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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “dnugs,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
KjAGb(KjAGb)Adult (f)1,4016160
gpBNI(gpBNI)Adult (f)1,4235872
U8cHLIvaliAdult (f)5,0451,1304
K8Qtl(K8Qtl)Adult (f)4,4201,4564
idvXz(idvXz)Adult (m)1,6037310
MhSL1(MhSL1)Adult (m)3,8521,1327
kGcAS(kGcAS)Adult (f)1,5006300
BLX2z(BLX2z)Adult (f)2,2096222
Mve6j(Mve6j)Adult (m)1,5126891
dUaYVPariah's ChildAdult (f)3,6391,12511
JnCRM(JnCRM)Adult (f)2,6069092
oAswW(oAswW)Adult (m)1,6397470
lr3Sf(lr3Sf)Adult (f)2,9091,1012
7sVap(7sVap)Adult (m)2,8371,0642
fxUM2(fxUM2)Adult (f)2,3589001
Ulb3J(Ulb3J)Adult (m)2,5659635
RTec0(RTec0)Adult (m)1,3997043
j8S4V(j8S4V)Adult (f)1,4226592
87xGQ(87xGQ)Adult (f)1,5577131
gdrho(gdrho)Adult (m)2,7101,1072
JwM3h(JwM3h)Adult (f)1,3575970
JHVT5(JHVT5)Adult (f)1,7696850
4mkVZAxaratiAdult (f)1,01344222
73Jhoim awake its morningAdult (m)3,4801,1585
7J8OQ(7J8OQ)Adult (m)3,0151,0412
30pZQ(30pZQ)Adult (f)2,9621,0341
GHXwe(GHXwe)Adult (m)2,6749482
sTuNMhell froze n overAdult (f)2,6149643
FlM08(FlM08)Adult (f)2,8121,0292
kwIvY(kwIvY)Adult (f)2,6611,0522
MdXSW(MdXSW)Adult (f)1,5807502
rdxQu(rdxQu)Adult (f)1,4916101
ihTu8(ihTu8)Adult (f)1,5356690
lZwpy(lZwpy)Adult (m)2,9449710
ayevM(ayevM)Adult (f)3,0129290
pEQ3Y(pEQ3Y)Adult (f)1,8996661
XkGGP(XkGGP)Adult (f)2,0076104
VvKoU(VvKoU)Adult (f)1,9675931
Sf2Y7(Sf2Y7)Adult (m)2,5506817
OK9t1(OK9t1)Egg (F)
D7sZMThe Devil's ArithmeticAdult (m)2,3069408
I7BLjmalice monstrosityAdult (m)3,0151,0693
iyA71(iyA71)Adult (f)1,9076190
qFm5hmy thoughts are starsAdult (m)3,1021,00514
3zXHb(3zXHb)Adult (f)2,6801,0146
4LwFw(4LwFw)Adult (m)2,7669990
uTEKqinto constellationsAdult (f)4,0491,2386
BV1i8i can't fathomAdult (m)2,9461,0172
WDnH3Set Your Sights On The SkyAdult (f)2,6598068
SeRLYlemon strawberryadeAdult (m)2,64686112
s9MZMSilenatAdult (f)3,1391,15010
JerspJerspAdult (m)3,3831,1098
eOUXdExodisAdult (m)4,4931,40811
VSDThSaarioAdult (m)4,9101,2519
CQbtk(CQbtk)Adult (f)1,3156052
zIEtw(zIEtw)Adult (m)1,6576314
EdN0S(EdN0S)Adult (f)1,4036540
5vxSb(5vxSb)Adult (m)1,8656112
V3MOEslippery sl opeAdult (f)2,8611,0614
rCjYZ(rCjYZ)Adult (f)2,2838040
K113I(K113I)Adult (f)1,8357411
Nh97CIllumiantiAdult (m)2,2159233
BHHaQ(BHHaQ)Adult (f)1,3286260
3hz05(3hz05)Adult (f)1,5966282
sbM3Z(sbM3Z)Adult (f)1,8367641
jlGNMTarascotaAdult (f)1,50473610
MBKv4Lilith's GroomAdult (m)3,0437253
tvtn2You Are My Sweetest DownfallAdult (m)5,0751,2599
F3mjlAstroaAdult (f)4,2561,1986
hk9WpRexilAdult (m)3,2511,0517
lj51DLove WeaverAdult (f)2,7951,0974
HRtZRThe Devil's Evil StepbrotherAdult (m)3,6961,0597
NZBhl(NZBhl)Adult (m)2,5716954
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