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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “darkladyselenity,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
KHOcIJunior Moonbliss FreakyAdult (m)5,0411,0022
FQv3cSelenity's Farquaad CBAdult (m)5,47795011
vXaKSelenity's Tree Eater CBAdult (m)3,8921,2547
pTnWTSelenity's Massive Monkey CBAdult (m)3,8056761
iWV2Selenity's Energy Converter CBAdult (m)9,5891,4615
Ot0vSelenity's Tree Hugger CBAdult (f)3,8851,33217
GdJk4Dancing Fairy MothAdult (f)7,2701,05925
lMLqUSelenity's Extraneous MimicryAdult (f)5,8061,03124
9HjD7Selenity's 9 of Hearts CBAdult (m)4,7791,2122
BpVOhSelenity's BP Voh CBAdult (f)4,8181,1762
sgoqoSelenity's Sgoqo CBAdult (f)4,8138881
zqQCwSelenity's Z'Qqcw CBAdult (m)3,3638032
Pef0mSelenity's Believer CBAdult (f)4,00684215
PZZJHSelenity's Pizza JayAdult (m)4,2609564
UPAPMSelenity's You Paid For It CBAdult (m)4,0523153
nX7hkSelenity's Next Seven HoursAdult (f)5,2226141
oI7lTSelenity's Tangar CBAdult (m)4,2048491
gnDdaSelenity's Gunner CBAdult (m)6,0931,0463
kTCVSelenity's GaGa CBAdult (m)4,9367256
W4koSelenity's Raphael CBAdult (m)7,9761,1154
apPbSelenity's Iris CBAdult (f)3,1849903
fYKrMSelenity's For Your KidHatchling (m, F)2,0905093
tc2qzSelenity's Select Stone CBAdult (f)4,4279111
haQFTSelenity's Half Quiet CBAdult (m)4,3974652
GB9jMSelenity's Get Back In Line CBAdult (f)6,7851,5266
9GplcSelenity's In Your PlaceAdult (m)7,2048883
vCWUfSelenity's Fewer Than Most CBAdult (m)2,1915861
P8BEXSelenity's Sundrop CBAdult (m)3,8018140
9o8i9Selenity's Combined RuinsAdult (m)4,4547585
EoMQSelenity's Good FortuneAdult (m)2,0928882
V449Selenity's Sunsong DaughterAdult (f)1,9705856
qr0FSelenity's Sunsong CBAdult (m)3,3241,03412
lcSEIB SunsetAdult (m)1,2087173
ZhrqSelenity's Twilight CBAdult (f)2,1671,3137
zc5gSelenity's Sunset CBAdult (m)2,84674513
nrHwSelenity's NowhereAdult (f)1,2808264
CT7hSelenity's CT ScanAdult (m)9236147
ricSSelenity's RicsAdult (m)1,9051,34913
P9f59Selenity's Pining To Live CBAdult (f)4,03178410
1DZCiSelenity's Onedzee Ci CBAdult (f)6,4231,1662
mUdRuMurder RiverAdult (m)4,3588796
Ot4xKSelenity's On Tour CBAdult (f)5,7051,16726
oWRKy(oWRKy)Adult (f)4,98295418
BqpkSelenity's BackpackAdult (m)8,1751,0654
nW8ASelenity's Now WaitAdult (f)5,3961,0412
HtDJSelenity's Hot DJAdult (m)5,3541,0053
km83b(km83b)Adult (f)7,7371,3285
QmFyc(QmFyc)Adult (m)4,68594619
BKXkSelenity's BasicAdult (f)7,6721,2226
6rsZSelenity's GrizzlyAdult (m)1,6403654
jKREIB Green StripeAdult (m)3,07983818
btXPIB Green Stripe 2Adult (m)2,41962519
l9SOSelenity's IggsoAdult (m)2,31975513
dgcPSelenity's Devilishly GoodAdult (m)2,34286519
NhDISelenity's Never Had a DateAdult (m)1,5476872
NML6Selenity's Not My LoveAdult (f)3,25491927
8ls0XSelenity's Pure Blue GemAdult (m)7,4721,22426
KiWVSelenity's KimwuvAdult (f)7,4931,4265
CL2lSelenity's ClueyAdult (m)2,40061516
VDPYSelenity's VedpeyAdult (f)3,4899445
ZklgqSelenity's Z'Klingon CBAdult (f)9,6021,19719
JfgtSelenity's Just Fight CBAdult (m)3,15490621
AGu0Selenity's AguoAdult (f)3,17191715
eW8OSelenity's Prison Inmate CBAdult (f)3,30390920
cZsVSelenity's White Stripe CBAdult (m)3,48098525
Wq1eL(Wq1eL)Adult (m)7,0921,3585
QqLrA(QqLrA)Adult (m)4,7899224
MQptJ(MQptJ)Adult (f)7,5641,35819
8URWqSelenity's High Flyer CBAdult (m)5,6709893
QQ5zySelenity's Ascension CBAdult (m)5,7821,0894
7jJ8aSelenity's Descent CBAdult (f)5,1541,0334
eQRowAtmospheric DeliveryAdult (m)5,1459903
3xDXYJunior Rider FreakyAdult (m)4,0387904
ERNjdSelenity's Russian RumorAdult (m)7,4201,26030
ZdILiSelenity's Z'Claw ShapesAdult (m)4,0301,03917
OCCLBSelenity's Occulus BlueAdult (m)5,2506194
eOJVSelenity's JoveAdult (m)2,6069667
HnmRIB StoneAdult (f)5,0791,3587
gbILSelenity's GibleAdult (f)5,5941,5697
brObIB Stone 2Adult (f)4,0781,3366
J1XQSelenity's Jone XQAdult (m)4,8861,6297
3VuPIB Stone 3Adult (m)5,1041,67311
C4LRIB Stone 4Adult (m)4,0111,3835
4cWgSelenity's Foresee WageAdult (m)3,9761,3327
FoRJSelenity's ForjeAdult (m)4,8401,62750
1vn7Selenity's KamerlingoAdult (m)1,19673233
9d7DSelenity's Glad CBAdult (f)1,6361,17621
LJgHQIB  Frozen SpitfireHatchling (f, F)5,2428053
NhE8oSelenity's Never Ate Before CBHatchling (f, F)6,0391,1004
N0PnJ(N0PnJ)Adult (m)6,8301,31913
n6vrSelenity's Never CBAdult (f)2,0777505
5X09Selenity's Sxog CBAdult (m)5,8001,1964
aPHOSelenity's Spitfire CBAdult (f)5,4751,2655
3CyoSSelenity's 3 Psychos CBAdult (m)5,2041,00815
PrdETSelenity's Sacred SecretAdult (f)4,4298064
hvgBOSelenity's Having a Boy CBAdult (m)6,7779591
SXVWaSelenity's Sexy Velma CBAdult (f)4,7351,1015
cLUPuGrieving Spirit FreakyAdult (m)4,2069563
viTZAHowlite VitzaAdult (m)3,73982320
6nRVDSelenity's Spineless DiscussionAdult (f)4,98093510
T0SjMSelenity's Terms of Service CBAdult (f)4,3321,1112
LuJ3SSelenity's Looja CBAdult (f)4,2119411
M6Gyo(M6Gyo)Adult (m)7,4351,38826
p65PSelenity's Pig SpiderHatchling (f, F)8,9178967
URecuSelenity's Your Echo CBAdult (f)4,0356970
v7e8kSelenity's Veven Are CBAdult (m)3,6054675
3unGeSelenity's Togekiss MagicarpAdult (f)1,3355674
tmIKqIB SkywingAdult (m)6,0371,3010
fSXCZSelenity's Fussy X CBAdult (m)6,1431,1591
stGlSelenity's Stegi CBAdult (f)2,55248615
PlmrSelenity's Plummer CBAdult (f)1,3456124
wXCxSelenity's We See YouAdult (f)2,6111,3879
Pb4NSelenity's Pbourn CBAdult (f)2,0171,38523
1DDxu(1DDxu)Adult (f)4,8258052
QX4Ka(QX4Ka)Adult (f)4,9698101
7tyCP(7tyCP)Adult (f)5,3491,2033
CRdR7Crude RavenAdult (f)4,3341,0503
BCjZK(BCjZK)Adult (m)4,5181,0556
4oXZE(4oXZE)Adult (f)4,2179802
PQT3tSelenity's Running Out of NamesAdult (f)8,4301,1072
zf1ddSelenity's Z'Freedom CBAdult (m)6,8691,1454
9oTxJSelenity's Got Jokes CBAdult (f)7,0911,2933
0u4rcSelenity's Silky OutcryAdult (m)6,03088828
jI68ISelenity's ShadowAdult (m)2,7523624
32ZPESelenity's Silky AscotAdult (m)2,8383273
A1YDDSelenity's So YesterdayAdult (m)2,2312948
SqNsBSelenity's Silky StarfallAdult (f)2,8723515
WZcs7Selenity's WisecrackAdult (m)2,3013123
Zen7USelenity's Z'en HeavenAdult (m)4,9528084
YSDWFSelenity's You Say Die CBAdult (f)5,9991,15322
st5hu(st5hu)Adult (f)5,19385531
Rk6v3Wreck That 6v3Adult (f)5,3481,0461
6Zbgk(6Zbgk)Adult (f)8,9581,4352
JkqgU(JkqgU)Adult (m)6,8221,2034
KqJPqSelenity's Killer Queen CBAdult (f)7,70098418
3tBUwSelenity's 3 BTUs CBAdult (m)7,2641,28618
WcibESelenity's Blue Bell CBAdult (f)5,3381,1400
N3Jz2Selenity's Knee-jerk ReactionAdult (m)3,8618402
EVKqQSelenity's Evee KayAdult (f)4,85098319
4Hnl7I'm Feeling Some Type of WayAdult (m)8,5561,30518
2ozHnSelenity's 2oz Ham CBAdult (f)8,3671,0831
lIOdESelenity's McGreenie CBAdult (f)4,7101,09020
orVjzSelenity's Jeez Orville CBAdult (f)7,2041,3102
Xf5jSelenity's Keziah JiveHatchling (f, F)1,9891,0624
1cieE(1cieE)Adult (m)6,3941,2113
QrI3f(QrI3f)Adult (m)8,8341,32321
aDIikSelenity's Lunar PrinceAdult (m)8,5461,31616
0qhxGJulius MellowAdult (m)8,3931,1005
xTzIMPacific Silver MistAdult (f)8,0941,28923
js7AeSelenity's Silver SweetieAdult (f)5,6911,05233
1nQkFSweet Princess AcirAdult (f)4,7791,0165
cjKiIB Silver DragonAdult (m)3,7059245
sjf8Selenity's Feisty TrayAdult (m)1,0527595
coLVIB Silver Dragon 2Adult (f)1,3031,0113
Kl6USelenity's Purple WinterAdult (f)5,9331,6287
AewDSelenity's Midnight KeziahAdult (f)4,9951,48111
Kz9oSelenity's Silver PebbleAdult (f)5,1241,64214
jyPBSelenity's Trayesh JrAdult (m)1,6161,2555
ahUlSelenity's Silver WinterAdult (m)2,3431,12233
IJ3SIB Silver Dragon 3Adult (f)1,62096313
lVChIB Silver Dragon 4Adult (m)1,7371,01610
PV97IB Silver Dragon 5Adult (f)9036805
wejCSelenity's Silver VineAdult (m)1,3739564
MGxbSelenity's TrayeshAdult (m)3,1271,91737
yzhRHWhy Didn't You Take Care of MeAdult (f)4,11785431
JHrSqSelenity's Ruined TwilightAdult (m)4,6311,03322
UMj0aSelenity's You Must JokeAdult (m)4,2359463
eUK1jSelenity's Frozen SeragamaHatchling (m, F)7,1461,23729
ydFZBSelenity's Eternal SeragamaHatchling (f, F)7,7291,30024
Gm8MBMy Mom Killed My DadAdult (m)9,0101,4832
GqBdA(GqBdA)Adult (m)5,7241,0922
eCLIi(eCLIi)Adult (f)5,2301,0164
4LFgI(4LFgI)Adult (f)7,5121,2564
8ahlc(8ahlc)Adult (f)4,2908061
M1jBY(M1jBY)Adult (f)6,7061,05216
W8l5w(W8l5w)Adult (f)6,0281,06217
YUxCD(YUxCD)Adult (m)7,1481,22120
xykyy(xykyy)Adult (f)7,3971,24621
7gtgo(7gtgo)Adult (m)7,6831,25421
y0TEJ(y0TEJ)Adult (m)8,3401,37030
wXUy8(wXUy8)Adult (f)5,3161,03416
7elVk(7elVk)Adult (m)6,17397322
P8y2n(P8y2n)Adult (m)5,7961,12817
mNvJ7(mNvJ7)Adult (m)7,5291,29525
IbL1oSelenity's I Belong CBAdult (m)6,3868151
orIW0Selenity's Our World CBAdult (f)4,4559090
AVVHTSelenity's Ayevee Hat CBAdult (f)7,2951,2472
Xi2dSelenity's XioodAdult (f)2,5676763
kMPlSelenity's KempiAdult (f)1,5101,0523
cIyPSelenity's GlacierAdult (m)1,8031,0493
MNdcSelenity's Brain Freeze CBAdult (m)1,2627732
7ZxtSelenity's Snow DayAdult (f)1,3057551
mTljSelenity's MitiAdult (f)1,5311,0155
OWKrSelenity's Oinker CBAdult (m)1,3389037
SWTMSelenity's Swim TimeAdult (m)1,2018385
ALRUSelenity's All You AreAdult (m)2,9941,4847
3g51Selenity's EgiveoneAdult (m)2,5711,52410
fS4PSelenity's SapAdult (f)2,66491219
kbZeSelenity's KazeAdult (m)1,17971025
OMJZSelenity's OmjazAdult (m)1,42265121
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