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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “deblogan,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3QF3lMenolly MacSuibhneHatchling (f)3,5607742
NDAp7Leapin' Yoshi MacDubhAdult4,0077535
ZrQKZQ'MacChickenAdult (f)5,5198223
ipYGYRed Zyumorph Laird MacDubhAdult (m)4,9561,1613
U3PLySinomorph Daughter MacSuibhneAdult (f)7,0809595
Q4lYDBlack Zyumorph Lady MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,9921,08312
fRtydYellow Sinomorph Son MacDubhAdult (m)7,2919073
Wos4kSon of Sinomorph MacDubhAdult (m)7,0759133
Wyw7WSinomorph Girl MacSuibhneAdult (f)6,9501,0255
0yHLcPink Zyumorph Lady MacSuibhneAdult (f)6,3678713
odimUSun-Kissed Lady MacSuibhneAdult (f)2,2556741
jmmQrSunny Laird Q'MacDubhAdult (m)1,8877711
QmlYoSun-Worshipper Q'MacDubhAdult (m)2,0437221
40P9VSunny Lady MacSuibhneAdult (f)2,0637442
nebhdSon of Gantert MacDubhAdult (m)2,7848232
xQvzcThaleo's Daughter Q'MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,0667542
sByjtXeno Baby MacDubhHatchling (F)9021733
8Bk5vLaird o' Pyro Xenowyrms MacDubhAdult (m)2,8337463
1WoyDLaird o' Mageia Xenowyrms MacDubAdult (m)3,2848063
0VtX6Jormungar's Daughter MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,0405434
IQ6cwSon of Yulno Q'MacDubhAdult (m)2,9958523
RzNx5Laird o' Time Xenowyrms MacDubhAdult (m)3,5218242
D6cOfHealthy Habits MacDubhAdult (m)3,2197612
CxX0QGolden White Lady Q'MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,2528222
sLnuCWhite Gold Fire MacDubhAdult (m)3,4648183
Mt2JeFiery Health MacDubhAdult (m)3,4128242
gaGVzWhite Gold Element MacDubhAdult (m)3,1298231
x0bBQFiery Potion MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,1228231
OeHn1Laird of Health MacDubhAdult (m)3,5438372
tQj6pLady Wintermint Q'MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,4008342
l6wWBPrism Princess MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,4311,2724
v3h1YPrism's Ailbe MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,3071,2691
fW2N5WhiteHot 5E MacSuibhne ThuwedAdult (f)3,9601,3313
W9g1yElemental Healer MacDubhAdult (m)3,8201,2832
X6YBYWhite Lady Prism MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,3831,2021
d5LBwSnowy Prism MacSuibhneAdult (f)2,5939951
y0wpHSnow White Prism MacSuibhneAdult (f)2,4428383
COYmJBeibhinn's Prism MacSuibhneAdult (f)2,5418493
ehtTRFC Healing Element MacSuibhneAdult (f)2,9527203
dOZ2AGwennyth 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,5827922
mi3U3Wintermint Yule MacDubhAdult (m)5,0588273
mBn1dWhite Heart 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,3476901
DW0T2White Chocolate 5E MacDubhAdult (m)4,6837802
DHVPhHeart of Healing 5E MacDubhAdult (m)4,7647732
eDMU6Knight of Love MacDubhAdult (m)2,7876432
VNrbSHealer's Gentle Rose MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,0937713
07c3WHealing Shadows 5E MacDubhAdult (m)6,5819173
CUVnNBB Gentle Rose MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,6068752
3DhjGElemental Ollamh MacDubhAdult (m)6,3728072
5cUrLYule 'n Holly MacDubhAdult (m)2,5096263
FWWZQHolly Dragus MacDubhAdult (m)3,7787542
IVvgPSnow Angel Beauty MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,7547613
HRtb5Christmas Ribbons MacDubhAdult (m)4,3247443
37KGGDusky Element MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,9787813
ZLpZlHeaven's Healer MacDubhAdult (m)3,1867551
0ckf9DC Anniversary 2 MacS ThuwedAdult (f)4,5467122
WcHSbElemental Ailbe MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,0117643
Alp28Elemental Beibhinn MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,2398303
Rc6lPElemental Eithne MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,7158331
mq4osHeaven's Hero MacDubhAdult (m)3,7501,0066
DEkSaWhite Roses MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,4068014
QHiiElemental Iona MacSuibhneAdult (f)6,8769392
YS7KWhite Pewter 5E MacDubhAdult (m)4,0577892
HSRKPerfect Dorkface 5E MacDubhAdult (m)9,1139854
SKqCMoonlight Strider MacDubhAdult (m)7,9729326
60kbElessar's Wish MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,5068499
V1X8Athelas Silvermoon MacDubhAdult (m)5,4008545
ABlkElement of Light MacSuibhneAdult (f)6,3939328
7K2WElement of Aur MacDubhAdult (m)7,0529227
RvmQSweet Holiday MacDubhAdult (m)6,9939845
X38j5E Milk Glass MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,1969333
ink4Healing Touch 5E MacDubhAdult (m)5,5018362
QsWsHolly MacSuibhne ThuwedAdult (f)3,9727974
DQuZGaia Pride MacDubhAdult (m)4,7101,1177
DKT0Snowy Kringle MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,6471,3889
UViRYHI Pride MacDubhAdult (m)4,2789115
J6qqDrogo's Pride MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,8101,0363
RZQTPride of the MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,3537959
6fH3Alpin's Element MacDubhAdult (m)4,48493014
qMUlGaia Artair MacDubhAdult (m)5,02699510
L0AqJoyous Gaia MacDubhAdult (m)5,4751,06818
cdJOCaoimhe's Element MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,5921,10616
0IcWElemental J'Siri MacSuibhneAdult (f)6,1391,05016
ikHP5E PureLove MacSuibhneAdult (f)6,40693619
9DN0Beathan MacDubhAdult (m)5,98552117
JZBSFiona MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,66162121
ign9gI'm an Epic Alternate MacDubhAdult (m)2,7421,0452
wTkaREPIC Magenta Racer MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,3251,0961
o32pEEPIC Ice Racer MacDubhAdult (m)3,8547175
m7qbNSpeedy Heartbeat Q'MacDubhAdult (m)3,7718593
dIPe0Speedracer MacDubhAdult (m)4,8947862
vbkYvEmperor Cadbury MacDubhAdult (m)3,7807622
V6XEQQueen Latifah Q'MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,1007352
M8IFAQueen Racing Stripe MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,0007321
eZ3YePrince EZ3 MacDubhAdult (m)3,9107343
SZQk7Duke Qyburn Q'MacDubhAdult (m)3,1057561
6lXTVBaron Jorah MacDubhAdult (m)3,0267311
ctRhTLaird Tyrion MacDubhAdult (m)5,8727391
DUY4WhipRidge MacSuibhneAdult (f)6,4818744
EFujFalaire MacDubhAdult (m)5,7611,0246
H3KkFelim MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,52953342
T1GJaAquus Water Pixie MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,7408163
VtxfTAquus Lochy MacSuibhneAdult (f)2,8798472
7bR3vLady of Water 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,8197671
CHalEAquus Kelpie MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,6821,0112
Yp6oGAquus Brora MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,0841,0166
Cf0sBAquus Dughaill MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,0281,0094
TrnWQAquus Affric Q'MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,2109163
WcyqAAquus Dola Q'MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,1958955
g0RvGAquus Dee MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,0469035
oKS8vAquus Glow MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,5789513
nIKO7Aquus Nessie MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,5179295
JGVrJAquus Maree MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,1179355
O7lZbAquus FaeryKissed MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,0699546
z8i4MAquus Fern MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,0499384
PH0q2Aquus Shiel Q'MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,1179687
CCWvDAquus Fionn MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,44894811
ZPugNAquus Linne MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,4061,0699
e5V8iAquus Gelly MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,4091,0327
VIMAdAquus Anna MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,5651,0637
OQr3dAquus Beanie Q'MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,7261,1923
LUePSAquus Carrie MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,3391,2654
I9S8wAquus Bertha MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,4191,2932
BoKkgAquus Dionard MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,2901,2502
tYgq9Aquus A'an MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,3061,2932
zlL0RAquus Cally MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,7281,2852
MfX8TAquus Brandy MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,5211,1701
QGPhRAquus Doilet Q'MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,5531,1295
d53ZmBocfao 5E MacDubh ThuwedAdult (m)4,7051,1304
sXX3ePrism's Icy Burn MacDubhAdult (m)3,7611,3091
XSDvHPrism Blues MacDubhAdult (m)2,7799814
dZoT8Prism Burn MacDubhAdult (m)3,3951,1072
hEvloDee's Prism MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,1121,0701
vk0d2Loch Prism MacSuibhneAdult (f)1,9717713
d0PW9Twin Falls 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,4607534
RnKIhBiggar Water 5E MacDubhAdult (m)3,4726931
cqjBRCairnie Burn 5E Q'MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,6688012
N5R69River Tilt 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)6,1098413
9WEXFFruid Water 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,7627823
TfasD3rd DC Anniversary 5E MacDubhAdult (m)5,9637932
YgfRE3Years DC MacSuibhne 5EAdult (f)6,0297734
cNZorEye Water 5E MacDubhAdult (m)5,6948183
TQiYKUisge Dubh 5E Q'MacDubhAdult (m)6,0798123
AWUe2Water of Ailnack 5E MacDubhAdult (m)6,1617973
SDFuHRiver Lossie 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)6,0777913
EvQEoYarrow Water 5E Q'MacDubhAdult (m)5,4227593
2oPRLHolms Water 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,3887702
LVQb0Loch Doilet 5E Q'MacSuibhneAdult (f)6,5167982
bLvt0Breich Water 5E MacDubhAdult (m)6,4418121
jRfFJRiver Braan 5E MacDubhAdult (m)6,4278183
W9fFMLoch Fern 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,8858341
YYmCHLoch A'an 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,7858172
5QFgrAlyth Burn 5E Q'MacSuibhneAdult (f)6,6668122
KW1SCCeres Burn 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)6,7288031
LvP5oShee Water 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,7237672
rqJ10Quoich Water 5E Q'MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,6617731
18R8NLoch Brandy 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,9297482
1D8ZCLoch Dionard 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,9907442
MlYk4Cally Loch 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,9047412
P1ZOYLoch Caluim 5E MacDubhAdult (m)3,4667142
TWfrJBothwell Water 5E MacDubhAdult (m)3,4767222
ktROqLoch Dughaill 5E Q'MacSuibhneAdult (f)2,8246372
UaaC7Loch Brora 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,8997621
5SLgPBorthwick Water 5E MacDubhAdult (m)4,2257584
JIOY2Allt Doe 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,0007143
VemeKWooler Water 5E MacDubhAdult (m)4,1757423
HkeFcLyne Water 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,1597322
pXRpvBonny Water 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,1947342
lP6snRiver Isla 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,7577412
G302nGala Water 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)2,7038291
G9r8GAle Water 5E MacDubhAdult (m)2,9147981
qWre0Straenia Water 5E Q'MacDubhAdult (m)6,5819142
XDa7pLoch Spiggie 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)6,5629064
KISWXEden Water 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)6,5469291
7K7i7Belston Loch 5E MacDubhAdult (m)6,5259021
u3TtsDean Water 5E MacDubhAdult (m)5,4798523
9VtkBDuchess Spriggan MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,6578293
YlsCvJed Water 5E MacDubhAdult (m)5,2067981
W31vYRiver Tweed 5E MacDubhAdult (m)5,3657481
MF40AMelkie Water 5E MacDubhAdult (m)5,6547562
cqhBLBaroness Jazzy 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)5,9357972
4V3BFLowrie's Water 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)6,9798172
bIXimRankle Burn 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)7,0108272
aFlD1Derry Burn 5E MacDubhAdult (m)7,0158314
ViCSEBannockburn 5E MacDubhAdult (m)4,0167203
bkX7bWhiteadder Water 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)2,7955911
niBb1Blackadder Water 5E MacDubhAdult (m)2,4966031
pdhJ75E FaeryKissed Burn MacSuibhneAdult (f)2,8257122
W4s4dShaggie Burn 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,4637421
AsdlaLoch Uisge 5E MacDubhAdult (m)3,6417372
rj0TGBertha Loch 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)6,0776942
0j6f4Water of Hoy 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,8426992
3hJHVSands Water 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)3,9047542
LpVnCFirth of Forth 5E MacDubhAdult (m)3,8357212
2YHkEBlue Ninja 5E MacDubhAdult (m)4,7709212
Q5b8SLoch Carrie 5E Q'MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,1037282
CtDIiLoch Beanie 5E MacSuibhneAdult (f)4,4637232
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