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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Gold Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • 2012 Halloween Event
  • 2011 Haunted House
  • Carrot Cave
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “cmw2625,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZEqCZameliaAdult (f)3,02684413
6buuHas Anyone Really Been Far EvenAdult (m)1,0055264
d3tO0As Decided to Use Even Go WantAdult (f)4,1715712
PvBq6To Look More LikeAdult (m)5,4834890
bHuefDEAR OUTSIDERAdult (f)5,4944870
aSG3aDo not take this place seriouslyAdult (f)4,9084590
vaGvpSerious is for tomatoesAdult (f)1,8616602
IjTY8We are strawberrysAdult (m)3,5991,1605
B5KTGO u OAdult (f)3,9227940
mBHnCThe Legend of BobAdult (f)3,9228511
vNSHlComing to Theater's Near YouAdult (f)4,1458241
urwifChildren Under Three Get in FreeAdult (f)4,1638200
9AJ5d(9AJ5d)Adult (m)4,5578221
LVbU8Inspector ShadowHatchling (F)2,4266541
AFkxiCool Jeans JellybeanHatchling (m, F)3,2406651
I5AGBabeeAdult (f)1,1245093
bhAeBhaeAdult (f)2,2244285
lJYl7HunsAdult (f)5,6517282
WgcuXShweatehAdult (m)4,8974570
8lAsYDeehrAdult (f)6,0008422
hR6AKrusty KRaaabb pizzaaa is theeeAdult (f)3,0419999
naA6Pizza yeah yeah for you anddAdult (m)6,6938996
KWQOMEEEEEEEAdult (m)1,0955568
PaopETom   HiddlestonAdult (m)4,5389781
Ph1sJBenedict   CumberbatchAdult (m)5,4728380
LNMQXMisha   CollinsAdult (m)4,2938262
iRKB9Scarlett   JohanssonAdult (f)4,6038263
DB6NxMarina  DiamandisAdult (f)4,5698151
3qTCf(3qTCf)Adult (f)3,7258332
FC0xw(FC0xw)Adult (f)4,9007970
AF1Ng(AF1Ng)Adult (m)3,6118990
rF2Zh(rF2Zh)Adult (m)3,5248990
5SMJqMonolthAdult (f)6,4558791
nKdbwow did i really claim that nameAdult (f)1,1615352
eiI9yeah you totes didAdult (m)2,2094115
T4B7insert guitar playing hereAdult (f)3,1717934
x5AwWSweet  dreams  areAdult (m)4,1421,0672
I9y9tMade  of  BeesAdult (m)4,1201,0510
ESPcDWho  am  IAdult (m)4,4341,1291
eD90VTo  MillipedeAdult (m)5,2248871
7LyukTravel  the  Worm  andAdult (m)6,7658581
36t07The  Seven  SlugsAdult (f)6,3479741
Co0WrEverybodys  Looking  for  SpiderAdult (m)5,8078312
iHerqGnatsAdult (f)4,3427672
Oys6Sthank u 4 your contributionAdult (f)3,8871,1212
Byb0n(Byb0n)Adult (m)5,5177891
YF8t2(YF8t2)Adult (m)4,8757780
3NVB1(3NVB1)Adult (m)4,0708431
v104N(v104N)Adult (m)4,5228111
d7s2W(d7s2W)Adult (m)4,6528170
KJW5f(KJW5f)Adult (m)5,4996560
IfgHq(IfgHq)Adult (f)4,4708092
um9sc(um9sc)Adult (m)4,3011,0280
ipJTv(ipJTv)Adult (f)5,4688331
1mKQO(1mKQO)Adult (m)4,2387010
taBOS(taBOS)Adult (m)3,5928980
Kt1iKiillHatchling (f, F)1,9855745
E7e2Pwhen will senpai notice meAdult (f)5,6739861
cVNEb(cVNEb)Adult (f)4,4078780
asYc8(asYc8)Adult (m)4,4958640
GoOxI(GoOxI)Adult (f)5,1408631
qDDFR(qDDFR)Adult (m)4,7088700
xL6Rp(xL6Rp)Adult (f)4,7851,0441
RFbT9senpai plsAdult (f)5,6561,4523
KcEBOhai  thereAdult (f)1,1996553
qiLmAre you having funAdult (f)1,7037501
7lhmAI hope  soAdult (m)4,7094390
VqYTHDo you like my scrollAdult (f)4,8154550
YsOKVI can see that you areAdult (m)4,8184550
Hh0X1looking at the second pageAdult (m)5,0613630
Erq3aof this scrollAdult (f)5,3493710
mqje5this scroll has a lot of dragonsAdult (m)3,9323510
9cjElmost of them still need namesAdult (m)3,9293510
3vo13it's really hard thoughAdult (m)3,9863560
J57YNi have more than 500Adult (f)4,7151,0551
dIS02how am i supposed to give themAdult (f)4,4581,0371
zwCLjall unique names and personaliteAdult (m)5,4129370
OWtIgsome of them have descriptionnsAdult (m)6,1758711
i6L0HLike Tom Hiddleston and QrpAdult (m)5,7608420
dZAgTalso genome frill and boop beepAdult (m)5,8428690
qkvukand description day gloryAdult (m)5,7918590
NEiDralso destroyed pants grayAdult (f)6,3059051
lzSJuthey still need to be approvedAdult (m)8,5869370
SzDjpBut I thought it would be niceAdult (m)6,1728191
YVClnto tell you about themAdult (m)6,8828951
W8wlJ(W8wlJ)Adult (m)8,3569112
bWXHE(bWXHE)Adult (m)5,9598050
SpaDu(SpaDu)Adult (f)4,6379961
JXR5W(JXR5W)Adult (m)6,2088560
CpdFF(CpdFF)Adult (f)5,8158770
l4EvK(l4EvK)Adult (m)5,9598861
hnrlQ(hnrlQ)Adult (f)5,2939700
8KrvI(8KrvI)Adult (f)5,2369790
SZFqk(SZFqk)Adult (f)5,6839061
Ttxn5(Ttxn5)Adult (f)5,1557642
Eo9jj(Eo9jj)Adult (m)5,0347241
D0MZ4(D0MZ4)Adult (m)4,8367461
2HJJM(2HJJM)Adult (m)5,8518431
YPyxt(YPyxt)Adult (f)5,6128622
UmbjN(UmbjN)Adult (f)4,6727371
A0Bk2(A0Bk2)Adult (m)4,2627310
rBCvb(rBCvb)Adult (m)3,5137750
9ohW8(9ohW8)Adult (f)3,1718260
V1em2(V1em2)Adult (f)3,7278931
A8DQU(A8DQU)Adult (m)4,7057931
9CNoD(9CNoD)Adult (f)5,3858030
hAVoI(hAVoI)Adult (m)4,4567780
uK5nW(uK5nW)Adult (m)4,9308551
wK8jH(wK8jH)Adult (m)4,6339481
fq9en(fq9en)Adult (f)4,9699380
doo6x(doo6x)Adult (m)4,8079320
ZDNE5(ZDNE5)Adult (m)5,0158421
GMFTE(GMFTE)Adult (f)4,0237461
mxJ2x(mxJ2x)Adult (f)4,4748450
ethDW(ethDW)Adult (m)4,3398610
KGzHI(KGzHI)Adult (m)3,7289381
8RJ34(8RJ34)Adult (m)3,9309770
cy3Kw(cy3Kw)Adult (f)4,6908881
QsRca(QsRca)Adult (f)4,5359610
rLEBK(rLEBK)Adult (f)5,3328432
89e7k(89e7k)Adult (m)3,9458151
27OLm(27OLm)Adult (m)3,5678920
3tXEd(3tXEd)Hatchling (m, F)5,3187681
rUXLrI am an actual dragonAdult (f)3,4778513
ngvF(ngvF)Adult (m)1,3775402
RmC7bSo Like Whats Happening HereAdult (m)5,9178731
lNk9FWhat Do Ya MeanAdult (f)4,8119142
UVrKj(UVrKj)Adult (f)5,2219241
P6B2Z(P6B2Z)Adult (f)5,5049350
stcp5(stcp5)Adult (f)5,9858940
2y9La(2y9La)Adult (f)6,1138850
JDLg4(JDLg4)Adult (m)5,5458900
0UJNH(0UJNH)Adult (f)5,9918392
rzKUc(rzKUc)Adult (m)6,3549934
0GIn6(0GIn6)Adult (f)4,2088740
FVrLn(FVrLn)Adult (m)4,6328320
42rt2(42rt2)Adult (m)4,1528413
edYPC(edYPC)Adult (m)4,1647560
PFgnu(PFgnu)Adult (f)4,4197530
OJShk(OJShk)Adult (f)4,5397820
uiUI1(uiUI1)Adult (m)3,8088160
KC2nI(KC2nI)Adult (f)4,0407840
BCIhq(BCIhq)Adult (f)5,2538120
tHyfL(tHyfL)Adult (f)4,3168320
wWzxD(wWzxD)Adult (m)4,0748440
7dMrR(7dMrR)Adult (m)4,0988441
AUIgY(AUIgY)Adult (m)5,2638090
oZPZV(oZPZV)Adult (m)4,2827671
3c3gu(3c3gu)Adult (f)5,1098601
EAjFM(EAjFM)Adult (f)5,6737490
TuvX2(TuvX2)Adult (m)4,5678140
3ZDWe(3ZDWe)Adult (f)4,0768320
NKGxn(NKGxn)Adult (f)4,0758670
b3dHU(b3dHU)Adult (m)3,4209570
rwSXL(rwSXL)Adult (f)3,9559800
6fl8s(6fl8s)Adult (f)4,6889050
331Ug(331Ug)Adult (m)5,6828520
hIFt2(hIFt2)Adult (f)3,0359030
XHDmq(XHDmq)Adult (m)3,1029350
oYb8f(oYb8f)Adult (f)3,6689010
7da81(7da81)Adult (m)3,9198810
axn19(axn19)Adult (m)3,6228970
KiXut(KiXut)Adult (m)3,6068960
9ARtn(9ARtn)Adult (f)4,5718810
K6t3(K6t3)Hatchling (F)1,4414064
rl16z(rl16z)Hatchling (f, F)5,4457501
9ralr(9ralr)Adult (m)4,4498602
doi9House  PlantAdult (m)2,0645828
fmsq(fmsq)Adult (f)3,2428535
Z2Ul(Z2Ul)Adult (m)1,5167415
qslW(qslW)Adult (m)2,1044543
USja(USja)Hatchling (f, F)3,6061,19314
8QWDGlassy DreamsAdult (f)1,1194722
XvfRGRightfully SoAdult (m)4,6651,0872
rfUCnRich CBAdult (m)5,7408792
K7iTwKathrine CBAdult (f)5,7457303
4cRF7(4cRF7)Adult (f)3,9738437
52C3e(52C3e)Adult (f)4,8178681
iBmzOBemo 2gAdult (f)4,5127751
Uq15UFifeen 3gAdult (f)4,5987392
c4NaCause it's nine in the afternoonAdult (m)2,1746003
4MEuYour eyes are the sizeAdult (m)2,0945823
n6vIjOf  the moonAdult (m)4,4993150
6Mf3MYou could 'cause you canAdult (f)5,0113351
cO2MRSo  you  doAdult (m)4,4163211
MWirPWe're feeling so goodAdult (m)4,3253163
O8FJPJust the way that we doAdult (f)5,4313630
sRoSCWhen it's nine in the afternoonAdult (f)4,7578481
3CbN6Your  eyes  are  theAdult (f)5,3227932
vUQ7USize of the moonAdult (f)4,5839372
AVySfYou could 'causeAdult (m)5,6979101
OPBIsYou can so you doAdult (m)5,7189120
vjbbkWe're feeling so  goodAdult (f)6,4668810
kkDuMJust the way that we  doAdult (f)6,6238760
Uo4iTWhen it'sAdult (m)6,7328171
0XdRJNine in  the afternoonAdult (f)4,4868662
p5qvcYour   eyesAdult (f)4,4058470
8sThEAre the size of the moonAdult (f)4,6258471
kMGXlYou could 'cause youAdult (f)4,0007971
FhhqtCan so you doAdult (f)4,5258052
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