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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “dejaentndu,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BdLOb(BdLOb)Hatchling (f)4,9607120
vQiml(vQiml)Hatchling (f)2,37046717
ETWGa(ETWGa)Hatchling (m)5,1817251
Ofww2ZathrosAdult (m)7,1464983
VD2LoVulre EilpeirosAdult (m)5,0965982
p5xSeSplitted in TwoAdult (f)4,1077952
eQXIuIn Two ColorsAdult (f)6,1578803
sGlYk(sGlYk)Adult (f)3,7299983
8EE2DLara Croft TRAdult (f)4,8176183
bVNHAFirst Blue TRAdult (f)3,2497875
0p7KtBlue TRAdult (m)3,3376701
yC65gLast TRAdult (m)5,9631,0834
wR1ag(wR1ag)Adult (m)3,5606492
aZtX1Miss TRAdult (f)3,9785339
E3T7nLord TRAdult (m)4,4118968
ViqIGWorrior TRAdult (m)4,1796622
w5YYBGreeny TRAdult (f)3,6827433
O9Atr(O9Atr)Adult (f)3,9946624
4ytvaPomoc AeoAdult (m)4,7335401
tFV6dMother AeoAdult (f)9,2271,2116
96EtT96 ET AeonAdult (f)6,1771,0315
pfC4KAeon KingAdult (f)5,3638973
bgGtSAeon FirstAdult (m)4,6968644
tvxZVPre AeonAdult (f)7,0601,1489
vRLKaVrlka AeonAdult (m)7,3361,0197
Qzoth(Qzoth)Adult (m)5,1455454
S0iyF(S0iyF)Adult (m)3,0585282
DYG24(DYG24)Adult (f)2,2644552
ihCBr(ihCBr)Adult (m)3,0844102
oGF5D(oGF5D)Adult (f)3,2514155
Jumz5(Jumz5)Adult (m)3,4203511
GvzCS(GvzCS)Hatchling (f, F)3,3606612
TDJFp(TDJFp)Hatchling (m, F)3,4997283
dE3oa(dE3oa)Hatchling (F)2,3422711
zNZQ4Blue AethAdult (f)5,4041,1223
Ha9oF(Ha9oF)Adult (f)4,9301,1172
ly4tI(ly4tI)Adult (m)5,2931,1671
O2QmA(O2QmA)Adult (m)4,9251,1622
B2axh(B2axh)Adult (f)3,5528531
9mdX1Mizah AethAdult (f)5,5451,1501
dbyLT(dbyLT)Adult (m)5,2681,0731
jd6eR(jd6eR)Adult (m)5,3971,0611
wYger(wYger)Adult (f)6,0901,2180
hsooG(hsooG)Adult (m)3,8087803
4EDuU(4EDuU)Adult (f)3,7397781
OrXX3(OrXX3)Adult (f)4,9589692
KnzBHStrong AethAdult (m)5,3649833
ckCjo(ckCjo)Adult (f)4,8208073
bn5Ml(bn5Ml)Adult (m)3,9987952
45EaQ(45EaQ)Adult (m)4,0977842
X2w8P(X2w8P)Adult (f)3,6368304
TvFxA(TvFxA)Adult (m)5,6037711
RsoQd(RsoQd)Adult (m)2,8115793
CpyvE(CpyvE)Adult (f)4,7658071
DdBoS(DdBoS)Adult (f)3,9847224
PRQlC(PRQlC)Adult (m)4,8689442
p6DzUPale Lying DragonAdult (m)5,3098051
EEFg3Pale Standing DragonAdult (f)2,9488493
EhHWiLying TanAdult (m)3,9095963
AlrcPIts a cbAdult (f)4,2107461
YSwhDIts a cb tooAdult (m)4,1717421
JxKD5AlbinoedAdult (m)7,2389623
WWvy9AlbinoizaAdult (f)8,3688385
C8fTNAlbombonAdult (m)6,2776283
Fo0IK(Fo0IK)Adult (f)5,7311,0212
eUHOA(eUHOA)Adult (f)9,0741,3141
R77M4(R77M4)Adult (f)7,3481,2363
oehW6(oehW6)Adult (m)4,9161,0043
ShTEp(ShTEp)Adult (f)3,9477641
XenGp(XenGp)Adult (m)4,4079091
6R9fc(6R9fc)Adult (f)4,9407512
v5AODFirst AlmAdult (f)3,8495561
p8mxWHorn AlmAdult (f)4,4445410
2OxBjGreen ClawyAdult (m)4,5875371
93h3HTailed AlmAdult (m)5,7105971
4CXG3Spiky AlmAdult (m)4,9218414
q1g97Spike AlmAdult (f)6,5795972
odL1uCool AlmAdult (f)6,6177606
q4XyI(q4XyI)Adult (m)3,0066224
5ubfG(5ubfG)Adult (m)4,4644602
rOGmUFrozzen AlmeraldHatchling (m, F)7,6321,3073
bnQhhSad AnagallyAdult (f)5,8176080
oXpfgMated AnagallyAdult (m)5,0526262
CvmAMMam AnagallyAdult (f)7,0008694
Kl7tcLove AnagallyAdult (m)5,2834513
hMZR5Rose AnagallyAdult (m)5,4646301
RFbiXMother AnagallyAdult (f)5,6156481
pCfNtAnagy BruteAdult (m)4,7807034
O0cy8Chicken AnagallyAdult (m)4,9576861
NEuN2Blue AnagallyAdult (f)4,6544693
usJdHRelaxed AnagallyAdult (m)5,3525566
gPA3A(gPA3A)Adult (m)3,3514792
2VbYjFrozzy FrozzeyHatchling (f, F)5,6826622
rBXIPFast FlowAdult (m)5,1866761
zOIxTMaster FlowAdult (m)3,4306361
Ni0qSNico FlowAdult (m)3,4096490
GSRtwWings FlowAdult (m)3,3856470
WJLArGirls FlowAdult (f)4,3079051
WhZtzPow FlowAdult (f)3,6186570
bm0DSLost FlowAdult (f)4,0547012
OjBD8Purple BoAdult (m)4,4349671
73rJIEven Flow Pearl JamAdult (f)7,6398832
vkmW7(vkmW7)Adult (m)3,1347092
d7Ir2(d7Ir2)Adult (m)2,7796801
XL4u0(XL4u0)Adult (f)2,6936902
pkHh6(pkHh6)Adult (f)2,6756661
vpaXE(vpaXE)Adult (f)4,1208501
giVJk(giVJk)Adult (m)4,0178471
u1MPP(u1MPP)Adult (f)3,1707662
6MsqQ(6MsqQ)Adult (m)3,4197880
aWSJi(aWSJi)Adult (f)5,1461,1082
XVvVD(XVvVD)Adult (f)4,3266172
hTUoZ(hTUoZ)Hatchling (m, F)3,4398157
ekq0j(ekq0j)Adult (m)3,8997430
aXhTq(aXhTq)Adult (f)4,0907331
hsYKO(hsYKO)Adult (f)4,2667541
homQE(homQE)Adult (m)4,1317401
eq3Uq(eq3Uq)Adult (m)3,3175041
QLNQs(QLNQs)Adult (f)2,8526702
R08r8(R08r8)Adult (m)7,3529603
LhzO0(LhzO0)Adult (m)3,3637653
5QQit(5QQit)Adult (f)4,0204492
uRm8QReturn of the PinkAdult (f)5,8848133
fcGDdMale of The PinksAdult (m)4,6085781
j7ZtJTotally PinkedAdult (f)4,5565940
pLHK0Gracious PinkAdult (m)6,0578136
aGn99Pink RiaAdult (m)5,3837492
sDKUGBlack But PinkAdult (f)5,8529866
jsH3ZLonely PinkAdult (f)3,9484774
qe67IPink WingedAdult (m)4,1404691
XaeB3ArielisaAdult (f)5,5191,0637
HAvOM(HAvOM)Adult (m)3,2197901
oPiBT(oPiBT)Adult (f)4,9598182
xKj1U(xKj1U)Adult (f)4,5257651
UUEks(UUEks)Adult (m)4,8798130
PjWLA(PjWLA)Adult (m)4,6917972
BX7q0(BX7q0)Adult (m)4,2816901
a0EGD(a0EGD)Adult (f)4,5507120
wWD2Z(wWD2Z)Adult (m)5,1597930
uDbvc(uDbvc)Adult (f)5,0997742
eilCA(eilCA)Adult (f)6,4159592
J1TJK(J1TJK)Adult (f)4,4108902
TSSxD(TSSxD)Adult (m)3,7805726
37H6W(37H6W)Hatchling (f, F)3,5206476
v7EWM(v7EWM)Hatchling (F)2,7904093
TgP2NFirst AzureAdult (f)4,6786560
ruernRuen AzureAdult (m)3,5507850
EmErHLast AzureAdult (m)4,5625381
NVuueNew AzureAdult (f)4,5825410
ER6jFBrute GlaceAdult (m)4,2624871
Cwi5GAbndn AzureAdult (m)4,6464772
Sp0kuSpock AzureAdult (f)5,6921,0084
OanurCommon AzureAdult (f)9,2579795
5qdtyAzure ingAdult (m)5,6096462
ggOVzFreezing AzureHatchling (f, F)3,7707934
S3o08YevwenHatchling (F)2,2475023
t9RBsDirill BaiAdult (f)4,2457482
OopxpFox BaiAdult (f)5,7975465
ZoxsP(ZoxsP)Adult (f)6,5638573
KJQSh(KJQSh)Adult (m)4,3759655
FWy1J(FWy1J)Adult (m)3,8125052
4zSFw(4zSFw)Adult (f)4,0049764
jGq5v(jGq5v)Adult (m)7,0051,1394
mJEjBLulu BaiAdult (m)8,5787532
iHSti(iHSti)Adult (f)7,9868655
MJ9qB(MJ9qB)Adult (m)6,1621,0321
8xk21(8xk21)Adult (f)7,2151,4596
b4pjx(b4pjx)Adult (f)5,1998462
yEApJ(yEApJ)Adult (f)6,1191,0472
HWW8c(HWW8c)Adult (m)4,2638042
mDNIBBlowing BaloonAdult (m)3,7466033
eiusSThunder BalloonAdult (m)3,5317104
gwCWZ(gwCWZ)Adult (m)10,4951,1433
NfCax(NfCax)Adult (f)7,7811,4524
bBlef(bBlef)Adult (f)4,7097971
k7wYm(k7wYm)Adult (f)5,7559653
RsQG7(RsQG7)Adult (m)4,4758715
qpwSz(qpwSz)Adult (f)5,4151,0261
hrs1H(hrs1H)Adult (m)5,8501,1135
fbIFv(fbIFv)Adult (f)3,3046074
eAcZ7B  a  u  t  aAdult (f)6,7878803
UkjgDGold BautaAdult (m)6,8339001
xN3CEDragon BautaAdult (f)5,2776563
Vw6OdNew BautaAdult (m)4,0088061
jCclXSecret BautaAdult (f)7,6291,3464
yGiuA(yGiuA)Adult (m)6,2251,1053
GOtjZ(GOtjZ)Adult (f)5,6549813
R3vnD(R3vnD)Adult (m)8,2751,2173
fhldD(fhldD)Adult (f)4,8306265
bwyvoBauta Is FrozenHatchling (f, F)4,7318462
sFzblNotsoAdult (f)2,9636223
jouO6DonzAdult (m)2,7186335
SbgzKJumqsAdult (f)2,4498032
bWvGxHattierAdult (m)7,6451,72810
u48VJAliss MAdult (f)5,3051,5145
wrWyBBlack AligatorAdult (m)4,3894048
5lBeiSibeiAdult (f)6,9295623
DhwRKCreepy BlackyAdult (m)6,4566442
hWHhZLovely SpikesAdult (m)6,3855241
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