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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “cyberdeer,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9eAVQ(9eAVQ)Hatchling (m)4,0447296
QLfHf(QLfHf)Hatchling (m)4,9378931
OoDbJ(OoDbJ)Hatchling (f)6,4349694
afwGt(afwGt)Hatchling (m)2,5116551
y3mBr(y3mBr)Hatchling (m)5,2038374
S9L5M(S9L5M)Hatchling (f)6,1028213
Y6TpL(Y6TpL)Hatchling (m)4,8079337
eF4TD(eF4TD)Hatchling (m)6,2071,0322
9WKHrF5 cyberHornAdult (f)6,0419653
1IW9fF6 cyberAdult (m)6,0849673
9gjb5Black Love F7Adult (m)6,4949364
MTFw7F8 UndinaAdult (m)4,3448495
Fq7ojF21 DAWNAdult (m)4,2602933
GO2kjF1 cyberAdult (m)4,9859124
f8Y1oF2 AlmazikAdult (m)5,5599092
YIpEaF3 For G-dAdult (f)5,4719232
lgftXF4 Water currentAdult (f)5,5689265
QFLLLStoneLED F9Adult (m)3,7968163
ky2JgRED F10Adult (f)4,0347841
hZR2EBlack F13Adult (f)2,8357002
Ah7h9Awww Ruby F12Adult (m)7,1411,1053
LSRjRF192 BlueWingAdult (m)1,2424672
5klmjPALEKING F11Adult (f)5,5881,1699
10V1Scyber F20Adult (m)3,5345442
XCt6lm PINK F14Adult (m)4,5268259
r1EFRRescued F35Adult (f)6,0179417
2jG9lZelen F16Adult (m)7,7291,2035
tcEeIcyberTRANSPORTER F17Adult (f)3,9107221
zrKMRPurple F18Adult (f)4,2487483
Ga5V1GUTALIN F22Adult (f)2,7774974
PhQzmUndina F23Adult (f)5,9311,0003
at15jI care about it F24Adult (m)3,2298301
5fNrJRed F19Adult (f)7,0591,2103
4var0Black F25Adult (f)3,8237603
glQQYWhite Care F26Adult (m)3,1358051
CQqq5Convolvulus F27Adult (m)3,9357853
NnJgAKOTEYKA F28Adult (f)4,4554285
Fq5cFFlying squirrel F29Adult (f)7,5339963
jNxzrUndina F43Adult (f)3,8824943
N4f0KBlack F30Adult (f)5,3498783
KkGpmBlack F31Adult (m)3,7567182
OtGdyAltForm F32Adult (f)3,5786972
9WjwIPink Flower F42Adult (f)4,1606102
Q2xIdf PINK F15Adult (f)4,0737323
tip79Green F34Adult (m)4,8127103
498ZTYellow Stone F44Adult (m)7,9039746
AKJHLGalaxy F33Adult (f)8,5551,3995
PeNXoLemon Tea F36Adult (f)4,8197352
UK2nlFlying Blue F37Adult (m)4,5306942
qUHVfLunar Phase F38Adult (f)4,6156631
s4Hm2Perdify F39Adult (f)5,0698212
mRiTaScavenger F63Adult (f)4,9911,0623
7WpsJFire in the Hole F59Adult (m)3,3734733
o3ycUBlack Love F58Adult (f)3,4657512
1MZ52Nock F45Adult (f)3,5535712
e3pcxVampire F40Adult (m)5,1949322
jA8e8Nock F60Adult (f)2,5145452
7oODFNock F61Adult (f)3,0295673
HPI5ZNock F46Adult (f)3,5665663
fDaArNock F47Adult (m)3,5465924
NATVaNature Green F41Adult (m)4,7767032
UGZa9Grange F48Adult (m)5,1178582
8kpdhAMAZING CASSINI F49Adult (m)6,0111,1153
x22kkAmphitheatre F50Adult (m)4,0719273
h6WqTThe very magnificence F51Adult (m)3,0426813
0QueYKoteechka F53Adult (m)2,9458461
qDqmaF66 OBOI MOI OBOIAdult (f)3,8807231
WfXwIUndina F62Adult (m)2,53354312
nUlQJF65 Hello guysAdult (m)2,9237052
v3byABlack Love F57Adult (m)2,6726601
nprUyBlack Love F56Adult (f)2,6186511
L9UFBMighty greens F64Adult (m)5,0769672
P7mk7Black Love F54Adult (f)3,0545803
wX94IBlack Love F55Adult (f)3,3078964
3pVVBF67 NockAdult (f)4,1254696
L6aUhF68 NockAdult (m)3,9777521
N9OfuF69 NockAdult (m)5,0679101
EvXk2F70 NockAdult (m)4,9578733
NFRv6F71 NockAdult (f)4,7989270
SZqDSF72 NockAdult (m)3,2506682
R7CNWF73 NockAdult (m)4,3108343
dyljpF74 NockAdult (f)4,13470213
j3HcAF75 NockAdult (f)3,6795384
m9pvqF76 NockAdult (f)5,2728921
Kd6stF77 Blue SkylineAdult (f)4,3298262
srQazF78 I'm a flowerAdult (f)4,2728231
1nsVHBlack Love F79Adult (f)3,2234583
WKouSF80 Shining plumageAdult (m)2,4754894
87R7hF193 Fire substanceAdult (f)3,3459052
5McHMF81 Blue BABAYKAAdult (f)4,0649052
mXB1KBlack Love F82Adult (f)4,7711,0112
cEW53F83 NockAdult (f)3,5285191
GtDTzF84 Golden-headed twinsAdult (m)4,5959904
ZkujtF85 GlamurrrrAdult (f)5,0349141
TqmbNF86 mysterious flyerAdult (m)3,7497092
eCGqBF87 MilkiWayAdult (m)2,9467313
zdPWTF88 EnchantedAdult (m)2,9097482
hbOAsF89 Gold and shineAdult (m)5,6761,0307
OhYevF90 Ms GreenAdult (f)4,6069512
UyaKoF91 Golden lightAdult (f)6,5171,0009
ntzmOF92 I'm terribleAdult (f)8,4871,6044
KhEZYF93 REDAdult (f)3,0937401
DkznUF94 uglinessAdult (f)3,0971,0593
jqXJxF95 Black HoleAdult (m)5,5081,1132
FZuD2F96 Frosty morningAdult (f)3,3594694
HnSw5F97 What antennasAdult (m)3,2684227
e6NP5F98 Blue and YellowAdult (f)3,3688514
ICBrsF99 I'm on a cloudAdult (f)2,7866154
DNxCHF100 Green CreepAdult (f)5,4701,3134
2S4atF101 GUTALINAdult (f)5,28993222
GDfSxF102 Summer BreezeAdult (m)2,6806962
vkhOzF103 Black HeadAdult (m)5,0039382
9Qzy6F104 Purple cuteAdult (f)2,5956610
Ju0knF105 REDAdult (m)3,1956581
SDBLkF106 Stone SoureAdult (m)3,2679231
guBeFBlack Love F107Adult (f)3,7846462
y02IaF108 Magical buoyancyAdult (f)2,7136123
SkwXtF109 ShineAdult (m)3,3678783
ztgQDF110 Chinese magicAdult (f)3,4325572
QEMVvF111 KrakozyabrinaAdult (m)3,4068932
BJVDDF112 UndinaAdult (f)2,79360216
tKu8MF113 Pink SunsetAdult (f)2,5177032
XqczFBlack Love F114Adult (f)3,1955404
zLP8LF115 Wonderful combAdult (f)4,1909276
vy8VPF116 Red And PurpleAdult (m)4,7479796
pY0fTBlack Love F117Adult (m)2,7057902
3T6qbF118 Scaly attackAdult (f)4,1469242
KE7jpF119 REDAdult (f)3,0956831
KHqlXF120 I need a tanAdult (m)4,0338464
NqI9uPuffffystic F121Adult (m)4,1586235
ACv9aF122 Delicious and fulminantAdult (f)3,2029093
AzMQlF123 ShineAdult (f)2,6407883
qd2GYBlack Love F124Adult (m)2,5066401
t53lvF125 Cuddle with meAdult (f)2,4045611
rQ3buF126 Charming moonlightAdult (m)2,9485760
d0QkCF127 EnchantedAdult (f)2,3825982
EvvJcF128 Magic surgeAdult (f)2,8495904
IPZyIF129 MrSmallAdult (m)2,8896411
JgpFbF130 NockAdult (f)6,7451,1863
Tbz9IF131 Horny gingerAdult (f)2,3286742
HsvtUF132 RorqualAdult (m)2,0246613
H8nnNF133 Horny gingerAdult (m)3,5591,0082
77bNqF134 MsGreenAdult (f)3,4295123
SUwjzF135 Shiny skinAdult (f)6,5061,0944
MDEG2F136 Four graceful wingsAdult (m)4,0767303
XBaXDF137 RisensongAdult (m)4,3738091
LXDvuF138 MrSmallGreenAdult (m)3,4715441
FXA0lF139 SetsongAdult (f)4,0977352
k6LFqF140 Spawn Of SaturnAdult (m)4,0857862
rH8vzF141 MrSmallGreenAdult (m)4,5979311
dOG0jF142 KRASIVYE OBOIAdult (f)4,3988791
1LT2GF143 MrSmallGreenAdult (m)5,4501,0206
UoBTFF144 MsSmallGreenAdult (f)3,7048311
ObGXwF145 MsSmallGreenAdult (f)3,5074982
Z2p3iF146 Colorful GlowAdult (f)3,9287261
oqo1wBlack Love F147Adult (m)1,7895614
5VjBFF148 MsGreenAdult (f)2,8287363
GNAZjF149 Shining in the nightAdult (m)2,7496442
UxVSaF150 Black HornAdult (m)2,4945781
q29LKF151 Glowing ScaleAdult (f)2,9476211
GAkUDF152 Water sprayAdult (m)2,8615791
pXvkYF153 Glowing WombAdult (m)3,2566454
ibjmRBlack Love F154Adult (m)3,7668303
dPx88F155 Orange SwirlAdult (f)2,6764923
POJ4cF156 AlmazykAdult (f)4,9297933
iQaCjF157 Yellow and BlueAdult (m)2,4336541
V4FipF158 Galactic wingsAdult (f)3,3564813
OLNLNF159 UndinaAdult (f)7,1561,3124
DMI2QF160 Shining in the nightAdult (m)7,5191,3713
ZA8ldF161 Prolific shinyAdult (m)3,0645003
W9w9QF162 Turquoise WyrmAdult (m)3,2876761
DQz3eF163 AmphitheatreAdult (m)2,5986735
4k5LlF194 Ancient MonsterAdult (m)2,4472865
arxQIBlack Love F164Adult (f)2,4856051
G1sw3Black Love F165Adult (f)2,1885882
QODNIBlack Love F166Adult (f)3,1938704
EviICF167 MilkiWayAdult (f)2,4066941
g6oQxF168 Striped spotAdult (f)2,6397003
waTFbF169 TurbulenceAdult (m)6,1931,1923
Zv7sBBlack Love F170Adult (f)2,5156251
CpeWoF171 UndinaAdult (m)2,0087151
JMhqZF172 Blue frameAdult (m)3,1666362
DWNdZF173 PINKAdult (f)3,1896491
gml5aF174 Gold phantom of the MoonAdult (m)2,9386661
MEECBBlack Love F175Adult (f)2,3745231
hNWlHF176 Summer BreezeAdult (f)3,5817272
z8VMZF177 The owner of the cloudsAdult (m)5,3728252
5PQdyF178 NockAdult (m)4,2867061
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