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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “djengis,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
T5Trz(T5Trz)Hatchling (m)4,4218121
fwFTN(fwFTN)Hatchling (f)4,3098042
LxNDd(LxNDd)Hatchling (m)4,0668001
aEi0z(aEi0z)Hatchling (f)3,5427583
YqS2S(YqS2S)Hatchling (m)4,2048253
WWIzi(WWIzi)Hatchling (f)4,0387532
GDhgP(GDhgP)Hatchling (m)4,2097763
h0bu5Amazing Aristaeus CBAdult (m)2,7727002
A6zvEAmazing Chimera CBAdult (m)2,5946543
kEWCkAmazing CendyAdult (f)3,1897241
ZBAi9Amazing Chester CBAdult (m)2,9837682
ZYvmdAmazing Stefan CBAdult (m)3,4158464
nLuipAmazing Destiny CBAdult (f)3,9041,1201
wjE4y(wjE4y)Adult (m)2,6807351
e9yLq(e9yLq)Adult (m)4,1899171
26FwA(26FwA)Adult (m)4,6361,0101
zGdSA(zGdSA)Adult (m)4,3461,0103
ipTvn(ipTvn)Adult (m)4,6721,0062
gltcJ(gltcJ)Adult (m)5,7431,0004
wkSiI(wkSiI)Adult (m)6,6861,4311
ClfDW(ClfDW)Adult (f)4,9169411
gQKUN(gQKUN)Adult (m)4,4909174
8v9qe(8v9qe)Adult (f)6,1469571
1dFVpFull Moon Cloris CBAdult (f)6,2708524
DvUYRFull Moon Morris CBAdult (m)5,2629035
W7QEDFull Moon MinxAdult (f)8,3611,2322
tjg0cFull Moon MayaAdult (f)4,9231,2673
AJ0ucFull Moon Maximus CBAdult (m)3,86496610
pusEZFull Moon Jakuza CBAdult (m)4,3911,1354
y82ROFull Moon Sally CBAdult (f)4,1147348
cj20RFull Moon Kandi CBAdult (f)6,4641,2376
Hybd3Full Moon Rosa CBAdult (f)6,1151,2706
qIVHnFull Moon PhantomAdult (m)5,9101,1894
JzAIDFull Moon QuillAdult (m)7,5311,5777
arkA1Full Moon EmbryAdult (m)6,3731,5253
ic5ZwFull Moon Jacob CBAdult (m)7,3071,2905
qeb8xFull Moon Jeremy CBAdult (m)4,6981,2853
sRrDMFull Moon Luna CBAdult (f)5,8091,4502
OHNK8Full Moon SamAdult (m)3,2199543
7JtisFull Moon Jessy CBAdult (m)4,8761,3073
xQMlS(xQMlS)Adult (f)4,6381,0081
dJAfi(dJAfi)Adult (f)3,2056334
8Ht2wFull Moon Leah CBAdult (f)3,5199163
NS338Full Moon AliceAdult (f)6,1911,2475
fs2SsFull Moon Seth CBAdult (m)3,1761,1484
XDF3SFull Moon Emily CBAdult (f)3,8751,1982
j1xkzFull Moon Paul CBAdult (m)4,6481,2111
VlycCFull Moon Jarred CBAdult (m)4,1771,2682
usv6jFull Moon Sheila CBAdult (f)4,8611,1986
cJHXTFull Moon Lola CBAdult (f)7,0481,1561
ZApnK(ZApnK)Adult (m)3,8949221
lLipq(lLipq)Adult (m)5,5187703
i9R4b(i9R4b)Adult (m)4,5409071
o1MdiWarping Dallas CBAdult (m)5,1201,1902
aUadOWarping Paris CBAdult (f)5,0631,1785
aCQVmWarping TJP CBAdult (m)4,7331,0361
MY19jWarping Lizzy CBAdult (f)5,5201,1281
YR37CWarping Gall CBAdult (m)5,4001,1011
8ixIeWarping Deena CBAdult (f)5,3541,0982
281clWarping Drake CBAdult (m)5,6091,0991
atnSwWarping Penny CBAdult (f)3,9458082
UpjOlWarping Cole CBAdult (m)4,0838361
DULW5Warping Cedric CBAdult (m)6,2688972
zBFSHWarping Duke CBAdult (m)5,7235556
SVTwr(SVTwr)Adult (m)7,2439632
8Ihuq(8Ihuq)Adult (f)5,6551,1431
QSb2F(QSb2F)Adult (f)7,2241,0120
EktXO(EktXO)Adult (f)7,6011,2282
SmI4T(SmI4T)Adult (m)3,7596711
Qbqta(Qbqta)Adult (m)3,5337031
kWnOv(kWnOv)Adult (m)2,7117043
QOyBf(QOyBf)Adult (m)2,6937051
S8tcE(S8tcE)Adult (m)2,5466771
bXysf(bXysf)Adult (f)2,7137081
RdsQX(RdsQX)Adult (f)2,6927211
LhK6w(LhK6w)Adult (f)2,7337220
GBNipWarping WitchyAdult (m)4,2188742
PrpG3Warping WitchAdult (f)4,1568823
Ra4A1(Ra4A1)Adult (f)3,6368612
wYGBf(wYGBf)Adult (f)3,5871,0093
6rhIv(6rhIv)Adult (m)3,7681,0602
brVJE(brVJE)Adult (m)3,8149452
qHb3Y(qHb3Y)Adult (f)5,0141,1272
JFDzE(JFDzE)Adult (m)3,9318101
DtSp0(DtSp0)Adult (m)3,9848452
Sj5GI(Sj5GI)Adult (f)3,5777861
9jBZ5(9jBZ5)Adult (m)3,5158390
Uk2cP(Uk2cP)Adult (f)3,6508331
FvARu(FvARu)Adult (m)3,6008461
dgcV4(dgcV4)Adult (m)3,9708991
8R4vt(8R4vt)Adult (m)3,9418890
3ywGG(3ywGG)Adult (f)6,6201,0972
5Glan(5Glan)Adult (f)6,5191,1451
l1QVv(l1QVv)Adult (m)2,5736400
3JigV(3JigV)Adult (f)2,5916390
2lglJ(2lglJ)Adult (f)5,4907721
CsZerAlbino Ben CBAdult (m)6,6841,1092
MlU8AWhitest Roses IIIAdult (m)6,5949972
d17tLAlbino's First Love IIIAdult (m)5,3761,0622
R6RuHAlbino Sheamus CBAdult (m)7,6379211
ldjOgAlbino Lis CBAdult (f)6,7539332
pvq0MAlbino Lizz CBAdult (f)5,9398645
781w8Albino Chocos IIIAdult (f)6,4878893
gBwGeAlbinos MarrowAdult (f)5,9708252
cKnKQ(cKnKQ)Adult (m)7,1669434
PVzCc(PVzCc)Adult (m)4,3467011
f0CzW(f0CzW)Adult (m)3,6586862
0SXlU(0SXlU)Adult (f)6,1248334
9ztToEastern Dean CBAdult (m)4,8881,2923
g45OMEastern Nika CBAdult (f)4,9151,2842
y68xiEastern Ken CBAdult (m)5,6151,1731
lFLwWEastern Bonita CBAdult (f)5,6341,1591
5NmohEastern Aitor CBAdult (m)4,02286721
iXiSuEastern Gonzalo CBAdult (m)5,0381,0071
sBXTtEastern Arturo CBAdult (m)3,6531,0004
e0F4aEastern Caelia CBAdult (f)3,8151,0704
KDkrzEastern Cayo CBAdult (m)5,4741,1135
kxTYeEastern Diego CBAdult (m)5,6091,1402
sldY7Eastern Eloy CBAdult (m)5,0421,1072
BN4ryEastern Cruz CBAdult (f)4,2627907
i6xz4Eastern Esme CBAdult (f)4,7149582
eJLPgPimpernel Scarlet CBAdult (f)4,4561,2125
fjxnUPimpernel Acaena CBAdult (m)4,4241,2185
r4IBnPimpernel Alchemilla CBAdult (f)3,7821,2545
Ozzi4Pimpernel Ozzi CBAdult (f)3,7951,2432
7OhWQPimpernel Crataegus CBAdult (m)3,7421,2627
3w2JxPimpernel Cydonia CBAdult (f)4,3571,2153
GBa5ePimpernel Bo CBAdult (m)4,3551,2214
d3IBoPimpernel Rosa CBAdult (f)4,8591,2675
8PZMbPimpernel Rubus CBAdult (m)4,1671,2068
ZUei3Pimpernel Kerria CBAdult (f)4,7211,2042
Jq3D8Pimpernel Malus CBAdult (m)4,8021,2074
293tJPimpernel Pyrus CBAdult (f)6,4351,2312
kHnT5Pimpernel Persica CBAdult (f)2,3433075
dQtfV(dQtfV)Adult (m)5,6857122
MKs9y(MKs9y)Adult (m)7,6161,2635
UiIzzMysterious Tanya CBAdult (f)5,5541,1023
iqwzxMysterious Lana CBAdult (f)5,3861,1280
dIrgzMysterious Calisto CBAdult (m)5,2771,1222
ooVQMMysterious Kenneth CBAdult (m)5,2291,1301
ibYwtMysterious Ben CBAdult (m)6,0781,1702
XVVLuMysterious Cole CBAdult (m)5,8151,1872
MSifJMysterious Lola CBAdult (f)5,5761,1731
l9n1IMysterious Shana CBAdult (f)5,7571,1711
e73i1Mysterious Cass CBAdult (m)4,3049454
jxOvP(jxOvP)Adult (m)3,4697950
JpL6D(JpL6D)Adult (f)3,5577940
Reb8L(Reb8L)Adult (f)3,7007901
gLlWd(gLlWd)Adult (m)3,5867961
qfU5n(qfU5n)Adult (m)3,6367951
LVxms(LVxms)Adult (f)5,1709696
TtccI(TtccI)Adult (f)5,2059811
46Btj(46Btj)Adult (m)5,3851,0643
ObjzLovely PinketteAdult (f)11,2261,22140
c7PvSassy PinketteAdult (f)12,0281,28937
n5C4lPinkaliciouz CBAdult (f)5,3781,2083
LBJvQCheap Thrills CBAdult (m)5,3521,2003
W8CPPPitbull CBAdult (m)3,8599265
aTGziElvis Presley CBAdult (m)3,6807482
GUP3wChristina Aguilera CBAdult (f)4,0127185
t8jReBruno Mars CBAdult (m)4,5861,2002
fITCzTaylor Swift CBAdult (f)4,8411,1451
qEqnKSia CBAdult (f)5,0441,1741
sAYHaCheap KissAdult (m)4,7031,1551
pemrBRadiant SingerAdult (f)4,6461,1492
zS0GGAvicii CBAdult (m)6,5388412
2UYxWDavid Guetta CBAdult (m)5,6331,1492
UPiyjSinging YuleAdult (f)5,2401,1142
e8gsuUsher CBAdult (m)4,2697012
wluTZ2-Pac CBAdult (m)3,6236641
xZMyMFergie CBAdult (f)3,6276631
XnwwAAnouk CBAdult (f)6,7067650
qGAJgGwen Stefani CBAdult (f)6,3017972
KIUniBob Marley CBAdult (m)5,5648523
jAMx0Singing SolsAdult (m)6,2999502
VX9fESong of FlirtsAdult (f)6,7128542
ahiLDGweneth CBAdult (f)6,7881,0742
stN2hKaraoke CBAdult (f)5,6918141
i4okhSinging BonesAdult (m)5,5529753
iwBaBSong of Payers IIIAdult (m)6,4908372
OWmsu(OWmsu)Adult (m)7,7438303
ENWZL(ENWZL)Adult (m)5,9651,0896
T6HN0(T6HN0)Adult (f)7,2048602
8brhB(8brhB)Adult (m)7,4239792
ZHCcO(ZHCcO)Adult (f)7,2879972
zrhRq(zrhRq)Adult (m)6,7519625
4o0lN(4o0lN)Adult (f)7,1579221
NlVK0(NlVK0)Adult (f)7,3459942
VYmPi(VYmPi)Adult (m)7,8451,1183
GykJE(GykJE)Adult (m)8,0621,1382
pG9ct(pG9ct)Adult (f)4,0777152
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