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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “darklithe,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
N5RfL(N5RfL)Adult (m)7,7439911
Nds2d(Nds2d)Adult (f)8,2641,0221
E7lAHGlory for EliahAdult (m)5,1551,0655
fiPPuFippu the YoungHatchling (m, F)6,3441,1933
8Dz3YLB 5 Oolong G CBAdult (f)6,7891,30220
ukTGILF 3 Darjeeling CBAdult (m)7,4311,43515
HmPb4LB 6 Orange Pekoe CBAdult (f)8,8111,2054
bz61VLF 4 Carribe CBAdult (m)7,3781,2161
q33GFLB 1 Aternaurata G CBAdult (f)7,8261,39820
HXgIsLB 7 Aterpictus CBAdult (m)8,7381,62219
8OCRFMoonlight BurningAdult (m)3,4787074
dAt54Rusk and Hesk G CBAdult (f)6,9751,1942
x1M2kTosk and Bask CBAdult (f)8,4771,3831
8m02XMisk and Vask CBAdult (f)7,2561,3933
FHen6Pask and Lusk CBAdult (m)7,4121,2985
gYKShGask and Josk CBAdult (m)7,5251,3394
bdhXrBosk and Xesk CBAdult (m)8,1841,1512
V3G6sPosk and Cask CBAdult (m)4,5481,4224
wgDkWLask and Vosk CBAdult (f)4,6861,3914
q6qseTusk and Resk CBAdult (m)4,8601,4925
iL64YFosk and Nesk CBAdult (f)5,8041,1341
tHG3IRask and Nosk CBAdult (m)5,6429130
vRaJmXosk and Visk CBAdult (m)6,4741,2183
drNTWDoctor Not-Now G CBAdult (f)7,6781,1652
s8v2NBright HaroleAdult (m)2,86054312
zhTGGBright Priest CBAdult (m)5,9661,1483
suSvFBright Priestess CBAdult (f)7,4529742
GEYqgBrutal HeckranAdult (f)4,85495812
9x9GvLF 5 Cochineal G CBAdult (f)7,2961,39720
2dd37LF 6 Qirmiz CBAdult (f)7,7461,45124
fr1uS(fr1uS)Adult (m)8,3101,0031
gQBlY(gQBlY)Adult (f)8,2731,0241
JY2dr(JY2dr)Adult (f)5,0041,1411
ACGvc(ACGvc)Adult (m)5,9791,0761
hBOxs(hBOxs)Adult (f)5,9201,1201
ImLkZ(ImLkZ)Adult (f)5,6451,1852
0OXGy(0OXGy)Adult (m)6,5851,0490
P4s56(P4s56)Adult (m)6,5121,0261
KAiSa(KAiSa)Adult (f)6,5851,0153
Fa0jg(Fa0jg)Adult (f)5,3741,1754
vgS2z(vgS2z)Adult (m)4,5971,0430
1LNro(1LNro)Adult (m)4,1991,0761
yEZajMelindrix ZorAdult (f)6,7771,4419
E0LqCElloq CBAdult (m)5,9491,1443
lqBfH(lqBfH)Adult (m)5,0671,1963
uG0bxLuperco IIAdult (m)7,9471,2889
jaBlqLuperciaAdult (f)7,5841,2392
xSRswHadur WashAdult (m)6,0961,0462
sSCqqSasceq CBAdult (f)7,1331,1602
Se5xBSexton's VinesAdult (m)4,9101,0755
R0jt9Mare Imbrium G CBAdult (m)7,3251,2815
J89rsElysian ImmortalAdult (m)4,92699410
uloKjUloki the YouthfulHatchling (m, F)5,9511,1532
xRekhLF 1 Flamenco G CBAdult (f)6,9911,31821
8R3mQLF 7 Fandango CBAdult (m)6,0331,29615
A7vJCLF 8 Bolero CBAdult (m)9,0951,68520
ZTT5uLF 2 Zambra CBAdult (f)8,0021,3061
IOR1eAl-MazAdult (m)7,0071,33014
0pnO3Jadan G CBAdult (m)8,2951,1653
Jtku1Jada CBAdult (f)7,9351,1311
HWfmK(HWfmK)Adult (f)6,9131,0130
L7LPDGSD-DGD Grace of Ba'al CBAdult (f)8,8701,45222
v8Tz7Aurex Aeon DorkfaceAdult (f)5,9679506
bLDeSMagicka CarpAdult (f)8,0751,3005
dtjiQMana CarpaAdult (f)8,1761,2516
aYNDmManacarpAdult (m)7,5431,2103
pUY9uMannakarpAdult (m)5,7671,1465
YoGVrGSD-DGD Romanus VotumAdult (m)3,0025518
59cteTerraemotus Terribilis G CBAdult (m)9,0681,47931
ahOBAAhoba CBAdult (f)6,9179782
h7PCkAureiliaAdult (f)8,6691,5775
8NEGHAurellia CBAdult (f)6,7781,2562
JsQ6yAuressa CBAdult (f)5,6599312
Rudz0Aurelan CBAdult (m)6,2511,2584
sheykSheykAdult (f)7,4261,2181
Om3sxWarstericAdult (m)6,8899722
7gfuSFusellaAdult (m)4,3798545
lntKAIntka CBAdult (m)7,2581,3112
KM1TgKermit the G CBAdult (m)7,2051,1244
n62i6Curcurbita PepoAdult (f)5,5051,4001
Y849cSkelema BonefusAdult (f)5,7721,3462
BQvTDPhantasmus PalaAdult (m)6,1551,3911
AIxh5Queen of the Dark CavernAdult (f)5,8091,3541
G7i1TSepulchrumusAdult (m)5,7971,3671
IyROJFortuna DementiaeAdult (f)5,9421,3852
knuUNMortem CBAdult (m)4,9201,5283
6O65TSpina CBAdult (f)5,1021,5520
b4uqOOssum CBAdult (m)4,9861,5641
jdzsEGrimoire CBAdult (f)5,0761,5553
ypEwnPewPew CBAdult (m)6,8429994
1G8IFPruina GlaciemAdult (f)7,5121,40726
N4VxCOssum GlaciemAdult (m)7,4891,0693
IFxTN(IFxTN)Adult (m)5,3068390
Ou5A8(Ou5A8)Egg (F)
8OfurAquara CBAdult (f)6,4891,2513
wP7f5Aquallos CBAdult (m)6,3291,2015
z0CMxZ'Luminous Serenade G CBAdult (f)4,4118108
W3YZULunavelle CBAdult (f)7,0381,39615
ICzsaLunarssus G CBAdult (m)2,9037235
6W0ShLunareus CBAdult (m)9,1111,6136
Ssw7XLunatelle CBAdult (f)8,9261,6015
fkK97Lunarcos CBAdult (m)5,4741,2041
F3jIpLunasselle CBAdult (f)6,6881,2486
D9p9HLunarcass CBAdult (m)7,1311,4753
q1vhULunamelle CBAdult (f)5,5701,2518
EbEC2Magdeloria CBAdult (f)6,8201,28422
1pVQbMaglarien CBAdult (m)7,2501,38919
NwW1zMagdoriel G CBAdult (m)8,8911,57513
n8iKyUstrina IgnisAdult (m)7,2781,37219
1OKxOJhourna CBAdult (f)9,1991,3687
YBXRaJhournae CBAdult (f)5,7961,0195
IByfJFortuona IgnisAdult (m)6,0611,3031
bra2NLady in the Iron MasqueAdult (f)6,5889532
K5a06Ustrina DementiaeAdult (f)7,2371,0014
DM556Demon TiaAdult (m)7,1831,0071
cle2pCleptu CBAdult (f)7,2131,1534
ylP0f(ylP0f)Adult (f)5,8981,2662
mfRhZ(mfRhZ)Adult (m)7,1039501
MCxeC(MCxeC)Adult (m)7,3369201
Liul6Liul CBAdult (m)5,2241,0585
ghbYyPink Haze G CBAdult (m)7,2801,3903
R1WDuPink Ruff CBAdult (m)8,5891,3892
h7wBaPink Mink CBAdult (f)9,0081,3813
A1fu6Pink Tink CBAdult (f)8,8091,2854
hPON5Reflective PinkieAdult (m)9,2801,3649
X5onKPink Poof CBAdult (f)6,9161,0682
KeISTPink Rush CBAdult (m)8,9981,2893
pulfYPink Puff CBAdult (f)8,9511,2712
ksniBPink Luff CBAdult (f)6,3681,2014
7xjiiROSE CAPS LOCKAdult (m)7,3111,0253
xBp26Pink Miss CBAdult (f)6,2051,1923
34c65Pink XarinithAdult (m)5,6681,1940
E9jwWPink Duff CBAdult (m)5,6341,1992
c0oDOPink Coodo CBAdult (m)7,3651,0710
TmQwSPink SepulchurAdult (m)3,8016220
vnauMPink MortemAdult (m)3,3386213
kr8EwPink NasothAdult (m)3,6796160
H8Jc5Pink Pretty CBAdult (f)7,5491,2252
UrHoCMessy ValentinaAdult (f)7,5141,1892
YfMrzMawlavarAdult (m)8,9871,06311
mOETxA Penny for Silvered ThoughtsAdult (m)7,1831,24610
WmSxxWilliam of SussexAdult (m)9,4421,0243
uSjeXMichaelis Prince of SpidersAdult (m)8,0711,47024
cTC5LHera Purpura G CBAdult (f)7,8081,55217
Z35ViPurcell Beefcake JuniorAdult (m)6,3381,2101
z0uWAHyacinthinus CBAdult (m)6,6141,1955
aWOfWTheodora ChristmasAdult (f)6,1098820
H7yRLSozreen JnnAdult (f)6,0271,1983
7LSGVTainnaisAdult (f)6,3919712
uzWzoItsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie CBAdult (m)7,4111,4083
LIgb4Itsy Bitsy Teeny Genie CBAdult (f)7,8171,3734
TuOmJItsy bitsy Teeny Sardini CBAdult (f)8,2231,5435
6mbOOSamboo the TinyHatchling (m, F)4,0298484
jDpx1Pyrus CBAdult (f)8,0441,0824
7eFJKPyropos G CBAdult (m)8,5201,0261
aaqmAMalystrinthAdult (f)8,0971,3542
9j12BMnemoranthAdult (m)8,8441,2333
fhzt5Dinonenth CBAdult (m)10,0591,5542
oOVKhRauraunath G CBAdult (f)10,0551,6242
3kNrjVironath CBAdult (f)8,9891,5665
z7GKYCaloranth CBAdult (f)7,1341,2922
BgCqNNalmoranth CBAdult (m)7,6521,2631
llcJ1Xarinith CBAdult (f)8,7821,1265
XpcvlPalkath CBAdult (f)8,5721,3245
3W2tJGrimenth CBAdult (f)9,8711,3143
gJj9MLullanth CBAdult (f)9,2971,2544
egb4DNasoth CBAdult (m)9,3901,4992
dUjr3GrenenthAdult (m)4,7731,4372
SGu4fBalmoranthAdult (m)4,7731,4172
w3524HollinthAdult (m)4,7081,4052
HKjHUKaldenth CBAdult (f)4,7791,4433
ncI4IDimoranth CBAdult (f)5,0151,3952
5DYwmTrotskethAdult (m)6,2691,3081
rMVVtTrotskenthAdult (f)6,3591,3113
ToJK8TrotskathAdult (f)6,2301,3434
myZhuZhu the Treasured FirewingAdult (m)7,3631,0464
A7F6eNalmiranthAdult (f)7,1701,0632
WG8juMnemistrinthAdult (f)7,0691,0302
7rkrtHolliskenthAdult (m)7,3041,0354
SIXkODimoreskthAdult (f)6,4791,1152
uZjrOGrimoranthAdult (f)6,7621,0854
aAe15LuloranthAdult (m)5,5701,2131
s1TwIDinonorethAdult (f)3,6656122
ezt2sNalmesranthAdult (m)3,3336140
HyJuyHyjurythAdult (m)7,3661,2222
11ub2Hyacinthinia Dorsus G CBAdult (f)6,2401,0944
kmOjvHyacinthinius Dorsus CBAdult (m)6,1251,0805
QyHGL(QyHGL)Adult (m)8,3811,0421
Zwc7V(Zwc7V)Adult (f)8,2771,0261
Hh1aAAutumn Dream G CBAdult (f)8,0029063
FWlzOFall Recollection CBAdult (m)7,7849921
PoSaWithervainAdult (f)2,18250434
PWrvg(PWrvg)Adult (f)7,2471,0082
BRyjnBryjn G CBAdult (m)7,6581,2981
QvFFIBrjynhildr CBAdult (f)4,5141,4228
MZjzGychaAdult (f)3,74086740
MMM57Frau Heinz the 57thAdult (f)8,6141,4102
0JxkfSpiritumus G CBAdult (m)5,0027842
XXE6uPhasma Divus CBAdult (f)7,8441,2014
G19aeEmbezzler ExtraordinaireAdult (m)7,3781,27520
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