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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “draginluver,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
wWagP(wWagP)Adult (m)3,3033950
1jIvT(1jIvT)Adult (m)3,9054980
n9IX(n9IX)Adult (m)1,1088753
rNm3(rNm3)Adult (m)9536101
6pcas(6pcas)Adult (m)2,2403756
TAXIv(TAXIv)Adult (f)3,4394402
NnSM8(NnSM8)Adult (m)3,0664411
7wCuj(7wCuj)Adult (m)3,3864480
4hFpG(4hFpG)Adult (f)3,1604561
hmiSQ(hmiSQ)Adult (f)3,8544680
RWkiQ(RWkiQ)Adult (m)3,4274201
VRTUKarida 5GAdult (f)1,59064822
yDT1Zenaidas CBAdult (m)1,2789278
jiMXGinebra 6GAdult (f)1,55050815
9sQMAngelic Fairy DragonAdult (m)2,1354425
b9Ilg(b9Ilg)Adult (m)8,1861,3784
ckvmn(ckvmn)Adult (m)4,6431,0864
i7q4USylvias CBAdult (f)8,8631,3711
0dr13(0dr13)Adult (m)6,3071,5041
Rx1fN(Rx1fN)Adult (f)6,7751,2127
rqZ9k(rqZ9k)Adult (m)3,1408232
Egc97(Egc97)Adult (f)3,1028041
1gfhI(1gfhI)Adult (m)3,1018063
OdBiu(OdBiu)Adult (m)2,7297742
185vv(185vv)Adult (f)3,0167942
oJkOD(oJkOD)Adult (f)4,8071,2851
D9kIY(D9kIY)Adult (f)4,8351,3186
VSOAt(VSOAt)Adult (m)6,2251,0521
HOuNi(HOuNi)Adult (f)4,3544340
Do9hA(Do9hA)Adult (f)3,0794161
XYigl(XYigl)Adult (m)3,0164160
F7liH(F7liH)Adult (m)2,2716690
3fsVR(3fsVR)Adult (f)2,3456690
ZjL57(ZjL57)Adult (f)2,4397370
vbLxB(vbLxB)Adult (f)2,4847340
9U7p8(9U7p8)Adult (m)2,3097280
pgoH8(pgoH8)Adult (f)2,3227090
3XEHH(3XEHH)Adult (m)4,3805132
1T2G3(1T2G3)Adult (m)4,2805163
gTGRS(gTGRS)Adult (f)4,4975331
gyzMj(gyzMj)Adult (f)2,5237801
o37Aw(o37Aw)Adult (f)2,4907883
ETS2c(ETS2c)Adult (m)3,5884980
MVDGK(MVDGK)Adult (f)3,2057683
CQjvz(CQjvz)Adult (m)3,3644591
7yceT(7yceT)Adult (f)3,1017482
3pmdK(3pmdK)Adult (f)3,4843770
e44A5(e44A5)Adult (f)3,5115102
O2JYf(O2JYf)Adult (f)4,0963640
QvUW0(QvUW0)Adult (m)3,3714421
1dyDa(1dyDa)Adult (m)3,7774621
yzYAJ(yzYAJ)Adult (f)3,7864053
TgdSO(TgdSO)Adult (m)3,1944308
2bbYw(2bbYw)Adult (f)3,3634471
qvmL1(qvmL1)Adult (f)4,1584451
y4M8a(y4M8a)Adult (m)4,0304020
9pwHf(9pwHf)Adult (f)5,7901,1544
a6NGC(a6NGC)Adult (m)10,8111,6394
fsd43(fsd43)Adult (f)5,8821,1161
jyyVK(jyyVK)Adult (m)2,8655501
KvpaG(KvpaG)Adult (f)3,8974561
71Q3w(71Q3w)Adult (m)3,0504541
fZYuc(fZYuc)Adult (m)3,2685031
p7MYz(p7MYz)Adult (f)2,9464850
ZNheH(ZNheH)Adult (m)3,0034890
5xgvL(5xgvL)Adult (m)2,9404890
gClur(gClur)Adult (m)3,3104881
IFIro(IFIro)Adult (f)2,7905150
vTNUL(vTNUL)Adult (f)3,2854572
URnTx(URnTx)Adult (m)2,9644632
Adb9h(Adb9h)Adult (f)3,5004970
MIAyo(MIAyo)Adult (f)2,1764332
kP9xF(kP9xF)Adult (f)3,4851,0521
OULIF(OULIF)Adult (m)3,5851,0961
qFVlb(qFVlb)Adult (f)4,6171,2141
GCjDU(GCjDU)Adult (f)4,8666923
qcLjN(qcLjN)Adult (m)3,7483951
iryKs(iryKs)Adult (f)3,5264170
n9kFA(n9kFA)Adult (f)2,8784381
yvHOC(yvHOC)Adult (m)3,2514060
PrYIn(PrYIn)Adult (m)3,1684451
Ew6r8(Ew6r8)Adult (m)3,8824381
EvWnJ(EvWnJ)Adult (m)7,4257441
t9I2q(t9I2q)Adult (m)6,5621,0945
VWEWg(VWEWg)Adult (f)6,6917032
I3kGc(I3kGc)Adult (f)5,2816712
AeKMu(AeKMu)Adult (f)9,5046521
jhgjl(jhgjl)Adult (m)7,9177052
bWEjT(bWEjT)Adult (m)7,1397241
8bz35(8bz35)Adult (f)7,6556071
auieu(auieu)Adult (f)8,8377102
seHAf(seHAf)Adult (m)6,9097292
gjfxQ(gjfxQ)Adult (m)6,7176141
MfLM5(MfLM5)Adult (m)9,1026661
aaGWQ(aaGWQ)Adult (f)5,7207020
fx5Ie(fx5Ie)Adult (m)9,5021,5334
yIier(yIier)Adult (m)9,0521,66812
IWWXG(IWWXG)Adult (f)6,6096933
WI8Ab(WI8Ab)Adult (f)7,5996663
Gd8Qp(Gd8Qp)Adult (f)8,6265782
hys41(hys41)Adult (f)8,6986082
63zCf(63zCf)Adult (f)6,6897112
sdJcE(sdJcE)Adult (f)5,4277243
NHaJW(NHaJW)Adult (f)8,7047152
NujsV(NujsV)Adult (f)5,9821,2482
k4OZ5(k4OZ5)Adult (f)8,2401,6440
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