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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “cirruspuss,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
N8FHjTalking to Myself CB CirroAdult (m)5,8106285
tMHV4You Talk Too Much CB CirroAdult (f)4,6325081
stL5aThey Said What CB CirroAdult (f)5,6301,0055
TAGYRHe Said She Said CB CirroAdult (f)6,4951,1366
hLMx9Said it Already CB CirroAdult (m)2,5777921
oGixnShut Up Already CirroHatchling (F)1,77243010
BXEISuenos Translucidos CB CirroAdult (m)7,12197912
ZKEFZZ'Kefz CirroAdult (f)2,7957582
i8SlTIbsit CB CirroAdult (m)2,5118301
FXrdPAllure of Dragons CirroAdult (f)5,3996067
r1uTHBabe Ruth CirroHatchling (F)2,6242523
ZODcDZ'Unlucky One CirroHatchling (F)3,0783444
TJCLX(TJCLX)Adult (f)3,8245862
hL4JKQuantitative CB CirroAdult (m)4,6979270
KCpzzQualitative CB CirroAdult (f)5,1446261
iZHYvEthnographic CB CirroAdult (m)7,2656861
ZmOQcZ'Elmidoa CB CirroAdult (f)6,7368411
wqIFxKiyariem CirroAdult (f)4,2676561
oe6CxOecluxay CB CirroAdult (f)3,7755690
RUH2v(RUH2v)Adult (f)3,7825860
5v4lU(5v4lU)Adult (m)5,10055917
94dGB(94dGB)Adult (f)5,23755617
dPBOO(dPBOO)Adult (m)4,90457116
PKUej(PKUej)Adult (f)3,16580924
cpL6Y(cpL6Y)Adult (m)4,34667014
HKNDuHykendu CB CirroAdult (m)5,44157411
eqB88(eqB88)Adult (m)5,5396594
uLYQb(uLYQb)Adult (m)3,1386650
sWWLJ(sWWLJ)Adult (f)2,2545592
gMQd8(gMQd8)Adult (f)3,9175941
tdN9Flyteamour CB CirroAdult (f)5,37459831
Qdv0tLove to Fly CirroAdult (m)5,3689283
L127Frillaball CirroHatchling (f, F)3,6965652
BjuGFionn Myst CirroAdult (m)5,7668498
68TIBlackie Nobabes CirroAdult (f)4,79969911
f1oV5Darkling Myst CB CirroAdult (m)6,10364717
VF2f1Dark  Passion CB CirroAdult (m)6,3616969
B4gLjMidnight Passion CirroAdult (f)3,2046094
8QhLiShining Darkness CirroAdult (f)3,8301,33913
B1c9kAtrum B1ck CirroAdult (f)2,25763713
glaOCGlaOC CB CirroAdult (m)3,9825120
ua25RDarkling Moonglow CirroAdult (f)6,2031,2748
oJ9VtCelestial Night Watchman CirroAdult (m)4,7137286
Ygva6Darkling D'Orisaar CirroAdult (f)3,3348596
vzhXaDark Knight CB CiroAdult (m)2,8447950
2Fcj6Darkling Protector CirroAdult (f)6,3615811
H8LvEH8 LvE CB CirroAdult (f)5,7496673
sp0fMProtected Darkness CirroAdult (f)4,9627161
cLjASMneventh Darkling CB CirroAdult (f)4,92568726
h5pwODarkness Falls CB CirroAdult (f)5,8701,11413
ZGVW0Z'Grivawold CirroAdult (f)6,84689119
zkqlNZ'Dark Shadow CirroAdult (m)4,56963916
Ssnv1Shunauvi CB CirroAdult (m)5,5429683
j32wpDeuteromy CB CirroAdult (f)4,73166524
UMpj6Oyovah CB CirroAdult (m)5,61555410
beI7X(beI7X)Adult (f)4,18866916
0g7G0(0g7G0)Adult (f)4,09967811
OiVG1(OiVG1)Adult (m)4,77367815
MFSS1(MFSS1)Adult (f)4,28569116
6kCsRAlternate Reality Nobabe CirroAdult (f)4,0434876
SiRwsSir Cuppa CB CirroAdult (m)2,5117841
o1gAoLady Brew CB CirroAdult (f)2,4177611
zYqHlZ'Rose Tea CirroAdult (m)5,4987580
zyt9FZ'Ayaithyfi CB CirroAdult (m)6,44695816
ZDOe4Z'Eidragoe CB CirroAdult (f)5,32580711
YX52S(YX52S)Adult (f)4,36165814
K27mQBaby Zed CirroHatchling (F)4,0614306
puffkPuffik CB CirroAdult (m)3,7936430
E8UNJDark Tipped Heart CB CirroAdult (m)2,3938041
ZoQwIZ'Oquwl CB CirroAdult (f)1,8979601
zeeeVZ'AiyeeV CirroAdult (f)6,6831,04712
R64DU(R64DU)Adult (f)3,8277210
nQ6axQanaxma Ayin CB CirroAdult (m)4,0597220
3hQE5Krvarenje Meseca CB CirroAdult (m)3,8728950
ZJRUK(ZJRUK)Adult (f)4,3937708
6L7Vq(6L7Vq)Adult (m)5,5106549
J9NGLDr Grace Hopper CB CirroAdult (f)4,0518301
Ri6TjLyrroth CB CirroAdult (f)4,87976525
xCiWFXalcemlir CB CirroAdult (m)6,1437468
PWu7JPuwamoujo CB CirroAdult (f)6,4197421
VZXcB(VZXcB)Adult (f)3,13781027
QZDYO(QZDYO)Adult (m)4,6156018
AYhi4Ayhia Cobalt CB CirroAdult (f)7,0466581
vckrjVickrij Cobalt CB CiroAdult (f)5,3346170
b3YXQCobalt Kontuzo CB CirroAdult (m)4,9618551
Z70BFZ'Cobalt Love CirroAdult (f)5,8399022
bff4i(bff4i)Adult (f)5,1176261
tKpw7(tKpw7)Adult (m)5,1526288
yktM3(yktM3)Adult (m)3,2126341
CIQlCCobalt Babe CirroHatchling (f, F)2,2496471
79cfPiesa Prietene CirroAdult (f)4,0375097
V288HMy Son is Strange CirroAdult (m)5,4687621
HeAbeMy ancestors are Odd CirroAdult (f)5,4397651
QEuEwQ'EuEw CirroHatchling (m, F)3,7238331
9uTk9Caught by CirroAdult (f)4,6667427
MWBQtBlue Meets Pink CirroAdult (f)4,3158419
EK4nM(EK4nM)Adult (m)5,4166626
PRNxG(PRNxG)Adult (m)4,1386890
Fogpn(Fogpn)Adult (f)3,2886840
NFp4Parlak Papagan CB CirroAdult (m)4,5385336
L79EAlcarinqua CirroAdult (m)4,0435136
NPN9oPapago CB CirroAdult (f)5,2243840
7AwCMGolden Wye CirroAdult (m)2,8451,0392
ZqXLSZ'Jezzinat CB CirroAdult (m)5,20959520
zbaS8Z'Bass CB CirroAdult (f)7,0621,06316
tVqkYSopka CB CirroAdult (f)6,6464441
ICU5eZapach CB CirroAdult (f)6,6934471
rt10LCharred Ground CirroAdult (f)7,6385103
bbXZvFireEater CB CirroAdult (m)6,9304621
CLrn9Chaiten CB CirroAdult (m)7,9321,0015
lsdDjWhakaari CB CirroAdult (m)8,1529754
h0vg5Kilauea CB CirroAdult (m)7,2731,08711
kUHOkSoufriere CB CirroAdult (m)6,4631,0649
ckBJmAnkaratra CB CirroAdult (f)6,6941,07311
KtsH6Baransky CB CirroAdult (m)4,9129008
LsvJ4Llullaillaco CB CirroAdult (m)8,6918645
u4AhfUksichan CB CirroAdult (f)6,1739246
MsWVjMs Wurlali CB CirroAdult (f)4,3631,0262
fJVJgFlore CB CirroAdult (f)6,3839085
qmaf3Quezaltepeque CB CirroAdult (f)5,8708973
GeMnCGeMannCeh CB CirroAdult (m)4,2878740
wkwC8Waesche CB CirroAdult (m)2,7599520
JaLB9(JaLB9)Adult (f)5,4826982
X6SvLZaluncin CB CirroAdult (m)3,4749320
sqgn3Surovec CB CirroAdult (f)7,1997190
ZKxvPZelkexaphy CirroAdult (f)5,3026307
SWA9K(SWA9K)Adult (f)4,44962321
3Mdmx(3Mdmx)Adult (m)5,19962914
eQXHQEquix'hquo CB CirroAdult (m)5,01357622
ZDupu(ZDupu)Adult (f)4,69869216
kHjsC(kHjsC)Adult (m)5,20356412
ylQqf(ylQqf)Adult (f)3,2366670
jNZYXJunarzeix CirroHatchling (m, F)4,72054514
SolCArduinna CB CirroAdult (f)6,7375561
oo3ZoOo3Zo CirroAdult (m)3,4505714
ORu11Oru11 CB CirroAdult (m)2,9425364
uUoVHUuovh CB CirroAdult (f)3,6465120
cCkmUAlpha Cokmu CirroAdult (m)3,7765170
HeZRmHerzm CB CirroAdult (f)1,4766953
ELfGLArdui CirroHatchling (F)2,67139118
70nb6Carmine CB CirroAdult (f)4,8439260
ZkAzIZ'Kaziil CB CirroAdult (f)5,7366900
d6Q1aKarmin CB CirroAdult (f)4,8478562
NaooLNaooL CB CirroAdult (m)6,4585921
ZqSlYZ'Quesly CB CirroAdult (m)7,23080911
9DzNCForvisi CB CirroAdult (f)5,1237681
2s9hSKustutama CB CirroAdult (m)4,6287340
03a7GOsatag CB CiroAdult (m)4,6717390
k4FxuKafuxul CB CirroAdult (f)5,4219241
LtjgIL'Zytijo CirroAdult (m)5,3857502
ryPLt(ryPLt)Adult (m)4,8001,00717
m1qTK(m1qTK)Adult (f)4,26468711
OJcEqCassiopeia CB CirroAdult (f)4,7827150
55kZqS'khezequi CB CirroAdult (f)5,4509723
jh7IH(jh7IH)Adult (m)5,23162812
ZVrNh(ZVrNh)Adult (m)4,94558513
52so9Camembert CirroAdult5,3335502
nw25TBrie CirroAdult6,1637949
W9kHmClucky CirroAdult (f)2,9284720
FktFqEggWhite OmeletteAdult (f)3,3868233
6FJNyIlex Aquifolium CirroAdult (m)3,3309883
gpEGdAquifolium Ilex CirroAdult (f)3,3659731
I5hITatsu Renntiere CirroAdult (m)3,8556067
lWvI9White Christmas CirroAdult (m)3,5545764
0onzZOonzZ CirroAdult (m)3,2101,2721
nGtEtVoeux de Noel CirroAdult (f)6,7336775
XckQqVenite Adoremus CirroAdult (f)4,4811,1923
Nwr8kSpirit CirroAdult (f)3,4241,2892
Zkht1Z'Moonlit Winter CirroAdult (f)4,5801,2243
9tebFrillabelle CB CirroAdult (f)3,9046158
yb9ZtJoyful and Triumphant CirroAdult (f)3,3639502
ckg3Dancing Ribbon CirroHatchling (f, F)3,5735772
T3XjXJuletiden CB CirroAdult (m)3,8205200
ZPj1EZ'Jul Herlighet CB CirroAdult (m)3,9495260
hpdhZParesh Leaf CirroAdult (m)3,4161,3241
gSRMzKolf Kersfees CirroAdult (m)3,3131,0002
LetI6Christmas Joy CB CirroAdult (m)5,4938687
Vfq0WT'is the Season CB CirroAdult (m)5,6159437
DXwEVCeren CB CirroAdult (f)4,2907020
ZWYXnZ'Ibiyah CB CirroAdult (f)4,4666790
6QS3xKrishtlindje CirroAdult (f)3,7616972
x1kjxNwel CirroAdult (f)3,6186921
ZtPmtZ'Festivities CB CirroAdult (m)4,0361,0882
X3eCtRevelries CB CirroAdult (m)4,3811,1237
2INEIWave Running CB CirroAdult (f)5,3331,0510
ztEEWZ'Aetedewe CB CirroAdult (m)6,7751,05816
7tlluTroleyu CB CirroAdult (m)3,6935982
ZHGPRZ'Colossal One CB CirroAdult (f)3,7679360
nZo80Nozadovo CirroAdult (m)5,1098673
rMnnmReymauna CirroAdult (f)4,9228873
jYtUqJaiua Liliang CirroAdult (f)5,9791,06025
3mrPDAntirrhinum Majus CB CirroAdult (m)5,2685114
WlVXlSnapdragon CB CirroAdult (f)4,6434114
Il394Becerra CB CirroAdult (f)5,6751,1136
0oOLZ(0oOLZ)Adult (f)5,6279881
JLtYIAllium CirroHatchling (m, F)4,35573124
sJS47Vina Vida CirroAdult (f)4,5951,07210
4tAPBruadar CB CirroAdult (m)6,21880321
7r9uMarzeenah CirroAdult (f)4,3725875
KB5nZasnila CB CirroAdult (f)11,8961,79737
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