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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “draganot,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4nzz6(4nzz6)Adult (m)2,1995536
AF55EM0jkas Royal BlueAdult (m)3,3993703
hSrPwStarthroat M0jkasAdult (m)2,6664134
RtgsvLila M0jkasAdult (f)2,6986056
berbt(berbt)Adult (f)2,7718196
5ZQXNStella NoxAdult (f)2,6124583
HvlI0(HvlI0)Adult (f)2,5235116
Ss3tq(Ss3tq)Adult (m)2,4974676
hbg22Sweetie B0TAdult (f)2,9744487
zQJzJ(zQJzJ)Adult (m)3,0244484
cd12nCompact DiskAdult (f)2,9874603
vSum2(vSum2)Adult (f)3,0494244
Wg3uD(Wg3uD)Adult (m)2,5265054
Akh84(Akh84)Adult (m)3,0004753
nkJpE(nkJpE)Adult (m)1,6194741
hEnGo(hEnGo)Adult (m)1,5245302
j39nR(j39nR)Adult (f)2,7886231
vbnDu(vbnDu)Adult (f)1,8356761
v6UhAM0jkas AutumnAdult (f)3,3048752
PJ4fM(PJ4fM)Adult (f)2,7854564
TsyyZ(TsyyZ)Adult (m)2,0486353
tqEfe(tqEfe)Adult (m)2,0246342
VzcIy(VzcIy)Adult (m)2,0006413
HXYbt(HXYbt)Adult (m)1,9096083
CKxOy(CKxOy)Adult (f)1,8914762
m9JMd(m9JMd)Adult (m)3,4343661
0Naom(0Naom)Adult (m)2,8045395
pXq4M(pXq4M)Adult (m)2,7064815
itUAO(itUAO)Adult (m)2,8681,1004
2DT8NM0jkas SilverAdult (m)2,1527123
QW185M0jkas SkywingAdult (f)4,3034452
GAySs(GAySs)Adult (f)2,1815582
HqN4lM0jkas StoneAdult (f)3,8194224
nt6FMM0jkas StripedAdult (m)3,7954673
1W2duM0jkas Yellow-CrownedAdult (m)3,3723873
ljVyHUndead TerrorAdult (m)2,5155441
1smk8M0jkas SunsongAdult (m)3,5104935
8KO6EM0jkas SwallowtailAdult (m)3,9074081
io5EY(io5EY)Adult (m)4,8951,0951
hMBKqM0jkas ThunderAdult (f)6,5934903
TITDBThundertitsAdult (f)2,2346154
rBg0TErlanthir StormbornAdult (f)3,0379052
mvOnG(mvOnG)Adult (m)4,9301,1063
f7UuW(f7UuW)Adult (m)3,2244722
JF0RT(JF0RT)Adult (f)2,3906701
TJvWm(TJvWm)Adult (m)2,6768991
0cUhOM0jkas TurpentineAdult (f)3,2923971
jZqeCFlutterbuttsAdult (f)4,5951,4216
yxbikTwerkn' FlutterbuttAdult (f)4,0351,2027
ua6iPFlutterbuttzAdult (m)3,9611,1904
VUpdvFluttery ButtAdult (f)3,8461,2514
w5AEa(w5AEa)Adult (m)3,2611,1263
XTKbq(XTKbq)Adult (f)3,5001,2242
ODXtBFlutterbutt's Lost FlutterAdult (m)3,7101,2602
V8i8MV8 FlutterbuttAdult (m)2,9541,0231
WbMdiBig Honest FlutterbuttsAdult (m)3,2741,0892
GJfqy(GJfqy)Adult (m)2,7506352
wPWq9(wPWq9)Adult (f)3,1125404
Eqgvg(Eqgvg)Adult (f)3,2575684
ho5XB(ho5XB)Adult (f)2,7155691
z7VKv(z7VKv)Adult (f)3,1095732
iJ9l4Vcikkohrikk ThuwedAdult (m)3,2987336
Lj9hF(Lj9hF)Adult (f)4,5806500
IGTBh(IGTBh)Adult (m)4,7616711
0utp8(0utp8)Adult (f)4,1697367
IwLkv(IwLkv)Adult (f)3,1206903
LnQOSM0jkas UltravioletAdult (m)3,4643792
ERPQh(ERPQh)Adult (m)2,1024335
Z039Y(Z039Y)Adult (f)2,2216133
V8BtW(V8BtW)Adult (m)2,2195873
bffEB(bffEB)Adult (f)2,3356532
ANYS5(ANYS5)Adult (m)3,3637124
hMmMq(hMmMq)Adult (f)2,4466753
8YR53(8YR53)Adult (m)3,2236272
xTmxE(xTmxE)Adult (m)3,0106033
RB0zR(RB0zR)Adult (m)2,8016055
X1o9k(X1o9k)Adult (m)2,9456192
VwGML(VwGML)Adult (m)2,8175813
ntPAJ(ntPAJ)Adult (f)2,5389096
yout1Surprised by LoveAdult (f)2,5259497
PnXcV(PnXcV)Adult (m)1,6855961
4IQ10(4IQ10)Adult (m)2,5799555
7bR3S(7bR3S)Adult (f)1,6976031
EJ64Z(EJ64Z)Adult (m)1,5855701
Onz2yOnz3yAdult (m)1,9657591
CQ7NU(CQ7NU)Adult (m)1,9587770
w8emc(w8emc)Adult (f)2,8026373
6uduK(6uduK)Adult (f)2,8546272
gmoLjM0jkas VampireAdult (m)3,2394123
CXpoBFang M0jkasAdult (m)3,5494172
T9Op4Lorraine ThuwedAdult (f)2,8636255
dwSvaM0jkas WhiptailAdult (m)3,8834251
ir8FXGoomba's shoeAdult (m)3,2774142
CC6qfKrem the Cow GodAdult (m)2,7974132
P1rk3(P1rk3)Adult (f)2,0295132
KCYXx(KCYXx)Adult (m)1,4434720
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