)3,4635481
kCHKc(kCHKc)Adult (m)3,8034022
hNUel(hNUel)Adult (m)4,5064440
n196NNaeviad Floranza CBAdult (m)2,8924840
dtcYeDaevon Floranza CBAdult (m)3,8525060
h2OWP(h2OWP)Adult (m)2,9744780
nBEkO(nBEkO)Adult (m)3,6544991
U5e2rUdelai CBAdult (f)3,5334501
XW59ZXimasa CBAdult (f)3,2954361
3BuaATayana CBAdult (m)3,5334350
Do0kO(Do0kO)Adult (f)3,0504061
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