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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “dodgerwolf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AwUq(AwUq)Adult (m)7335271
JGBa(JGBa)Adult (f)7555452
a5Lk(a5Lk)Adult (f)7516095
5sB9(5sB9)Adult (m)6034917
1jmo(1jmo)Adult (f)1,25695517
xMwy(xMwy)Adult (f)1,17483613
CKg5(CKg5)Adult (f)1,25195417
f38D(f38D)Adult (f)1,4811,02514
fH17(fH17)Adult (m)90975613
FGE3(FGE3)Adult (f)8816217
JfcG(JfcG)Adult (f)1,73174021
I7L2(I7L2)Adult (f)1,5041,09811
WmVB(WmVB)Adult (m)6615386
dtfc(dtfc)Adult (f)1,8374308
NN3z(NN3z)Adult (m)1,19588111
8LgQ(8LgQ)Adult (m)1,3248467
nd3c(nd3c)Adult (m)9397921
xirx(xirx)Adult (m)1,0997767
F1gP(F1gP)Adult (m)6995301
jw9Z(jw9Z)Adult (m)7115412
9GzN(9GzN)Adult (m)1,2778959
ljA0(ljA0)Adult (m)1,8314258
ATP1(ATP1)Adult (m)1,1568909
Eca8(Eca8)Adult (f)1,25495621
iTwT(iTwT)Adult (m)1,4661,03117
P6BC(P6BC)Adult (f)5844781
Fxvw(Fxvw)Adult (f)8997116
Gl8g(Gl8g)Adult (m)7464804
bUX2(bUX2)Adult (f)9107619
GsGa(GsGa)Adult (f)1,06648010
dNEj(dNEj)Adult (m)2,9201,09947
F59x(F59x)Adult (m)7565705
Ti6a(Ti6a)Adult (f)1,5919448
SKAg(SKAg)Adult (f)7685785
6VcI(6VcI)Adult (m)1,8699228
fBOT(fBOT)Adult (m)1,05077812
PwHL(PwHL)Adult (m)1,6309609
Td9A(Td9A)Adult (m)7385834
NKrU(NKrU)Adult (f)7055353
7M3F(7M3F)Adult (f)2,3291,15830
G7pL(G7pL)Adult (f)2,2781,30323
2Gnn(2Gnn)Adult (f)1,4011,09619
EJ8J(EJ8J)Adult (m)1,0127376
FyW3(FyW3)Adult (f)1,3409906
lLtW(lLtW)Adult (m)2,2971,30722
VhhF(VhhF)Adult (m)1,20593516
op5X(op5X)Adult (f)89572212
t9fP(t9fP)Adult (m)1,15583611
7EoT(7EoT)Adult (m)1,30188917
WGVF(WGVF)Adult (f)7455839
vx39(vx39)Adult (m)1,3981,08917
6Tbm(6Tbm)Adult (f)1,08748713
zcAN(zcAN)Adult (m)1,5209888
4l70(4l70)Adult (f)2,1201,08922
YQm0(YQm0)Adult (m)1,8414318
ynYr(ynYr)Adult (m)1,05578114
vnrq(vnrq)Adult (f)98478517
rfsS(rfsS)Adult (m)2,0521,45710
iCJ2(iCJ2)Adult (m)7035342
yya0(yya0)Adult (m)7645803
djLF(djLF)Adult (m)1,3419499
WIfi(WIfi)Adult (f)1,4511,06512
PjDQ(PjDQ)Adult (m)1,0507407
QbvW(QbvW)Adult (m)1,5018141
0c9R(0c9R)Adult (f)12,5971,08258
cVqi(cVqi)Adult (f)7115402
1QXO(1QXO)Adult (f)9646822
i66R(i66R)Adult (m)83069219
J3aF(J3aF)Adult (f)6605383
PBoA(PBoA)Adult (f)2,2451,31420
d9gx(d9gx)Adult (f)1,3857143
rmtf(rmtf)Adult (m)9504568
d1XI(d1XI)Adult (f)7675785
ofAL(ofAL)Adult (m)8534743
W5Ex(W5Ex)Adult (f)8987125
8TdA(8TdA)Adult (f)7555972
fqsI(fqsI)Adult (m)1,2276991
TUq9(TUq9)Adult (f)82458311
ycaa(ycaa)Adult (f)88371512
mqnP(mqnP)Adult (m)1,0338194
NhVm(NhVm)Adult (m)1,12285810
4sTu(4sTu)Adult (f)7225221
3lmN(3lmN)Adult (f)1,21187710
XInW(XInW)Adult (f)9606821
vS7T(vS7T)Adult (m)1,79929733
gTyL(gTyL)Adult (f)1,1176063
WLnu(WLnu)Adult (f)2,18694212
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