Dragon Cave

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Dragon pixel art

Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “dolphine,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GCMmL(GCMmL)Dead Egg5711951
PcOPhAlba AbyssAdult (f)2,6949073
HK6wfArion AbyssAdult (m)2,8679080
ozX0BAlia AbyssAdult (f)2,7598881
DoN0pAstrus AbyssAdult (m)2,8389390
L0zlhAylia AbyssAdult (f)2,7749420
aFLSYAlius AbyssAdult (m)2,7889581
f8A3rAstro AbyssAdult (m)2,7469090
akilRAmara AbyssAdult (f)2,8579292
d9xl1Ernesto Time AeonAdult (m)4,6511,0524
iBJBHEnea Time AeonAdult (f)4,5867683
h7IdQEneus Time AeonAdult (f)3,4809211
Hx22XSanguis Purus AeonAdult (m)4,3741,0224
W7TMMGaia Crimson AeonAdult (m)3,4997851
7ApjAGaia Sakura AeonAdult (m)4,9041,1142
twKsJInfinite Makian SpaceAdult (f)4,3151,1281
IFBmXInfinite Margy SpaceAdult (m)4,2281,1532
vo0hbInfinite Misky SpaceAdult (m)3,9936801
A6KQaInfinite Misty SpaceAdult (f)2,4366852
zIbwBInfinite Tapu SpaceAdult (m)6,7951,1763
rOvrFInfinite Pika SpaceAdult (f)6,5301,1582
Tn0M1Sanguis Purus Aria GlorisAdult (m)2,3555361
ECZlnSanguis Purus Ignis GlorisAdult (m)3,3268263
sp8L2Gaia Aqualis GlorisAdult (m)2,0645691
2rmz1Idus Infinite SpaceAdult (m)4,8271,0873
JLQtyInfinite Mind SpaceAdult (m)3,6025782
egVNpInfinite Moon SpaceAdult (f)5,3271,0062
omHzc(omHzc)Adult (m)1,5846542
Awr6sFrozen GloriusHatchling (f, F)3,6277182
ioD5nAndros AetherAdult (m)2,1195145
kgy37Allo AetherAdult (f)5,1471,0932
VRRCyAstor AetherAdult (m)2,5867481
lVxbxAnna AetherAdult (f)2,4576910
tfZH8Estonio AetherAdult (m)4,3737951
BCNq7Cyra WinterSkyAdult (f)4,2699864
ZAxrFAlsita WinterSkyAdult (f)4,8611,0073
KJqRBS'aar WinterSkyAdult (f)3,6088903
bAh4mCala'h WinterSkyAdult (f)5,1908894
MlmNRWindy WinterSkyAdult (f)4,6118473
OcrsRSanguis Purus AetherAdult (f)4,4461,0801
aHsctSanguis Purus FalcAetherAdult (f)4,7421,1082
e2md8Aliah AetherAdult (f)2,5357641
vOhrpAsterio AetherAdult (m)3,3677521
EIAf0Ally AetherAdult (f)7,3511,5212
TEtU5Cala's WinterSkyAdult (f)5,1561,1961
qHfnZWindcontrole WinterSkyAdult (f)3,9361,1362
7mb09W'indaar WinterSkyAdult (f)4,6881,0852
OOcQKill victim IAdult (m)4,8221,1898
SYgoQAstreay ClaraAdult (f)3,0317247
HpsLeAkyna ClaraAdult (f)3,1147356
ViQuXAstro ClaroAdult (m)3,0047283
upMgTSanguis Purus Vicus AlbinusAdult (m)8,2711,6403
HdNffAspegic ClaroAdult (m)9,9071,7231
1D9amAlba ClaroAdult (f)4,7621,2903
96BU6Alteo ClaroAdult (f)3,05590419
EdhjbAlia ClaraAdult (f)3,7287530
vDHitAlbus ClaroAdult (m)3,5058483
9VVCZAstal ClaroAdult (m)7,2701,3344
IKmwDAdriana AlceblueAdult (f)3,7871,0063
a9q96Astino AlceblueAdult (m)3,7341,0312
44SbtSanguis Purus Aldecum CaeruleumAdult (f)2,6656851
qTaerAlicia AlceblueAdult (f)4,7801,0383
L9pwQAris AlceblueAdult (m)4,3226301
NcQKPBecus AlceblueAdult (m)3,4307952
KG6QbAldina AlceblueAdult (f)2,6966253
yQPv8Aldo AlceblueAdult (m)2,5846182
WW9E1Sanguis Purus Aldecum RubrumAdult (m)5,0201,0243
pdKfqGaia AldecineAdult (f)3,3707442
OMVE2Gaia Aldecine GemsAdult (f)4,0921,0763
1E3rFAyon AlceblueAdult (m)3,6489552
vwyhLAmalia AlceroAdult (f)4,0517721
UqmrcAlberic AlgarreAdult (m)2,2395601
VCDmBAndromeda AlgarreAdult (f)2,2965460
4oPaaAstros AlgarreAdult (m)2,7195831
2ET8bAlexia AlgarreAdult (f)2,7565832
zgrZ4Adromedus AlgarreAdult (m)4,4438083
1zRdHAlexandra AlgarreAdult (f)4,0838140
4eVXOAlmando AlgarreAdult (m)4,1877852
yyzh8Awina AlgarreAdult (f)4,0738133
XnI5qAko AlmeraldAdult (m)4,3131,1281
FDXNWAndra AlmeraldAdult (f)4,0621,1064
w96lqAmo AlmeraldAdult (m)2,5387430
zNVaNAila AlmeraldAdult (f)2,4877970
fmetgAndor AlmeraldAdult (f)5,9649430
zfvKkAndes AmeraldAdult (m)3,3779640
5F6wMSanguis Purus AlmeraldAdult (m)6,9641,0211
xcvaVYuletida Emerald ShieldAdult (f)4,5991,0231
EM7GDAegeor Emerald ShieldAdult (f)4,8391,0382
H1hPjDraconna Emerald ShieldAdult (f)4,7391,0322
krWh4Glitz Emerald ShieldAdult (f)5,3646992
mA9hUSanguis Purus AlmeraldineAdult (f)5,2135001
sfW8uFrosty Emerald ShieldAdult (f)4,1112882
jH4iJFraxy Emerald ShieldAdult (f)2,6006461
MHuRUYubiz Emerald ShieldAdult (f)8,2031,2233
QL0FcAndro AlmeraldAdult (m)4,8121,1401
SNO6lSanguis Purus Ermerald PyralAdult (m)4,7521,0563
9xgqBAster AlmeraldAdult (f)4,8111,1253
zEyQXArno AlmeraldAdult (m)5,1849431
4i8yPUster UndinancoAdult (m)2,6216316
XyLmqUlrike UndinancoAdult (f)2,3826109
KpS9QAphrodite AmarignisAdult (f)4,0211,1875
ljksZVenus AmarignisAdult (f)4,0141,1434
I2OrUBora Bolt of EmotionsAdult (f)4,7611,2671
VtAJzBestia  Bolt of EmotionsAdult (f)5,0481,2441
OAA0LBerl  Bolt of EmotionsAdult (f)4,6221,2591
6jUbyBore  Bolt of EmotionsAdult (f)4,4701,2781
SEHjLVenus Bolt of EmotionsAdult (f)3,9161,2422
GSXjzGaia PyrramarignisAdult (f)3,9881,2611
mmFzpLysandrene Noctis Advinaenos KorAdult (f)7,7891,3374
bwYqxSanguis Purus Amarignis VermeilAdult (f)3,7801,2821
EzfwrFrozen Amarignis FlowerHatchling (f, F)5,7647822
DG1hvAllo AnagallisAdult (m)2,0637251
8KBsBArtis AnagallisAdult (m)2,0997290
9tBtyAbris AnagallisAdult (m)2,0807232
orzlYAnny AnagallisAdult (f)2,1027372
pESwoAmy AnagallisAdult (f)2,1027311
tva7YAstris AnagallisAdult (f)2,0127071
zk2o0Astrix AnagallisAdult (m)1,9995553
JJqo4Sanguis Purus AnagallisAdult (f)2,3615611
s7JCTGaia Falconiform AnaAdult (f)2,0325422
jIcqUAnalia AnagallisAdult (f)3,7319231
OADxtAnagallis PopsicleHatchling (F)2,0384472
0VooCElla AntareAdult (f)4,8791,0533
xFSomAndros AntareAdult (m)5,0501,0383
jAJOrAki AntareAdult (m)3,5478412
uJbxyAka AntareAdult (f)3,2788511
wig1DAlla AntareAdult (f)3,3838531
CckwuApi AntareAdult (m)5,0931,1852
4iWfiAntonio AntareAdult (m)5,1631,1582
PFfHJAlina AntareAdult (f)5,2171,1371
qzdRMSanguis Purus AntareAdult (m)7,0819970
xRmD9Antonia AntareAdult (f)3,0636513
yLKVLGaia CandlareanAdult (f)2,3755892
5dmOKGaia Amalthean LumunaAdult (m)4,0781,0132
yqlWOGaia Amaltean CassareAdult (m)2,7686841
Tt1B8Gaia Amaltea XolAdult (m)5,8431,0442
JGK4EGaia Amaltean MistraAdult (m)2,9914732
8hO8DAurus AqualiaAdult (m)2,7786320
MjaW3Astra AqualiaAdult (f)2,5566140
TWxKVAndros AqualiaAdult (f)2,2015600
LzYCwAndreas AqualiaAdult (m)2,4175870
4DV7aAura AqualiaAdult (f)2,9685626
Xv4JqAmalia AqualiaAdult (f)2,9365791
l2kWXAstro AqualiaAdult (m)3,8148163
QKPgrSanguis Purus AqualisAdult (m)6,2291,2092
3VDW2Gaia Aqualis ShimmerAdult (f)5,3741,0874
BtddpAlastor AqualiaAdult (m)2,7388031
la1qaGaia Elux AqualisAdult (f)5,1261,1492
ytliSAron AqualiaAdult (m)3,6328461
j3yjyAdro AqualiaAdult (m)3,7894841
7LLn6Arabelle AqualiaAdult (f)2,3105801
3RJ9HAqualia Ice CubeHatchling (F)1,7845871
5ZLgfAmi AranoaAdult (m)4,4649771
QF4cQAndro AranoaAdult (m)2,3925162
ELErgAndros AranoaAdult (f)3,0434752
lPzsySanguis Purus AranoaAdult (f)5,0411,1455
f9E6xSanguis Purus AraneonAdult (f)4,8891,0502
C6mwCSanguis Purus NhioanaAdult (f)4,2738211
gU3ALSanguis Purus Oana SpiritAdult (f)3,6231,0015
upITXAnika AranoaAdult (f)5,0651,1552
WRiOqAndras AranoaAdult (m)4,7351,0500
0f01EAnastasia AranoaAdult (f)5,1759200
4EKrqAncy AranoaAdult (m)4,0437992
Jd8IEAstro AranoaAdult (f)3,9915163
ZV5uV(ZV5uV)Adult (m)2,1706811
eEoHHAranoa FreezeHatchling (m, F)3,6296852
HJiJzAmio ArcanosAdult (m)2,7249932
W5YzdAlia ArcanaAdult (f)3,0371,0020
C8detAstro ArcanosAdult (m)2,7531,0110
VdEEmAlio ArcanosAdult (m)2,6541,0130
cWMhpAstera ArcanaAdult (f)2,8371,0212
nYLsbAlly ArcanaAdult (f)2,6439740
4aBgkAdrey ArcanosAdult (m)2,9901,0300
jC6NaAmia ArcanaAdult (f)2,8599891
1kxGAAdros ArcanosAdult (m)3,6991,0264
w34xmAmika ArcantumnAdult (f)2,6021,0186
XixmpAshia ArcantumnAdult (f)2,5701,0123
KFJbWAndrea ArcantumnAdult (f)5,6791,4273
DQd8yAcryone ArcantumnAdult (f)3,9541,1903
KlwexAeberhard ArcantumnAdult (f)4,0401,2112
mEvpZAdevid ArcantumnAdult (f)3,8351,1573
ykSLkAmelia ArcantumnAdult (f)4,0791,1976
zI7m7Sanguis Purus ArcanusAdult (m)6,6601,6113
Nay7KSanguis Purus ArcanaAdult (f)6,6091,6334
ilwqRAkyna ArcantumnAdult (f)5,8461,2576
KHRnORiot Aber ArcantumnAdult (f)5,8831,2616
LWzFrTammone ArcantumnAdult (f)6,1691,2553
3ccgRAstera ArcantumnAdult (f)5,9391,2484
KuCPzNightmare Pure ArcanaAdult (m)5,4251,3473
NbkfqHakurei ArcanaAdult (m)3,7937209
arnWGKhareef ArcantumnAdult (f)3,7921,3051
xY0DlTammy ArcantumnAdult (f)3,9381,3013
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