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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “cyradis4,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
QCVq3(QCVq3)Adult (m)5,9841,3393
ieziZ(ieziZ)Adult (m)3,5497771
k5mge(k5mge)Adult (f)5,0958773
ePJAo(ePJAo)Adult (f)5,2338874
dWwTU(dWwTU)Adult (f)6,1079633
XOMDe(XOMDe)Adult (m)5,8119613
IK0TC(IK0TC)Adult (m)7,4638695
VP0cn(VP0cn)Adult (m)5,2318992
lez1X(lez1X)Adult (f)5,3519932
6JtHn(6JtHn)Adult (m)5,0847913
VG9GO(VG9GO)Adult (m)3,3306652
6kM1M(6kM1M)Adult (m)3,2656953
Pj4Wk(Pj4Wk)Adult (m)3,8363582
xZH3w(xZH3w)Adult (m)7,1609825
qKwct(qKwct)Adult (f)2,5173281
AfXDZ(AfXDZ)Adult (m)3,0763741
yzoaE(yzoaE)Adult (f)8,0471,0793
xRcYA(xRcYA)Adult (m)7,1001,13411
DMczJ(DMczJ)Adult (m)8,2311,1382
OUSLW(OUSLW)Adult (f)7,8841,0775
qaOwQ(qaOwQ)Adult (f)5,9451,0993
MzzUm(MzzUm)Adult (f)6,1481,0873
bYVcd(bYVcd)Adult (f)6,1271,0924
STdiD(STdiD)Adult (f)5,9751,0913
DAS7j(DAS7j)Adult (m)5,9891,0782
tSoew(tSoew)Adult (m)6,3171,0943
Ek8Bx(Ek8Bx)Adult (m)6,3861,0847
Ky8ac(Ky8ac)Adult (f)6,1121,0603
mzsPz(mzsPz)Adult (f)5,8131,1152
OnoP8(OnoP8)Adult (m)5,7081,1553
FJMdn(FJMdn)Adult (m)6,2241,1342
WgZeY(WgZeY)Adult (f)6,2441,1254
2ymmT(2ymmT)Adult (f)6,4541,0954
sTkSs(sTkSs)Adult (m)6,7171,0964
BLInE(BLInE)Adult (m)6,6631,0914
GvRLr(GvRLr)Adult (m)6,1771,2123
ZTlZe(ZTlZe)Adult (f)6,2381,1903
0dTmM(0dTmM)Adult (f)6,2781,2193
H1i3l(H1i3l)Adult (f)6,6461,0694
UzjrB(UzjrB)Adult (f)6,7111,1035
2mRVN(2mRVN)Adult (f)7,1961,1085
cE17D(cE17D)Adult (f)3,7841,0304
0hcxK(0hcxK)Adult (f)3,8611,0462
vVub3(vVub3)Adult (f)3,4526753
FIJ1S(FIJ1S)Adult (f)3,6757163
hOPyT(hOPyT)Adult (m)2,1445372
4G7AP(4G7AP)Adult (m)2,0125312
OefJZ(OefJZ)Adult (f)2,4396014
HGfUN(HGfUN)Adult (m)1,9525461
GexZC(GexZC)Adult (f)2,1775332
tUABS(tUABS)Adult (m)2,0205404
OUFB6(OUFB6)Adult (f)1,9885153
IcmZw(IcmZw)Adult (m)2,3655953
E9L4V(E9L4V)Adult (f)4,9591,0844
xAmFs(xAmFs)Adult (f)5,0461,1115
wYfay(wYfay)Adult (f)5,0401,1103
9idUe(9idUe)Adult (f)4,8101,0514
ge7QY(ge7QY)Adult (f)5,2241,0565
rvetO(rvetO)Adult (m)5,1191,0673
K2KVI(K2KVI)Adult (m)5,1481,0647
Qi5zP(Qi5zP)Adult (f)5,6061,0793
Hr8eH(Hr8eH)Adult (f)5,1101,0683
nJ8wQ(nJ8wQ)Adult (f)5,6051,0542
3KwqC(3KwqC)Adult (m)3,3329612
zeAnY(zeAnY)Adult (f)3,3699651
dE6nf(dE6nf)Adult (f)3,3699731
a1hHW(a1hHW)Adult (m)3,1419542
qQFqi(qQFqi)Adult (m)3,3199251
BdBjQ(BdBjQ)Adult (f)3,4891,0071
37OcS(37OcS)Adult (f)2,7295002
xYWCz(xYWCz)Adult (m)2,7265022
0YV2f(0YV2f)Adult (f)2,9905202
zh6z6(zh6z6)Adult (m)3,2225801
1PZ5B(1PZ5B)Adult (m)5,6831,1314
osN2O(osN2O)Adult (m)5,7911,1673
O04qV(O04qV)Adult (f)3,4407773
L7OUT(L7OUT)Adult (f)3,6297971
2CcJo(2CcJo)Adult (m)6,1871,0887
t35CdTempus TemptationAdult (f)4,9671,2276
vL0LETemporal RuinAdult (m)5,0191,0613
wMRmn(wMRmn)Adult (m)7,5591,0792
3kdLITemporal StarAdult (m)7,5251,0875
v9OzPTempus VendettaAdult (f)7,4181,0971
YYz7lTempus JadeAdult (f)6,8571,2602
zL5qUTempus JokeAdult (f)6,1921,0964
5nlyM(5nlyM)Adult (m)6,7981,0093
yzr8OTempus IdiotAdult (f)6,5341,0126
IExSTTempus SwaggerAdult (f)5,2139753
8dxam(8dxam)Adult (m)6,3107845
onaXP(onaXP)Adult (m)6,5269233
wWexV(wWexV)Adult (m)5,9187575
QSzhLTempus ClockAdult (f)8,1739715
ibsPxTempus TantrumAdult (f)7,0581,1886
6g4vX(6g4vX)Adult (m)5,1661,0834
80pFT(80pFT)Adult (f)7,4679823
ACk8vThrice an IdiotAdult (f)7,3769892
H9JmqTemporal HegemonyAdult (m)2,3426666
9u2Cp(9u2Cp)Adult (f)6,5911,1072
9ViM9(9ViM9)Adult (f)7,0279559
6vZel(6vZel)Adult (f)6,2051,0073
Xq3it(Xq3it)Adult (f)7,8731,0071
XgO7z(XgO7z)Adult (f)7,8771,0262
AdcBW(AdcBW)Adult (f)7,5338332
j0Vbj(j0Vbj)Adult (m)4,2243666
nC0ej(nC0ej)Adult (f)6,9649226
jn0dK(jn0dK)Adult (m)10,1279823
EOlME(EOlME)Adult (f)7,5101,1484
F5H8VTempus StormAdult (f)7,8261,2242
JqmWw(JqmWw)Adult (m)3,2917562
7GpZn(7GpZn)Adult (f)6,5171,0885
PeZyZ(PeZyZ)Adult (f)6,2588464
I3Atj(I3Atj)Adult (m)2,6476064
QA92g(QA92g)Adult (m)4,9468503
UNgrv(UNgrv)Adult (f)4,2608212
swBgy(swBgy)Adult (f)5,5089335
8FyUz(8FyUz)Hatchling (F)3,5974423
S0mJp(S0mJp)Hatchling (m, F)4,8228602
ni2TZ(ni2TZ)Hatchling (f, F)4,9968723
1UqTR(1UqTR)Adult (m)2,7887902
FlRUW(FlRUW)Adult (m)2,9307901
iTYIK(iTYIK)Adult (m)3,2828223
YwEfA(YwEfA)Adult (f)3,3767120
tEUzV(tEUzV)Adult (m)3,5216010
dpKix(dpKix)Adult (m)4,6899351
eSl47(eSl47)Adult (f)3,8196860
3kZ8x(3kZ8x)Adult (m)3,0906122
LaCoD(LaCoD)Adult (f)3,2546531
uBCFb(uBCFb)Adult (f)3,1707361
v54jM(v54jM)Adult (f)3,2417600
uuWu3(uuWu3)Adult (f)4,3436521
xCdB5(xCdB5)Adult (f)4,5916660
8OFky(8OFky)Adult (f)2,9877262
URA2j(URA2j)Adult (m)4,6799021
1Idug(1Idug)Adult (m)4,7449122
LGWBS(LGWBS)Adult (m)5,0809830
d47Db(d47Db)Adult (m)3,0996153
Wok50(Wok50)Adult (m)3,6107863
XBnL7(XBnL7)Adult (f)5,0238964
C82cF(C82cF)Adult (f)7,5029453
YUESx(YUESx)Hatchling (F)2,1293441
D5KjX(D5KjX)Hatchling (f, F)3,1615821
7ShGI(7ShGI)Hatchling (m, F)2,7236182
bAyrwEterea BarlaAdult (f)2,8532805
U4xgpEterea UnusualAdult (f)2,7512814
7jRh6Etereo RhogerAdult (m)2,9102814
fXjJAEtereo FelixAdult (m)3,0312684
RrxYtEtereo RexAdult (m)3,1006754
qq3tNEtereo QuinnAdult (m)3,1536921
ZZCaNEtereo ZippoAdult (m)3,2906871
OWZPcEterea OnnaAdult (f)3,2376682
nA9n7Eterea NarniaAdult (f)5,6361,0350
7yXLpEterea SylvaniaAdult (f)6,3461,0553
A4MUxEterea AmanadaAdult (f)6,2861,0492
VBROjEterea BrittaniaAdult (f)6,2091,0351
FqFMZEtereo MichiganAdult (m)6,3021,0741
cs2loEterea LothlorianAdult (f)5,3731,1251
72s4kEtereo SamuelAdult (m)6,0641,0613
ifHgPEthereal AngelsAdult (f)7,7651,2013
CyraxEterea BlueAdult (f)2,8764924
juqXwEtereo JusticeAdult (m)6,5241,0441
vaioHVanish ValishAdult (f)3,7747062
efqFoEtereo EfriqueAdult (m)4,5731,0623
gaJD9Eterea FuzzAdult (f)2,6726441
ZXhpiKisss from a RoseAdult (m)4,9418505
M3YpP(M3YpP)Hatchling (m, F)4,2819552
DynIn(DynIn)Hatchling (m, F)4,2759551
uWfA1(uWfA1)Hatchling (F)3,8196003
ohERH(ohERH)Adult (f)5,7211,1066
xnncx(xnncx)Adult (m)5,2711,0994
YVcdMara AlteryxAdult (f)4,8238166
qeZxMaria AlteryxAdult (f)4,9068336
9XniMary AlteryxAdult (f)3,9607584
fH8uMartin AlteryxAdult (m)4,7839917
1WsNPAnna YuletideAdult (f)4,6861,4655
FDKDSWhite YuletideAdult (f)7,6821,7564
BE3nZAlba SarahAdult (f)3,9491,2932
QRuP5Albo Arnold ArrowAdult (m)5,0371,3655
50GMRAlba SamarraAdult (f)3,9131,28116
gWYvsAlbo GangstaAdult (m)4,3121,1347
NTGHXNatxto AlteryxAdult (m)3,46285716
QMMcFQueen AlteryxAdult (f)3,5881,08118
gTXNBIvory SongAdult (f)4,2921,5505
ksG9KDiga KrescaAdult (f)4,7911,3955
9G2kaGrilka AlteryxAdult (f)6,5151,6316
pA9coAlbo Grim ReaperAdult (m)4,9111,2455
bYRngByra AlteryxAdult (f)3,6441,1984
DsGHkDestiny AlteryxAdult (f)2,7861,0122
FrkQJFrank AlteryxAdult (m)4,4011,3084
BILHZ(BILHZ)Adult (f)4,7451,3043
8DYqCDoyle AlteryxAdult (m)7,2981,4368
tAPR4Tarp AlteryxAdult (m)5,8931,3583
fjoo8Fjood AlteryxAdult (m)6,0671,3564
kpY0uSpinal MisalignmentAdult (m)5,1141,2544
sCijjScij AlteryxAdult (m)6,3911,2912
j78TAIxjar AlteryxAdult (m)6,6161,3123
1YGNe(1YGNe)Adult (f)6,0051,3236
vVCE3Ouchy Ouchy OuchyAdult (m)5,0411,3471
Fc0AIChiropractor QuickAdult (m)6,4861,1267
MqDiA(MqDiA)Adult (f)4,5717994
PYR9n(PYR9n)Adult (f)4,4261,1903
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