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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “cindyw,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ht13(ht13)Adult (f)3,8986151
NfXuqGreen Gen 2Adult (m)5,2476794
bdMf8Golden Wyvern Gen 2Adult (m)4,9626345
fpd7P(fpd7P)Adult (m)4,7956755
hKfYn(hKfYn)Adult (m)4,9616916
Yd5Q3Dark Green Gen 2Adult (f)5,5457314
GOe0qCB Sunstone OneAdult (m)5,2995273
07Y5lCB Deep Sea 1Adult (m)5,2645833
ElBK0CB ElecTwoAdult (f)5,5449855
SDGW2CB Bright Wyvern 1Adult (m)4,7714924
Hauj1CB Gray 5Adult (m)5,2635683
9PQaWCB Spitfire OneAdult (f)4,4285164
eAnrBCB Albino 5Adult (m)10,2166934
jlubhCB Ochredrake IIAdult (f)4,3083752
G5peTCB Neotropical 1Adult (f)6,0107676
pciWkCB Canopy IIIAdult (f)4,3733652
IqNdVCB GHTanger 1Adult (f)4,6907834
ZFO77CB Coastal 2Adult (f)4,5915213
9giRPCB Mint OneAdult (m)4,3154933
KSJVbCB Skywing OneAdult (f)4,4073764
NEMrUCB Neotropical TwoAdult (m)4,8513714
rt7bSCB Daydream TwoAdult (f)4,7904040
jlHA5CB Deep Sea 2Adult (m)3,8426515
hV4asCB Mint TwoAdult (m)4,4564194
EAAJsCB DeepSea ThreeAdult (m)4,9597316
1mRoPCB Albino VIAdult (m)4,5084542
FRNtSCB Sunstone TwoAdult (f)4,9694651
7ALKvCB Nilia TwoAdult (m)4,2704201
VaSpQCB Skywing TwoAdult (m)4,8604543
SjtAsCB Thunder IAdult (m)4,6634483
u0N0hCB Coastal ThreeAdult (m)4,3674532
diOIV(diOIV)Hatchling (f, F)4,2584166
3VqfYCB Gray 6Adult (m)5,2914766
uVCCZCB Storm 7Adult (m)5,2924746
ZUINICB Storm 8Adult (f)5,3984765
0e9PdThunder 2Adult (f)5,3884783
FJcjaCB Nilia Pygmy 3Adult (m)4,4283901
uPToS(uPToS)Hatchling (f, F)4,3034023
T77uO2G Gray LuminaAdult (m)10,6517114
laWK22G Albino 51Adult (m)9,1506104
sJqijSpitfireTwoAdult (f)4,1984412
XZAFaMint IIIAdult (f)10,2626854
cSFkYStorm NineAdult (m)5,1235152
1LCaqCB Purple OneAdult (f)4,2164753
gars9(gars9)Hatchling (f, F)4,9465121
C2GopSunriseOneAdult (f)7,4695612
vFEHHDaydreamThreeAdult (m)3,6374454
SR3RmCB Albino 7Adult (m)3,8614614
VVe2pCB Ochredrake IIIAdult (f)3,13157410
d5TdAElectricThreeAdult (f)3,7344676
YjfeKPink Gen 2Adult (m)3,8274814
5R2JbBalloon Gen 2Adult (m)4,5335494
8kSOvPillow 2 GenAdult (m)4,7065106
JXBrTLumina Gen 2Adult (f)4,1245652
Vr3RKRoyal Gen 2Adult (f)4,1135701
OFkPR(OFkPR)Adult (f)3,4825063
NHQPS(NHQPS)Adult (f)3,4795022
hePrk(hePrk)Adult (f)4,8064986
SP8gUStorm TenAdult (f)3,2894922
t9SnP2G Albino 52Adult (m)3,2524781
mJqSVCB Nilia 4Adult (f)4,3454232
5VlosDeep Sea 4Adult (f)4,0947529
Pogs0Storm 11Adult (f)4,0485004
julI12G NeotropicAdult (m)3,9316915
3vW3kCB Albino 8Adult (f)3,1836968
4KgrsStorms TwelveAdult (m)4,4624435
U3qqNStorm 13Adult (m)4,4604564
J7M7pSpitfireThreeAdult (f)4,0374081
GSPFDNiliaPygmy 5Adult (m)3,8403941
s4gH3DeepSea Gen2 OneAdult (m)4,2596283
TF7omCB GHTanger 2Adult (m)3,8455821
vDVImCB Canopy IVAdult (m)4,0894402
jl7SJCanopy VAdult (f)4,2754422
puhKt(puhKt)Adult (m)4,8549523
pjacL(pjacL)Adult (f)3,2865744
oKgjh(oKgjh)Adult (f)4,2834250
cZUZO4G Albino 211Adult (f)3,5383652
KtYvQ(KtYvQ)Adult (m)4,6393640
S45CE(S45CE)Adult (m)4,1124071
hx5PUHorseOneAdult (f)3,5544090
leLyr(leLyr)Adult (m)3,8623711
ReN812G Whiptail 21Adult (m)4,4863982
soOLAFlamingoOneAdult (m)3,2554132
VCyOpCB Dorsal SixAdult (f)4,4524432
eUZqv5G Canopy 31Adult (f)3,0344152
y5owUWinter OneAdult (m)4,3064461
wTOs0(wTOs0)Adult (f)4,1314281
NSm58CB GWyvern 1Adult (f)3,5515172
OYK8r(OYK8r)Adult (m)3,0235061
SRy73CB Dorsal 7Adult (f)2,6503881
vt13s2G Whiptail 22Adult (m)3,0574252
2zWM1CB Dorsal 8Adult (f)3,3134431
m5kZmCB Whiptail IVAdult (m)3,9723850
ssc47CB Magma OneAdult (m)4,0794591
P3nmE3G Whiptail 31Adult (f)3,8664242
Oj6VyCB Dorsal 9Adult (m)3,8685283
n7RTOCB Stripe 1Adult (m)4,0604581
pUTKeCB Whiptail VAdult (f)4,0834811
qCfaXCB Dorsal TenAdult (m)3,3925441
9sWrLSpring OneAdult (f)3,5415371
Jl9F4(Jl9F4)Adult (f)4,0984201
hL5nECB Dorsal 11Adult (f)4,7394204
9jQbZCB Nebula 1Adult (m)4,1126073
7NhK9(7NhK9)Adult (m)4,4744523
3yuOY2G Dorsal PureAdult (f)3,5135151
XDNMCCB Dorsal 12Adult (m)3,9804843
D0Kjo(D0Kjo)Adult (m)3,7255181
5tB3ZDorsal 2Gen PureAdult (m)3,9665952
aBlgs4G Whiptail 41Adult (m)4,4855022
aZIHdEgil Reuben MarchandAdult (m)4,3955262
F9tV02G SunsongAdult (f)2,9905822
imPjmOne EmberAdult (f)4,3814752
12Jx1CB Dorsal 13Adult (f)4,9234201
MkXYQ(MkXYQ)Adult (f)3,1595882
m1TcJCB Whiptail SixAdult (f)3,7985011
n0iBpHorseTwoAdult (f)3,8744872
cZJEKSpring TwoAdult (f)3,9724841
aUuz6CB Dorsal 14Adult (f)2,9574672
UYiyjCB Dorsal 15Adult (m)4,1544433
tIvzS2G Pure StripeAdult (m)3,9623871
0CxsyCB Moonstone 3Adult (m)3,5376442
yZA9o(yZA9o)Adult (m)3,1754913
fKpG1Hellfire OneAdult (f)3,6214062
9Ce8IPillowOneAdult (f)3,4514556
P04vV5G Whiptail 411Adult (f)3,0324833
S39kYCB Dorsal 16Adult (f)4,4263862
thQqO(thQqO)Adult (m)3,8043651
b9OEe(b9OEe)Adult (f)3,3404773
4l9QaOneRedAdult (m)3,4474872
wO2BfSunsongOneAdult (f)4,2574893
8yXFg(8yXFg)Adult (m)3,7315391
rHXFITurpentineOneAdult (f)3,4525183
UKAj8Olive OneAdult (f)3,7215320
ozpQtCB Waterwalker 4Adult (f)3,6603902
WraO5(WraO5)Adult (f)3,5675310
Ozoh4CB Dorsal 17Adult (f)3,2035173
xCibS2 Gen Dorsal PureAdult (m)2,9845572
MiEmTCB Dorsal 18Adult (m)3,9846661
UQ09kPink FirstAdult (f)3,7745132
uO7SDCB Waterwalker 5Adult (m)3,7595032
kIhHy(kIhHy)Adult (m)3,7284900
c3vIwMirte YasuAdult (f)4,0874901
QbWGz(QbWGz)Adult (m)4,3384993
VCTKV(VCTKV)Adult (f)4,5685073
VFSS6MagiOneAdult (m)4,4625013
0kj8CCB Waterwalker 7Adult (f)3,4205821
CIGn22G DorsalPureAdult (f)3,4083980
owzSRHellfire TwoAdult (f)4,1845023
yfOUm2G Dorsal 21Adult (m)3,9844765
fkIDj3G Water Walker 111Adult (f)3,9444715
eR12D(eR12D)Adult (m)3,7583900
NY5ifCB Dorsal 19Adult (m)3,8353800
Vd9Or(Vd9Or)Adult (m)4,0565313
XU4NY(XU4NY)Adult (m)4,0413780
kazNwCrimson1Adult (m)3,7304863
p4l42(p4l42)Adult (f)3,2434910
nZwfc(nZwfc)Adult (m)3,7035523
xJa7NMagiTwoAdult (f)3,0014680
Af3kHMint IVAdult (m)3,1894780
eGKS3HorseThreeAdult (m)4,1844951
lbJsBDeep Sea FiveAdult (m)5,0093700
CYm38(CYm38)Adult (m)3,9504890
LXx2v(LXx2v)Adult (m)3,0844590
ZUVrC(ZUVrC)Adult (f)4,1633740
IiQOK(IiQOK)Adult (m)3,0784581
HhQ6h(HhQ6h)Adult (m)5,1304031
PjF5CCB Neotropical 3Adult (f)4,0954980
LuEJN(LuEJN)Adult (m)3,3244850
HfmnTGH Tanger 3Adult (f)3,4874880
eGFxY(eGFxY)Adult (m)3,2325422
fYBFaCB Green IIIAdult (m)4,1905120
TcJxRFlamingoTwoAdult (f)3,6335021
BicQc(BicQc)Adult (f)4,4984864
joYjZ(joYjZ)Adult (m)3,4384830
AzSPUMint FiveAdult (f)3,4545091
6y9fQ(6y9fQ)Adult (m)5,0713831
0zyCQ2 G WhiteAdult (m)4,5803710
XNUR7CB Nocturne IIAdult (f)5,1963690
rBM8JWaterWalker 2Gen PureAdult (f)3,5014712
s1R6qCB Albino 9Adult (f)4,8423740
iGV32SkywingThreeAdult (m)3,1754500
Vv3qPMagiThreeAdult (f)3,5714720
T1L0TGuardianOneAdult (f)4,8054170
U55FpPink SecondAdult (m)3,0664410
yoDCbCB Dorsal 20Adult (f)2,9545902
KY066Electric FourAdult (f)3,3665871
D92OH5G Dorsal 61Adult (f)3,3284364
06bD4FlamingoThreeAdult (m)4,5593952
9EHDO(9EHDO)Adult (m)3,7024051
7F4uiNiliaPygmy SixAdult (m)3,1184460
Q3LoDCB Stone 3Adult (m)3,6875431
9nqwc(9nqwc)Adult (f)4,0914911
x0E9q(x0E9q)Adult (f)3,3785510
WhsfICB Greenwing TwoAdult (f)4,0567171
OhrrfFlamingoFourAdult (m)3,8037563
THLKD(THLKD)Adult (m)2,3877303
VrxHH(VrxHH)Adult (m)4,7621,4272
WZSiMGildedBloodscale 1Adult (m)4,5827021
XA7L5GildedBloodscale 2Adult (f)3,3287752
IBQco(IBQco)Adult (f)2,9888661
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