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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “clara954,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FdcLE(FdcLE)Hatchling (f)7,7151,1282
Np19W(Np19W)Hatchling (f)7,7201,1481
h4ouT(h4ouT)Hatchling (m)7,8281,0915
7MEbp(7MEbp)Hatchling (m)7,8261,1423
XjkDy(XjkDy)Hatchling (m)7,9701,1504
fIyAq(fIyAq)Hatchling (f)8,2321,1603
ljh4H(ljh4H)Hatchling (m)7,9531,1382
QaRSQError--SansAdult (m)7,9821,2254
4Kl5GVistanoAdult (m)5,9821,08911
CUJhuIncorporeal TimeAdult (f)6,1931,0788
4he2JJack in TimeAdult (m)6,2231,1196
AszavSyaoran-kunAdult (m)6,3591,1244
943HFGarnet SeerAdult (m)6,3151,0915
iTfWFHurricane of TimeAdult (f)7,7849835
THMapgoing beyond what you knowAdult (m)6,1511,0983
9kXyFEthereal IllusionsAdult (f)4,5458853
2J3v4Haruka Beyond the Stream of TimeAdult (f)6,4831,1823
MsvRwMefanekAdult (m)6,5481,1832
hz6cYHigurashi KagomeAdult (f)7,5281,1845
eJ9mPCatatonic CharmAdult (m)7,4689555
bW8qySpringtime TravelerAdult (f)9,5001,2278
AamwGSeason's TimingsAdult (f)9,8481,1815
Aegf4The Hand of Past and FutureAdult (m)9,6541,4434
PmyQ8Time of PinkAdult (f)6,8791,1142
2NORXTime of the NorthAdult (m)7,4701,2912
PCrU5Mesmer MisterAdult (m)8,5641,5213
5v0duHypno HonimAdult (f)8,6751,5393
U3Z1VTrue MesmerizerAdult (m)8,2641,4426
0P1v1Sabrina the Ultimate OpponentAdult (f)5,6531,2103
LyRHULyre of the EndAdult (m)7,7861,3307
a6LENAlight Upon the LensAdult (f)7,8341,3012
P6UknRetributingAdult (f)9,9951,4903
IAqBK(IAqBK)Adult (f)5,7835352
5gPjaSeeker of the MonolithAdult (f)5,8221,1432
q6NNISeeker of the ObeliskAdult (f)5,6711,1643
2dgf7Seeker of the PyramidAdult (m)6,4891,3081
NOMhNOmniscient OneAdult (f)6,1401,2752
GQeH6Seeker of the CatacombsAdult (f)6,2301,2323
4WibxSimon LaurentAdult (m)6,1521,2883
Ug1f9BelieveringAdult (m)6,8771,2672
EXWNYKelby the ExtremeAdult (m)7,1281,3613
q3DrqJerry the JumperAdult (m)6,4041,2952
KPNtkTeleportic CharmAdult (m)6,5561,3453
UG58hSieg of the Peaceful WorldAdult (m)6,1551,0854
5eCbWAria of MorningAdult (f)5,8281,0451
SFJnKHoping in the DawnAdult (f)7,2881,2974
rAYJcCrossing the HorizonAdult (f)8,3371,16710
VXYifOnly a LarkAdult (f)7,8431,4182
yTcS3Yonder Down the ValleyAdult (m)6,0151,20812
JinTndon't grant wishes but rememberAdult (m)5,2491,03516
sCBautime stacks up in piles like snoAdult (m)5,5051,04113
Wst13Chief of the Winter WindAdult (m)5,3181,04615
fK27fWind Magic of the ForksAdult (m)5,3591,04520
QYK5SQueen YuniAdult (f)5,2781,02818
WH1kdGlow of the Shining LighthouseAdult (f)5,9941,2122
WaYKhAstrocartographer of the CourtsAdult (f)6,0211,38730
XmWHvXanna of the May BellAdult (f)5,6321,32932
5fYl5Blue LotusesAdult (f)6,0771,37026
OnfG4Sunsets on the Unknown EyeAdult (m)5,2291,21110
672doMiss FeatherflightAdult (f)7,7021,2541
GrGXtTrust of the Golden WindAdult (m)7,2431,4063
ddP7URowen the Warden of the Sky GateAdult (f)8,2501,36529
qY1nIKadin of the Stricken WorldAdult (m)6,3991,2664
tlBlXAbigail the Business WitchAdult (f)5,8341,1541
A9QqIAva JairdanAdult (f)8,9241,4334
F9ByBThe FetchingAdult (f)6,9331,2064
1TomtNumber One TomAdult (m)10,0981,4962
aj4qN(aj4qN)Adult (f)10,9281,1341
I8p5Ash BlakeAdult (m)2,82944913
UOCnChamadarAdult (m)4,3031,08115
raNUMaladenAdult (m)2,1896913
fEYnHaruka of the TheatreAdult (f)5,1661,2734
XRkKSybil TrelawnyAdult (f)4,9657853
0ZUgWMorcAdult (m)5,7461,25616
L4WrrBlanca FuryAdult (f)9,6221,52225
cRBuSZurintAdult (m)9,7961,56530
cR5CcJoselaAdult (f)10,4462,0367
LBUssHungry SadnessAdult (m)5,7741,5242
7OQHqFlaxen AssassinAdult (f)8,6121,9707
SVO8dGrieving IvoryAdult (f)7,3741,2723
NN7eOIvory Moon EmpressAdult (f)7,0451,4171
pK2XZMaradaranAdult (m)8,6921,8086
AMUh4Hinamori AmuAdult (f)7,3771,3682
M2OfEEyeless Twilight SpiritAdult (f)10,8131,7975
K1MGXRunning TigerAdult (f)10,6671,7594
oCHoUBeatrice of VeronaAdult (f)7,7611,2348
p1Jf0Maize GladiolaAdult (f)5,6941,1961
H2MUsTear's WhisperAdult (m)7,0321,3235
8HjUYDeceiving LayerAdult (f)7,8631,4778
xQ42RGolden ChordAdult (f)6,6111,4374
sjFshAs Dust in the WindAdult (m)6,0201,4422
oO7dJOverwhelming OneAdult (f)6,2971,3152
7mADsArthuesaAdult (f)4,8621,1934
eJ1gJMarvin the MarshmallowAdult (m)4,7081,1171
6avy5Justin AustinAdult (m)6,1511,3511
BOADoOneandonlyAdult (m)6,1911,4271
hs8ZgHelical WindingAdult (m)5,5161,0514
Z3zbtToni the TrendyAdult (f)5,6231,4611
XFWrGChaos IncarnationAdult (f)5,6311,4223
W77pwMake Them RememberAdult (m)6,5511,3531
NAHw9Part of the DustAdult (m)6,0151,4601
KdAy7Trusting Blurry VisionAdult (m)6,6661,4281
ZFDrkDream Away the NightAdult (f)7,2161,4293
cOP05The OfficerAdult (m)6,9491,4713
jlVwQPale Blue CorrosionAdult (m)8,0591,1663
pUOR2The Albatross DescendsAdult (m)7,6741,3173
5rrdKCold Nebraska SkyAdult (m)9,1551,2723
nXHRASweet Pale SunriseAdult (f)8,7161,1292
FyqOpyears until we cease and desistAdult (f)7,2611,1607
qIsZKBut Sometimes I DoAdult (f)6,8978662
FdMAYPale in the SunAdult (m)6,1526523
KsmhPSworderyAdult (m)8,8011,3046
LRG3FWoofle MakerAdult (f)8,2741,2363
QKGArSnips the TogrutaAdult (f)8,6781,2281
4X6dGQuadwieldingAdult (m)9,3801,4513
QQo79That Is A QuestionAdult (f)3,7205132
BZpvmBonbon ExpertAdult (f)11,8271,5504
AP9DKPale PleasureAdult (f)8,0071,1662
pdk4MPalladium JonesAdult (m)7,3121,1443
yVYaKGergyAdult (f)6,1561,1303
LQiOfOphelia the OutlastingAdult (f)10,0001,7286
oIBh7Ache of the FutureAdult (f)7,8281,4152
fSHCVThe Hawk SeerAdult (m)8,1491,45330
6Fa6JThe Fading LightAdult (m)7,4801,18527
sbafVSupreme TutorAdult (f)6,6801,2654
MWFSsSunburnt JediAdult (m)6,0601,2352
JE9VBJenny JosephineAdult (f)9,7121,3543
3jwozA Friend Down the RoadAdult (m)8,4501,3172
LjXbeTaming the FlameAdult (m)8,7171,3012
EHUrnthat's not a vaseAdult (m)8,5191,3064
NdAiaLit by the New MoonAdult (f)8,1061,1452
FIp85Late ReaderAdult (f)5,8101,0433
Mm43TSeeker of the Pale EyeAdult (f)5,6429963
GoJ5nSon of the Sweetest ChimingAdult (m)5,9791,1045
YwsBBLou the Adorable BeanAdult (m)6,3981,2851
xEAxzIan the Not-Green BeanAdult (m)6,0011,1893
GmRD2Isabelle BeanAdult (f)6,2751,1762
S7fUISeeking the LiesAdult (f)6,9841,2684
yo7pzSeeking the TruthsAdult (m)6,6801,2765
Uao7eMaker of the FogAdult (f)5,9451,1216
jQnuiNaomi the Newly DawnedAdult (f)6,9001,2143
ziUPcFawning EyesAdult (m)8,2471,2184
q8UUqMiss EriAdult (f)7,0331,1833
pnpxRVexing VersusAdult (f)5,7981,1102
Y2B3aWrecking RewindAdult (m)7,6471,1923
kuxq5Lure of the EndAdult (f)4,7491,0083
ibmyDThinking With Your HeadAdult (m)5,4461,3351
0erKpThinking With Your HeartAdult (f)5,6371,3523
4xxhgFrom the HearthAdult (f)5,6131,3602
D4ReTWarmth of the HomeAdult (m)5,6831,3614
OuL7zArchibaldrakeAdult (m)6,6671,2392
z7dx6FemeraldAdult (f)6,6321,2402
Mm4VnVernonianAdult (m)6,7621,2633
aBEyXAn Open BookAdult (f)7,8961,2412
LPBkrClaire de TerreAdult (f)9,6981,2312
hex2vMagicManiaAdult (m)7,6101,2753
ODb9GOrion GreenthumbAdult (m)7,3671,2163
MMUQnElglantineAdult (f)8,7891,2194
IEl4aPeridot PluckAdult (m)11,0111,2685
S5k2BRun for My LifeAdult (m)11,3071,6102
J910GEmeris the InterpidAdult (m)12,1121,5622
LMarRSon of the Western SeaAdult (m)6,9051,0812
sM4ypHeart On Your SpineAdult (f)5,4571,3393
sC6BxGracious DeliveryAdult (m)6,4551,22518
JaEUfTailored AnswererAdult (m)6,4871,1071
ECwB7Greenest Stone Gone MissingAdult (m)6,6301,2924
h1HtBGreener Hearts in PastAdult (m)6,6151,2291
AdXg2Song Rising from the SeaAdult (f)5,3571,2052
HA9QvFiona of the Forest PossessionAdult (f)5,5331,0013
YpiIxQuestioning the BalanceAdult (f)10,1081,5120
jmSEvAuroral GildingAdult (m)5,5541,0882
IQK6oAuroral GlintingAdult (f)7,1931,1984
kmxmnEthereal LovesAdult (f)6,2511,2773
owYyfAlight Upon the LotusAdult (f)7,4901,2517
8pg1TImpossible BeamingAdult (f)10,6691,7341
0tYUMDani the DeliciousAdult (f)10,7181,7552
XUUXpSir Percy the ScarletAdult (m)6,9171,3485
qmEDpBaroness OrczyAdult (f)6,9011,3604
1FPtILord Percy of the PimpernelAdult (m)7,0591,3444
bCquvLady Emma of the PimpernelAdult (f)7,0651,4016
uk8cCMontagu BarstowAdult (m)6,7421,3136
dbdODThe Red DescendantAdult (m)7,1101,3684
cJdr8Blank TruthAdult (m)6,7711,3747
RIIR9Andrea Dorea IIAdult (f)6,4331,4151
GPumlViene La SeraAdult (m)7,7311,2216
MwKMwAlmost a PalindromeAdult (m)8,3331,2556
xnbTiVortex ClearAdult (f)8,7581,0615
tTTZEstill better than Paula Nancy MJAdult (f)5,3238694
GCYhrSenator in Fancy ClothingAdult (m)8,4381,2401
4mgBNMorris the ThunderousAdult (m)11,5361,6193
ytkKTSinclair the SunnyAdult (m)5,2701,2852
glxp3GlioxisAdult (m)6,1201,2902
CKaumWeatherer Hide-and-SeekAdult (f)5,6349842
nOvGmSora of the Crimson StockingAdult (m)7,3661,2613
Kmc4IUnexpected GlowingAdult (f)8,2211,3613
JLE4XJustice to the DuskAdult (f)8,5481,3283
XfCRPSarah of the Crimson StalkingAdult (f)9,7471,2702
aExZdMythtakenAdult (f)5,4031,1282
nrfuZMeteoric MirageAdult (m)5,4241,1731
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